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A rat done bit my sister Nell...
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal @chalkyheart I fucking CACKLED at this @graemem "Release me from this virtual contraption, mortal, for the season of spirits is upon us -sent from my iPhone"This feels like a Ryan Murphy series.
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealAlso @westonfront I need the name of Winwood's manicurist post haste please @BriffaJoseph Can't say it was a favorite of mine by any means but man I would LOVE to see how a creative team coul…'m writing a lot about John Smith's 2000 AD comics for an article tomorrow I can assure you that "charmed as shit"… dad always gave me physical & emotional affection. He still can’t say he’s proud of me without tearing up. I ha…
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealOur neighbors --whose Halloween decorations go about as far as some fake spiderwebs -- are used to the baby wreath… something 2."but the brand is more important than the content" 3. Profit "don't bite the hand that feeds" vibes this week.
I know that I fully lay down on a bed and when I'm tucking in MY shirts. Totally normal guy stuff, that. @inthewakeofdawn shit is the sopranos coming back
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealKiddo wanted to talk to me about a bad word his friend said to him over their video chat but he was too embarrassed… cat Piggles gives off Big "I am no man" Energy. must-read essay. Just fantastic. Shelfdust never fails to deliver. just really really like fancy horror okay don't even have the words for how hype I am for this. best part about combining eating disorder recovery with heavy lifting is that instead of going "I didn't do eno…
@stevewmorris SOLD.I wrote about Fashion Horror, a genre I made up, for @NeoText_Books. Including some of my favorite movies ever, ver…
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealRidiculously excited to be featuring @internetbf666 on @NeoText_Books! Sean is in incredibly talented writer and fi… @NeoText_Books @superfanpr @hbahedry *by @internetbf666 !Graeme: "If you get surprised you can say jings, crivvens, and help ma boab" Kiddo: "Help my bob? I ask Bob for he… Bellwood: The True “Misty”-ress of the Night - by @PunkRokMomJeans via @NeoText_Books
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Tbh, pretty worth it.I have been sucessfully completing a hour-long heavy lifting session 5 days a week since we got my new olympic bar.…
I didn't set out to watch Twin Peaks all day and bake two loaves of bread, a batch of cookies, a pan of brownies, a… @cepmurphy @NeoText_Books @hbahedry @PromoteHorror @superfanpr Exactly! Like, yes, it's good and I'm happy to see t…
My Neighbor Totoro (1988) bless Percy Long Prong and all gigilos of yore
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealThinking about him. love watching the british baking show, where they instruct people to make brownies and then get mad at the contes…
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealHow it started How it's going
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal(He did.) forgot that today is the anniversary of me a) meeting John Waters b) very earnestly asking him to sign one of my…
How it started / How it ended
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealMe: Oh my god my back hurts so badly My back: You've been hunched over all morning Me: My back never hurts! I have… that well-placed DEVO "Mechanical Man" subheader tho 😌 went full ramble about the #Alienmovie franchise being one big narrative about the proletariat and no one was sur… have been stark-raving mad about the Alien movies for a very long time and I'm genuinely giddy to have found some…
I've reached the laughing alone in my apartment about the idea that only 30 years ago there really was a star tre…
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal tweet: His story "Glyceride"? The one with grease and pimples as the focal point? Made me legitimately… @KindlyWizard @adampknave @chalkyheart And how! @adampknave Found this vid of you up y'all because I am underslept, overwhelmed, and using more than one Sly and the Family Stone lyric as a s… The Cartoon Museum! Rebellion, the publisher of @2000AD, has launched an exclusive T-shirt, with all profi…
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal the zoom call // after hanging up morning @joegrunenwald had somehow never seen the 2011 version of The Thing. How did no one tell me that Mary Elizabeth Winstead -- my o… @rustypolished A real mob of trouble boys I tells ya! holding onto my compulsively Neutral Good ways.
@judgedreddbook This is definitely going to tear our family apart. @judgedreddbook I'M SORRY WHATGraeme whooped my ass in Uno so badly that I called him a "witchdoctor shit demon" and completely forgot that the 8… store had this pink wool coat from the 60s and when I asked if he had anything to help carry it out the guy ha… a walk to un-puggle our heads, stumbled into my favorite junk store, and got lost among pinball machines, antl… way she’s looking at Sigourney Weaver
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveala lot of otherwise intelligent people I know have really embraced the idea that if a place is open it must be safe
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal @ScowlingWriter Oh you really should. His new, completely killer collection from @VIZMedia just came out this past summer, too.Most horror doesn't phase me anymore but Junji Ito makes me nervous in the very best way so I wrote about it 🌟 boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh--’s always good when creatives own up to missing the mark with complicated, difficult representation of historical…
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal @internetbf666 ADD IT IN THERE'S STILL TIME GO GO 💫💕I cannot stress enough the disdain in Graeme's voice when he said "Aren't you supposed to be working?"My cunt is going to be a spring fucking chicken.I got this face cleansing tool in my monthly makeup bag and it says it's for anti-aging but it is 100% just a regul…
Highly recommended reading from @PunkRokMomJeans.
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealShe's been Spider-Gwen! She's been Gwenom! But in 2021, is Peter Parker ready to meet UNCLE GWEN?!?
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealAfter digging around in my Mind Palace some more, there was also "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors and Cat Power's…'m having a hell of a day and my brain won't stay in one place for long enough but it DID remember that my first g… back and remembering just how fucking mad I made someone years ago by calling Beta Rey Bill "BoJack Thorsman"."What record should I put on while we're making dinner? What's your mood like?" "Emotionally spent, but not in a w…
@david_wolkin Hard agree. I very clearly remember like, openly sobbing for ages while reading that book for a class in middle school.Therapist: And what do we do when we feel desensitized? Me: Purposefully make myself anxious while also doing som… person @graemem talked to a whole ass legend (and only once did I almost throw myself into the sea out of envy)! minimum, I deserve to be gaslit by smarter people.
Retweeted by Chestburster MavealCome for the LGBTQIA history and quippy commentary, stay for titles like "A Bit of Fluff", "I, Spanking Lesbian", a… many to name. I was poorly supervised at family friend's houses and libraries. But the one that probably imprin… @Lazybastid Rude. @stevewmorris @WaitWhatPodcast @graemem @Lazybastid If it helps, this was a very real point of contention in our ho… that's me! 😌 spend a lot of time thrifting & digging through bins of queer vintage smut. Hopefully this will make you want to,… @Correspondence Tbh most modern American policing DOES function under the Judge system. It's just not as "officiall… comments kept trickling in, to include "Americans completely miss the point of Dredd" followed by "Dredd is ste…
@judgedreddbook'm going to set myself on fire. Sunday come watch me and some very smart people talk about the myriad of reasons why admiring Dredd for being…
Like it's the same discomfort as watching Gene Kelly dancing around in a heavy ass wool coat during torrential downpoar. THE SMELL.We're watching Aquaman because Pretty Colors but for some reason the fact that Arthur is wearing work boots underwa… Our Cat update: think horror has long had a problem in regards to being reviewed by people who actively dislike the genre, which…
Retweeted by Chestburster Maveal @judgedreddbook It looks lovely!Describe yourself with three vampires.