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"Hey girl. Can I ask if you're RS232 compatible? Cos I'm not seeing a Ring Indicator..."'s open door number 5 on our pulp Advent Calendar...
Star Crash is a Euro-pulp tribute to Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon that rides the Star Wars wave. It's still worth w… we reboot Star Crash? I hope not. It works perfectly well as intended - a breathless, chaotic roller-coaster… was a 1981 sequel: Star Crash ll (aka Escape from Galaxy 3 ) starring Don Powell and Zombie Holocaust star Ch… the late 1980s VHS boom brought Star Crash to a new audience, helping establish it as a cult sci-fi classic… Star Crash did poorly at the box office: despite being completed just before Star Wars it was shown in America… yet, through a triumph of energy and improvisation Cozzi pulls off a kind of bizarre triumph with Star Crash… Crash is certainly a maximalist movie: every idea going - from Barbarella to A Fistful Of Dollars - is crammed… Effects were a mix of model filming and stop-motion animation overseen by Armando Valcaudo, who had been sh… filming for Star Crash was chaotic: Hasselhoff had to use sign language to make himself understood to the Frenc… course Joe Spinell pretty much steals every scene he is in as the evil (hiss, boo) Count Zarth Arn. It's an impr… Crash was also the first main movie role for David Hasslehoff, who at the time was starring in TV soap The You… Plummer played the Emperor of the Universe in Star Crash; he signed up because Cozzi was shooting some… cast Hammer Horror actress and model Caroline Munro in the lead role of space smuggler Stella Starr. Munro ha… silly things happen in Star Crash, and the film ends with a huge space battle as Stella flies a massive fist-s… saucy space smuggler Stella Star, who along with a lightsabre-wielding sidekick called Akton and a Texan guns… movie he came up with - Star Crash - is certainly an opera. The Emperor of the Universe is looking for his son… 1977 Italian horror director Luigi Cozzi decided to make a 'space opera'. As Star Wars hadn't yet opened in Ital… in pulp I look back at the 1978 Italian-made B-movie that ram-raided the Star Wars franchise, with the help o… me a few minutes..., do I have to do a thread on Star Crash now? Is that what you want? can when I hit the dance floor..., I have a fourth dance move. But I only break it out in emergencies... have precisely three dance moves. To be honest that's all you need. @PeterSteinberg1 I stand on the shoulders of giants... from 1982 another time. Provided I get out of the Maze of Zagor..., August 1982. Cover by Sanjulián.étal Hurlant (1982). Cover by Philippe Caza. Asimov on creationism. Penthouse, January 1982. Thought-provoking stuff..."You can't code with us." Commodore Club Italia, December 1982. 1982 Alice Computer manual. Art by Mœbius. Blade Runner sketchbook (1982) edited by David Scroggy. laptop: Sinclair User, December 1982. - forgotten classic, or best forgotten? Cinefantastique, October 1982. cast of Grange Hill.* Smash Hits, 21 January 1982. (*insert Roland** joke here) (**synth gag)"Almost every combination of Dwarven weapons and armour." Citadel Miniatures, 1982. Hours of drybrushing fun... unofficial Adam Ant story. Flexipop magazine, 1982. Fit And Dance, with Peter Powell (K-Tel, 1982). May involve Shalamar... Programs no 3: Sorcerer's Lair for the ZX81, 1982. Game graphics may differ from those pictured... Axe Pete (1982) for the Odyssey 2 games console. Boulder bashing action as you frantically smash the rocks rol… and Other Gods. Bizarre Adventures, August 1982. Cover by Joe Jusko. 1982 Novag Robot Adversary system. Proper robotic chess! 1982 Seiko T001 TV watch - a TV on your wrist! James Bond had one of course, but so could you - though you need… In the middle of our street... Record Mirror, June 1982. we visit 1982 today? I think we should... #FridayFeeling today's pulp writing prompt is... #amwriting let's give a cheer for Greenleaf and the mysterious JX Williams. They fought the law and the law won: but what… the mid 1970s the obscenity laws had changed, hard core magazines were on the news-stands and cheesy sex novels… against the sentence went in for many years, but Uncle Sam wasn't going to let up. It all ended in 1976 wit… in 1971 Hamling was imprisoned for publishing - of all things - a fully illustrated version of the Presidential… US Government prosecuted Greenleaf on many occasions under the obscenity laws of the time. For a while Hamling'… sex publishers in the early 1960s were, in their own way, blazing a trail for the permissive society. Any sex… no form of desire was off limits for Greenleaf. What mattered was what sold. Ed Wood Jr was able to pen Parisi… the early 1960s sex was selling better than sci-fi and a number of writers were quietly supplying novels for bot… Lawrence Hamling set up Greenleaf publishing in 1950, initially specializing in science fiction magazines.… plots were somewhat thin affairs: sexy sensationalism was more important than character arcs or the nicet… Williams was an alias used by many writers who knocked out cheesy sex pulp for Greenleaf publishing. At least 20… in pulp... the mysterious JX Williams! #FridayFeeling's mood board is...'s open door number 4 on our pulp Advent Calendar...
