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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile - the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device! #pubgmobile Official community:

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If you're looking for a pick-me-up today, you've come to the right post 🤗 Sign up for our All-Talent Championship v…
Tell us that you believe in aliens without telling us that you believe in aliens 👽💚😉 Extraterrestrial life may be o… out 🔗 for complete details!Make sure to put "throwing back W's 🏆" on your #TBT to-do list! 📝😎 Open the All-Talent Championship Lucky Draw even…💪 Flex on us for some free rewards! 🎁🙌 No, seriously - register for the PUBG MOBILE All Talent Championship in-game… hit Rank 1️⃣ with your RPM1 Elite Pass and get this Tidal Wargod Set! 🎁✨ Get the mask after hitting Rank 5️⃣!… the boundaries of possibility in the Tesla color that inspires you 🚙💨 Which color do you like most? 🌈 What col…
🎁 An elite move by an elite dude @GurillaGaming 😎 We love to see our content creators give back to the community! 🙌 @mtsdkate @mtsdkate Niagara Falls vibes 💦😎 @EireneShell @VipinRa48341527 @Eirene you never know, manifest it 😎💸Yes please 🎴 and we'd like to request a special appearance by Zookie 😼 scissor lifts in MISSION IGNITION Mode are super useful for getting goods (and yourself) around! ⬆️📦⬇️ Just don… MOBILE's All-Talent Championship Season 2️⃣ is coming soon! 🏆✨ Registration is NOW OPEN in-game! 👍✅ Tag a tale… combat is fast-paced in MISSION IGNITION Mode - but the transportation is even faster! 🚄💨 Don't get taken out t…
🚨WATCH THE VIPS BATTLE IT OUT LIVE RIGHT NOW ➡️⬅️🚨 up your PUBG MOBILE app and hop into our brand new "Tesla - Future Leap" event! 🗺️🚙💨 Complete daily missions t… our July VIPs of the month! 👋 Medalcore, Merms, & SoSorrySoSalty are talented PUBG MOBILE streamers & content…
You might not be groceries, but you'll sure ~produce~ a few successful sneak attacks using New Erangel's human-size…'ve never done a 30-day shred, but if this is part of it sign us up! 💪😎 Don't miss @ShredderTV_'s pro event going… is looking a bit different these days after Dynahex moved in and gave the port city its signature touch… We're creating a new alphabet and it's starting with AKM 🔫🙌😎🎉🙌 Great news, players! You achieved the PMWI Live Viewers Milestone! 🌟🤩 Log in PUBG MOBILE for 2️⃣ days during Jul…, duck, and dive out of sight with automatic doors, hyperlines, and more in MISSION IGNITION! ⚙️🤖👊 Taking down t…'t miss the futuristic fun of Month 1!! 🚀🤖 Snag your Royale Pass today and earn more rewards in Tek Era than any…
Join the second match now! - Room ID: 6130581 - Room Password: MI2 the first match now! - Room ID: 5943103 - Room Password: MI1 was the last time you watched competition so intense that you could hardly put down your burrito?! 😳🌯 Make tha… will be #PMWI Champion? 🏆 Find out today! Watch and cheer for your country! 🌎 #PUBGMOBILE #PMWI2021… @ChipotleTweets Challenger Series Grand Finale is going down Sunday at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT Tune-in at… us congratulate the winners of our "It's More than a Bug's Life" community event! 👏🐛🐞 Winners, we will reach o… up, we need to clean our #BanPan after this week 🍳 From July 16-22, we permanently banned 1,674,772 hackers fr…
Erangel's new Energy Center in MISSION IGNITION Mode supplies power to the entire island - but could it hold more t… was your favorite player during #PMWI Days 1 and 2?! 🌏🤔💭 #PUBGMOBILE #PMWI2021 #OWNTHECIRCLE 🚨 Watch today! 🚨…'re at the controls in the new Tech Center working out some circuitry, and we're really sorry for going offline!… you hear that? 👂🤔 That's the sound of 1 year of free @ChipotleTweets hitting the grill 🔥 & the sizzling anticip… Erangel's Logistics Agency is in charge of distributing supplies coming into the city ➡️🏙️ You might also be ab…🚨The MISSION IGNITION EVENT IS LIVE!🚨 Tune in to watch some of your favorite PUBG MOBILE content creators fight to…
