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@generalslug I still think you are australiancan you believe we're only one week away from it being a week until the fiona apple album @arbyhotdog @pixelatedboat take a cold shower @pixelatedboat tony the tiger
@roun_sa_ville YOUR @GraceSpelman @RobertLMooreII @steelydance what should i listen to instead! @imteddybless this is pretty similar to mine! sorry to report @GraceSpelman @RobertLMooreII @steelydance i am very much digging this song! it may be my gateway! @RobertLMooreII @steelydance @GraceSpelman thank you robert! TGIF @steelydance @GraceSpelman grace what’s the name of this song please!the only not perfect thing in true detective season one is when rust gets to carcosa and while the guy is hiding he… @roun_sa_ville this guys a real "piece of shit" imo
@Kyle_MacLachlan season 2 finale please sir @Ian_Brower i started off like oh this isnt very good and then she said it once and i was like oh holy shit and the… @ldrinkh20 hmm one: (throws brush) girl two: (acts as if she has been passed the brush) me, with a mouth full of doritos: pathetic @mistermessenger here’s the thing i can think it’s good, i just can’t say it loldoesnt matter how hot you are. if you dont respect and correctly perform the make up brush transition on those vide… @turnegg absolutely, but honestly good for you that you are comfortable with that, i think i should work towards feeling the same way @turnegg I mean maybe they do but objectively the good that does you in self confidence is way more important than… @PeopleOoC yeah someone I know is struggling with that at the moment. They are working far harder and achieving far… @LuxuryTweeting yeah that’s pretty much how i feel, but idk a lot of people i really respect have no problem praisi… @vsComputer @quorralyne I don't think that's it tbh, in my own head I can feel quite confident about something I've… I don't think I would ever be comfortable saying I did well at something or I made something good. I can say '… think my kilter of arrogance/self importance vs confidence/self worth is off. a lot of the time i see these quali… @1followernodad thank you ❤️ me and my sexual partner, My Wife, are making the most of it @1followernodad it’s meRIP Adam Schlesinger
watched Whisper of the Heart tonight and while it was absolutely beautiful and immediately one of my favourite Ghib… @plentyofalcoves I absolutely understand that - I think his apology and her reaction is what didn't stop me watchin… @plentyofalcoves yeah it definitely gave me food for thought and I have a lot of the same inner conflicts about enj… @plentyofalcoves this was a great video!
@BAKKOOONN truly one of the best things about classic kung fu movies is how abruptly most of them endother contenders off the top of my head: melancholia, a clockwork orange, there will be blood, texas chainsaw massa… @folded__person that sucks :( at least you know that you’ll be better off even if it feels bad right now @folded__person sorry to hear my dudethe answer is ROBOCOP. zero bullshit. he kills the bad guy and the movie ends immediately @curtofranklin you truly did shoot a giant in the assit went well!!!! we’re going to continue it!!!!quarantine is weird, so I made one of those computer screen movies
Retweeted by josh @HammerFist3 hell yeah @HammerFist3 this is so cool karl i love it!!
@assbabydotcom correct @assbabydotcom what’s ur fav godzilla movie @a_cute_bug say it ain’t so @ngmferguson @ldrinkh20 its time...get the team back together @JeansFan2 not on my first try! maybe I'll redo it with new people after! @ngmferguson @ldrinkh20 you were kickass, i miss our bunch! @Ian_Brower BRAIN @generalslug you do you king @generalslug is that like qanon @pixelatedboat I do believe Denzel really chuckled like thatsaw vincent van gogh's name trending and got scared for a second 😂 @peytonarussell @TheHoshuah ok "tanya"
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@TheHoshuah i admit @TheHoshuah not me @axdeath @keatbag haha this makes me feel better thank you @OrangeJuche nice @OrangeJuche what did you get @egg_dog @__th3void check my pinned tweet @nichi_ei oh yeah i know that stuff, the stuff i’m foggy on is the difference between actions and abilities and moving in/out of range @Ben421 careful what thou wish'st forbtw idk if this tool is common knowledge but i wanted to use some high level CR monsters in the story so I have to… @keatbag ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @ConorHaloReach @keatbag you are both my beautiful boys and i love you @ldrinkh20 tiamat bless you
i’ll post about how it went and what i did after, but not now because the players follow me on twitter lol @arbyhotdog you’re an idiot @bobo_circus i will ! @thomas_violence rather than plan a story i’m trying to plan a fairly short term situation and consider the multipl… @plentyofalcoves thank you!! @katgrngr i’ve only dm’d 2 small games before & i preferred writing it myself because there wasn’t anything about t… @katgrngr oh FUCK yeah. did you write one or do it from a book?? @nichi_ei i have all the books and i still don’t understand it all, you’ll just have to help me with the combat haha @omically you may NOT! @semenhitler only a little bit. i meant mechanics more than technicalities, as in the combat mostly @semenhitler haha thank you. the story and setting im happy with, just the technicalities! @1followernodad serial killer: come out.... i have a present for you... me, in the closet: (whispering) holy shit… @Fred_Delicious not helpfulwriting my first D&D campaign and its scary! I'm scared I'm fucking it all up! @generalslug love it @1followernodad it's science ! @1followernodad love you pal and hope this helps in these trying times: cean luisine @ketaminal yeah but sometimes it’s really annoying, the controls are not great imo
petey saying lubricate. lube man confirmed sometimes it just appears beside the boat and theres nothing you can do to avoid it? do not call me ishmael under any circumstancesthe whale harpooning minigame is ????????? "GET HIM BEFORE HE SLAPS THAT TAIL!!" and i do and he slaps his tail an… assassins creed black flag for the first time and some of its great and some of it absolutely sucksFUCK nine men’s morris @gregorybuckbell i truly believe you are creating characters.. thank you @katybugz_ these r good @bobo_circus exceptional work @bobo_circus lmao this is such a different energy than i imagined but it’s amazing. your delivery reminds me of Laurie from silicon valleyi would love to see someone act this tweet. deliver it as an actor mighti’m Creating Characters... My eyes are looking around the room and i’m Creating characters...yes... Little talking… @katybugz_ that’s real love @katybugz_ what if i said YES. you haven’t thought this through @egg_dog zuc me off @egg_dog and i oops the zuc