And today's pulp writing prompt is... #amwriting's mood board is... the meantime we will just have to be patient. The bra of the future is almost within our reach. We simply need t… fabric technology has yet to catch up with the vision of Earle Bergey, but it can only be a matter of time be… his main innivation was to integrate the bra and girdle into a furure-facing matrix of extensive underwriting a… was certainly a purist view if engineering, and in later years Bergey relented with his minimalist approach. F… the bra strap as we knew it was redundant. New materials would remove the need for unnecessary harnessing…'s first insight was that in the future everything would be streamlined. The bra cup, like the jet fighter no… Bergey the bra WAS the future. It carried the zeitgeist of the age and the hopes of a time when all things mig… forward Earle K. Bergey! One of the key postwar pulp artists he was also instrumental in imagining the bra as… advances in bodysuit engineering also raised valid questions about the necessity of bras in the future. Who… was certainly much to consider. Halter neck technology had come on leaps and bounds by the 1950s, leading som… one magazine did more pondering than most. Thrilling Wonder Stories not only probed the mysteries of the future… since the dawn of time Man has pondered the bra. What will it be like in the future? Will it even be needed. in pulp... I try to discover what the bra of the future will be like, courtesy of Thrilling Wonder Stories! more guyliner...'s open door number 3 on our pulp Advent Calendar...
Any advice for Vickie? today's pulp writing prompt is... #amwriting's mood board is... you want to learn more about romance comics then do follow @jacquenodell or check out her excellent site Sequent… romance comics ever make a comeback? That's a tough call: the audience has changed and so has the nature of co… the audience were outgrowing the content. By 1975 almost all of the romance comics had closed: the more general… but they also tried to reflect more modern aspirations: careers and Women's Lib jostled with marriage and fidel… the 1960s progressed the romance titles tried to get with the times: pop stars, swinging parties, groovy guys an… Lichtenstein immortalised the world of the romance comics in his 1963 painting In The Car: based on a panel fro… its 1960s peak there were over 100 romance comic titles in circulation, looking at every aspect of romance no ma… comics were serious business and attracted some of the best comic artists: both Frank Frazetta and Wally Wo… 1954 Comics Code led to publishers censoring their own content, and romance comics settled into a groove of jil… stories could be anything but inmocent: romance comics mined classic pulp themes such as betrayal, crime, mad… Kirby and Joe Simon pioneered the genre with the release of their Young Romance comic in 1947. It was quite a… comics told first-person stories of the agony and the ecstasy of teenage love, even if their early protagon… comics grew out of the 'true confession' magazines of the 30s and 40s, but were targeted at a post-war teen… in pulp: a quick look back at the rise and fall of romance comics! "You'll share every kiss, every tear..."…'s open door number 2 on our pulp Advent Calendar...
Or you can buy the latest version of Traveller from all good outlets. If you haven't RPG'd for a while maybe now's… you're interested in giving it a go you can download the Classic Traveller RPG for free here:… as much as technology plays a role in Traveller: interstellar society is highly socially stratified, and th… play Traveller? Well first off it's fun! Plus it has a strong element of hard sci-fi to it. The games are compl…