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@Rugged_Legacy I listened to this one, it’s jaw droppings good! @HmestedPadre Blended family life is hugely challenging but hugely rewarding, it’s such a joy and privilege.
@ZachHomol Indeed! That's why I walk to work! @ZachHomol we pay £1.19 a litre here. That's $5.95 a gallon 😳 @HmestedPadre Backstory? How you set up the homestead.
@home_grown_sanc If you get it right, not only will it change the world, it will SAVE the world. @HmestedPadre So what’s Apple/pumpkin butter? I’ve not come across that on this side of the pond. @TheForeverFit @Rugged_Legacy The moral of the story is that the bird never gets to set ultimatums. Bird singular… @JasonSpears @husayn2321 @Saint_Dici I saw a photo that someone had taken of the photographer as he too that shot.…
@HmestedPadre Oooh I like that!
@ZachHomol No problem, have a spectacular Sunday! @ZachHomol 💪 - oh, when you git a minute, I've pinged you back a reply to your DM - let's have that chat! @ZachHomol I've given up on politics now, none of them care and none of them will impact my life on a day to day ba… @RuggedLegacy_ @HeadMasterDFA Do you ship to the UK? @CureIncome Out of interest, how many do you have for sale at a given time? @HmestedPadre @katnandu Check in this morning brother! @RidleyLevelsUp Anything by Amaranthe (assuming your like shouty metal, like all smart people😂) @lawrencekingyo My wise old dad used to say, opinions are like arseholes, we’ve all got one, but I don’t want to li… @Rugged_Legacy @TexasDom1 Shout if there’s an English you want to try, but can’t get. @AyAy_Ron69 No probably, almost certainly. Gossipers will gossip about anyone that’s not there.
What a guy! @Rugged_Legacy That’s amazing, well done!You lot rock! Thank you.So by bettering myself through you lot on Twitter, I’m also inspiring my son, and he’s got his whole life ahead of… my 13 year old son about it and he’s hugely proud of what I’ve learned and done and he wants to do the same. He’s inspired.During that banter, I sold 15 RPG Journals that I designed. I made £51I got chatting on one of my other accounts to a small group of Role Players. They were all podcaster, and we shared…, today has been a fabulous day! A thread... @ZachHomol I’m very interested!Boom!! Made by first £50 from selling journals after watching @CureIncome’s print that profits course. Link to the… @JoshuaLisec 😆 @TheBrometheus @MrsBrometheus Really good blog post thank you. It’s something we’ve talked about a lot, as a blende… @Rugged_Legacy @ABlueGorilla @Men_of_Grit Yeah I got that too... @4uCoaching What’s that stumbling block, DM if you need some help or a chat, happy to help if I can
@Hustle_Smarterr 👍 @Hustle_Smarterr I'm hot on your heels... £11.07 estimated royalties for October 1 - 16, 2020 @home_grown_sanc Yes, money now isn't just about buying new things, it's about affording you the luxury of enjoying the things you have. @LordBlessedJu @lawrencekingyo The more you invent yourself, the more versions of you that didn't quite work you'll… @home_grown_sanc Thanks, have a great evening! @home_grown_sanc That's my forte, maybe I can help on your next launch, have a look at, maybe we can work together? @JDManly18 @Rugged_Legacy Ha! Yes I bet that’s a pain! Maybe I can help you with some of the organisation next time… @Big_Greg77 Eat your frog!Hey Twitter Money, what’s the thing you find hardest to manage when launching a new product line?
@TheBrometheus Buddy, honestly, you have real talent! @TheBrometheus @TexasDom1 @MasculineDesign I’m finding myself chuckling away at Gideon and reading bits out to my wife. He’s awesome. @JDManly18 UK shipping my friend? @Rugged_Legacy @conradthorpe1 In the UK our media mixes both. When a day is cold they report -5 Celsius, then it’s… @JoshuaLisec I’ll start saying “we” when they do! At the moment, it’s a one way relationship. @ABailey711 @moodyasamother Saying no to them is saying yes to you.
