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Patrick MB @PSawyerSchue Maryland/Genovia

Reptar Cereal Enthusiast. TV Writer. #PreWGA Cinestory 2021 Semifinalist (He/Him/Halliwell) IG: @PSawyerSchue 🇬🇭✒🎬

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WandaVision is great *because* it’s television. Because it LOVES television, and squeezes absolutely everything it…
Retweeted by Patrick MBCongratulations to @VictoriaMonet and John Gaines on welcoming their first child together Hazel Monét Gaines 🤎
Retweeted by Patrick MBThey made the Black boy investigate for WHAT. #SecretsOfSulphurSprings have no problem pretending this is actually called Secrets Of Silver Spring. could play peekaboo with babies forever. Something I really miss and will be doing more of after this disaster ends.Still.'s the "We couldn't find any Black people" kind of producers and then there's this kind. It's not a hard task. pandemmy life 😑 Just wish I could be in a Vancouver hotel or something real quick. community college is now the law of the land in New Jersey.
Retweeted by Patrick MB @Jordibellissima It was hella scary for me too there was an ep with Tatyana Ali dying in a fire and I was freaked out for a WHILE. @Jordibellissima It was Are You Afraid Of The Dark! Same energy though lmaoThe way Tamaga says "KILL IT!" really sends me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JarrodDKing EMMYS between the three of them do you hear me?! couldn't this Karenated child tell them apart 😭's no way you guys were there. way W*ndavision has turned out makes those weak critiques for the pilot seem even worse now. But hey consumptio… #ItsASin don't share a ton of super personal on here. But my husband had open-heart surgery today and I was just able to t…
Retweeted by Patrick MBLa! #ItsASinHave fun next month, y'all. I'll be in Genovia eating pears. name is making me read this tweet in Julie Andrews' voice. well I would love to be Chidi's Lois Lane if that role is also available. @jalenjbernard @MjRodriguez7 She DESERVES.Justice for Evening, please. @vontedagreat_ 🗣🗣🗣 @mndspeak A bop do you hear me?! Now I just HAVE to stream lol"If you gon' be the man, then be the man. Cause if ya can', I can." 💅🏿 I forgot about this. know reincarnation when I see it. @PhDivaDude WE'RE CLOSE. @justcallmeotis A LOT. should tell you, I've got baggage too.Honey they couldn't even bottom for this. @imanileigh @PSawyerSchue I KNOW DASS RIGHT
Retweeted by Patrick MB @MarquesHatesYou I just finished it.HIT EM WIT DAT GEWD GEWD MAKE A N*GGA ACT RIGHT BROKE BOYS DON'T DESERVE NO PUSSY @edithdrod Big congrats 💎💙It wouldn't be this much of a discussion for me. Go be homophobic somewhere else lol but they're college kids, so. @this_jaustin Byeeeeeeee this is so loud. was a long ass week
Retweeted by Patrick MB @RaquelWillis_ 🥴🥴 boys sound so ashy. I hope toxic straight men free themselves someday. #Grownish @JosephG14 WHYYYYYYYY #Grownish #Grownish have any Queer men in the Writer's Room for the third season?3 job offers in 2 two days... God is good, and so is my resume 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😭
Retweeted by Patrick MBProto Zoa was. Liz Anya was. The Boyz N Motion were too. You're a joke. was and they'll say I "got fired" but I left willingly. Cute severance package though.
Lemme tell you something. This song. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the baddest bitch on the bus back in 2007. I jus…
Retweeted by Patrick MBWould take a Desperate Housewives reboot over Sex & The City any day
Retweeted by Patrick MB*ahem* A BITCH CLOSED HER FIRST STAFFING DEAL!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Patrick MBMy queer Black ass got staffed on a hit TV show, from a sample script about Black women and the Orgasm Gap, after a…
Retweeted by Patrick MBAll these Black womxn announcing their asses were just STAFFED on both current and upcoming new shows all over my t… had a whole family sitcom with the streamer but Netflix really sat there and said there's a Latinx disparity… all the uncomfortable straight clubs of yesteryear before I respected myself and my bank account 🤧🤧… @VanessaJamesB 😂😂 It's a thing of beauty to KNOW yourself.I was trying to figure out why Vivek is even friends with these other two but-- #Grownish🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 seeing a cute technique in a script. If I'm unfamiliar with it I'll practice using it in my own scripts and it… don't think R*bel is for me but the pilot was a nice educational read.Which zodiac sign is this 🧐 @leland_tv Gorgeous.I don't know why you guys are okay with putting Christi*n W*lker on your timeline but can we fucking notDisappointed but not surprised. The same outlets that always want to write about diversity and inclusion but not cr…
Retweeted by Patrick MBEight years after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I'm still here.
Retweeted by Patrick MBHappy 50th Birthday to the Queen of Neo Soul Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella)💕
Retweeted by Patrick MBI almost didn't recognize Boo Boo Kitty! Can't wait. I bet most of the director boys since Iron Man didn't even have to do a show and tell.
Retweeted by Patrick MB @rmichaelthomas I wanna read them I've heard good things. Very excited about the cast too.Save transferring colleges for later if you still feel like going. 🙄 needs to come through. This magic lane they're getting into is a moment for me. @everythingloria It’s wild how they say this stuff with a straight face
Retweeted by Patrick MBThey must have amnesia over there. they request you to audition without submitting/being submitted:
Retweeted by Patrick MBMacarons relax me even if they're just pictures.💎💙 women gurl lmao but I'll still watch. literally just said yesterday Victoria Grayson was the BADDEST!!
Retweeted by Patrick MB't know a Black woman and her gorgeous braids were in charge at Freeform. The leadership for these networks alw… Olsen ripped out my heart and stabbed it. That's how good she is in Sorry For Your Loss. Anyway, I'm dead…
Retweeted by Patrick MB @MattGrippi oh yeah, just a ton of content that's actually good but will no one will remember them because they wer…
Retweeted by Patrick MB @NtiAning When we look back on this era there are going to be so many weird in-limbo shows and movie that were grea…
Retweeted by Patrick MB🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 STORIES ABOUT US WITHOUT US!
Retweeted by Patrick MB @mndspeak Okay? Choosing to stay home is very different from having to 💆🏿‍♂️Cool for the Black man penning the screenplay, is all I'll say. @mndspeak Same friend. I wanna travel so bad. But I'm also destitute so it evens out ☠Why is the theme of all these new movies about black historical moments “have a black traitor” its mad benedict arn…
Retweeted by Patrick MBThis is pretty much how clubhouse be lol
Retweeted by Patrick MBThe tact people lack when it comes to spoilers and just about everything else 🥴🥴Were any mutuals in the staffing season cl*bhouse room yesterday? Was it beneficial and informative? fav quarantine pastime: imdb things I've auditioned for & figure out which child of a famous person I lost out to.
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