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I'm a voice actor. I do YouTube too. Represented by CAA.

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controversial movie opinion, i think that's a lot of guns, i would be very frightened if that many guns were pointe… @scrotumnose @jayperior i'm sorry, jay, that you didn't go up with ernie and bernie @scrotumnose @jayperior holy shit i can't believe i missed that @jayperior have some fucking respecti tell @WilcoJones and i hear him say in the most disappointed tone i may have ever heard him speak, "......jay...."so @jayperior referred to the sesame street characters as "ernie and bernie," i'm sorry, who the fuck is BERNIE????… people have asked, so just letting y'all know, no, i did not voice anyone in Genshin Impact
I'm back as Brian Yu and I also voice two new characters, Counselor Flodge and Dominique in @monsterprom's sequel M…
in this video, i break down 10 characters i've voiced, how i came up with voices, behind the scenes stories, fun fa… this. More of it, please.
Retweeted by SungWon Chothinking about making a video where i go over some of my voiceover roles, maybe talk about the process behind each… time i hear about a new KyoAni project, it warms my heart, i'm just glad my favorite anime studio is back in businessTonegawa's Twitter Tips watching my cutesy slice of life animes were the two i thought of, and i asked my wife unprompted and she said the exact two, so that tracks…
The name of the level 'Princess's Secret Slide' in Mario 64 implies that Peach had a massive slide built over a bot…
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@Mewd462 why do you do this to yourselffan art damn, i'm honored guys, if you haven't already, make a plan to vote, better yet, form a vote squad with your buds and vote early t… to be clear, whichever one wins is almost definitely the one we're making next, this isn't a hypothetical
which of my characters should we release a figure of nextnow that all of the Archibald figures are sold out, which of my characters should we do a figure of next? any repli… Here's a list of #PhantomBreakerOmnia's All ⭐ Voice Cast!
Retweeted by SungWon Choyesterday i ate “Chicken Stars” from “Carls Junior” and i have to say, maybe the worst fast food chicken nuggets i’…
Thanks to the chaos of @elviskaboom ‘s Mario trivia items system (and @ProZD’s iterations upon that system) I beat…
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i'm playing Billionaire Banshee with @ShutUpShow on their @SHUXshow stream NOW, come join us
i'm playing The Champion of the Wild with @ShutUpShow on their @SHUXshow stream NOW, come join us, red velvet just hits different @RayChase this is next level shit @scrotumnose this explains a lottime for another BOARD GAME REVIEW, this time we have the game UNDAUNTED: NORMANDY sent to me by @OspreyGames, comm…
always a delight to be directed by @Seitz_Unseen @yugiohtas @RocketPandaEN kinda, yeah, i'm basically there to trick all these pretty animes into fighting each otherI voice the nefarious PHANTOM in @RocketPandaEN's upcoming game #PhantomBreakerOmnia coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox On…'s English only mario part2 highlights あの伝説の配信ふたたび、戌神ころねの英語縛りマリオ第二弾ハイライト #生神もんざえもん #できたてころね #HeyGuysXpotato
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@Calvnism315 @elijahadavis48 should read A Bride's Story, also Pariya is best girl favorite voice actors say VOTE! 🗳️ @prozd @ChrisHackneyGGK @davidvincentva @VOKirk @XanderMobusVO @karaedwards
Retweeted by SungWon Cho @ShantiCassette food should i try everything of next it started: how it's going: @diamondsong oh dang, fellow Spartan?sophie approves got sent an anime pizza, thanks @Crunchyroll
i had ordered some toum which turned out to be not good and i was so disappointed that in desperation i just spread… @ericalindbeck honestly? it's fuckin goodi'm at that point in quarantine where i'm spreading cream cheese on spicy chicken tenders, no regretsforgot to mention, 90% of the Archibald figures have been pre-ordered, but there are still a few left for anyone wh… WE GO to try 16 DIFFERENT M&M'S, that's a whole lotta M's watched One Cut of the Dead, it may be my favorite movie i've seen all year, please don't look up anything abo…
We all lived every second of this, but seeing it laid out in this way… I’m just gutted.
