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so many signatures and ari still didnt release it πŸ˜”
@sthefnarciso did i askdishes is not getting the attention it deserves wtf its my fav on the ep ?? @ifispurelypanic its not really that necessary here compared to other countries tho. we were it on public transport but thats about itsociety if lonely eyes was a single @sthefnarciso :)the disrespect smfh
Retweeted by priscilla @StarlightGrande πŸ˜‚ @inesbarny LMAO fr!!!! forever thankful @inesbarny im the one on the right, my little sister is the one on the left hahawhy was i the most embarrassing 15 year old lmfaoooo @inesbarny i got 9 mil at one point πŸ€ͺomg tf is this one higher when it looks like shit lmfaooo who can beat my perfect circle
ive barely had time to paint in the last 2 weeks and i miss it uhhrhhrg @manicfalls he has me muted now too im sure of it πŸ˜”the way ari always comes on here once a month to say that he's sad and then doesnt even stay and look at content th…
Retweeted by priscilla @lauvsongs blame ur bread curse for this see what happens ?? @lauvsongs a tip <3 @lauvsongs maybe use some extra extra virgin olive oil next time @lauvsongs im guessing the olive oil didnt work @lauvsongs ... @lauvsongs i do be getting a bit worried tho πŸ˜” @lauvsongs that should helpthat song is the only song that might beat lonely eyes with most played songif u havent listened to painting mirrors by ruben pol honestly what are u doing with ur lifepsychedelics really do be opening up a different part of your conscious you never knew was there im still shook from last nights trip. @lauvsongs i cried a lil @manicfalls what are u talking about dishes is my fav on the ep loltonight was an experience i wont soon forget, goodnighttdid we listen to painting mirrors by ruben pol on repeat? yes we did.who needs therapy when psychedelics exist. @sthefnarciso i love you so much sthef. so thankful for you!!!! πŸ’˜
@celesitial i gotta watch this but not like this i think lmfkdkd @celesitial please continue this thread, im tripping balls rn trying to understand LMAO @guacablake come on zoomi think i found my future husband at the smartshop i always go to to get my stuff wow 🀀 @reforgetheaven @lauvshrvy @aristeinfeld96 @inesbarny omg your grandma is a queen @lauvsongs you say that like theres something wrong with that @sthefnarciso GIRL YES GET SOME @lauvsongs u good fam?my favorite lamp broke and im sad now @lauvshrvy @sthefnarciso i dont2 types of ppl😐 @suchaboymendes fr πŸ₯Ί @inesbarny NASTY DRINKS LFMDKDJ @inesbarny we had such high expectations lmfaooowe really waited 5 months for a one minute clip that doesnt even show any of the good parts haha 🀑🀑 @manicfalls facts @inesbarny FR LMAOugh this was a fun day and i miss it 🀧 youtube space berlin vid is out???? @lumoslover @sthefnarciso IM SO GOOD AT MAKING THIS THO ILL FACETIME YOU AS PROOF @sthefnarciso yes that oneforgot about this thing happening today and now i cant stop thinking about this thing happening today πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ @halsey ok but drop the bottom middle famjust trying to be nice damn, goodnight πŸ˜—βœŒπŸΌ was a joke, i dont do that every day πŸ˜”βœŒπŸΌme scrolling through my spotify sad song playlist to see which song im gonna cry myself asleep to today @lauvtfw fam i listen to other songs too dont do me like this πŸ˜”feelings live is on a whole other level ugh i miss thatcause feelings are hard to findthis is still such a ~vibe~
oof @lauvsongs i love u a lot if that makes u feel a lil better πŸ₯Ί prob not but @lauvsongs do u want to hear an animal fun fact to cheer u upi wish we had the videos from the how i’m feeling release party in berlin πŸ₯Ί
Retweeted by priscillamiss thisπŸ˜—βœŒπŸΌπŸš«βŒ yeah apparently u cant move to another country if u have a nose piercing! i know! crazyme talking about my plans of moving out of this country next year: my boomer foster dad: β€œwell u gotta take all of… @lauvsongs so now twitter doesnt even get captions anymore huh @lauvsongs β€œhello yes ma’am i would like to talk to you about our lord and savior jesus christ”oomf hates us @lauvsongs talk to us πŸ˜” @lauvsongs sir we’re gonna need to talk about the breadIM SO READY FOR THIS @joao_fernande2 LMAOOO ty ty @joao_fernande2 HAHAHHA YES like they would recognize me bc i used to look like this when i lived here but still LMAO am i the only one getting anxieting when walking around my old town where i grew up bc i dont want to run into… foster mom broke 2 of her fingers last week so ive been visiting them a lot to help with chores & cooking and al… @Mrs_Kardenner never! mss een beetje jealousy πŸ˜” @Mrs_Kardenner nog steeds πŸ˜‚ @lauvsongs u should do this x @sthefnarciso πŸ˜”i want to unfollow oomf so bad @easyIove i h8 her!!!! @lauvshrvy @sthefnarciso STOP THIS @lauvshrvy @sthefnarciso no no no stop ENOUGH @sthefnarciso KARMA @lauvshrvy @guacablake @siyaaalater @sthefnarciso you especially 😍 @guacablake @lauvshrvy @siyaaalater @sthefnarciso as if he would ever interact with us, he doesnt even like us πŸ˜” @reforgetheaven maybe @lauvshrvy @guacablake @siyaaalater @sthefnarciso HAHAHAHA