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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️⭐KBS 추석 특선 영화 라인업 공개⭐ 엑시트 10월 2일(금) 저녁 8시 #윤아 #YOONA #엑시트 #EXIT
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️ @puppymyong My head can't work properly, I just let my finger type whatever 🤣Kim Taeyeon Son Seungwan pspsppspspspspsp I miss youI find it interesting that a lot of people who call fans bots are the same verified people who have a ton of follow…
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Hyeri is my only hope for Taeyeon x Rosé chance[ENGLISH SUBS] Hyoyeon #효연 for KBS2 'Dog Are Incredible' Episode 41 © Kbs World FULL Part 1 :…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Seo Juhyun's favorite line: #HelloDracula : "I am fine, just as I am." #PrivateLives: "Me, I am me." Her characte…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️javanese men are like i love my culture ❤️ and you find out by culture they mean patriarchy and feudalism
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Please why my fave is like this 😭😂
Sumpah stasiun TV Indo gak henti malu2in diri sendiri dgn selalu baiting kpopers tapi in the end acaranya failed af.What quest? For LUP?? Suddenly feeling like I'm living in a cave.... taeyeons really was the prettiest, lion heart taeyeon is overrated
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️She's so tiny pls 😭떡 먹는 김탱구💜 080926 #친친 #태연 #Taeyeon
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️ @captaenken KEN AKSKDKDKDK @KlNGTAEYEON I need an upgrade of you thinkthis is way better to fill up lysn than those delulu/insensitive stans. i mean idk you might gonna get wendy helpin…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Never thought that i'd see something like this on lysn 😹
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️ @Tippamoon801 @138kilometers True but sadly sone fandom clearly have a problem about worshipping big acc / big fanbase / translator lol 🤷‍♂️Lowkey think this is how Wenjoy would play 🤔 wendy joy wenjoy~
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️My reminder if I'm getting near to the end of the year: fansite posting about SG @138kilometers You truly sums up what's on my mind lol I see them keep deleting their tweet maybe better they dele… @soshiology Time to unfollow 🙃 @captaenken @138kilometers 😂 At this rate they better stay away from twt to avoid embarrassing themselves further @soshiology Fanbase gede malah memupuk kehaluan @138kilometers Wait you understand?? 😂Lah punten? Diapus lagi?? 😂 Sumpah deh ini akun kenapa comeback & debut.
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️when irene got annoyed at the rules to not take photos at the public fansign so she changed the rules and allowed t…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️160926 The Celebrity #아이린 #IRENE
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️❣️Calling Luvies with golden hands! ❣️We are looking for a talented video editor to help with the making of Wendy…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Next time if you're exhausted, please stay away from social media especially if you're admin(s) years and people can't move on. Wtf with the picture at you pulling the OT9 edited photo of Tiffany beloved birthday and SNSD 13th anniversary with her members, wit…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️828k+ views for this rosé and wendy fancam. The audience need the wensé collab!!
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️“the number 1 contributor to establishing K-pop as a trend around the world”
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️winwin as the 🥰 emoji
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️The inconsistency with this intern backs my theory that Wendy was the one tweeting those months ago,, now she’s bus…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️whenever you’re ready 💙
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️10월 7일 밤 9시 30분, 잠시 이웃들에게 양해를 구하고 풍악을 울릴 준비를 해주세요🎺 서현X효진 배우의 독보적 비주얼 대잔치가 시작됩니다🎉 #서현 #김효진 #JTBC #사생활 #차주은 #정복기…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Uhhh I don't need your words sir, I need an actual act of your company to give them everything they, snsd, deserve…후추 #제로 공통점 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ🐱🐶👄👄 #단듀 #SUNNY #TAEYEON
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️since google is trending, here's a throwback of google responding to a customer and low-key promoting red velvet an…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Q : when will solo album will be release? Tell me I wanna know Sunny : I'm always planning it. It's been always pla…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️It took me for awhile to understand the whole sentence... 😂 The abbreviations truly 🤣 is one big cat and that is one small dog.
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️I wanna say Wendy as Velma and Joy as Daphne but then if I make RV as the Scooby-Doo characters then one of them have to become a dog?? 😭This Wendy gives me Velma vibes a snapchat filter on her and goddamn... what a dreamboat
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️SUNNY!!! Wendy got abducted by aliens
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️I’m so obsessed with her details
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Kang Seulgi omg omg저도 점 세개인데 이마랑 볼이랑 볼 양쪽에 있어 가지고 정삼각형은 아니고 약간 right triangle
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️전에 넘 귀여워서 만들어놨던 거 ㅎㅎ... 내가? ㅇ0ㅇ 하는 귀요미들
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️‘THE ALBUM’ ROSÉ TEASER POSTER #2 #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #ROSÉ #로제 #1stFULLALBUM #THEALBUM #TeaserPoster
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️we went to this from this
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️This is one of the most intricate choreos I’ve seen in kpop till date....the muscle memory has to be INSANE
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️she’s so pretty 🥺🥺🖤
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️if wendy is the muse for Artistry Studio Skin are we gonna start abbreviating to ASS 😭
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️She’s doing what Doni and Coni should’ve been doing for YEARS. Her energy’s consistent, idols love her, she never m…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️she deserve the fattest of checks solely for doing this
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️They both looking cute here 😍[INFO] 200925 - A post about YERI's pretty face in her latest IG post is trending #2 on Pann Realtime!…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Why I read it as "WJSN choke me" MC only saying the truth why SM gives superm another meh song.... I thought they will do better for this cblet's put in in this way if this one korean unnie said this what more if whole korean would feel for snsd??? (1)
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️ok but actually being able to read this when English is not even your first language is cooler
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️With all these articles about Wendy for Beauty+, now is the perfect time to work on increasing her brand reputation…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️유튜브 잘못 배워(?) 물건 대신 '자기 손금'만 보여준 '세젤귀' 아이린 #아이린 #레드벨벳 #보그코리아 #IRENE
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️YERI 💜 200924 yerimiese update ⁣ AMI, EBBETS FIELD ⁣ #REDVELVET #레드벨벳 #レドベル #YERI #예리 #イェリ #styleby_yeri
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️“Ummmm... they might look delicious but... no you can't eat my cheeks... but you can pinch them or poke them!” 🥺
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Any finger that retweets this will receive good news tomorrow😇
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️[ARTICLE] 200925 - YERI's first solo show 'Yeri's Room' was mentioned in an article regarding the success of skyTV’…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Small Irene is here~~
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️[TRANS] Wendy for Beauty+ October 2020 Press Release 💙 "In particular, the staff on set were said to be in awe of…
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️‘THE ALBUM’ ROSÉ TEASER POSTER #1 #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #ROSÉ #로제 #1stFULLALBUM #THEALBUM #TeaserPoster
Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️Oooh her eyes her eyes makes the star looks like they're not shining레드벨벳 웬디, 부상 딛고 컴백..청순+내추럴 비주얼[화보] (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) #웬디 #WENDY #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet
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Retweeted by 🐰nan🐿️[YERI’S ROOM] YERI X RIE Photoshoot! 💜 Don’t forget to like the video & leave a nice comment! 🔗…
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Nooo too cute 🥺