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Purple orchid Llc @PurpleLlc Rhode Island, USA ..Am workout on YouTube #Oceanvibes Pod cast..

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@eyessosexy2016 Stay safe Wow.... this is the rest of races and good people are now ..feeling caught up.… @leeleedabbles You too💖 @BlackfaceFace @wizkidayo Big up It takes alot to see ones own eye.. @leeleedabbles Its scary I have had anxiety the last week..I'm trying to hold fast I have many races in my family… @chad_mallard Baby girl has an old soul..😪School done...🍎Yes! ‘Tyler Perry’s The Oval’ is back and the drama is better than ever! ♥️ this tweet to get your reminders to wa…
Retweeted by Purple orchid Llc @angecult This is why They need to do this right Innocent people get hurt and that would make us just like the oppressors @angecult Also honey. If you was in a car..and one of them cops stepped up... Um the way u look Spanish ..and on… @angecult Ok....only native Americans have a right to tell anyone to move out...but even we would rather they stay… @iamolaprinz @Olu_vincent1 She passed away about 5 years ago😪I love @KekePalmer. She’s out in the streets of LA talking with the National Guard.
Retweeted by Purple orchid LlcHow to save your heart: 1) You should: • never expect • never demand • never assume 2) Know: • your limits •…
Retweeted by Purple orchid LlcLove...peace. and joy Hope ...I'm not mad/ Everything I said/but u said i was not loved/u said i didn't pray/but u said i wasn't from God..... I… @SobAlert welcome 😎
@Ruth_fielamor Every day...❣ @I_am__tha_STORM Both... @leeleedabbles So pretty
@marshawright I have changed direction I want to make app me But do you have a suggestion of must have...for a app forum? of last towns to have issues...their sating they are going to open tomorrow...smh 🤦‍♀️
@Ruth_fielamor @MartinMSmith1 @GabyRod1981 @ImmortalOne76 @Graboidkiller @AceMonella @HemicudaReggie @AceMonella I love elvira Thank u for following ☺️ @BissTrev thank you for following. @MiTshwagong thanks 4 following 😊 @Dhope_nation1 thank you 4 following @marshawright That's to bad.. ...covit19.. I'm waiting due to it also @Bklynbby 🤣
@Dab5_at420 🤔😥cookie fail here.... smh.. Waist Tried making butter..smh @ElAsesino420 @GabyRod1981 @Ruth_fielamor @Nand076 @TapatiaMar @packattack0069 @obsjs300 @LBJAY_1 @Lakers_310 Woke up to this awesome guy
Retweeted by Purple orchid LlcI was hoping for positive feedback CricketsAwww lost of followers while I was away.... 😯Legit about to take over the game.
Retweeted by Purple orchid Llc😯🥰 @lifetimetv 🥰🥰 @KoladeOnaolapo ty for following 😃 @MusaIbrahimUm10 thanks for following 😀 @Ruth_fielamor @Nand076 @TapatiaMar @packattack0069 @obsjs300 @LBJAY_1 @Lakers_310 @rebelcacike @MariasWestSide can't wait to catch up @leeleedabbles You also Ps I wish they would do complete quarantine in my I can rest better... I hope yo… @tshepom921 thank you for following 😊 @leeleedabbles 🤭What a brilliant launch night we had last night. Big up everyone who tuned in the vibes was nice and the chatroom w…
Retweeted by Purple orchid Llc @BET Hoping to catch up on some shows this week... @Wendy_Carr @idagirlslondon @XoverRadioCalon Nice @tommyktweets It's like a crazy Lego
@davezbae 🥰 @AintNoJigga Very
Check out Work 'N Gear. They have everything you need. Workwear & Healthcare apparel, boots & shoes that work as ha…
@SocialCreator_ ? I didn't see chats or games??
Totals in my state updated We are only so big 😢 311 new cases in Ri 2976 total 73 deaths , and 197 hospitalized 😭I am sending you this application. #conversations @Diy_ola ? @KoladeOnaolapo thank you for following☺ @Robert06424516 Ty for following me😀 @AJ_HorrorFan666 ty for following😁 I like her #goodvibesStay safe Enjoy her challenge Pasos @BerryYNWA We are above that..but my area is about the same as your numbers Paso
Easter bunny you can't beat my score😜! bunny you csnt beat my score😜 @Pablo_picccaso Big forhead means more Buetifull and smart @Dab5_at420 Anxiété
@BlottaChris thank you for following😁Ty💖 @LornaARose thank u for following @NeilsArsenal The new way they do math tho.....alot of adults struggle I know old school Just seems tedious. @Truthfromthetap @EPA @CDCgov @WHO Our state quarantained our utility major workers to campers on site...right awayGreat illustration of how careful social distancing works. Be safe, be healthy and stay sane ya all. Seems as thoug…
Retweeted by Purple orchid Llc @SteveMcEllis I think thats me....😏if it wasnt for being completely confined....i think i would keep wondering why… many people would buy this? Bet A shark picks him up as soon as more states become légal... .....just started...Simple yet we see him on shark more states get legalized
Added a new video: "Jammin with friends" #video @itsnaomimarie Great job ladiesI commented on u tube feed I love this Its similar to I loved her messageI am sending you this application that you may be interested.
Listen to my podcast, Ocean Vibes show on Spotify: for sample clips,ect.. For a pod cast.Would need attaachment with letter/contract with permission For our a… @EWAWUNMIII Usa ...east coast Woke up to this awesome guy @aliciakeys Its o.k... But lonley @aliciakeys @AmazonKindle I missed it😕Spring water
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The whole world lives in risk. No one is safe from everything. You think everything's stable, but it's not. It's ju…
Retweeted by Purple orchid Llc @iv_boks @edjlazar This is true experience @_OnGod_ 😂😂no she didn't😂😂 @astridsingsjazz @edjlazar @DiabetesUK 😂 @DatGirl_Vicky ?what's the needful? @Wendy_Carr HAPPY Birthday🎂🎂 @idagirlslondon @edjlazar @Wendy_Carr HAPPY B-day 🎂 @JayNaija 😂😂BOAIdk about she asks a question.... Insults me Then blocked me I don't even know her....and they say I'… @hgtv Love their show...