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I draw things. Sometimes kinky things. (prefers they/them) Mostly Safe for Work account, NSFW adjacent.

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it doesn't get much better than this on this free website
Retweeted by psudonym @WYulRbree3NY78I heh. I forget all the time.I loved drawing these two and always planned on drawing them again sometime... Maybe in something more kinky... @THEStevenWolfe @enshaeden This is just a loose concept right now but it's a bit simplified. She hooks it onto a sp… @HuntyDraws Thank you, I wish I did it more often. @PlasticManTalk Just kinda jams it in there. @Porecomesis The technology level is like... POST collapse hyper advanced society. The main characters exist as sor… was just doing some ideas for how my Colette sleeps if her metal limbs are too uncomfortable for bed. And I rathe… @MurmurLilies ... I'm sorry.He died of Covid. Get vaccinated.
Sorry, re-upload. On twitter, to be unable to edit.
Retweeted by psudonym @Anidex It really wasn't the first time America randomly blamed something on Spain that they weren't responsible for.🦎RICO the Chameleon
Retweeted by psudonymDAMB... ok back to full time work smh....
Retweeted by psudonym @NateCosby I admit I'm not looking for work at this time but I did finally update a portfolio site with some pages,…
Retweeted by psudonym @PlasticManTalk It's fine, it was my own pressures to keep making the comic better and better but seeing no real re… @coolpilotmc That fact continues to boggle my mind. @PlasticManTalk They were for me, for a long time. Until they weren't. @BronxDen The best of birthdays, man.Jump into the new CASSIOPEIA QUINN page! The water's fine! @Hiveworks #Webcomics
Retweeted by psudonym @wildermyth I've been loving the game, thank you very much.032: I'm not too sure how many bus stops like this actually exist anymore... Anyway, I believe this is the start o… world of magick.
Retweeted by psudonym @FallGuysGame six feet tall... @DraceTales Kids today
Retweeted by psudonymsad biscotti :(
Retweeted by psudonymFave color combo
Retweeted by psudonym @nyaaaaati That photo just reminded me of this kinda alternate costume I made for her, like what if she'd been a fi… @nyaaaaati I don't usually suggest characters for people to cosplay but that color scheme makes me think you'd make… Cain rules! Small tease from next Batman issues, 🔥🔥🦇🦇🦇🦇colors by amazing ⁦@tomeu_morey ,⁩ script by the o…
Retweeted by psudonymTook a break to sketch some of my favorite delinquents. I wanna add in more bc AHHH #RivalSchools 🔥🔥🔥 #Capcom
Retweeted by psudonym @DraceTales priorities#StreetsofRage4
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Retweeted by psudonym @ABCWorldNews Sounds about white.
@Pencil_Paladin I like to keep a few in my back pocket, you never know when you need them to save a lot of time. Bu… Inverting the big panel for this moment was important. One of my favorite concepts about painting, is that you… any of you say anything about the LGBT rep in animated shows being about that kiss in the finale, read this…
Retweeted by psudonym @Telepeturtle Sometimes it’s just a tweet that hits at the wrong time“What brush is that?” Artist proverb. @News12NJ They don’t run this state. Why entertain the deniers?nunca fui triste.
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Retweeted by psudonym @beesmygod_ This is why you use more than two kinds of blocks while building exteriors in Minecraft. @Zombaholic Righto. I'm not kidding when I say people who can draw horses are heroes. An old professor of mine said… @mellow_cello Maybe a little bit... @Zombaholic I don't understand this tweetArtists that can draw horses are heroes.The second episode of #Centaurworld has an absolutely jaw dropping action sequence. And it's still a really touchin… poly Samus from Metroid Dread~ (Will share more renders + sketchfab link in this thread)
Retweeted by psudonymMog is here to offer some much needed reassurance
Retweeted by psudonym @sirksomeart To be fair, Rider feels like a character type I’ve been drawing all my life."Riders Lullaby" song centaurworld S1 episode 1 via @YouTubeA couple of sweaty schlorpees for this hot weather.
