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I'm a voice actor. I do YouTube too. Represented by CAA.

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@SteveYurko Fullmetal Alchemist...Might seduce your dad type, I'm the baaaaaad guuuuuyyy
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time to open up the PO box mail i got in July, thank you to all of you for your lovely letters and gifts time i get a business email that promises me "exposure" instead of payment, i'm just like bitch, i'd be the one giving YOU exposureRECS: Top 30 Anime of All Time According to SungWon Cho, aka @ProZD ✨ More:
Retweeted by SungWon Chowhen a game's audio is more suggestive than you realize @cherrizard this would be like if i had to pay $30 on top of the monthly fee i was already paying for the AMC appi mean, it's one movie ticket, michael, what could it cost, 30 dollars? @scrotumnose this is punishment for giving up a column in Can’t StopConstantly hearing news in the U.S.
Retweeted by SungWon Chohere’s what that one scene in antz would look like in real life
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @LouTalksAnime i haven’t, nolet's finish it off with TOP 30 ANIME MOVIES, all three lists are subject to change over time and have changed, but… last list was fucking easy baby shit, now there are a couple titles you may have considered "missing," that's… 30 ANIME, some friends and i were joking about this, but i decided to put a list together and it wasn't even th…
Big Belly Laugh Jimbei! 🦈
Retweeted by SungWon Chotime for another BOARD GAME REVIEW, this time we have the game THE VOYAGES OF MARCO POLO sent to me by @Zmangames_,… a look 👀 It's in a book 📖 Reading Robin 🌸
Retweeted by SungWon Choanime timeskips and spinoffs you missed the Dicebreaker team playing Codenames with @ProZD and @czechgames as part of #GenConOnline over the…
Retweeted by SungWon ChoWow this girl really knows how to pronounce her own name @PBAndTalk
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when you skip all the cutscenes to get to the gameplay enjoyed the first volume of A Bride's Story, it follows a woman who marries into a family in 19th century Ce… found an old korean cartoon on youtube i hadn't seen in like 20 years, and the english guy's voice in this song i… @scrotumnose I T' S A N O R A N G Eturns out his wife found it in 5 seconds, but i'm going to leave this up to see if anyone can get it righthey, my buddy @scrotumnose needs help identifying a cartoon from his childhood, and i'm using my Twitter powers to…
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@cherrizard: “here, you can play as My Hero Academia”deku when he sees gentle criminal steal an ice cream cone or whatever you're busy so you're just gonna watch one anime episode @SteveYurko RRRRRRRRRRRRRROBINI regret nothing. #SpiderManHomecoming
Retweeted by SungWon ChoSo @YouTube rejected my appeal to get the spongebob anime episode back up. No support, nobody to talk to me: just a…
Retweeted by SungWon Choi was feeling pretty depressed today but i gotta say, this cuban oxtail stew i ordered is helping quite a bitevery time i wake up back to all of this, i am disappointedi just nap as often as i can because, hey, even if i’m in a nightmare where i’m getting chased by a pack of wolves… the Super Man
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when an anime is clearly padding for filler time apparently the angry responses got my comic dropped from some newspapers and an apology that I did not approve o…
Retweeted by SungWon Chorub it in, why doncha
Retweeted by SungWon Chofive facts -i write with my left hand, but i do everything else with my right hand -legally blind in one eye -met m… more treasures, let me know if either of these are actually real, but I DON'T THINK SO suspect this is a bootleg book or something because WHO IS THIS????, so @elviskaboom and i are trying to figure out who the fuck this is in a sonic coloring book, Sonic Twitter, i…
@oni_hat out of all the goddamn characters....can't believe this is real
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @jayperior that ghost ship design was scarier because of how bad it was*earthquake happens* me and @jayperior: huh...that's a pretty big one... *continue watching the lego youtube video we were watching*
@queen_glados @SteveYurko it's CHONKERChopper the Chobro
Retweeted by SungWon Chowhat food should i try everything of next miles edgeworth hates women (source: @PBandTalk )
Retweeted by SungWon ChoHey cap'n! Happy #OnePieceDay! 🏴‍☠️#OnePiece #ONEPIECEの日 #ワンピの日
Retweeted by SungWon Choi can’t handle the raw sexual energy of this beefcake the Sword Bro
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HERE WE GO to try 18 DIFFERENT LITTLE DEBBIE SNACKS, that's a LOTTA CAKES years ago, i did a cover of Evanescence's Bring Me to Life as goofy, i know for a fact since then that Amy Lee ha…
part 3/3 2/3 reminder that i can recite any scene from disney's peter pan from memory (part 1/3) Peter Shinkoda, who played Nobu in Netflix’s Daredevil talks about how Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Televisi…
Retweeted by SungWon Choread Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams, it's fun seeing a light, silly romp from Urasawa, i love that he takes Iyami, a… Deity Scenario achievements are a real bitch
fuck desserts, where my Savory Motherfuckers at @oni_hat you’re living my dreamjust so everyone knows, i STILL think flick’s a damn chuunibyou, some bozo friends of mine were like “what are you… dad (1/3)
Retweeted by SungWon ChoSuper Leaked Beta Mario World
Retweeted by SungWon Chothat’s a lot of little debbie snacks, stay tuned....
the animation for this SpongeBob anime episode is already remarkable, but the fact that it has actual Japanese voic… you think Flick from Animal Crossing was a chuunibyou when he was youngerwhen you have a REALLY good turn in a card game love this japanese dub of Bigtop Burger @SteveYurko “ha ha ha, King of Hill, Wow!” @SteveYurko was it tommy wiseau
@Sapphberry what brand do you prefertwitter, what are your essential condiments, the ones you have to have stocked in your pantry, lately, i've been addicted to chili crispAsk Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendo’s Legendary CEO invites you to learn more about the president, game develo…
Retweeted by SungWon Chowhen a cat starts to show affection toward you
Retweeted by SungWon Choi guested on @thedicetower, one of my favorite board game channels, where we went over our Top 10 One Hit Wonder Ga… @CobwebJr good
No Mega64antine stream today as we’re working on other projects- but we just put up this awesome interview with…
Retweeted by SungWon ChoTom, Zee, and SungWon Cho (ProZD) take a look at the Top 10 games by designers who only have one well-known game. L…
Retweeted by SungWon ChoTypology of Lego Computers.
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If one day you look up and realize I am no longer employed at @WTHRcom, this is probably why. #13Sunrise
Retweeted by SungWon Choread Dementia 21, it's a very surreal collection of darkly funny tales about a home health aide trying to take care… @Radrappy yup, here are some more i already had you @ItsGreliz for these fantastic mario odyssey figures @ProZD is doing A @thedicetower Top 10!!! 🙌
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Day two of our VA Marathon over on Twitch is kicking into high-gear with BORDERLANDS 3 actors playing BL3! This is…
Retweeted by SungWon Chothank you @sousourocket for hooking me up with that last oneFINALLY the way, her twitter is @Food4Dogs