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Disabled Chinese Artist ♪ | Storyboard Artist @ Disney, Animator on BoTB (past: Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, DW TV, Studio Yotta) | she/her | opinions my own

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no crop only egg this image today and I hate how accurate it is
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿Late to posting this but @Sir5000 sent me some hand made noodles for my birthday 🍜 so beautiful!! break crop Kella and Zazzibelle #dungeonsanddragons
@ItsJaneMahoney Yes yes yes, I am observing @Acuna_Mattata @Round1USA I WILL DO IT!! PLEASE ROUND 1 @MintRaine @Round1USA my drumsticks stay in my car LONELY AND SAD now and I just... I need that taikobarrowdale village baka @Acuna_Mattata @Round1USA ILL CARRY IT IN MYSELF!!!! THIS IS A THREAT @Sonic9jct @Round1USA @kimmotman Damn... I hope it finds a new home ;v; maybe over here..... 👀🙏 @Acuna_Mattata @Round1USA Catch me buying the 14 machine that’s on sale for 3.5k and dragging it into round 1 Burbank as a desperate moveplease @Sonic9jct @Round1USA Oh nooo :(( was it a taiko 14 machine?? @AtrophiedGlass @Round1USA One day, we will prevail!!!!!!! @AtrophiedGlass @Round1USA Im not even willing to drive out to OC location anymore now that we have a Burbank one lol rip @Acuna_Mattata I almost never find other serious taiko players here actually so it would be great to find my people ;;Hello @Round1USA , will the Burbank location ever get a taiko no tatsujin machine? Sincerely, a taiko player ;v; @SignxOfxChaos @UltimaShadowX how, in all my years of playing this game, did i miss out on these cards. i cannot bleive this @UltimaShadowX oh my godDid a fucking YouTube Poop name this thing, I cannot stop laughing at this damn card.
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @UltimaShadowX What IS THIS NAME LOL @Awkwarotl Smh PayPalI cried over the bandI watched titanic for the first time ever @passionpeachy Yeahhh I think ppl just don’t realize how PayPal has worked in general and ran with the worst info @dee_snuhtz @Dragonogon You said it god it’s awful @ItsJaneMahoney 👀👀👀 @milktmay IIDX is my enemy LOL @AntonHand Yes? This video is confirmation that the floor is openThere’s still no taiko so I’m just gonna sob in the corner with my drumsticks and try to learn drummania @theoneandnoli No taiko at this location unfortunately @shawnwasabi IT IS TRUE I AM HERE ATMAnyway I’m glued to the groove coaster machine for the next hourNot to cause sudden alarm but round 1 burbank arcade floor is open Omg @squirtally i looked through some stock websites and typed in certain cities that i like! like tudor architecture o… @Byssh3 AW HELLO @winton_foulds where r ur photos that i can draw on top of 👀 @oocprejudice ahh yes @JennRavenna @PeterSAdrian @yoshi_sudarso these are INCREDIBLE jenn omg
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @CorinaBoettger god me too :(( @winton_foulds huge hack huge hack @indiedynamo 👀 @_alextwt RIP omfg..... @indiedynamo Omg omg ok, I will look thru ur backgrounds this is so exciting @indiedynamo OH HECK!!! COLLAB TIME?? @CristinaVee Hot mama omgthis might be the funniest picture ever taken
Retweeted by marie lum 林 ♿ @SageCoffey This is such a sick house omg @ScrumpDiddley Holy@shit wait you’re on to somethin here @Fumi_chun BE THE GABRIELLA TO MY TROY @dylrum ive dont this before too omg but this stock img is particularly good im gonna save it for later @dailydemet these are also valid LMFAO @Tubularparu OMG I LOVE THIS @SamanthaCKing i wanna hear so bad @SamanthaCKing LMFAOdraw your OCs over stock images challenge @AngryangryD i love her sm @amonns OH MANNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS A PERFECT CHARACTER?!?? @yesmaaike Love you too maaike 😭😭😭 I miss you sm babe @yesmaaike :((((( it’s rlly sad. I’m sad. Idk what to do abt it except get in shouting arguments w them and I’ve ha…
@yesmaaike NOPE AND I DONT KNOW WHEN I WILL BE ABLE TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT AND IT MAKES ME CRY AND I DONT KNOW WH… @tee_spoonie OMGGG!!!! can our doggies be friends @AHuynhArts my wife, sing with me @Cyarine OH MY @R00B11 LMFAOO its so true tho... undertale will always hit me right there in my lil heartme and WHO when i can have a karaoke party again creators, your address is not going to be revealed, that’s not how it works. It’s the donors side that is pro… just see a lot of misinformation going around- just for now, don’t make any Twitter tips through the PayPal platform yknoUnsure why Twitter wouldn’t have the PayPal link go into the gifting option vs the goods/services option (which is… if you use the tip jar and cashapp it’s not gonna doxx u , the address reveal thing has also been a PayPal thin… @kellengoff YEA @Sir5000 ITS SO PAINFUL TO PUT TOGETHER @hereticraidaa She looks so happy!! I want her to be as happy as can be @SwartzCanyon I will give her all of the head pats in the world for working so so hardThis journey couldn’t have been done without all of you, so again, thank you :) from both me and Tiny @banannerbread ID BE SPOOKED TO DEATH!! @hereticraidaa She deserves em ALL!! @BrieWoodFiction She’s got such a long nose 🥰🥰🥰Service dog update: Tiny is making headway through her retrieval training for when I drop items and cannot pick the… u put on the undertale 5th anniversary concert i WILL cry @Cyarine YOOOOOOO OMGGGGGGGGGGGG WOWOWOWOW 😍😍😍 @TAHK0 I hate itttt i usually end up deleting them cause it stresses me out sm @OffBrandLink YEEESSS @JDavidsen OH MY!!!!!!!everyone should show me their DnD characters today 👀 @SaacooI OOOOO @DRinger15 Bout to ditch men for a bee @SamuelDeats paypal is always sooooo difficult, im trying cashapp rn seems better?? im also trying venmo, we shall see... @TheQueenKami yeah exactly D: paypal has always been so difficult w this fjdkfjhaircut @banannerbread Wtffff @swheatheart As long as u don’t use PayPal it seems to be fine otherwise. Idk why Twitter wouldn’t just deeplink ov… @Snackariee I wish I was her tbh @RachelTobac YIKES!!!! @Mo_Go_Stick I NEED THE CAKE FOR THAT @RustNuttie No idea! I’m gonna look into it some more @Le_Alchemist No prob! Hope it gets to everyone