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Tony @purbrooktony Purbrook, Portsmouth.

Loved by my family....including my Dog, so I guess nothing else matters!!!

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@nicperrins @MarkLeneve @jim73194352 🤣 @MarkLeneve @jim73194352 @nicperrins Nic started it. 🤣 @saga_dk @rickygervais 👍 @disco2man And you Mark. 👍 @nicperrins @MarkLeneve 🤣🤣 @nicperrins @MarkLeneve 🤣 Yeah, but he had to furlough it until things pick up again. @glenn_gmes50 @MarkLeneve @jim73194352 @DBRacingUK @DrewMcfarlane @JaneFallon @LorraineB2112 @jane_kjane… @nicperrins @MarkLeneve 🤣 bagsie the bottom half then! @nicperrins @MarkLeneve Hey, back off, I saw him first! 🤣 @martinJoslin5 @rickygervais 👍For your CUNTsideration @TheEmmys: @rickygervais in #afterlifeseason2
Retweeted by Tony @JaneFallon 2 minutes later ... your CUNTsideration @TheEmmys: @rickygervais in #afterlifeseason2 @jim73194352 🤣 @MarkLeneve @DBRacingUK @DrewMcfarlane @JaneFallon @LorraineB2112 @jane_kjane @glenn_gmes50 @jim73194352 @Art71Rachael 👍 @Ken_Blackwell @rickygervais Cheers Ken.👍 @MarkLeneve @DBRacingUK @DrewMcfarlane @JaneFallon @LorraineB2112 @jane_kjane @glenn_gmes50 @jim73194352… @EljayGS 🤣 I'm an expert at that too. @rickygervais Done! @rickygervais Wow, 'Frozen love' reminded me of the first time I heard 'Stairway to heaven' ... I didn't want it to end. What a tune! 👍You can vote for #AfterLife to win another award if you like
Retweeted by Tony @AlexandreKrausz @rickygervais Cheers! 👍 @jazcat 🤣👍 @JohnRice59 @DominicCumins 🤣 @Saulo_do_Prado @rickygervais 👍 @patti10761607 @rickygervais I've found it on youtube now so I'll download it to my phone later after I've listened to it. But thanks! 👍 @Nomis97 👍 @rickygervais Why didn't I think of that? Cheers! 👍 @hays66 @Nomis97 🤣 Meet the wife!I can't find this Buckingham & Nicks 1973 album anywhere @rickygervais. It's not on any streaming service & Amazon… @Nomis97 🤣 @Nomis97 I've got a piercing so it makes it easier for my wife to find it. 🤣It also explains why #DominicCummnings drove to Barnard Castle. @StevenCats1 @JaneFallon 😁Please help us. Our darling dog has been missing for over a month 💔 please RT to help find someone who has seen him…
Retweeted by Tony @JaneFallon I'm just disappointed for his excited kid, imagine having a dad whose eyesight is so weird that he drov… Shields!
