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Tracking all things legislative | Working of state legislatures and Parliament; MPs and MLAs; Committees | Budgets etc.

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Legislative Business for Day 4 of Winter Session of Parliament. #Day4 #ParliamentSession #WinterSession
The Bill raises the maximum amount of chit funds that may be collected and provides a higher commission for the person managing the Fund.The Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has been passed by Lok Sabha. #ChitFunds #WinterSessionRajya Sabha to take up the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 at 4PM today. #WinterSession #ParliamentSession #Day3The Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill, 2019 👉 The National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill,… NOW: Legislative Business of #Day3 of Winter Session of Parliament. Read the full Bill briefs for The Surro… Business for Day 3 of Winter Session of Parliament. #WinterSession #ParliamentSession
#Day2 Highlights #WinterSession #ParliamentSession a detailed analysis of the Bill, read our legislative brief: an international comparison of surrogacy laws, check out our table below: being discussed in the Rajya Sabha: Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019. The Bill prohibits commercial surr… Misra is speaking on the discussion on air pollution and climate change in the Lok Sabha. #WinterSession2019… Day Ahead for 19th Nov. #Day2 #WinterSession #ParliamentSession
Highlights from the first day of #WinterSession2019 on reforms needed in the House, Rajya Sabha MP Praful Patel said “Whips can be issued sparingly. In most c… also seeks to increase the commission of the person responsible for the chit fund to 7% from 5%. In addition, it… IN DISCUSSION in the Lok Sabha: The Chit Funds Amendment Bill, 2019. The Bill amends the 1982 Act to subs… is addressing the House now. #WinterSession2019Some of the reforms the Chairperson wanted the Members to consider include adequacy of sitting days, adequacy and e… Sabha proceedings have resumed; the Chairperson is speaking about the role of the institution marking the 250… a full overview of the legislative agenda before the two houses of #Parliament, read our Session Alert: off our coverage of the Winter Session with a day ahead bulletin. #WinterSession2019
DEADLINE TODAY: Great opportunity from @ANUmedia & @PRSLegislative for Indians to go to Australia as part of the Na…
Retweeted by PRS LegislativeLast day to send applications for the NPFP. Exciting opportunity for researchers and Master students to work on pol…
Deadline TOMORROW at 11PM IST for the National Parliamentary Fellowships Program. Apply here…
@VitalTooth Eligibility, selection criteria and application form are all in the link: researchers specializing in security, trade and maritime policy: want to draft a policy paper for the con…
Tell your friends. ANU, Canberra will be hosting two fellows from India on a foreign research policy fellowship i…
Interested in foreign policy or international relations and Australia? Apply to the National Parliamentary Fellow…
@VivekSpider The program is open to recent or current postgraduate students only.More details here:🚨Apply to the National Parliamentary Fellowship Program, organized by @PRSLegislative + @ANUCrawford. If you are…
@GNANAVELL1 Thanks for your question. LAMP Fellows are selected through a written submission first, and then an int… Policy Review | The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released a draft notification to regulate all med… Policy Review | Various Departmentally Related Standing Committees of the Parliament identified subjects in… Policy Review | The draft Seeds Bill, released for public comments, seeks to regulate the quality of seeds… Policy Review | The Ministry of Civil Aviation released the National Counter Rogue Drone guidelines. The gu… October Policy Review is out! 👉
@bl_khatri Thanks, we're looking into it. We'll let you know when we're up again.
#14thHaryanaStateAssembly Get the full data here: 69% of the MLAs have at least a Bachelor's degree. The average age of MLAs is 55 years. The incoming Haryana Assembly will have 9 women MLAs. In the 13th Assembly, the number w… BJP has the highest representation in the 14th Assembly with 40 seats, followed by the Co… the full data here: 57% of the MLAs have at least a Bachelor's degree. 85% of MLAs are older than 40 years. 24 women candidates have been elected in the Maharashtra Assembly 2019. In 2014, it w… BJP has the highest representation in the 14th Assembly with 105 MLAs. yesterday's elections, @PRSLegislative did a quick profile of the incoming Assemblies in Maharashtra and Haryana.