Retweeted by psudonym @merrittk Tokyo Godfathers. @AzmodeusRedbear @drawin_casscain I run the drawin casscain account, but I also don't consider this a cass drawing really @Griffin_x_Hawk I would say that I wasn't showing off what I could do with the first few pages. It was more just a… @DragonCobolt I don't think of this one as a cass but I guess she's got the ears...This was another pic back from that week I was doing experiments to replicate the look of different materials. Can'… Despite being a silly gag a day comic, I always enjoyed adding bits of continuity between the pages. Sometimes… @SteveMND Just started. Judging by some of the promotional material the world's will bleed into each other but ther… @skit_kin Baxter I've last heard oversees Netflix animation and is sorta like... The guy for animating horses. But… this James Baxter? It's probably James Baxter.Holy shit Centaur World is beautifully animated. Both the serious world and the cartoon world.
@Griffin_x_Hawk It depends. There was no real set schedule but three a week was a goal for a while. Production on t… @DarkBigE @Dracosfire7 Japan is weird, man.Bill Murray talks about the painting that stopped him from committing suicide after being asked if there were a mom…
Retweeted by psudonym#blakebelladonna #RWBY
Retweeted by psudonymMan I love One Punch Man to death but (potential manga spoilers) I sure hope Super Alloy Blackluster doesn’t like…… @Anidex Good luck, try to forgive yourself for a little awkwardness. It really can be hard to start spending for yourself without guilt. @Anidex It can take practice becoming okay with spending money. Try things that don’t just make you happy but measu… makima doodle~
Retweeted by psudonym「ぱん」
Retweeted by psudonym @Das_Kludi As a reader of A Wizard of Earthsea, the only good remaining magic school classic novel, I say you shoul… I am caught up on The Owl House. Hootie remains OP. (Also don’t drug your friends, it does not actually end well)I really enjoyed #Centaurworld
Retweeted by psudonymReally sad to hear she’s gone.
Retweeted by psudonymA quick reminder to NSFW artists. Your Ko-Fi can be shut down purely for just being A NSFW ARTIST too, so DON'T co…
Retweeted by psudonym @irina_wirt To be fair, I was making the point that like... EVERY Bard is OP and Underpowered in like every setting… @NillyNully It depends! (Also totally depends on the edition. In my limited knowledge of it 5th edition has a very powerful bard) @LOTHComic To be fair like... Mickey Mouse is a short cartoon from 1929.Watched more owl house. How are bards the only class that can be simultaneously overpowered and underpowered in pra… @Coelasquid @NuhEyeNuh @myanimewaifu It's also probably carrying over from the rest of their buisness. You probably… @NuhEyeNuh @myanimewaifu I actually like Seth MacFarlane more than I like his general humor, if that makes sense. M… @myanimewaifu That's actually good to hear it's going to the animators too. @Rubi_ QA doesn’t fix the bugs. We also have no control over how fixes are prioritized. Also it can take literal we…
Retweeted by psudonym @TheEnemyStand It's Fiiiiiine. I'm not TOO upset over Owl House spoilers, I've basically had to watch the entire se…
Ducks 🐤🐤🐤🐤 #screenshotsaturday #LittleKittyBigCity #indiedev
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Retweeted by psudonym @Morgalla_ Thank you @Morgalla_ 😊Still catching up on the Owl House and give vague comments related to the last episode I've seen. "Talisman? More l… did finish this May Day Parker, Spider-Girl drawing... @GrokMeAmadeus Hah, nice.029: I've only driven by a horse drawn carriage once, outside NYC. They're neat. I'm not sure how open the Amish ar… Spidey’s day! #SpiderManDay
Retweeted by psudonymthis is objectively worst than smoking a lil blunt before a race. send his ass home.
Retweeted by psudonym @engadget That's kinda butts. I actually do have a Nexus one that works as an okay mp3 player for some speakers and…