Retweeted by SungWon Chohere she is sungwon how have you been spending your weekends, oh nothing, just writing up extensive lists of mario trivia q…'ve added an incentive to my @ExtraLife4Kids page, donate $500 and i'll record a voiced message for you (30 second…
Recipe: 2 cloves of garlic Me:
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my most recent example: i just bought some good quality anchovies as a treat and they are damn goodtwitter, what are some special food items that you buy when you want to treat yourselfthe biggest mystery of one piece
Retweeted by SungWon ChoOops... I dropped this ... PART II of SCARY MOVIE MOVIE GAME! @supershayne @ProZD @joncozart
Retweeted by SungWon Chothat’s a lot of m&m’s, stay tuned....
@Mewd462 @elviskaboom @hamesatron david already beat it, why botheralright, here are the last three charity milestones (unless we go past $10000) $8000: a ten minute video of just m… new charity milestones $6000: I'll rate anime wives and husbands with a guest $7000: I'll recite another scene… new charity milestones $4000: I'll play games with voice actors $5000: I'll *siiiigh* sing a Goofy cover let… new charity milestones $2000: I'll draw Pokemon from memory with friends $3000: I'll play a video game with fa… #1 at $1000: i'll do a live food tasting stream, still looking for suggestions for additional milestones,… it is! SCARY MOVIE MOVIE GAME with @joncozart @ProZD @supershayne @smosh @stevezaragoza @ElliottcMorgan
Retweeted by SungWon Chomy brave friends and i saved the kingdom, and i smashed many guys with my gigantic club to have an earnest conversation while playing fall guys: "you know, it can be hard figuring out exactly what…
get a room, you two @ShadowcatKirara @ExtraLife4Kids thank you!are there any milestone incentives you guys would be interested in for my 24 hour @ExtraLife4Kids charity stream ne… @Dogss @glamdoodle *SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH*guess which sad sap got to level 39 in fall guys last night but was too late to hit level 40.......this guy..........................time to open up the PO box mail i got in September, thanks to all of you for your lovely letters and gifts you're cravin' that big mac
Hello all just a reminder!! I am retiring the $1 tier tomorrow!! So if you want super early access, pdfs of all co…
Retweeted by SungWon Choone thing i forgot to mention about @ExtraLife4Kids, you don't actually have to wait till next month's stream to do… @BrotherMingGame where's the best place to play Secret Hitler online? we tried a few that didn't work very wellyo twitter, what are some of your favorite online multiplayer video games or online board games that play a wide va… friends, next month on November 7th, i'll be doing a 24 hour charity stream with @ExtraLife4Kids in support of C… mutuals still playin' fall guys?yo this Love Live song is a fuckin Halloween BOP, every idol song should start with the girls just cackling maniaca…
twitter, what are your favorite sites for reading articles about foodthese two boys are directly responsible for the theft of about 300 hours of my life total
@rip_carnage dude, this is a classy-ass setupLater this week...🎃👻🧙‍♀️🧛👹
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most of the Archibald figures have been claimed, but there are still a few left, if you want one, make sure you pre… was no joke one of the most intense and entertaining things i've done all quarantine, @elviskaboom is a master… omoni, everything's going great and i am still alive, update donemy mom called me because she was extremely worried that i hadn't tweeted anything in a while, i go and check to see…
my four 10/10 for this gen Archibald figure is on sale NOW, if you want one, make sure you pre-order it, because once they're gone, they'r…
the Archibald figure will be released at 12 pm PT tomorrow, make sure you pre-order this handsome fella before he's… the King is EXTREMELY fun, it's essentially a co-op board game-esque roguelike with turn-based combat, the game… just realized.....with the most tired resignation i've ever felt in my life....that this means i have to buy an a…