@PRSLegislative Chakshu Roy has been tracking state legislatures in @newsclickin This fortnight: mechanisms for tra…
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- Between November 2014 and February 2019, the Haryana Assembly met for a total of 69 days, for 321 hours. This an… Stats Update | We analyzed the working of the 13th Haryana Legislative Assembly. By the digits: - The Assemb… @karthiks @mathangcito It's done. The changes should reflect for all MPs on the website now. @policychettan You're welcome :) @policychettan Yes, both the Rajya Sabha Chairman and the Lok Sabha Speaker can refer bills to the Standing Committ… our explainer on the bill and note on the bail-in clause 5/5The bill was withdrawn in 2018 after it raised concerns that a bail-in clause might put bank depositors in an unfavourable position. 4/5The Resolution Corporation in the proposed bill covered the repayment of bank deposits to depositors to some extent… present, provisions to resolve failure of financial firms are spread across different laws and between different regulators. 2/5In the news | Some newspapers have reported that the government is redrafting the 2017 FRDI bill on the resolution… bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by the Science and Technology Minister, Mr. Harsh Vardhan in July 2019 and… Rajya Sabha Chairman has referred the DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 to the Standin… The Assembly met for 44 days on average each year between 2015 and 2018, higher than the Legislative Assemblies o… Stats Update | @PRSLegislative analyzed the working of the 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. By the num… @karthiks @mathangcito Thank you Karthik for bringing it to our attention. We're on it.
Read the full report at, continuous supply of electricity and quality of electricity remains a challenge. Data from the Antyodaya… April 2018, the central government announced that all villages have been electrified. Under the Saubhagya schem… has also affected the finances of power generators. As on July 31, 2019, discoms owe power generators an aggre… has addressed the outstanding debt of discoms to an extent, but outstanding debt continues to affect their buy… poor financial health of power discoms have been impacting the sector. The UDAY scheme was introduced in 2015 t… you read our latest report on the power sector? Here are some highlights: ⤵️
For this and more, read our monthly policy review: Policy Review | The draft social security code consolidates eight laws related to social security, includ… Policy Review | The e-cigarette ordinance prohibits the production, trade, storage, transport, and advert… Policy Review | With the Ordinance on taxation laws, domestic companies can opt for a 22% tax rate, inste… @PRSLegislative’s monthly policy review is out now: 2017 Standing Committee on Energy had proposed a balanced energy mix for efficient capacity utilisation. The Comm… capacity utilisation of thermal power plants has fallen from 78% to 61% in the last decade.The growth of renewable energy, incentivised by govt policies, poses a challenge to the existing thermal capacity,… 2017-18, India saw a 0.7% energy deficit, and 2% peak deficit. While the deficit situation has improved, the sit…’ve published a report on the Overview of the Power Sector explaining the regulatory structure of the sector, rec…
The IRCTC IPO opens subscription today. In 2018-19, the Indian Railways earned a revenue of Rs. 32,070 crore from e…
In the news: The draft EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill, 2019 proposes allowing EPF members to swi… Ordinance is in force from Sep. 18 and must be approved in the next session of Parliament within six weeks. Re… the news: Several newspapers have reported that the E-cigarette Ordinance, 2019 has been challenged before the K… correct link to the post is here:
The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019 has been promulgated today. The Ordinance can be read here:
Yesterday, the government promulgated an Ordinance to ban e-cigarettes.  In this context, we have authored a blog w… Committees have impacted Parliament’s efficacy in discharging its roles, there is still scope for strengtheni… are 24 such Departmentally Related Standing Committees, each of which oversees a set of Ministries. DRSCs we… also provide a forum for building consensus across political parties. Committees have closed door meetin… Committees meet throughout the year, they help make up for this lack of time available on the floor of the Ho… Committees are smaller units of MPs from both Houses, across political parties and they function throughout t… meets for three sessions a year. This part of Parliament’s work is televised and closely watched. Howev… Blog Alert | Last week, the Departmentally Related Standing Committees were reconstituted for the first year of… of Science and Technology has released the draft Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) policy for public… Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (production, manufacture, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, s…
@LabourMinistry is inviting comments on the draft Code on Social Security. Deadline: October 25, 2019 The draft…