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The Philanthropist. Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. Giving Money, Food, and Rent to People In Need. CEO Pulte Capital. #bitcoin

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I’m going to continue to give away my money and help you guys find people in need ❤️You’re welcome. Spend The $15,000 Wisely! 😍 Winner of The $15,000 is inside this video. Good luck! broke Twitter. You guys flooded the live stream. Should be back up soonRandomly picking the $15,000 person
I will pick the $15,000 winner this Weekend! Should I Live Stream it? I think so! 😍
I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $15,000! I want to change a life and I will show proof…
I will be helping more people tomorrow. Suprise, I knowI sent you the last $159 for today. you think I give away a lot of money publicly, imagine what I do privately 😳In my business meetings, people continue to only want to talk about Twitter Philanthropy!I got $159 left for todaySent $250. Thanks for having my notification ON and good luck with your recovery (I read ur posts)! 💵💪❤️’m listening to Taylor Swift and giving away moneyThank you so much. Sent $100. ✅ loaded $500 into my CashApp. Going to take care of some notifications ON teammates!Are my notificatoins workingThank you to everyone who donated to the beautiful family of 4 that died in that car crash! I appreciate YOU! ❤️🙏💸Here is the news article about it if you want to learn more ❤️🥲🙏 Beautiful Family was killed in a Horrific Automobile Accident last Saturday. A Jeep swerved into their Ford c…
I’m not here to screw around. I’m here to help people.
Wow, you guys crushed that in under 2 minutes! Good luck Jeremy! We love you! Teammate Jeremy is Fighting for His Life. He has Terminal Stage 4 Cancer that has spread through his Body. He n… USA just landed a helicopter on Mars but the politicians can’t even get you $2,000.
Money can’t buy happiness but it sure as hell can buy relief.Below is the random $1,000 Valentines Winner! Proof & Paid ✅
Someone random who likes this tweet will get $1,000 to celebrate Valentine’s Day 😍Helping people since 1996!
Today is your third friendly reminder that the politicians have paid themselves but still haven’t paid you $2,000.
I am busy making money so I can help more people
Having teeth should be a human right
Sent you the last $2,000 for today! Check your CashApp. Put it toward your teeth :) gotta do something real quick, then I’ll be back and give away the last $2,000 out of the $10,000I’m getting a lot better at sniffing out bullshitWe change people’s lives. One tweet at a time.Sent $2,000 to help your non profit for disabled humans! Check ur CashApp 💵😘 that $3,000 wisely 😘$6,000 down. $4,000 more to go. 🚀I sent you $3,000 cash debt sucks so I sent you $2,000 to pay it down. Receipt attached. of some kind of miracle, @pulte responded and helped me out. I'm so grateful and amazed. Thank you so much!
Retweeted by PulteI sent you $1,000. Receipt attached. spoke to MrBeast and he is cool with me giving away the $10,000 he won from the Philanthropy Awards! Reply with a…
I sent you $500. Thanks for all your support. ❤️ is Saturday. And so you know what that means.Today is your second reminder that the rich are shutting down your stock market for you, and the politicians have y… week, we helped a single mother and a single father who had no money for food and clothes. We also helped a ch… wish I could help more peopleSomebody said I shouldn’t talk to or be affiliated with a certain someone. Excuse me, we are the philanthropists. We talk to EVERYONE!When you saw Elon Musk get into #bitcoin you could hear the final nails in the coffin of the bears.Long Bitcoin Short the BankersKeep an eye on Portnoy. He has a lot of powerful people after him. #ProtectPortnoySent $150 to you too
Sent $150's Friday, so I'm going to help some people.Thank you for watching 😘😂 you to everyone who voted and congratulations to all the nominees. We will be doing this annually. I will coo… to @MrBeastYT on becoming Twitter Philanthropist of the Year 2020! want to thank Portnoy and Beast for coming on the stream. And congratulate every philanthropist out there who hel…'m giving my money away LIVE to many of you and more!
Retweeted by PulteVOTE! Polls close in 20 minutes!I'm giving my money away LIVE to many of you and more!
I just wrapped up an amazing interview with MrBeast! We will have so much to do tonight! Tune in!Almost time! $10,000 and Philanthropy Awards! 7pm ET! will be giving away money and helping people tonight. You will want to turn your notifications ON! 7pm ET is GAME TIME!"Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy is in the running for Pulte’s award, along with “MrBeast” YouTuber Jimmy Donaldso…"For A Social Media Guru With Money To Give Away, Twitter Becomes Charity’s New Home" @dmartosko deleted my Robinhood account.Well, that didn’t take long. Go get em! @stoolpresidente is what you call rich people trying to confuse you with fancy words. I always say, I am not a licensed doctor, financial advisor, or therapist. So do not listen to me. I also trad… is your friendly reminder that the rich are shutting down your stock market for you, and the politicians have… is going to be the first to file a class action suit against @RobinhoodApp? #RobinHood @stoolpresidente's Thursday. You know what that means. Time to help some people! 😊💸👍
Oh my heart!!! Any negative thought you had today... should be gone know!
Retweeted by PulteGreat job everyone! Right on!
Retweeted by PulteMISSION ACCOMPLISHED ✅ Here’s a thank you video from this Precious Child (who suffers from cerebral palsy) and he… you to the people who’ve had my notifications on since the beginningIt’s all fun and games on Wall Street until the rich get hurt! BAILOUT HUMANS!Thanks to the guy on reddit who said this: "Yeah dude is actually out here doing the governments job lmao great guy…👀
Retweeted by PulteI Just Bought $1 Million of $PENNThese 3 people have made it to The Finals MrBeast Dave Portnoy One Army CharityWall Street learning to never mess with the internet
Retweeted by PulteI've decided that I'm going to be giving out money on my live stream tomorrow during the Philanthropy AwardsThe winner of tomorrow’s Twitter Philanthropy awards will get this plus $10,000! #3: VOTE!Playoffs #2: VOTE!The following people have advanced to The Twitter Philanthropy Playoffs! POLLS CLOSE IN 2 HOURS Playoffs #1: VOTE!
This Amazing Disabled Child in Arkansas had his communication aid stolen from his parents car. It’s expensive. They… NEWS: Disabled Child’s $18k communication tablet stolen from car; should we help? are the things you need to know about finance 1) Revenue: how much did you sell 2) Costs of Goods Expense: h… @pulte I love how Bill is a little bit thug
Retweeted by PulteSex money power. These things are easy to dismiss, once you have them.Thank you to the person who defended me last night by saying and showing you were helped by me. Even when I give aw…
If you do not win today, pls be happy for the person who did 🙏Lol thanks 🙏 $1,000 to random teammate @totally_not_ang. Congrats! I will be doing more giveaways soon! 😍💵