Now that's what we call a Tesla Takedown 😎 @ElonMusk definitely understood the assignment when he created this OP f…'s #PMWI2021 Day 2️! 🏆 Comment your 'Invitation Code' & you could win a perm. item! 🎁 #PUBGMOBILE #OWNTHECIRCLE… match in MISSION IGNITION Mode is complete without a stop at the new Transit Center! 🚆 Hop on a hyperline to tra…
Jump into a cyber-inspired world in RPM1: Tek Era! 🏍️💨 If you're enjoying the futuristic features of our PUBG MOBIL…🚨 We hope this grabs your attention half as much as the red salsa at Chipotle! 🌶️ 😳 Don't forget to register your d… America, listen up! 🔊👂 Complete Chipotle Challenger Series missions in the event center to get Chipotle BOGO… starts TODAY! 🏆🌎 Watch LIVE! 🎥🗺️ Everyone gets #PMWI live viewers rewards! 🛍️😍 #PUBGMOBILE #OWNTHECIRCLE… down two birds with one grenade is a very likely possibility in MISSION IGNITION Mode! 👬💣💥 Have you taken ad… you light years ahead of today's fashion trends? 😏💫 If so, the Hypnospace Diva Set has your name all over it! 🔮…
What is the new Sosnovka Security Center hiding behind its doors? 🚪👀 You'll have to parachute into MISSION IGNITION… ✨steaks✨ have never been higher - a year of free Chipotle is on the line! 🌯🥩 Grab a friend and duo up for today…⭐ PSA: It's not too late to enter our Global Outfit Design Contest! ⭐ We're so excited to reveal our official judge… starts tomorrow! Win the live viewers milestone FREE outfit & cheer on your country! #OWNTHECIRCLE July 2…'t you hear?! 🔊👂 It's Treat Yo' Self Tuesday 😎🤫 Dive into RPM1 today and experience more rewards than ever befo…'re SO amped to reveal the official PMWI 2021 theme song, "BREATHING FLAME!" 🔥🎶😍 Drop your fave line of…'s the unbothered attitude for us 👀😂 But that's what driving a Model Y will do to you 🚙💆‍♂️ Just ask @elonmusk...… IGNITION mode was practically made for stealthy players 😏🍳💥 What's the sneakiest play you've pulled off in…
Where style is concerned, the Rich Brian Aerial Max Set did NOT come to play 👏😎 Set yourself apart and max out you…🔥 MIRAMAR might be hot, but the combat in today's Summer Qualifier #6 is bound to be even hotter 😎 🏜️☀️ Form a duo… you've played MISSION IGNITION mode but haven't visited the Tech Center, you're technically missing out 🏢👀 It's…🚨 Watch the PUBG MOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL on July 22-25! 🏆👀 Check your local livestream time here and cheer for yo… your fury on the battlegrounds in the most epic fashion possible in the Tidal Wargod Set 💥 P.S. 🤫 Make your… know you want to join our MISSION IGNITION Community Tournament 😏🏆Battle it out with other community members in…
Have you explored Erangel of the future yet?! 🧐⚙️🌆 There are multiple brand new buildings and landmarks to explore…✨The link is NOW LIVE!✨ Go to and input your predictions for your shot to win part of over…'t wake us up from this daydream of an outfit! 😍💫 You can now snag the adorable Daydream Set in-game 🙌💗 Btw, it… gas pedal isn't the only thing floored today 😍🚙✨ We're losing it over these slick new Tesla #ROADSTER colors 👀… don't let friends win a year of free @ChipotleTweets alone! 👬🌯 Starting today in ERANGEL at 4:00pm PDT, CCS… 3️⃣ DAYS until the #PUBGMOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL! Watch #PMWI2021 to win rewards! 🎁 LIVE July 22-25: #PMWI E…, we're melting over the Cool to Be Hot Set 😰🔥 Achieve max chill with this sizzling set, created by players…⭐ PSA: It's not too late to enter our Global Outfit Design Contest! ⭐ We're so excited to reveal our official judge… on our level! ⬆️😎 No really, it's easier now 😂🙌 Score better rewards and level up faster than ever before in Ro…
