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I love video games and embarassing myself~ Content creator for @immortals #WeAreIMT I'm a better AWP/OP than you. Toxic Raging Behemoth. @sarinacsgo💍

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Don’t actually do this.Someone use my photos to catfish someone so we can be on MTV I’m bored.
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @careyfrozt You need a job? my video editor gotta do me like this... NO CHRISTMAS BONUS FOR YOU @fgbVAL This almost got me, I was ready for some tea.. @LynnieNoquez I feel that sometimes... but then I realize I have a friend like Cait... and that’s... something... at least...
@PimpsDontCry710 👉👈 @MishyFishyWhoo Ahhh! Well that makes sense but I WANT ITI’m a blood hunter aren’t I... whatever. Idc... @MishyFishyWhoo I have to find them out in the wild. @MishyFishyWhoo This is kindaaaa cooool! @jmohGG @PlayVALORANT Damn ok Jmohhhi cannot stop fuckign thinking about this lil man in his t shirt
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @JaredDines @matthewkheafy DUDE @pikaboowow LETS GOOO @Aon1r @_mykhi SEND ME PICS OF YOUR PORES LEMME SEE IF ALL THAT WORKS Kidding... unless @MarkyWap @redbull prove it @EvilneVerD1es I don’t go in the sun @HenryGcsgo @OnFireAnders I used tatcha a lot but i find it sits on the skin rather than soak in 😫I need my skincare kings and queens to give me really good recommendations for anti aging skincare uwu I’m getting... old... @k_shymko @TenZ_CS @Cloud9 @PUMA Lollllll @floaromaa You’re the most amazing creature 🥺Lets open some Magic boxes to finally open these on stream in a few hours. uwu
@sarinaCSGO @astr0l0gyjunkie @ellektrikk @antphrodite aaaaaaaaaaaaa @ayemeevee832 Oh I went ALL outI HAVE COMPLETED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I am HAPPY. @idiedthisway ?????ahh there's our little "twitch streamer"! hey grandma, did you know he makes money off of playing video games?
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @pansy But did the plants die...I’m really grateful I got to spend a quaint little thanksgiving with @ristinHS and her sister. We all cooked a few… @syanne77 @Pobelter I’m done with twitter for todayHAS ANYONE PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE YO PLAY IT BUT ITS NOT LETTOMG ME!!!!! @RiotBallerina I wish I knew, you absolutely could have spent thanksgiving with me and my friends. If you ever need… @Gnaske_lone @JetSetJamerson @COOLER_Yuki *cough* @Gnaske_lone @JetSetJamerson Well I already was gunna get Yuki and he recommended... other players as a third ;///Still tryna solidify a team, anyone free? 😳 @K_Lineberger12 I had to block you for a second, don’t worry about it
Thankful to be ratiod by Scarra on this Thanksgiving... @scarra Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt...I’m so thankful for THIS FAT ASS honestly. @NitesTV Aww Peyton 🥺 Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for working so hard for me I hope you know I appreci… for my friends that have moved or pursued art or streaming. happy for my friends braving through depressions.…
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @tinycaitt She didn’t respond @syanne77 Gorgeous sweet angels 🥺
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Retweeted by IMT PteroIf you’ve been waiting on getting a Switch, now’s the time… 👀 Get started on holiday shopping with huge deals and c…
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Retweeted by IMT Ptero @Pterodactylsftw Sheila everytime she stops streaming Apex.
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @scarra You’re so old now... ew...I was so excited to be invited to twitch rivals for apex and then I played apex all night and it made me never want… fuck all this online bullshit, I’m pulling up to Walmart,GameStop,Best Buy and any other building that has a PS…
Retweeted by IMT PteroGotta grind some Apex before rivals.
@sarinaCSGO Ungrateful morning
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @dcopGG @PlayApex oh shit... @TSM_ProdigyAces @TeeWilliss @PlayApex this fuckin kid? nahhh @RxbespierreBB @PlayApex IM MOMMomma got a captain spot for @PlayApex Twitch Rivals... so *cough cough* who wants to play? uwu @sarinaCSGO ???? @K_Lineberger12 @PlayApex this is when they notice me... pain @sarinaCSGO ;) @funFPS 😎 @peterparkTV time to watch vod @za_ra_h_ I wanted so hard for it to be good 🥺 @peterparkTV LOL HOW... @sarinaCSGO lets make a movie together ;)I was so excited for a beautiful lesbian christmas rom com but Happiest Season... kinda sucked. Sadge... @JordanHanz Well I mean like these kinda tattoos, theyre amazing and I think the artists probably do it really well… @JordanHanz girl I see some of these tiny tattoos and Im like... ok the talent to make them is insane but in a year… other IMT fans have 134 heart attacks while watching the @UMGGaming Closed Qualifier last weekend? 🙋‍♂️ ICYMI,…
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @IRLBabynikki get it girlI'm attracted to a murderous robot man and I have no shame. @sarinaCSGO @ScrawnyCG I got something warm for you honey xoxo @sarinaCSGO @PaincakesVAL @Drenit_tv Sarina ENOUGH.@Neptunensic loves our merch, you will too 👀 Go get 40% off IMT gear for Thanksgiving!: 👕
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @sarinaCSGO @daprcs :0
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @AriaSaki Happy Birthday Mr Toast! Thank you for being there for Aria when she was at her darkest. 🥺 @PaincakesVAL @Drenit_tv What does that mean
@COOLER_Yuki >:“You can do anything here — the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.” This Bob Ross quote is applicable t…
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @IRLBabynikki @Ninjayla 😳 @Ninjayla @IRLBabynikki Ladies it is too early in the morningThe Winter Express is pulling back into the station for the return of Holo-Day Bash! Join the festivities Dec 1. 🚂❄
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @peterparkTV @fuslie Happy Birthday Leslie!! But don’t think we aren’t taking about the fact you’re still wearing… @TSM_ImperialHal Cracked @StellarMIKA Love you munchkin @hazedCS you good? @C0Mtweets @hazedCS this image...A random NPC glitches into this cutscene and keeps punching Trevor 😂 🎮: @TheNerdDojo
Retweeted by IMT Ptero @slurrZ WoahHear me out... what if we make a flavored water... that tastes like coca cola?
@TwitchRivals Apex you say...