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The Philanthropist. Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. Giving Money, Food, and Rent to People In Need.

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I bought a Tesla for myself today. I’m happy about it. I bought I think 3 Tesla’s in total for people on Twitter. R…
If you are new to Team, you are now a Teammate. We give out my money and help people in need. I’ve been Fortunate t… just read thru about 300 of my direct messages. Most people about 80% thanking me for helping people. The other 2…
I give away my money and help you guys find people in needI randomly selected and paid the below Teammate $10,000! 💵❤️🥳 I will do more givings SOON! the $10,000 person this afternoon
I’m going to give $10,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet because it’s been a while since I gave away $10…
I sent you $500. Once they’re done send me a picture of your New Teeth! 🦷 and loaded for another $250 @pulte I am actually crying rn. Thank you so much😭😭
Retweeted by PulteSent $250 🇺🇸 $500. Pls use it toward your teeth 😁 rich famous man doesn’t like me helping people on Twitter. SMH! it looks like I’m giving away $1,000 today
@APompliano Check ur txt honey 😘If this tweet gets 10,000 likes I’m going to give away $1,000 because you guys were so loving to that killed Marine @pulte We have a great and wonderful team ❤
Retweeted by Pulte @pulte Just donated! God Bless our country! ❤️
Retweeted by Pulte @pulte Donated 50 👍
Retweeted by Pulte @pulte Blessed to be able to help !!
Retweeted by PulteWe crushed that fundraiser for the Marine’s family. Thank you to each and every one of you, even if you donated $1, that’s a lot of money!Done ✅ nicely done!$200 away!Thank you to everyone whose donating to the family of the marine. I am reading each of your names!This Marine was killed in the Kabul bomb explosion the other night. His aunt is running this go fund me to help his… Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui was 1 of 13 Americans killed Thursday in an explosion in #Kabul. We want to he…
If you are feeling depressed, try helping someone else. Even with a smile. A smile costs nothing. And frankly, it w… $100 for clothes sent you $300 to help 💸 God woman inspires others through Random Acts of Kindness out of her Van, we are going to help people. If you are in need, let us know and we will help as many people as possible. If…
If I give you money, pls do not scream about paying taxes!“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne FrankRemember, team, I will never ask you to send me money to get money in exchange. If someone does that they are a SCAM!Some people (you know who) have lost their damn minds!I don't think most people understand (you and me do) how powerful twitter can be for accessing people who have canc…'s awesome is your favorite person?I sent you $100 in #Bitcoin see a lot of rich people *trying* to tear down Bitcoin. Perhaps they would feel differently if they were poor an…
I like sending #Bitcoin to Cancer PatientsSent $500 of #Bitcoin to your CashApp. I Hope Kylah Stays Strong!’s Saturday. Time to help people!
Only like this tweet if you like to help other people @jack @APompliano #Bitcoin  on Twitter would lift lots of people out of povertyEveryone wants to serve everyone else I sent $40 to your CashApp. I ❤️ MrBeast help people on Twitter like dogecoin because I think Elon’s gonna do something w it @tinkfly88 Probably Baby Maisie whose life you all helped save @GreenCiji @ARCMATTER Because I think #bitcoin will help a lot of people out of poverty @APomplianoAsk me anything
Sometimes I feel terrible for not being able to help everyone.Sent $550 read ur dm and sent you $100 of Bitcoin will be buying some people dinner tonight by sending them #Bitcoin ⚡️#Bitcoin is going to be incredibly valuableToday, we will help more people.One of the ladies that had terminal cancer and whom we sent $1,000 to past away last evening. May she Rest In Peac… is the best idea you have for me on how to help more people?Got this DM. Should we help? “Long story short I got robbed and shot in the head and my left side is paralyzed off… I wish you could read my DM’sI sent you $500 is a full contact sport. Especially when I’m using a lot of my money to then give it to other people. for the tweet. I sent you $175 thank you so nice I love seeing this. People helping people!’s help some people tonight!It’s funny in business grown men nearly cry and say ur too tough. Well, yea, I’m trying to make money so I can help…
@pulte Omg. I am shaking! Thank you so much! This will help invest in my kids' futures! #TwitterPhilanthropy
Retweeted by PulteI searched High and Low for someone random who definitely had my notifications ON! I found this random woman and se…
I will be picking the person for the $1,000 #bitcoin soon! GL! 🍀Somebody random who likes this tweet and has my notifications on will get $1,000 in #bitcoin tonight. And of course I will show proof!If people hold onto that #Bitcoin that I sent them, it will be worth a lot of money one dayNice job on working hard to take care of yourself. Sent $200 #Bitcoin  to help with your tuition and books!…’m so sorry to hear that you have MS. Sent $175 in #Bitcoin to your CashApp! incoming#Bitcoin at $44K. Might have to celebrate by sending out some #Bitcoin today!Good morning. A big thank you to everyone who donated either money or a Retweet for the lady with Uterine Cancer ye…
Our Teammate Betty is fighting Uterine Cancer. Betty’s husband has no income while taking care of her. They need a… you to everyone who has my notifications on. It genuinely helps me help more people. I appreciate YOU!I sent you $1,000. Thanks for having my notifications on! 😍 anyone have my notifications on4 daughters?! Wow! Sent $125. sent you $50! Stay cool! 🥶 someone find a Dentist to help this woman? sent you $75.’s almost dinner time. You know we love helping people with dinner 🥘One of the most amazing things about human nature is that sometimes you need to let things come to you, instead of forcing it.Why do you like helping people?
I love helping people YOUR HONESTY! SO I SENT YOU $100 😍 $500 Good luck with your diabetes ❤️ My cash app is $Pulte but pls don’t send me anything lol $100 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 🎁🎈🎉 ❤️
Today looks like a perfect day to help some people 🤩
Good morning ☀️This guy below is a Scammer and not affiliated with me. Please block and report @GlROUDINHO