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Disabled Chinese Artist ✧ Storyboard Artist @ Disney, Animator on BoTB (past: Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, DW TV, Studio Yotta) ✧ she/her ✧ opinions my own

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@Sakeozo OMFGGG THIS IS THE CUTEST DARN THING I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN THANK YOUUUI SHIP THEM!! 💚💚 I wanna think that if the bunny kisses the tv head, the bunny would get all POOFY FLUFFLY becaus…
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @MiloNeuman @BobbieCRIES yeah that one, hate it lol. its riddled with racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, everything unde… @thetzechun @jessiejuwono And also @AlexanderHorab @lindsaykatai @heyjustin @thetzechun definitely follow @jessiejuwono @BobbieCRIES it's definitely because they see SE/PI countries as "dirty", theres the whole skin lightening thing in… @BobbieCRIES yeah exactly- being complacent/sitting and letting people within your vicinity be anti-black while you… @BobbieCRIES LIKE- even if you go on that garbage ASAM facebook page you'll see so much of it lol. god- my mind is spinning about this @BobbieCRIES GODDDDD ITS SO APPARENT TOO bc they try rlly hard. its painful to watch. @ElsaSketch wtf you draw her SOOO GOOD THIS IS SOO GOODDD @BobbieCRIES additionally east asians / east ASAM communities look down on SE/PI communities and im like.... bro...… @BluDragonGal AWWW LOL @BobbieCRIES I see this a lot especially in ASAMs who grew up in the burbiest burbs of SoCal. Like Irvine or Pasade… @BobbieCRIES The ASAM community also looooves to take black culture and claim it as their own but at the same time… @BobbieCRIES I hate this abt the ASAM community, it’s extremely anti-black and it makes me sick. Seeing this in my… @Vixenkiba OH MY GODDDD IMAGINE @AHuynhArts i love those plz emotes omg... i miss that @banannerbread it's time @aradderdopsis we must do itexcept those paddles and nonconsensual glomping, those can stay in that time zone @AbnorMario OMGG @srcpcsoha GOD dont make me think about it... cause I will do it probablythis isnt even a new challenge it's just "let's bring back those mid 2000s vibes please"i want to start a new challenge which is animate your OCs doing the hare hare yukai @MiloNeuman WE LOVE OCs WE LOVE TO SEE IT!!!! THIS IS A HOUSE FOR OCs!! @MiloNeuman INCREDIBLE WORKnonblack people, blm is not your oppressor. put your energy in the right place lol
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿a tv head and bunny romance :3c @victoriaying AHH i dont know how to handle myself.. i am so excited!! nervous!! happy! @nekoama im so so so excited!! @notmiilk AAAAHHHHHH IM SCREEAMMMINGGG!!!!some of my friends telling me that they can't read my whole story on GFM cause the "read more" button isnt working,… update: I'll possibly have pictures/videos of the golden puppy within the next month!! I'm so so excited, sta… @AHuynhArts @ImalouArt SO SO SOOO CUTE @AHuynhArts Jiggly belly slappies for only my biggest supporters @Sir5000 OH GOD OH FUCKSuper followers will have the privilege of slapping me across my jiggly belly. I’ll post time and location once a weektake me back to the good ol days @LadyTiabeanie IM LITERALLY UNDER MY WEIGHTED NLANKET RN ITS SO GOODim calling out everyone in this room and myself
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿due to personal reasons I’ve decided to overdress everywhere I go after lockdown
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @KaitSnod Omg it’s so cuteThe Legend of Zelda: Link Statue in the Nintendo Store in Shibuya City, Tokyo
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @SilentCodeLock This isn’t what I was talking abt lolWe’ve reached 11k already omg!!! Thank you everyone so much :) we are eagerly awaiting on the breeders, I’m keeping… @80meat Hatred @t3t0bean YEAH WTF the ppl who r like, obsessively going thru her tumblr.... and her medical history.... demanding… @t3t0bean i fucking hate the youtubers they interviewed like??? excuse me??? why?????????? ajsdfljkd
@papertiki YEAHHHH @ProZD This is a very lovingly made triscuit structure @Ajtucker22 I TYPOED LMFAOOO @RuukotoPresents Excuse me ?I like the new mail trucks 😊✉️ @ProZD that solitaire one is rlly powerfulATTENTION ARTISTS! 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 We're looking to collaborate with illustrators who want to make a difference through thei…
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @Coelasquid OH NO @AlexanderHorab Looking up at one of these bad bois @sheeprilyn I’m so sorry to hear this :( many blessings to you and your family in this hard time
@jessiejuwono Omg whoooaaaa a recording studio!!? @Darkunchan GG @Darkunchan WE DID IT BOISI’m home now, safe and sound, lots of meds, but I am home now. Alive and well ^^ thank you everyone... going to fall asleep forever now. @michelleetc26 Yes, my point still standsIf you are an identifying individual who wants to join the animation industry, keep in touch. There’s a lot to be d… look towards the local 839 group that me and @bryanbae co-lead, the group for Deaf, Disabled, and Neurodiver… is getting a lot of traction and I just want to say I’m not trying to discourage you from getting into animati… @_cr0wbar_ imo ive only had problems w this infrequently. most people are very friendly and open to help. im referr…
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @AHuynhArts OMG AHHHH CUTE @jessiejuwono YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE @Darkunchan IM TRYING SO HARD, I WILL PREVAIL @Sir5000 LMFAOI don’t need my organs, I only need my OCsHi friends :’) I’ve been admitted to the ER tonight for organ failure. I’m a little sad but... my service dog will… @ScottFromTwitch Picture of text for me tbh @PakoPakoJR Free WiFi here 😂😂 @WLizard72 OOOO not a bad idea.... I haven’t played that in a while @RatedMJ Umm probably not 😂 but not to worry, I’m still conscioussorry I’m RT lots of my old art, I am in the ER and bored @vianerds the of a disabled artist for hourly comic day
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @vianerds LMFAOOO @goldfvsh Omg her AFOs ??? 😭😭😭 I feel seen...... @goldfvsh YESthee artist thee self portrait yaaayyy now i can finally post my lil doodles of aquaman and mera i did a while back when i was workin on the…
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿the twins 🍜🍥
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿Xiao Long Bao 🥟🥟🥟
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿My girl Biscotti 🍞’m sorry, I will have to postpone this to probably tomorrow because I’m currently in the ER. Look forward to this next time!! So sorry :(Anyway would love to see pictures of everyone’s pets :D @jslipchi @breanimator Oh maaaannnn:’) ending up in the ER again. I’m trying to save money for my service dog but my body is saying NO, SUFFER @breanimator Me!! Idk what happened @zakeno WTF this makes me so angry for you... im so sorry...anyway have a fairie @coughdrops @SeanTBD oh SHIT LMFAO this is me w my boyf.... i am seen... i am chicken