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Parody. No relation to Robert Downey Jr.

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Agree or not, but if Arogya Setu app was successful, Modiji himself would have taken credit for making it.बिहार में इस बार किसकी सरकार
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™So basically, Arogya Setu app has all your information. And no one has any information about the Arogya Setu app? Weird!"Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often, and for the same reason." - Mark TwainIn 15 years, Nitish govt has achieved so much that BJP-JDU still seek votes by scaring people of 'jungle raj' if RJD comes to power.😭😭
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@Ssaniya_ @bhootkaaal When did you need a reason to block me? @bhootkaaal Blocking you for this :/
Smriti Irani has said- PM Modi is providing rations to 9 cr Biharis during the pandemic. Total population of Bihar… Ranaut is deeply hurt that Uddhav Thackeray said- Himachal grows ganja, which is a fact. But Marathi maanu… @PrezzVerde Wo lankapati thaHaters will not appreciate, but Mudizi has become the first PM whose effigy was burnt on the eve of dussera.Whatsapp can be entertaining at times!
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Before 2014- If BJP comes to power, the Gandhi-Vadras will be in jail. In 2020- Dilip Ray, Minister in Vajpayee go…
@ReportTweet_ LW is happy getting accounts suspended. Meanwhile, RW is lodging FIRs on us
Many, many happy returns to my bestie, the one and only @Ssaniya_. Stay blessed, keep rocking! #HappyBirthdaySaniya 🎂 @Arshi_E_Sid @rohini_sgh @ikaveri Huh??!! 😳
@PurswaniHoney1 @rohini_sgh @ikaveri 😂🤭 @rohini_sgh @ikaveri Guddu was better in S1. Now he's brooding too much. Pankaj Tripathi is by far the best actor i… @Datascientist3_ @rohini_sgh @ikaveri Pathetic performance. If there was a character wrongly cast, it was Sharad. T… @rohini_sgh @ikaveri I liked Robin. Couldn't help smirking everytime he came on screen 😅 @rohini_sgh @ikaveri Wasn't as good as season 1 thoughAmerican Andhbhakt.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Bhakt friend who believes UP Police is much better than Mumbai Police said a BIG NO when I asked him to settle in UP instead of Mumbai.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @SarcasticABDUL Guess not many people want spoilers. Deleting @ilegend97 Dialogues are not as punchy as the last season @VeeryaSorry Kaahe naraaz ho rahe hain sir. Jab vaccine aayegi toh humse pehle aap ke lijiyega. Khush?Donald Trump only thinks the air is the filthiest thing about India because he didn't meet Sambit Patra.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @LOLrakshak 😭Trump or no Trump, there’re two India : Filthy & Filthy rich. #HowdyModi
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Dolandbhai Trump thinks, the air in India is filthy. But he doesn't know, we're developing technology to shuck Oxygen from the air.
Breaking: वैकसिन भी उन्हीं को मिलेगी जिनके खाते में 15-15 लाख रूपए डिपोसिट हुए थे !!
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Congrats to the people of Bihar. They will be getting free vaccines for voting BJP, just like they got the ₹1.25 lakh crore package in 2015.
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Bollywood Production houses file case against Republic and Times Now. Bhakts trend #BollywoodAgainstModi . Aap Chronology samjhiye.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Breaking: Kangana Ranaut to sue bollywood for not suing her.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Good that Tanishq has withdrawn their controversial ad. Now Bhakts who bought land in Kashmir after abrogation of… @KaptanHindostan Aur banao guerrilla force 🤣 @SummerMerin Wo optional haiDear friends. Second account got suspended. Please support and kindly give me a shout out 🙏🌷
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @KaptanHindostan Again? How do you manage to get suspended so frequently?Life of an IT cell karyakarta: Roz subah utho, nahao, kuchh boycott karo, so jaao.Lol! The Qutb Minar is based on the minaret of Jam, in Ghur, the hometown of Mohammad Ghuri who also patronised the…
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@iamvaishali6 @Humourlessly Fake news. I'm not so active @ndtv Don't start this. Now Vijay Mallya will also demand strict action against farmers who have defaulted on bank loansTanishq played it smart. They know, people who have the time to run boycott trends on Twitter, don't have the money to buy their products. @anubhavsinha Sir, please let me know when you're distributing Bajaj bikes and Tanishq jewellery. I'm also poor :'( @Datascientist3_ Oh crap! 😭😂 She's already tweeted38 film producers have gone to court against Republic, Times Now and others for defaming Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut… @waseems16339443 Good catch! @PrezzVerde Humko aadat hai bhai 😂Mumbaikars are like politicians. They go bonkers when they're out of power.Gentle reminder: Before 2014, media used to question the govt. Now they question those who question the govt.Haters gonna hate but the good thing about BJP's Bengal protest is that not a single innocent bus was harmed.
