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All whole #PubSubs are on sale for $5.99 from 2/19 thru 2/23. For information on In-Store Pickup, visit the link be… | rumors are true! | | all #PubSubs on sale! | | 2/19 - 2/23: $5.9… @LilChauChau Hmmm....that's pretty far! Beautiful place though, you'll love it. Hopefully we're there one day. In t… @tahneekrahman_ 💯💯💯 ■Matthew @KinderChong Ooooh, those are awesome. 😎😎 ■Matthew @LilChauChau We got you, Maria! 🙌 ■Matthew @gcdonalds Hi Gerald, our Boar's Head Italian #PubSub is currently on sale! ■Matthew @DianeOl32742908 Picasso of #PubSubs. ■Matthew @samanthaalynnnn Any Valentine's Day spent with a chicken tender #PubSub is a special one for sure. ■Matthew @Lauren_Berlin Hi Lauren! I recommend speaking with the Store Manager at your local Publix for assistance with your request. ■Matthew @tatiannathomp_ Sounds pretty normal to me. ■Matthew @chrispj53 Definitely worth the extra miles on the tread, Pete! ■Matthew @UCFJenn2000 The perfect reusable bag for ALL the #PubSubs! ■Matthew @redfaten Hi Faten, thanks so much for sharing! I'll be happy to share your kind words with Dierk's Manager at Stor… @jbeallurks Great customers like you make it easy! ■Matthew @abvavrg Thanks for shopping with us! ■Matthew @jbscbom Hi Amanda! I will share your suggestion with our teams! ◘Allison @Chef_Bgob Thanks for shopping with us! ◘Allison @StueyKracker Hi Suzanne. Please know I have responded to your direct message. ◘Allison
@edbeaver Hi Eddie! Thanks for shopping with us. I will share your kind words with James and his manager so he is r… @flsky1228 Enjoy your carrot cake! ◘Allison @hhollaba Aren't they awesome?! ◘Allison @jordan_0401 Love it! Rocking the Fresh Goods merch! ◘Allison @PrimaDomo Yay! I will share your kind words with the store manager of the Publix at Piedmont! ◘Allison @FiveKB38 Thanks for using our mobile pay option! ◘Allison @mrBrandonWeaver Hi Brandon! I will share your request with our bakery teams! ◘AllisonWe know a thing or two about snacks. These #PubSub jerseys are 🔥. -Matthew @anfpat_ So delicious! ◘Allison @Chels_Amelia Enjoy your #PubSub! ◘Allison @SalesLeaderTodd Hi there! Can you provide me with more details? I'd like to share your praise! ◘Allison @DoctorLove816 Thanks for shopping with us, Jim! I will make sure your kind words are shared. ◘Allison @DoctorLove816 Hi Jim! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! I will share your praise for Laura with… @hanvhd 💚 ◘Allison @gocardsmama Thank you! I will share this with our real estate team. ◘Allison @ColtonGuySmith Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with! ◘Allison @cristinamzxt We miss you! ◘Allison @ColtonGuySmith Hi Colton! We do have stores in Alabama. To search those stores, you will need to enter a city and… @Ria_Martin Thanks for the love! ◘Allison @Ria_Martin Thanks for the love, Maria! ◘Allison @TaffyABJB624 Hi Jillian. I will be happy to share your request. Can you provide me with a ZIP code? ◘Allison @adriennebogen So good! ◘Allison @kbrewFL Enjoy! ◘Allison @redsoxhatguy Yum! ◘Allison @GloverWright Hi Tay. Are you referring to the Highland Station Publix? ◘Allison @Larry_Banks_CLT Hi Larry! Donation requests can be made above. The Social Media team does not have access to donations. ◘Allison @CrazyFilled Hi Abby! Thanks for sharing this ZIP code with us! I will share this with our real estate team so they… @gocardsmama Hi Kristy! Do you have a ZIP code you can provide me with? ◘Allison @VNGELITO_ 🤤🤤🤤 ◘Allison @scootie1958 It's my pleasure! ◘Allison @scootie1958 I recommend contacting our store in South Carolina. Please speak to the bakery manager as she may be a… @scootie1958 Hi Scott! Thanks for the love! Unfortunately, I don't think our pies will hold up while being shipped… @amirwaller Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I will make sure the manager at Store #1 @rajatpatil Looks delicious! ◘Allison @AnitaVodkasoda Wow, this is a game changer. ◘Allison @txsuzuki Thanks for shopping with us! ◘Allison @MommaBrun Hey there! