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Love Wordplay, Anti Fascist. Hate venomous snakes spewing hatred. Allergic to dumb people who think they are smart. Love people who RT my IMP tweets.

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कोई आरोग्य सेतु बनाने का क्रेडिट ही दे दो 🥺
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaYe kya hua Kaise hua Kab hua Kyon hua? Arey Chhodo, ye na puchho. @SaralVyangya @vinodkapri @IchbinUjjaini
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @Jurairtweets Family Planning and Family Complaining ka farq. 🤣 @Aak_Thu Shekhu app. 🤣🤣 @Ssaniya_ @Pun_Starr When all your AIIMS lands BULLIES EyeForesight?!मुस्लिमों द्वारा हिंदू पर्व दिवाली पर पटाखा जिहाद की बड़ी साजिश मा. चु.गेंडा.गुजी @SureshChavhanke #PatakhaJihad
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @bhootkaaal Arogya Tattu AppQ: Who created Arogya Setu app? IT Ministry 👇
Retweeted by Pun Fu Pandaमुझे नहीं पता मुझे किसने बनाया 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #AarogyaSetu #AarogyaSetuApp
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaMushroom is a room😱 @Canis_____Lupus Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon @Canis_____Lupus Allah Sabr de. Marhoomeen Ki maghfirat farmaye aur Jannatul Firdaus me Aala maqaam ataa farmaye. Umair and Rabi who?Baat to hai!तेरा मेरा रिश्ता क्या ? لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا اللّٰهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ اللّٰهِ ❤️ Pass It On again 👆.…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Pandaone tight Slap from me too..#FranceShameOnYou
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @baa___akhlaaq Itni problem hai ulema se to apne ghar se ek banwao Alim, Mufti. Ye hoga nahi. Abhi Alim banne ka pa… @baa___akhlaaq Woke logon se duniya bhari padi hai.Jo Ulema Ko Gaali Dete Hain Unhe Chahiye Ke Woh Apna Janaza Atif Aspam Ya Adnan Sami se Padhwane Ki Wasiyat Karlein
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaPyaaz khareedva do bas kaafi hai.
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaBJP news 😭
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @pinkpaisley3 Maloona Brumb, the gold digger eating dog biscuits. Yes, they better be really worth it.🤣🤣 Laughing so hard.Lol. Iski hypocrisy ki koi Seema nahin hai. Thanks for keeping the story alive of a married muslim man doing unisl…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @AamAdmy We are totally in love with Islam and it's founder along with the Messenger (Peace be upon him) he chose f… @AamAdmy Having said that, you can't start criticizing something simply because it's doesn't confirm to your fancie… @AamAdmy Well, I'm not talking about con men. I'm talking about the genuinely revered entities. Even muslims face t… alaikum #QuranMorning Surah Tawbah : 21 @qutuba @DuneKhaal @Umm_e_Meeran @Chacha_caudhry @Shadaab07944
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda
@ashoswai All happening right under his watchful eyes, like literally.This is from Munger in Bihar. A most brutal attack on Durga Puja devotees by police and security personnel. Picture…
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaTroll level infinity.
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @bhootkaaal @TejuSurya @sajid_a_hasan @5NuckelShuffle @ferryfarr @someone__404 @indian_armada @Tejusurya_ 💙💙 @bhootkaaal @TejuSurya @sajid_a_hasan @5NuckelShuffle @ferryfarr @someone__404 @indian_armada @Tejusurya_ I'm pine nut, thanks @bhootkaaal @TejuSurya @sajid_a_hasan @5NuckelShuffle @ferryfarr @someone__404 @indian_armada @Tejusurya_ Mast bhai, Alhamdulillah @bhootkaaal @TejuSurya @sajid_a_hasan @5NuckelShuffle @ferryfarr @someone__404 @indian_armada @Tejusurya_ Go say. 😂 @RoyalTrait Oye hoye! @bhootkaaal @TejuSurya @sajid_a_hasan @5NuckelShuffle @ferryfarr @someone__404 @indian_armada @Tejusurya_Big Thanks to these few handles who always likes and RT my tweets and even retweets. Please follow: @Tejusurya
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @Seema_Yadav_ @AamAdmy Yes, totally avoidable. But then that's what I was trying to convince him to do. Avoid religious criticisms. 😬😁 @Seema_Yadav_ @AamAdmy Oh! No. We have not been disrespectful to eachother in any way. It's just a proper conversat… @AamAdmy Is he considered a god or a messenger of God? @AamAdmy Your behaviour is like one of those eve-teasing bullies, when confronted, says, "She's your sister, u can… @AamAdmy For Muslims, Prophet Mohammad SAW is dearer to them than their self, their parents, their spouses, their c… @AamAdmy I'd probably ask you not to be an instigator or a faith Nazi then. Peace and tranquility makes it conduciv… @oye_hijabi Paap lo Prick aaso @AamAdmy If U start UR criticism before doing a diligent research on our Prophet SAW with the help of experts on th… @tired_red @PoeIsLovee No, actually I'm not. it's only to accommodate the pronounciation of Mar as Mor, bengali is… @AamAdmy Well, actually Ram is none of our business. We are required by Quran to abstain from mocking other's faiths and gods. @The_Merynism @ferryfarr @Sahibzaaadi @ferryfarr @The_Merynism @Sahibzaaadi Ws. @ferryfarr @The_Merynism @Sahibzaaadi Radar par Biryani detect hua hai. Humne socha burkha hai, thoda fayda ho sakt… @StereoType420 😢🤗 serious question tha bhai. 