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I'm a voice actor. I do YouTube too. Represented by CAA.

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played The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, feels like a slightly more accessible and streamlined versi… for people who don’t like spicy food, when are you turning 13
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @YungiChang me trying to get people to watch chihayafurulast two things that made me cry: little women and catching up on the latest chapters of one piecei find myself crying more easily at sad parts in movies and books and stuff as i grow older and i think that's a go…'t help noticing in @mega64's hideki kamiya video the nice board game collection platinum games has in the ba… @DaWooster sorry to hear it, man
and as always if you want me as a guest at a convention near you, tell the people who run the con to invite me as a…'ll be a guest at @MomoCon again this year on May 21-24th in Atlanta, Georgia, third time's the charm, babytime for another BOARD GAME REVIEW, this time we have the sprawling back-stabbing epic A GAME OF THRONES: THE BOARD… finished BoJack Horseman, it truly is one of the most emotionally raw yet incredibly clever and funny shows… look forward to my videos finally being watched in 7 years when they randomly decide to pop up in people's recommendationshappy #NationalPetDay, behold my daughters wow, the new Animal Crossing went a direction i wasn't expecting
Retweeted by SungWon Choit's #NationalPetDay please view my feral daughter
Retweeted by SungWon Chotime to settle the official girl scout cookie ranking once and for all, stay tuned Salad is hilariously named and extremely to the point, all you do is draft different vegetable cards or diffe… Throne is always really fun, i had played a little of season 2 before, but tried the season 1 characters, i lo… some dope board games, Arboretum is a pretty little card game where you're trying to make paths of different…, the U.S. distributor for #Parasite, responded to Trump's attack on the film: "Understandable, he can't read."
Retweeted by SungWon Choyo, board game playing friends, do any of you own or know someone who owns the original Through the Ages (not the 2…
i’m not fuckin playin around’t wait to 100% animal crossing again.@tsunderica: are you gonna play love live all stars? me: does it have an english release date erica: february 25th me: FUUUUUUUUUCi'm glad someone made a wiki page for every time we sing some variation of the Frosted Flakes song on @PBAndTalk to record a podcast with @ProZD and I’m super stoked! Board game hype!
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she’s a hermit crab time is it, it’s valentimes event, what we gonna get, SEVERAL URs 2020: Guests Announcements! 3/1 @brandonbovia 3/8 @PaulaGaetos 3/15 @ProZD 3/22 @henry_thurlow 3/30…
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @hamesatron S-tier: ranch, queso, frosty A-tier: ketchup that's itcan’t get enough of those @Sugoi_Mart One Piece giveaway is being extended, you can enter here to win a Nintendo Switch Lite and a bunch…
@mattLarnold listen man, i will play miniatures with you, but painting?? ehhhhhhh @hamesatron who the fuck dips fries in cocktail saucepullin those URs baby, got that Valentimes Nico don't let friends get into board games before and after, 3 years apart @Mewd462 i fuckin love emIt's finally showtime - the #BountyLight Kickstarter is live!! It's a comic I've been writing since high school abo…
Retweeted by SungWon Chocan all my friends just get bidets installed in their bathrooms so i can clean my ass in luxury wherever i shiti cut a bit where an arc was just called Gongo, followed by Blongo and Wongo @TheComicFiend yeah, 1/2 Cheese's dramatically different artstyle was a welcome change, i wish that Tiger Mirage ha… @othatsraspberry Pinstripe 9 gets shat on because Escalator 10 is right after, which admittedly is incredible, but… @maioceaneyes oh, please, the scanlation was so shoddy you couldn't even tell what was going on, i mean they spelle… on youtube @othatsraspberry both are great, i'd say Egg 6 also fits right in there with the all-time great arcs @TheComicFiend they did a movie version of Disaster Arachnid that condenses it all into 80 minutes and adds a new v… tweet is not a joke or even a parody this is literally how sungwon has told me to read one piece
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @TheComicFiend it's half and half, Ho! Tell d.u.S.K. covers most of the story beats from Grape Danger but also brin… story arc titles