Retweeted by Tony @EJW2001 👍 @MarkLeneve 🤣🤣 @WeatherDog3 @rickygervais 🤣🤣 @LouLou2109 @rickygervais Don't you start as well. 🤣 @MarkLeneve Cheers Mark, once someone tells me which end to hold then I'll be on my way. 😁 @MarkLeneve 🤣🤣🤣All the gear, but no fucking idea! 😁 woman should not have a dog. What a fucking idiot. That dog was getting so distressed and she didn't give a sh…
It looks like travelling abroad will be impossible this summer, but don't forget, you can still have a laugh in a c…
Retweeted by TonyIf Barnard Castle isn't a ruin, it fucking will be now after some blind cunt has been driving around it ...…🤣🤣🤣 don't know why I made this. #Boris
Retweeted by TonyI love this. 🤣 @jim73194352 Cheers, I love his style too. 👍
@mrsangieblair @piersmorgan 🤣It looks like travelling abroad will be impossible this summer, but don't forget, you can still have a laugh in a c… keep an eye out everyone 🐾 #FinnHour
Retweeted by Tony @vikkistone @piersmorgan @piersmorgan #BooForBoris @DavidBrentMovie 🤣 @jim73194352 👍🍻 @jim73194352 Happy birthday Jeff, I hope you're having a good day mate. 👍 @anna_higgybilly I can imagine, the family were so incredibly strong. @anna_higgybilly It was amazing, I just wish it wasn't a true story. x @piersmorgan Were his lips moving then? @jim73194352 @JaneFallon @rickygervais Can you play other peoples songs on your guitar? ...A bit of Dylan maybe, seeing as it's his birthday today. 😁 @JaneFallon I think it was John Merricks favourite tree too! @anna_higgybilly Was that one of yours then Anna? ...I remember getting so upset and angry watching it. Such a needless tragedy. 😔Please help an NHS doctor be reunited with his beloved dog by retweeting this post Bertie could be anywhere in th…
Retweeted by Tony @JSheridan81 @rickygervais 🤣 @JSheridan81 No, I changed The Office UK to The Office US. Just one letter. 👍
A feline high-five, followed by the arse. #catsoftwitter
Retweeted by Tony @nicperrins 🤣🤣 @ThePTR2018 @grantshapps @transportgovuk @ABTAtravel @ATOLprotected @UK_CAA 👍 @glenn_gmes50 England v's Spain on itv4 @rickygervais I guess it helps that you're walking away, with your back to the camera too. 🤣 @glenn_gmes50 You watching the game Glenn? @rickygervais How many takes did this need? 🤣 @purbrooktony Ratty shouting “wank as you die” & The Nonce screaming “I’m doing a Hutchence”. Mental.
Retweeted by Tony @rickygervais 😂 @rickygervais That deserves a GIF surely! 🤣 10th book Queen Bee will be out on July 9th! You can preorder here:
Retweeted by Tony @rickygervais You deserve it sir! A moving, real, funny work of art👌
Retweeted by Tony @mel_cbe @Falkorkat @lufflyLu @JoMacIntosh1 @AnaGascaa @DBRacingUK @JaneFallon @MarkLeneve @Shez @Tree1Ms 👍 @mel_cbe @Falkorkat @lufflyLu @JoMacIntosh1 @AnaGascaa @DBRacingUK @JaneFallon @MarkLeneve @Shez @Tree1Ms All good, thanks! 👍 @mel_cbe @Falkorkat @lufflyLu @JoMacIntosh1 @AnaGascaa @DBRacingUK @JaneFallon @MarkLeneve @Shez @Tree1Ms ❤ @rickygervais @elliot_gonzalez The Office US. 😊The arrogance of this pr*ck. Contempt for the media only matched by his contempt for his own rules & the public wh…
Retweeted by Tony @piersmorgan If he doesn't go can we expect anyone who has been fined for breaking the lockdown rules get a refund then? ...Total hypocrisy! @glenn_gmes50 @jim73194352 @rickygervais That's not a good advert for him then, I went to an Eminem gig once and it… @mommalkt @rickygervais The nano was great but I accidentally washed mine because I forgot it was still attached to my top. I was gutted. 😔 @Fabiank83 @glenn_gmes50 @rickygervais I've not had any problems with mine to be honest, but I'll always use the on… @glenn_gmes50 @jim73194352 @rickygervais Look at Glenn getting down with the kids! 🤣People have missed funerals of loved ones because of lockdown. Many have had to look after their own young children…
Retweeted by Tony @jim73194352 @rickygervais I had one of them tiny nano ones too, but because they were so small I washed the bastard by mistake. @glenn_gmes50 @rickygervais I tried them bone conduction ones just before lockdown. They were pretty impressive too… @glenn_gmes50 @rickygervais Niiice @MarkLeneve @WeatherDog3 @rickygervais @mikeymifsud 🤣 @WeatherDog3 @rickygervais @mikeymifsud Just imagine that running around playing badminton! 🤣 @glenn_gmes50 @rickygervais I have the Samsung equivalent of the Airpods when I'm exercising, which I love. I could… @WeatherDog3 @rickygervais @mikeymifsud 🤣 @rickygervais 👍