Your skills won't be the only thing to impress the competition when you're rocking our Rich Brian Aerial Max Set 😎⚡…⚡⚡ powerrr for the win!!!! -Check out the Official PUBG MOBILE X TESLAS Content in our game now!🚨 Who will win #PMWI2021?! 🤔 It's in the cards 🃏😉 #PUBGMOBILE Esports player cards will be online tomorrow! Comment…'t get burned by the #BanPan! 🍳👨‍🍳 From July 9-15, we permanently banned 568,392 accounts from accessing… team captain will win the MISSION IGNITION LIVE EVENT?! 🤔❓ Make your choice, guess the winning score and the… on our level! ⬆️😎 No really, it's easier now 😂🙌 Score better rewards and level up faster than ever before in Ro…
In case you lost track, here's a timeline for this month's epic in-game events! 🗓️ 🙌 Don't miss out on your shot to… you're not first, you're... not a #CYBERTRUCK 🤷‍♂️ Race to victory today in one of our sleek new #TESLA CYBERTRU… modes of transportation are soooo last century ✋🙄 Quickly transport to different areas of Erangel using… just found a way to make #PMWI2021 even MORE awesome! 🎉🙌 Watch the PUBG MOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL on July 22-25… you for loving RPM as much as us! 🛡️🤖 Join the RPM Thank You Event and you could win an Elite Royale Pass! En… Tesla #CYBERTRUCK is sleek, futuristic, and has ample room for carrying around the street cred you'll have afte…
1️⃣ Billion players can't be wrong... ❌😏 PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION is on 🔥! Enjoy an even deeper level of tech-them… 6️⃣ days left until PMWI, let's take a sneak peak at the PMWI 2021 theme song, "BREATHING FLAME!" 🎶🤘🔥 The full…'re making it rain... Bonus RP Points! 🌧️😎 What are you waiting for?! ⏰ Hop in game today to take advantage of op…👀 Have you ever seen a player suddenly appear (or disappear) during a match? 🙉 If so, you may have been dealing wit…
Nobody has time for ambush attacks when trying to grab a chicken dinner snack 🍗😎 Shield yourself from enemy attacks… into PUBG MOBILE's tropical paradise during today's Qualifier #4 in SANHOK! 🏝️☀️ Form a duo and register…😳 Here comes the hard hitting PUBG MOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL question! 🌎🧐 👉 Who is your favorite player in #PMWI?… down the "mysterious, well-travelled adventure movie character" aesthetic in the Valorian Set! 😎🦅 This outfit…'s autopilot feature providing a soothing contrast in the ✨pure chaos✨ that is this video 😂 the Royale Passes, double the fun! 🎉🙌🎈 The extra opportunities for discounts don't hurt either... 😏🎫 We'll b…
What's compact, colorful and awesome? 🤔 VIKENDI, where today's Summer Qualifier #3 is going down (and Chipotle burr…'t get left in the dust! ❌😧 Check out the Tesla Gigafactory and the awesome new Tesla models we have today! 🚗🚙💨… you picture wielding this in battle?! 😯 Meet the ASM Abakan, our new advanced combat rifle 🔫 With an ergon… might just ✨Royale Pass✨ up on our plans later to dive into Royale Pass Month 1️⃣: Tek Era! 🤖💫 P.S... 🤫 Did you…
With 3 equally 🔥 headliners, this is the hottest lineup of the season 🏎️🤘 Just ask @ElonMusk 😉 #TESLA #PUBGMxTESLA…🔥 If you can handle the HEAT... then grab a partner and parachute into the Chipotle Challenger Series' Summer Quali… @EireneShell @EireneShell *sees you * 👀 *bops head in synch*Status: Current listening to our Summer Rich Theme Song on repeat 🎶☀️ We high suggest checking out "No One Else But…🔮 We may not be fortune tellers, but we possibility see $1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ of UC in your future 🔮😏 Make our prediction your…