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed hanging out with our friends at GreenWise Market! I will s… @desotophoto Hi Elena. I will be happy to share your request. Which Publix location do you shop? ◘Allison @Iamnishhh So yummy! ◘Allison @KatieRamos Go Bailey! That's so awesome, thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to pass this along to Bailey's management team. ≈ Karleigh @TrillRellz Thank you for shopping with us! ≈ Karleigh @yoongisbodyhair Now that's a true fan! ≈ Karleigh
@3daaminivan @IamStiff @tommyiswild @3rdLegGreg You all deserved it! Thanks for being awesome fans💚 ≈ Karleigh @emohrberg Thanks for shopping with us!💚 ≈ Karleigh @v_santoyo Very cute! ≈ Karleigh @DJJaycee My favorite! ≈ Karleigh @Valtool Thanks! I'll share your kind words with the leadership team at Ray's store. ≈ Karleigh @james71227247 Thanks for the suggestion! What's the zip code for that area? ≈ Karleigh @LesMiserableCat Hey @LesMiserableCat, I'll share your suggestion! ≈ Karleigh @Skunkape_Rabi Good try, @Skunkape_Rabi 😉≈ Karleigh @Valtool Thanks for sharing, @Valtool! ≈ Karleigh @legalchic7 Thanks Molly, I will pass this along to our real estate team! ≈ Karleigh @marina_delfino Thanks so much for the love, Marina💚 ≈ Karleigh @LyricSaysWhat1 @LyricSaysWhat1 Aw, thanks! ≈ Karleigh @dreamstar1666 Sounds like a perfect day! ≈ Karleigh @n_c_forbes Hi @n_c_forbes, not as of now, but I'll certainly share your feedback. ≈ Karleigh @Skunkape_Rabi We 💚 you! ➳Kelsey @cliffordhenson_ Yes they do! ➳Kelsey
@PattywithaFatty Any day with Publix in it is a great day. 💚➳Kelsey @MsNeonBrown Happy Valentines Day, @MsNeonBrown! ➳Kelsey @KontrolOutta Oh no, @KontrolOutta. I am so sorry this happened to you. I will share your praise with our team. ➳Kelsey @TheAshleyness I will share your suggestion with our teams! ➳Kelsey @fearlesslyloyal Yum! Enjoy. ➳Kelsey @TheAshleyness SEE YOU SOON! 💚 ➳Kelsey @RaphPunk_ Happy Valentines Day, @RaphPunk_! Our subs will be on sale next week, but the whole Boars Head Italian i… @AbbyVictoria15 Hi @AbbyVictoria15! Our stores do not have emails, would it be okay if I provided their phone numbers? ➳Kelsey @arobert44796992 I will share your suggestion with our teams! 😊 ➳Kelsey @jhshifris11 Happy Valentine's Day, Josh!💚 ≈ Karleigh @kapeake24 Oh no, that's not right! Can you please send me a private message so I can assist further? ≈ Karleigh @YesSheBlasiian_ Hi @YesSheBlasiian_, have you spoken to your grocery manager about this? ≈ Karleigh @melhancock03 Thanks, Melissa!💚 ≈ Karleigh @Bobbyramos39 @Bobbyramos39 My pleasure, Bobby! ≈ Karleigh @calp_iv Oh no! How can we help? ≈ Karleigh @legalchic7 Hi Molly, I will share your request! What's a good zip code for this area? ≈ Karleigh @Bobbyramos39 Good news, Bobby! We do offer this option. ≈ KarleighWe're making #ValentinesDay happier, one cute customer photo at a time! @so_shantastic Great minds think alike💚 ≈ Karleigh @lifemiamibeach Happy Valentine's Day!💚 ≈ Karleigh @Moonman13630787 Sounds delicious! ≈ Karleigh @Mfwea305 A few of my favorite things💚 ≈ Karleigh @Amandalrusso04 @Amandalrusso04 How sweet, enjoy! ≈ Karleigh