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🌱Cecil🌱 @punkybuddy Salt Lake City, UT

Cecil Smith: artist, poet, musician, androgynous abomination ~he/they.

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please don’t out the sex workers in ur life to ANYBODY. I don’t care if you think the person ur telling is safe or…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @knowndumbass Thank you! ☺️💖lesbians: guys which pair of earrings should i wear tomorrow??? the earrings:
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱You can’t expect a systematic issue to change if the precedent is to do nothing about it and expect it to somehow miraculously get better
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Wish that shit was more frequent and lasted longer. I guess that’s like what meditation is for?Y’all know when you’re making art and for .2 seconds The Void disappears? That’s a nice feel @putridxbastard Thank you!! 🥰🥰If you have health insurance, I'm asking you to fight for those who don't. If you're native-born, I'm asking you t…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱I took these selfies when I was faded. What do we think?
@madison_tayt I still can’t believe I’m Virgo Sun but Taurus Moon @blahvascript yeah @blywallentine “Pllbbttttzdfg” that’s all I hearWhat the fuck are you saying. ShitIf I’m being completely honest I have no idea what anyone is trying to communicate to me 99% of the time @littlest_b_ oh my god @DannyRocket OkayyyHelp I can’t stop being gayMy life force has been restored come and support local art this Saturday! I’ll be there selling some original pieces and prints! And some of…
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Dear Heavenly Father, Thanks for making me hot and cool! Please send me a girlfriend. Love, CecilFrom the article : ❝ Bloomberg sees New York City as a corporation, its citizens as customers, its sanitation work…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱On this day 13 years ago, Britney Spears shaved her head for our sins.
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @blywallentine Sometimes lol
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @josalions I love this for you
Fuck Bloomberg’s Day already passed but I still think someone should buy me this to win my love ultimately the fear of not being beautiful, is the fear of death. Whatever aesthetic is culturally abjected, pr…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱We found this sweet boy on the left wandering near Herman Frank’s dog park in SLC. He does not have a chip or tags.…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱A dandelion and a baron are falling in love. Their parents do not approve.
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I know fans of this account endure a lot of Bernie posts. Thank you. I don't worship him or think he's perfect. I t…
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Watching Star Trek Picard and I’m into it so far. It has more of that Hollywood action shit but, I really like the…’all better hear this
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@PileusPress I’m worms @DannyRocket Omg @DannyRocket 470 PEOPLE10 people, from both cancer and wolves simultaneously @blahvascript Did you dump it in the wine?Cancer AND wolf??
What's the easiest way to get around paywalls? Turn off JavaScript. Sounds scary? It isn't. I made a video.
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱wow I love the internet @JustinTyme29 Ah thank you!!
Hello gays: Last night on All Elite Wrestling, a transgender, Native American woman defeated her opponent to becom…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @sad_grrrrl This is sick! @Mettchu I love Jack Stauber! @lizardonadate Yay! Lmk if I can pick it up! @blywallentine Yayyy, now drive up here lolpls help me be swol send music recommendations! Preferably new-ish release? I’m stuck listening the same shiteverything is um... it’s just very stupidIn the mood to complain @oklandon @blahvascript box of popsicle sticks to snap in half intermittently
If you truly believe in liberation politics, the worth of human lives, and freeing people from capitalism, you gott…
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@SuburbanGargoyl Omg! Yeah! Devin gave me the tat!reddit has been aggressively slut shaming me all week for photos that someone leaked from my private insta... so si…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱feeling v cute with my new hair and tattoooo ✨💖 @AllyQuirk2 People are so fucked. You look amazing! @Arenoptara ☺️💖 @gett_bent Aw thank you! 🥰 @kathaniel21 Thank you!! 🥰
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱oh hey 🍊✨ @lorenschmidt Oh my god it’s beautiful @DannyRocket thank u ✨when wizards from different factions convene a council because there is great turmoil in the land
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Slapping an Eggs Benedict on each of my titties
i wish there were tiny swimming things which picked at decaying matter and helped cycle the systems
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Medicare For All? No thanks, I don't want to pay for other people's health care. I like private insurance, where I…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱bong joon ho said gay rights !!
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @vie_eros I’m glad I’m not alone! I was also like, damn what’s wrong w/ me
i’m cancelling myself
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Damn I posted this at 4am and really did not expect this many ppl would relate @kopi_wan Yayy! How can I access this drill?I am once again asking you if I can borrow your drill to install a pull up bar in my homesorry for being a sad boy on main!Every girl or enby who has expressed interest in me is poly and with another partner that they’d rather be spending…, this gay shit really isn’t a phase, huh?
lit magazine: “we want poetry that breaks the mold! show us something innovative” also lit magazine: “poetry submi…! i wanna give back to y’all for supporting me so i’m sending one lucky follower a PO-20 arcade portable synth by…
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @kitliechty I have distinct memory (I was probably 7 or 8) of my mom telling me that my sickness was a result of my… end goal of polyamory is ending up with enough partners to form a consistent D&D group
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱my cretinous virgo brain looking at someone else’s disorganized spread sheet:
i may not show it but i wanna deep fry the chocobos from final fantasy
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @MicahSchow absolutely it isevery ex-mormon goes through a stage where they’re like “now I’m normal, isn’t that edgy of me”when SWs ask y’all to pay for content:"you see sora, this is why I'm a keyblade master, alright?"
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @dei_genetrix Was there demon cum😏 @oozroogs yiss @oozroogs wish I could rt
2020 been visited by knife cat retweet to have a knife day
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Who broken his heart
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱Nooo I don’t think spending time to calculate how much time it took just to write these notes about a task is tedio… department keeps having meetings about... how we’re behind and all the different ways the CEO is currently micro… more of this tonight at twilight lounge
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱bless the men whose lips multiply me.
Retweeted by 🌱Cecil🌱 @ProbablyNotJake @vie_eros I assume there is algae growing on your back @punkybuddy @vie_eros Some of us are sloth-like trolls that chuck our art into the void, shrugging as we say, “Oh,…
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