If you're struggling to take your business from the ground floor or to the top floor, I can help. Click the link b…
Retweeted by Mike Hibbert - Project Management @AvoidTheRatRace Totally agree, my “personal” account makes me tired when I read it, this one makes me feel alive!What’s that thing you’re putting off? You still have to do it, go do in now. Go eat that frog, then your day only gets better.
@TheBrometheus I can see me (us!) devouring this lot!!! Such fun! @moodyasamother I’m a freelance project manager who is looking to expand his portfolio. I’ll be bringing more conte… @Rugged_Legacy Will be watching with interest!Oh my goodness, I’m reading #GideonIra by the supremely talented @TheBrometheus. What an absolutely mad read, I’m L… @Rugged_Legacy It's not possible for women to teach us or our sons, we need to be present to shepherd our sons.When working with clients remember, you are Obi-wan. THEY are Luke Skywalker. This tweet is not about Star Wars
Retweeted by Mike Hibbert - Project Management
@DylanSpina61 Gotcha, thanks for replying. @DylanSpina61 What about something like church, when you come in from the back and sit facing forward? How would you sort that? @Rugged_Legacy I once got recognised at a board games convention from the sound of my voice that the guy had heard… @Rugged_Legacy Amazing!!! @hustlenconquer Here you go, thanks! @hustlenconquer I've just published some journals for affirmations, so I'd best say yes. I think there's power in t…
@iomofaith @ryanstephens I’d say in most (at least a lot) cases it’s the father that does the damage to the relationship. @creation247 Thomas Tallis. I love the monastic chant while I work. @thecammartinez1 Yep, I love discovering new music, count me in. @Rugged_Legacy Cold pizza is the finest breakfast! In other news, guess what I have for breakfast today! 🍕🍕
@Atomick84 @AshleyHomol It's on the way into Swindon. @BrookNWeber84 @ZachHomol I have every sympathy, I love dogs but if one isn’t under control and is bothering someone then it’s not ok. @MTBoar @AshleyHomol hahah - it's actually ok once you do it, but yes, it looks terrifying!! @MTBoar @AshleyHomol Mate, you've never been to Swindon lol, it's to stop people escaping 😆 @Rugged_Legacy Happy to help out fella, sounds like a good cause, I wish her well.Someone I trust doing something for someone who needs, dig deep team... @robertgriker Nice, will have a listen! @scottjack79 @andyisom100K Yes, another good example. @JDManly18 They are the moments that get us through the bleak times. When my lad was younger his hearing wasn't gre… @AshleyHomol My dad used to say to me, "opinions are like arseholes, we've all got one, but I don't want to hear yours"... @Markos81a @JDManly18 How is it that "smashed avocado on toast" would cost a lot in a restaurant, but Guac with nachos is nicer!? @Markos81a It’s surprisingly easy, just treat each roundabout as a roundabout and give way as needed. Keeps a lot… @Rugged_Legacy Not saying anything that ain't completely legit!This fella is the real deal... @CureIncome That's where tweetdeck used to be so great, you could have a view set up for each of your lists. @falcon_hustle @Rugged_Legacy @CureIncome Thanks, I'm ridiculously excited! @CollegeBoyNick Submitting to a husband does not make her submissive. One is a state of marriage, the other a state of mind.I have sold my first notebook on Amazon (my linktree if you want a notebook I get £3.69… @robertgriker What’s on your “go to” playlist?If you have an addictive personality, then this is great advice. Get hooked on something awesome. @ZachHomol I’m British, can I add tea and Whisky to that list!? @RidleyLevelsUp 👍👊🏼 @RidleyLevelsUp Always pay future you first! @SteveOnSpeed When I was 13 I sorted news papers from 6am, then delivered them. Then I went to find the milkman and… @TheEmilyDyson When I was younger It was @DrewBarrymore, I have to be honest, it still is! @andyisom100K Really good point, it’s like hoover and vacuum cleaner over here in the UK. I’d always Hoover the roo… @AshleyHomol It’s actually 5 roundabouts, making up one giant one. @AshleyHomol Unless its this one, it’s known as the Magic Roundabout, I go through it fairly regularly to work.
@ZachHomol Rend absolutely rock! @designstaci @lawrencekingyo My feed on this account is getting there, I only follow awesome people so it’s general… @lawrencekingyo @designstaci Top advice, love it!