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The Fear Chronicles by Patti Durango
The Kathy Acker Book Club "A Review of The Adult Life of Toulouse Lautrec by Toulouse Lautrec by Kathy Acker" by A…
The Extraterrestrial Creed by Isidore Antin I saw you stop & look in that storefront window where the mannequins s…
i dunno he looks pretty relaxed & authoritative to me, real Daddy material
Retweeted by i-am-a-spooky-girlWell to be fair, liberals hated Bolton & GW Bush, that pair of unapologetic war criminals, until they came out agai…
Retweeted by i-am-a-spooky-girlIt's not about you, it's not about me, it's about no one really.
Retweeted by i-am-a-spooky-girlwhaaaat???! I thought "Stop or i'll shoot!" was already standard operating procedure. It's like in all the cop show…
Retweeted by i-am-a-spooky-girlThe Kathy Acker Book Club I want to make something beautiful. To do this I must first accomplish four tasks, for…
The Childlike Life of the Black Tarantula by the Black Tarantula A book review by Aeena Tolle "I'm going to spea…
In Which I Congratulate Myself On Becoming A Rare High Desert Succulent by Andrea Iverson I masturbate in the mann…
from The Dong Song of J Muggs Petcock by Lyle Landon & I guess there will be a few minutes still before grenades…
The White Goat Poem by Suzanne Moscoe White goat don't need no white goat already has a moldy one w/green crap gro…
Why Is God Such A Great Big Asshole? by A.M. Smartt What is God anyway? Maybe my heart has lost it's canary Dad at…
I Rimmed A Baboon by Liam Innes Led by my passionate admiration of the baboon's asshole a dominant hierarchy is ar…
I Wanna Be Concentration Camp Barbie by Ilana Laski I'll never take a shit I'll live w/o hamburgers w/o orgasm…
Petting My Mother’s Bed by Hayden Wasilewski I think of the young girl lured here from the playground the reek of…
So Long To Normie Sexuality by Esme Alvarez It began w/a cloudy heartbreak progressed to a cancer of the spirit we…
I’m A Happy Nihilist by Melanie Ellerton I’m not going to leave you in despair I’m not going to crash the family c…
Let Cows Vote by Anais Cole Maybe you, too, have been shot in the head by a captive-bolt gun hung by one leg, had…
How To Make A Crap Sandwich The Whole Family Will Enjoy by Kylie Paramus Many households today are made up of litt…
we see god thru our assholes in the flashbulb of orgasm --wm s burroughs, naked lunch, p.191 if a priest had ever…'ll Never Forget The Night I Met A Transsexual At The Hookah Club by Bret Harker I first came into being around… all of it, as astronauts in the space program, as subjects of medical research, performing in circuses,…
Pet My Beaver/Bobbi Tulane Since the Middle Ages its been a battle for the sky day after day of invisible flying mo… it's homo saps time to go let'em the fuck go is what i say--- Charlie Darwin monkeys everywhere peel their lips… infecting monkeys w/covid just to see if they'd get it again if they reinfected them w/covid is some sick…
2020 Time You Chopped Off All My Toes by Jodi Lynn Starr I was essentially shivering naked in a room w/a lot of po…
had a big piece of paper & said to myself i'm going to put some paint on that motherfucker & i did & now it's a big… are now gonna have to revise that tired ole schtick about how anyone can grow up to be president of the un… don't I make w/the live word? The word cannot be expressed direct...It can perhaps be indicated by a mosaic of… Year's Toothache Parade by Phoebe Oyamada You must look me right in the eyes like a sad stream of forlorn dig…
What Is A Cement Pig? by Roland Bonner They were a tribe of dancing apache ghost pigs on the war path escaped fro…
13 Doors of X by meeah williams via @amazon to think art was this big sincere serious thing you had to suffer for so u could show people how fucked up awf… thing about suicide survival if u play it right is that its like yr looking thru a one-way mirror only this ti… illustrated "naked lunch" p.49 Found Osiris's Dick by Amanda Vice In those days, I wore the uniform of a delicate fairy I serviced a platoon Kn… i'm may 17th & yr gonna love me
nietzsche's views on women smack of that particular strain of misogyny typically & almost exclusively advanced by g… horror of belonging all the loneliness that comes none of it was clear it must be lived over & over a compulsive… Naked Lunch & wondering if i ever actually read it the first time or just skipped around to the good parts in order to masturbate
