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The Philanthropist. Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. Giving Money, Food, and Rent to People In Need.

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Thanksgiving with Pulte and Helping People. Come on in! of respect for everyone who has my notifications on and for everyone’s feed, I’m not going to tweet updates on… FAST with my team. We’ve got a team of 7 people now working on sending money out to folks whose mail was de…
Next Thanksgiving, we will send the Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes out at least 1.5 to 2 weeks in advance!I am truly sorry to those whose Mail Service Delayed Some Thanksgiving Boxes until Friday. Our team is working FAST… Deal Right Here Folks. @pulte is showing everyone how charity should work - one family at a time.
Retweeted by PulteOkay. I sent you $1,000. Pls go find people who legit were not sent a box. Search my name and Twitter from a few ho… you $40 sent you $100 for you and your mom. Sorry for the mishap. I guess things happen, and we will work to fix it.… just sent you $40 to hear. I sent you $100. will not ask you to send us money to get money. That is a scam. Thank you for understanding. We have learned a lot for next year. 🙏🍗❤️I am aware that there are some issues with the mail delivering some of the Thanksgiving boxes. We are attempting to… sent you $500 so Santa can come for your kids! #Love looked into your situation. I want to make sure Santa comes this year for your two precious ones, so I sent $500… Christmas!
Because we helped thousands of people with Thanksgiving, we will start Christmas tomorrow.We gave away 1,000 Turkeys (video proof below) for Thanksgiving! We also MAILED 1,400+ Thanksgiving Meals to many…
Well, thanks to your support and donations to Team Giving, we gave 1,000 people free Turkeys yesterday IRL. Today,…
Don’t listen to The Haters! You and me helped 1,000 people today!Tomorrow, I will be announcing new plans to send Thanksgiving Dinner to Thousands of You Teammates!I’m sorry to those that came out and I wasn’t able to get a (socially distant) photo with you. We had over +1,000 p… love single mothers so I sent you $100 for Thanksgiving dinner and another $200 to buy some Christmas gifts for y… for having my notifications ON. I sent you $250!! you so much for donating to Team Giving! This will help cover costs for Turkey Drive 😘 to hear about your husbands work. I just sent you $150 to buy Thanksgiving Dinner on me. ❤️ you $150! Happy Thanksgiving! you $100. #TwitterTurkeyDrive that we have given out over 950 turkeys IRL, it is time for me to help people on Twitter.The Sheriff came over to me today at the Food Bank and told me that they have never seen a line like they did today.Do you want to help someone get a Turkey for Thanksgiving? Donate NOW: $TGcom AT ALL THESE TURKEYS! 1,000 PEOPLE LIVE AT #TWITTERTURKEYDRIVE line to get a Turkey is miles and miles long and there are THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! I will ALSO be giving away mone… your CashApp, use #TwitterTurkeyDrive
TOMORROW MORNING We are giving away +1,000 FREE TURKEY’S 9AM - Socially Distanced 957 Rock Island Road North Lauderdale, FL
I looked deep for a Random Teammate who has my notifications on (which helps me help people) and I sent that random… random who I see has my notifications on will get $1,000 tdayThank youLet’s feed 1,000 families with turkeys!We will be posting videos and photos of the families in need getting their turkeys on Saturday!Thank you to everyone who sent money (in addition to me) for the Twitter Turkey Drive to Team Giving! Now until Sat…’s Thursday. You know what that means. TIME TO HELP PEOPLE! 💪For those who are new here, Team Giving is an amazing charity (established 501c3) that me and the other teammates s… big thank you to TeamGiving and it’s donors for paying for 1,000+ turkeys we are giving away. If you want to cont…
I really hope that guy holds onto that share of Tesla that I bought for him today! @MrTCMitchell @pulte @pulte is insane 😂
Retweeted by Pulte @pulte Look at Bill Pulte! Bringing home the Turkey and the bacon across America! He gave someone $500 today’s?!…
Retweeted by PulteI promise I will try to give away more than 1,000 turkeys on Saturday! We are trying to keep up with demand, and wi…*DAY CHANGE* I’m giving away 1,000 FREE TURKEY’S This SATURDAY 9am 9am, 957 Rock Island Road North Lauderdale, FLI’m giving away 1,000 Turkeys for Thanksgiving on Saturday at 9am! Check my other tweet for address. Time and day c… of INSANE popular demand, we are moving Twitter Turkey Drive to Saturday so the event will be moved from to…$500 is a lot of moneySure, I just sent you $500, this goes without saying, but my tweets are not investment advice. They are information about what I ma… you see me doing as a "rich" person (I hate that word, but whatever) is equally out the playing field so more… somebody tells you that you do not deserve to hear or know about the stock market, you should tell them that it… capital markets do not need to be for "rich" people. The capital markets can be for every human being who wants in.I sent that guy $485 to buy one share of Tesla $TSLA, I will send you $482 to buy a share of Tesla. Okay? Check your dm. bought $1 million of Tesla $TSLA. I think Elon will do well!I’m going to give away 1,000 Turkeys tomorrow for Thanksgiving!You guys should see what’s gonna happen next!
Some people will try to make their problems your problem. Don’t let them.😳 went to send someone #Bitcoin but they weren’t following me and I couldn’t dm them 🤦🏻Sent you $20 pls buy #Bitcoin with it in CashApp it’s your lucky day too! Sent you $200. Use $100 to buy #Bitcoin and use $100 for groceries (I saw you needed h… you $100. Buy #Bitcoin with it in the CashApp please. sent you $150. Please use it to buy #Bitcoin and hold onto it for your kids., I’ve officially decided I’m gonna give away money today for people to buy #BitcoinThinking of giving away #Bitcoin todayWe will be helping people today.I hope you understand, but for my own health, I had to unfollow 3,000 random people. I literally get 20,000+ Messag…
2020 see that you have had my notifications ON and been supportive for a long time so I sent $1,000 cash to your Cash… tap. Who has my notifications ON?!We’re making loving people HOT 🔥We made helping people HOT 🔥We made giving away money HOT 🔥
@pulte Oh my goodness words can not describe how grateful I am to you! God bless you & your beautiful family 🙏
Retweeted by PulteYou’re the random winner of $100 today. I hope it helps! $100 is now in your CashApp. will be picking the $100 person soon and I hope it puts a smile on their faceOne of the best things about Twitter is that people who are suffering with cancer can tweet at us and we can help a…'re* far today Sent $200 to nurses for dinner Sent $100 to man dressed as Santa Sent $500 to person with 2 diseases… mom is a nurse too! I will send you $200 to take them out to dinner for their anniversary. They deserve it, esp… Love this. Sent you $100 for your effort! Love you! will be starting Christmas early this year.I think Bitcoin barreling over $16,000 today is proof that Bitcoin is Reaching "Monetary Escape Velocity". I have… I can be a dick but I help people as much as I can! random who is reading this tweet will be gifted $100 tonightA beautiful veteran that we helped passed away yesterday. Rest in Peace Robert! We love you!When this COVID thing is over, I'm going to do something BIG IRL!If I had to pick, I would bet on @B_Dechambeau. He's playing with a Different Skill Set than the rest!'m sending money to people in need and watching the Masters. Is there anything better to be doing in life? I don't think so!I sent $500 to your CashApp. I read your DMs to me, and I'm so sorry sorry to hear about your diseases :( Love you… you for tweeting with me. I am sorry to hear about your Terminal Cancer Diagnosis. I sent you $1,000 to hel…'re funny so I surprised you with $250. Check your CashApp!