@elviskaboom you sick fucki’ve only cosplayed once in my life and it was so good i could never hope to top it @kevinkam no, we struggled so much to just get a minor victory we decided not to risk itfinally beat the Covenant expansion for Legendary: Alien, this one was incredibly difficult, trying to wrangle two… @tsunderica damn you truly are an o-tock-oo @tsunderica psh, betcha can't name at least one goku @Dogss i'm sorry since when is it called LUISLEY? what happened to pixl
i hadn't had a mcdonald's double cheeseburger in a long time (i usually order regular ones) but i had one last nigh… real reason i play board games is i'm chasing the high of playing 13 Dead End Drive when i was five @cherrizard i’d wear one every daycrunchyroll anime awards in 5 minutes, check it out on youtube, twitch, facebook, all that good stuff
#AnimeAwards Eve our with the crew @acarboni @GlassReflection @ProZD @CDawgVA @GibiOfficial @Cole_Gallian @G0ffThew
Retweeted by SungWon Chothis is a spider
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@Mewd462 Black Eagles' "secret" route was my first playthrough and that was wild, Golden Deer's probably the most s… @Mewd462 you doin new game plus? @ericalindbeck he can come here @3minboardgames @Zmangames_ how does the complexity compare to terra mysticasome more Ace Attorney art, 2019 thanks to @PBAndTalk I got back into this series last year
Retweeted by SungWon ChoDev Patel saying “that’s cute” to your “period pieces should have an all white cast!” arguments really blesses my s…
Retweeted by SungWon ChoOscar-winner Bong Joon Ho shared his excitement for #TheFarewell and @thumbelulu at the #Oscars #BETxOscars
Retweeted by SungWon ChoJohn Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch is absolutely brilliant and the Jake Gyllenhaal section had me literally crying with laughterTook a snippet from the Beetlejuice musical to board an animatic to! (I’ve only listened to the soundtrack so the v…
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @ifgirlscollide i made a good attempt during gen VI and with that groundwork and all the pokeys i have in VII and V… i'm transferring all my pokemon into Pokemon Home, i'm just like fuck, i've already got a complete dex, maybe i'… of marriage is yelling “what” from a different room.
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @americanninjax thought this said Chocula for a second and this was some ambitious cereal sonic crossover
Pokemon Bank can still read it, so i managed to rescue all my pokemon (thank GOD) and the 3DS recognizes it's in th… to boot up Pokemon Y but all i get is this, i already tried deleting and redownloading the update data, and… never actually tried making french onion dip with lipton onion soup mix but holy fuck is that shit good13: As a child, I was one of the 9 people on earth to ever complete Sonic Spinball. But like an aging thief in a he…
Retweeted by SungWon Choplayed Forbidden Stars, a fun area control war game set in the Warhammer 40K universe, i enjoyed putting down order… @tsunderica they are yoursdo i know anyone who likes limon flavored lays, i’ve got a bag that no one wants to eat
@Mewd462 pieces of lore about certain people and places don’t get fully fleshed out unless you discover them throug… @Mewd462 it’s a game that encourages you to play the multiple paths, for better or worse. what i found cool about i… @Mewd462 @mattLarnold FUCK, i should’ve tried that firstthis is what i mean, it says i have 807 registered but a few random slots are just empty for some reason transferred my full 807 pokedex data from my 3DS into Pokemon Home but for some reason there are a few random bla… STAR WARS: REBELLION, it’s a super fun sprawling 1 on 1 Rebels vs Empire war game where the Imperials are tr…
lazy ladies japanese voice cast list for Dragon Quest XI is staggeringly impressive, they got like every legendary voice ac… night, SungWon and I were lying in bed and he was kind of quiet for a while. He seemed very pensive, so I aske…
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @epicgamingnight @thedicetower i'd love to, i'm a big fan of the dice tower, shoot me an email at prozdkp@gmail.complayed through the expedition in Aeon's End: The New Age, i LOVE the new treasure system where you can get upgrades… for another BOARD GAME REVIEW, this time we have one of my favorite deck-building games AEON'S END: WAR ETERNA…
paper mario final fantasy ix bioshock final fantasy vii
Retweeted by SungWon Choi've been really enjoying reading @MidCenturyMenu's blog where she tries making recipes from the mid-20th century n…'re fine a short animation i wanted to do for a while!!! hope you like it!!! #aceattorney #apollojustice
Retweeted by SungWon ChoTHEY ARE THE MOMENT
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