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Prue @Prue947

Re:ZERO is the only thing I like. You probably should follow me. @HappyAshy❤

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I need more friends to talk toGood Morning :)Add me @SheepWeeb YESYESYES @SheepWeeb why @Hentai__Jesus wot @Hentai__Jesus its easy @Hentai__Jesus Just be happy not hard @Hentai__Jesus Im so happy @Hentai__Jesus :( @NintendoLover07 noim a girl follow me @HealsChan HowPrue fun fact: I love Attention, even though im shy, and sound like im uninterested, i love the attention @HealsChan Mmm shhh @SheepWeeb Lies @DoruuuuV2 I am @1ovekade no :( @HealsChan no @bag_chaser6969 Why!?How do I become cute girl @NetHoshin @Tybo404 VOUCH!Just found out I could have killed someone if i messed something up.. Anxiety
My mom yelled at me for making fun of a midget 😔Im in a not very safe car, if I die give my account to-How are you?I'm not in a good mood so im getting off, baiii @Prue947
Retweeted by Prue @btier_ @RemIsHot BAHAHAA girl laughed when I said I had a girlfriend. I guess I am uglySchool just blue balls me so hard @im_AEDF Based AEDF @im_AEDF What happenedThe power went out at my school @HappyAshy its fine, i feel relieved now @HappyAshy extremelyI feel a lot better now @TheEnduringIcon Miss deez nuts @CEOofBetty hi Gabriel im sad:| @Monke_Stan @HappyAshy Idk she didn't say anything to meGood morning @NintendoLover07 I wish i answeredHeard my phone ring and it scared the shit out of me, im still scared, what private number was trying to call me!?Technoblade is cool good is my favorite @Prue947 My entire life was fixed due to this video
Retweeted by Prue @Nxtsuki_Sxbaru @CeoOfGospel congrats! @Prue947 Woah my dick just grew like 3 inches from watching this video
Retweeted by PrueI made video! Check it out for me :> @Carey_Black_ Lmao Imagine caringI just edited for like 3 hours, Im tired
@Hentai__Jesus @Tapperss Good job im happy to hear you speaking :) @Hentai__Jesus @Tapperss @emiIiasupremacy All of your followers came to me MQWAHAHAHah @batkaitom How peculiar, I suppose @Tapperss this image is just how i picture Hentai_jesus to look @YoumuSupremacy nice job oomfie @btier_ what is it @kiwi_zero spaghettiiiii @DannyFourSeven red panda @btier_ Ash Ash Ash Ash @Anathemalolo Erm, I dont really have any, but Tobey Maguire is hot because he looks like me @coconut8_ Of course not @CEOofTsurumi Heights. The dark. Isolation @hermlos Tetris expert HermlosI stole this :) @hermlos gotta sleep like a tetris blockWaiting for biological engineering to become a thing so I can become a cat girl im getting off for a bit, cyaaa @PvZ__Network Buy those things that kill plants @Bettykashira Yea LOLNothing will beat the time someone thought I was a guy pretending to be a girl @btier_ It is funny to be fair @btier_ I would never @btier_ You were on time but still made it your pfp @btier_ Yours @Goosefucker2 Better than.. I was trying to think of a company that was shit but my minds not working rn @btier_ I cant take you seriously with that pfpTwitter is the only platform that annoys me @Hentai__Jesus @btier_ @HappyAshy mk budI hate people who talk shit and look like this 🗿 @Hentai__Jesus @btier_ @HappyAshy ? its spiderman dipshit @btier_ @NbBlackhole Try again another time bozo @btier_ @NbBlackhole Fuck ofd @Goosefucker2 @243_athha @hibikiimochii @HappyAshy @floatingaxedrop @DFurude Do his mother!Messages i get from Suj @btier_ gonna shoot my white webs at you :> @urbitchessempai its never too early for my shenanigansHi Guys its me, Tobey Maguire @nessy_sir ?Eventually Ill have a suspension arc @EMT_EmiliaTan I could be here @elotraV5 Happy birthday @DemonicallyNay aside from me of course