🤗🤗 @The_Merynism @ferryfarr @Sahibzaaadi Accounts lock karlo, warna Gunja Kapoor burkha pehen ke ajayegi agar tweets padh liye isne to. @ViewsOfPankaj Haan matlab dollar bhi lag bhag ₹80 ka hogaya. @ViewsOfPankaj Dollar? @baa___akhlaaq @StereoType420 😁 @typicalnawazish @StereoType420 😂 @StereoType420 Apni hai ya apne kids ki? @peechetodekho Bhai kisi ne makhbari kardi.😂 @AamAdmy For a Muslim, there is nothing more precious than his love for his creator, that is Allah SWT and his Apos… @AamAdmy We expect you to abstain from criticising Jesus AS & our Beloved & Honourable Prophet, Muhammad SAW. The p… @AamAdmy @TalhaGulbargavi But then it's ok to k!ll brazenly, render Palestinians homeless by occupying their countr… @tavleen_singh You are a very despicable person. A bigot by God.Allah SWT loves & Honours His Prophet Muhammad PBUH He Even Ordered in Quran To speak in a low voice before the Pro…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda"Cow slaughter Act is being misused against innocent persons. Whenever any meat is recovered, it is normally shown…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Pandanotre prophète Muhammad ﷺ est notre fierté. Faites-le passer. #bycottfranceproducts #Emmanuel_Macron
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @Jurairtweets @DefinitiveSS saari Ummat k liye karo bhai. @Jurairtweets @DefinitiveSS & IMT bhi😬notre prophète Muhammad ﷺ est notre fierté. Faites-le passer. #bycottfranceproducts #Emmanuel_Macron @KaptanHindostan "Mar seedhe se" hoti to? @PoeIsLovee ALOO Biryani lover dusra Biryani wala ko UNGLI nahi korega to MOR jayega DEAR.(Read it In Bengali accent) @Jurairtweets Dua me yaad rakho bhai @Chacha_huu Matlab bhot jald face reveal hone wala hai.🤩 @Pun_Starr @bhootkaaal 🅱hai 🅳aya kardo. 🥺 @nazmaaman If Erdogan is the premier of Turkey, FASAADIs are ErDoglapan of Tharki.They use specialist accounts to extract personal information from muslims for harassment & doxxing purposes.… need to be wary of this FASAADI gang. She and her online acquaintances belong to a RW outfit, whose goal is… @SeemaSiddiqui91 @rakhitripathi Maloona Brumb, the gold digger ko bura lag gaya. Sorry.😋 Sanghi IT cell se ho, Musl… perspectives on material issues emanate fm th vantage point of caste & community. Thus pitting the politics of…
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaSERIOUSLY I wish whatever said in the clip is not true & BJP Government came to power for the sake of public welfar…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @The_Merynism @pinkpaisley3 @SeemaSiddiqui91 Dolly Bindra. what a comparison!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 "Baap pe mat jaa" could be… @pinkpaisley3 @SeemaSiddiqui91 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 @pinkpaisley3 @SeemaSiddiqui91 Her husband must be like, "SHAADI ke baad PAAPA KI PARI bolti thi khud ko, Abhi FASA… @pinkpaisley3 @SeemaSiddiqui91 LOL. LOL. True. She is under an impression that she's a Charlie's Angel, when in rea… @SeemaSiddiqui91 Maloona Brumb, the gold digger.🤭🤭 You should realise it's all lies. He's not a Millionaire. He's… alaikum #QuranMorning Ayat al kursi @qutuba @DuneKhaal @Umm_e_Meeran @Chacha_caudhry @Shadaab07944
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda
@NotYourGuy46 🤩🤩🤩 Aloowood ko bhi consider kijiye. 😁😁😁Prophet is my Pride..💕 Prophet is my Proud..💕 Prophet is my Leader..💕 Prophet is my identity..💕 I Support this Has…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @NotYourGuy46 Sirf Bollywood ya Hollywood ke bhi? @Che_guevara_in_ 😋😁 @Che_guevara_in_ Burkha pehen kar Biryani ki chori#IAmNotRepublic I am one among the 130 cr Indians who have never watched @republic Arnab must go to Jail, Pass it on...
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaI m Muslim & I m proud of it. Islam is great reward & treasure gifted to us by our dearest Rasul Allah“ﷺ” who showe…
Retweeted by Pun Fu PandaJahan mein un sa chehra hai Na hai khanda jabein koi Abhi tak Jan saki na Auratein Un sa haseen koi ❤ Nahi rakh…
Retweeted by Pun Fu Panda @PrezzVerde You should try baked cheese dosa then @Leaf_lover26 @seljukcommander @ChetryJyotie Hadd hoti hai har cheez ki. @Leaf_lover26 @seljukcommander @ChetryJyotie Bhai isko light lo. Ye FASAADI mentality ka hai. Isko Hindu Muslim unity khatm karni hai. @VeeryaSorry Khoon choos legi sarkar. Ab khoon bachega nahi to COVID kahan se hoga?! @rahulroushan Nahi, apki jalayi thi. @pbhushan1 This is timeless. 🤣