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India Today and Republic are like two kids fighting each other to please the same daddy. @rahulkanwal Random guy- "People are dying in India!" Rahul Kanwal- "So what? People are dying in UK also. Stop cribbing!"Be it a 5-year-old Ziva or a grown-up Anushka Sharma, women will be abused and threatened if a male athlete associa…
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Apparently, Yogi Adityanath's theory of international conspiracy has fallen flat. Just like the law and order system in UP.I will not comment on whether Republic TV has manipulated ratings or not, but I will say that it is nothing new. TV…
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Only last image has fake data. #TRPScam
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Republic Bharat is No.1 in ratings, NDTV India is a ‘zero-rating’ channel. But, on YouTube live at 9:15 the picture…
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @neobie14 You're welcome 🤣 @AzyConTrolI Arnab getting a taste of his own medicine lol @Umm_e_Meeran @alljust4_you @RoyalTrait @SpiritOfCongres @AafreenShaa @JasoosMohtarma_ @JafarAnsari02 @S_Aadi1 Tunnel Modi Ji was waving at Republic's audience.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @yadudewhatever Btw, the so called 'sanghan' is in all probabilities, a sanghi in disguise @libtardu_ the complete story is: A fake channel ran a fake story and got fake appreciation from fake accounts on SM, and f…, Republic's TRPs are as real as Kangana's horse.प्रिये उत्तर प्रदेश वासियों "अपना हर एक दिन ऐसे जियो जैसे की आखिरी हो"
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™I apologize on behalf of the entire Goswami clan
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Oh Chacha!!
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @rohini_sgh Please be patient. The notification will be issued. Right now, UP govt has received intel inputs of an… it started How it's going
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™#KanganaAwardWapasKar How it started. How it ended.
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@attorneybharti @RICHA_LAKHERA @VasundharaTankh @StuteeMishra @aapmalviyanagar @ArvindKejriwal Proud of you Somu uncle 💙 @niiravmodi Times Now or Times of India?#RheaChakraborthy 's case is a classic instance of the freedom of press being misused as freedom to oppress.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @PTI_News What's not fake in UP? Encounters fake Universities fake CM bhi fake YogiSome fairy tales are special. For example- Alibaba and the 40 thieves, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. But my favour… @aandavaaaa Kangana can be anything she wants to be, once she snorts a line of the powderPeople trending #KanganaAwardWapasKar please note: Kangana is no longer Jhansi ki Rani. That's a thing of the past.… just have one question रिपब्लिक के स्टाफ़ को ऐसी कौन सी EMI देनी है कि ज़मीर बेचे बग़ैर गुज़ारा नहीं हो सकता?
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Rhea Chakraborty was in Jail just because Sushant Singh Rajput used his girlfriend to buy drugs for his own consumption
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™Navika: There is a WhatsApp chat which clearly says Rhea is guilty. How can court ignore that? Whose chat? Navika: Mine and Kangana's.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @Chaiti @Joydas Finally. @ajay43 And yet you didn't RT Ek Modi aap mein bhi hai 🥳3 accidents in the Atal tunnel have been reported within 3 days of inauguration. The rumour is, drivers are seeing…
@RoflGandhi_ Actually, both. 1 as the logo. 2 as the mascot @rohini_sgh After Hathras 1 is over @Dhaanu Tere paise PM ke plane mein lage hain. RG ke cushion mein nahi. Aaj raat bhar soch. Kal baat karte hain ispe. Goodnight @Dhaanu Bhai, wo toh Rahul Gandhi bhi cushion apne ghar leke nahi gaya :P @Bhavessshh No money to help migrants No money to pay GST dues to states But ₹8,000 cr to buy planes for the PM?If Rahul Gandhi uses a cushion to sit on a tractor, he's called a 'Shehzada.' Meanwhile, Modiji buys 2 planes for… it
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @SafronSiingh Lol. I'm Hindu. Buzz off! 😂If you don't watch Arnab, hit RT. If you watch him, hit yourself.
Retweeted by PuNsTeR™ @DiceGameMaster Big question 😂 @Jamesbo51203865 @SaniaAhmad1111 @Ssaniya_ The biggest difference is: One is a Bhindi hater, the other is a Bhindi… new India, you can make 80,000 accounts to popularise a lie. And you can go to jail for telling the truth. Welc… @SafronSiingh Thakur Chadrakant Singh, your idea of "peace" can only be maintained so long as the likes of you are…