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@Iiawrld nah asta in black clover that dude was so annoying @69aimers @kh0ival so can i join @69aimers @kh0ival ok 👍 @69aimers let me join also who runs it
@secretafk LOL SAME THERES A BAD POSTURE ONE TOO @starboy_squipey @1EDEN_ @reflex_09 aww
Retweeted by pugtakamight leave
Retweeted by pugtakaリザードン親子
Retweeted by pugtakaall high school teachers: that shіt won’t fly in college that shit in college: 🦅🛫🦉🦋🐝🦇🚀🛸🚁
Retweeted by pugtakainsane spray transfer @Spree2x @ChapixFN Oh hey I was just boutta go to bed I know we couldn't skype tonight But that's alright Goodnigh…
commision for @d9imyo :) ❤️+🔁 are appreciated
Retweeted by pugtaka @stellariwnl did u apologize!!! @bllueOO1 our jett was so butthurt too :(help me guardian is so good wtf @COCOfps_ @Jamesdabest8 @reflex_09returning to the scene thought id get involved ⭐️CHAMPIONS VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY⭐️ ✅like & retweet ✅ tag 2 frien…
Retweeted by pugtaka @Zeloily @Jamesdabest8 @reflex_09Give Away! 1x Logitech gPro superlight - black 1x Valorant 2021 Champions Bundle Winner will be announced on the 8…
Retweeted by pugtaka @exorbitanceab 70k @nuwumy my irl friend got 130k @exorbitanceab 28k minutes pitifulmy arms are so sore from lifting i can barely play val
W ARTISTS @nuwumy @bobabonk mayb @bobabonk wow this is so cute @nuwumy @reflex_09 @nuwumy @lialovesyu k @reflex_09 @nuwumy @lialovesyu virgin*Fever Dream (Clip Dump)
Retweeted by pugtaka @TerrestrialVAL bet @MeltValorant @Jazzyk1ns 10 dollars? @DanyUkii i luv linear
what are your opinions on gateron ink black v2 switches? @turtlewurdle my brimstones skinworst ace of my life until the 1 tap @nuwumy @lialovesyu i am @lialovesyu taurus @lialovesyu pug if you can, cat if you cant and green pls @lialovesyu HI ME IF U CAN PLS @1wiiree @nuwumy 😳haha haha haha haha haha haha haha😐
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i gotta shit @nuwumy no i like it
@Rehtzu tag @DoLphinvalo yooo what rank were uwtf im insane @nuwumy u can be my armrest @nuwumy i'm a foot taller than u 😹girls will be sooo damn fine then BOOM they miss their ex
Retweeted by pugtaka @mistmie hot, how does it sound @NxtsxV Wtf 😀good morning, morning people
Retweeted by pugtaka @keaIani what's wrong with flirting w the homies :( @1j0seph LMFAOO @Jamesdabest8spinbot
Retweeted by pugtakaGoing Live
Retweeted by pugtaka @DoLphinvalo training arc @chlofps chamber is a valorant man @nuwumy whats good short girl 😼 @reflex_09 @nuwumy hey lol @mistmie 2 at most
@st5ls valorant. @Kezyyz @nuwumy whatOne more
Retweeted by pugtaka @nuwumy nah wtf ur weird @nuwumy sameyou're either happy or good at valorant
Retweeted by pugtakachilling on tiktok and I see this????
Retweeted by pugtaka @sendtony lmk when it drops @bobabonk LMFAOOrengoku is so cute
@reflex_09 this is ur timetag someone who needs to stop tagging u in giveaways 💀 @TSM @PlayVALORANT @reflex_09 @spamiwnl yesWHAT THE FUCK
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Retweeted by pugtakaWant to win a K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming keyboard?! Courtesy of my sponsor @CORSAIR To Enter: ✔️Follow me and…
Retweeted by pugtakaImage prediction: ping-pong ball Confidence: 100.0%
Retweeted by pugtaka @glaive LOOOOLnot funny
Retweeted by pugtaka @rascalWEEB @1OZNY 😭shit got me crying @hk4ri wtf"thanksgiving is a time for being thankful"
Retweeted by pugtaka @nuwumy @n0rmaIize @reflex_09 @Jamesdabest8 @Kavbin_ @k8art_ @starboy_squipey @spamiwnl <3 u mean a lot to me @n0rmaIize @reflex_09 @Jamesdabest8 @Kavbin_ @k8art_ @nuwumy @starboy_squipey @spamiwnl i love u guys sm @ihyaina higiveaway cuz im so nice - must be followed (SO THAT I CAN FUCKING DM U) -rt and comment ^-^ deadline dec. 5th
Retweeted by pugtakagiving out $25 to ten winners that follow me and retweet this (cashapp/paypal only). will draw the winners at 8:30pm ET!
Retweeted by pugtaka @Jotaro_Val unlucky
was $380 total, now $250 so i bought @jpvrbrifle ic but i got a really good deal on a curved one so ima probably get it @DEVILGRLFRND why'd u get susd @furixfn @Jotaro_Val @vfxfur4verzas @reflex_09CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY 🎅🏻🎁 VALORANT CHAMPIONS 2021 COLLECTION ENTER ⬇️ 1⃣Follow @vfxfur4verzas 2⃣Like & Retweet 3⃣Ta…
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