momentary panic when i noticed my vision all blurry thought my eyesight had suddenly inexplicably deteriorated then… Ships Have Landed & Yr Invited!!! by Anais Cole The frame floated up from the bottom of the motel pool like… dont matter much anymore get u off over the phone work in leg irons any1 left in the carolinas its ethical mo… do not consider anything proof of anything, in any case, Im not involved in proving anything. --Wm S Burroughs, My Education p.145
everywhere i put my eyes i see this message, i've already left the planet i'm beaming this shit in from outer space so long you doomed bastards!!!History of Voodoo by Bethany Scarsdale I've got my mojo bag, my buffalo nut, my portable goat head I'll cut you a… an avocado u might want to look at
stopped following the satanic twitter accounts i was briefly following they weren't very satanic just kinda crabby… balls in my mouth i realized i was essentially stroking him off w/my nosezeus was a much better god he got a lot more tailgod had only one fuck & it was an immaculate conception w/someone else's wife which ended in his love-child & only… paint on things are like u just support the lockdown cause u wanna stay home & have the govt support u goofing off 4-ever &… to Write This Poem by Francesca Smack First you think about Canada the fir trees, the Royal Mounted Police, an… i think i'd like to belong to a doomsday cult seems to me that dying in a mass suicide would be a comfort… seems to me that 2 gay guys could use cock rings to play a game like horseshoes i wonder if they ever do that? are NOT rocks w/legs. they have feelings too.ive promised myself that if i see a turtle today i'm going to bend down & pet it. maybe u might consider doing the same?
Our nagging fears. Draw a deep breath & ask: is this about disgust? Think the noble profile of an Arab horse, ears… Name of the Blob by Francesca Smack I woke up this morning & my mouth tasted like Satan's testicles a horrible loutish planet this is. The dominant species consists of sadistic morons, faces bearing the hideous…
finding out hiccups could be caused by a tumor in yr head or neck scared me so much my hiccups went away in less a… IT im never looking up symptoms online again because every damn symptom you can possibly have turns out can b… return from the dead wrapped in herself & relatively long-lived. This moon's substance is all sperm. A fool lik… mom if only you'd pierced my ankles & left me exposed on a hillside to be found & raised by a goatherd until i… resent perhaps more violently than anything else you making up yr own reality which is clear indication tha…, where are you going? To write. Always remember, the work is the mainsail to reach the Western Lands. Never… mom i'm afraid you might have taken my last note the wrong way. i just mean to say i woulda gladly spared you… mom u shoulda said no like u did all those other nites daddy wanted sex & you refused him so that he had to sl…
An iconic red holiday issues a complex policy vis-à-vis reason. Hahaha arent u so very proud now? Lets build someth… assume cause i read a lotta smarty-pants books i'm fulla myself but its just the opposite i realize i dont u… Nietzsche can be a real asshole like that brilliant well-meaning but unconsciously obnoxious friend who'l… a few Nietzsche aphorisms from The Gay Science ((73&75)) this morning & he was advocating the euthanasia of d… for the deleted refuse to believe that anyone who's ever taken a shit can be comfortable w/having a bodydon't forgive its too hard & takes too long & it's unappreciated by yr enemies instead hate, hate w/all yr might, h… u please be so kind as to help May 9th 2020 have fun it's only got 24 hours to livedrew this for mommy its how i always think of her i get out of bed whats in it for me? is the question youve got to ask yrself every morning & don't accept any bullshit answers!!!!seems wrong to declare yrself asexual w/a sexy-looking selfiei am just so fucking full of it whatever it isThere is perhaps as intimate a relation between time & sex as between death & sex. Both death & sex take the subjec… were friends & have become estranged. But this was right. We are 2 ships each w/its goal & course. The force of…
2 lakes of separate substances from a spring bubbling like champagne. Victory not shown on any map. Magic, the smel…