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Why am I not surprised Teen Uses White Profile Pic To Infiltrate Racist Group Chat | The Rickey Smiley Morning Show
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOnePolice arrest over 300 suspected paedophiles worldwide after massive child abuse website is taken down from 'dark w…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @BetoORourke my husband and I are disabled,live on a fixed income. someone bought our building which used to be for… pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. It turned out to be powdered milk. @TeamWej @augustmom3 @BreitbartNews Planes killed 4000 ppl in 1 day, cars kill daily, medical errors kill daily, p… @BreitbartNews Hey idiot.. AR doesn't not stand for assault rifle..its the name of the manufacturer Armalite..JackassCops vs Firefighters in epic protest battle
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @HarryO1975 @Asim_the_Great @NuBlackVision @angelaw676 @MangerRaymond @kingAle30068828 @Fresh_Flames1 @smaddoxsr @Qbites369 Totally agree @Qbites369 Youth of today are in HUGE trouble if we see a major crashWas supposed to go look at a house today but it got delayed until thursday @Qbites369 Lol! Oh yes! @piersmorgan 🤣🤣🤣 @Qbites369 ikr, they will find out the hard way
Historically accurate election forecaster predicts Trump will win by even greater margin in 2020
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneNEW: Former New York teacher accused of sexually abusing student found dead by apparent suicide
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneCop framed Rodney Reed for Murder. 22 years in prison, now on death row despite several medical experts claiming Ro…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneFox and marmot encounter wins top wildlife photo award #WPY56
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne#BanAnimalTesting
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @HarryO1975 AgreedWhite People Mess ...
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneThe total mass of insects is falling by 2.5% a year. Insects are vital for sustainable ecosystems. @EalingCouncil
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneICE Arrests Illegal Alien Accused Of Rape Who Went To Victim’s House Immediately After Sheriff’s Office Failed To H…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneBecause being normal is just too boring
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @Qbites369 Sad factPretty difficult to sympathise with the Matador.... Can’t get my head around the fact that this nonsense is still a…
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Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneSeatbelt attachment designed with pregnant women in mind!
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneA British couple and their 3-month-old son are being detained in a federal immigration facility in Pennsylvania aft…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneBREAKING: Shelter-in-place ordered for surrounding areas following large explosion and fire at a refinery in Rodeo,…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneThis police officer detained a man for picking up trash outside his OWN home! 😨😠 Check out more videos like this he…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneSickening moment laughing students high-five and hug after raping helpless drunk woman
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @dijoni @Fresh_Flames1 @AfrikaAllDay @Asim_the_Great @Amen_Baba_ @suede_santoro @fyahlite @GWANJEZ @Browndeus @DrTrout4 @Fresh_Flames1 @AfrikaAllDay @Asim_the_Great @Amen_Baba_ @suede_santoro @fyahlite @GWANJEZ @Browndeus @Qbites369 🤣🤣 @tyler_casper 4United by similar tragedies, the Botham Jean Foundation gives help to Atatiana Jefferson's family"A hundred years ago they used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes today they have taken o…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @dijoni @suede_santoro @GhostVirusX @Glidehoyas @angelaw676 @Killmonger_X @OurOwnGarden @50nsexy2014 @lasa1170
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneOn October 10, 2019 the Russian Embassy in Reykjavik hosted a reception on the occasion of the Arctic Circle
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @Eklipze10 @Benji43209983 @SkyNews So is Jerry Lee LewisWhitney Houston and Notorious B.I.G. nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @guardian #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneFort Worth police chief: 'absolutely no excuse' for officer killing black woman | Texas | The Guardian
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @AfrikaAllDay @Asim_the_Great @Fresh_Flames1 @Amen_Baba_ @suede_santoro @fyahlite @GWANJEZ @Browndeus school teacher is detained after 'forcing pupils to eat RUBBISH because they failed to empty the bin'
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneSurprise motherf*****r 😂😂😂
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneHappy Halloween! suspect Richard Huckle, 33, was stabbed to death by fellow inmate and sex offender Paul Fitzgerald, accordin…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneSiksikaitsitapi ' Niisitapi 👣Blackfoot👣 Amskapi Pikuni - The oldest nation of the Great Plains First Nations Canada…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneYoung girls are so scared to use unisex bathrooms, they’ve stopped drinking liquid at school. We need to save our g…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @Brandon28257199 @JandelleH @nasescobar316 Lets hope this doesn't turn into another Guyger case, him get 10 yrs for… @DailyMirror @DailyMirror Asses in the classes ladies! @Qbites369 👌 @News_From_Syria President Putin was not amused
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @Fresh_Flames1 @a1985mtr AGREED! @dijoni @Fresh_Flames1 He was a murdering, raping, stealing, pillaging THIEF who THOUGHT he landed in India @Blackbe74688999 @Fresh_Flames1 Ask us Natives..we knowUK to deport academic to Democratic Republic of Congo – which she has never visited
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 posters featuring Hitler found at Michigan synagogue: "This was a cowardly act"
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne#OnlyInAmeriKKKa can you call the police out of concern to check on someone, then they show up and kill the person…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @GWANJEZ @HarryO1975 Us Native Americans helped the "settlers" survive,look how we got rewarded, as I have stated.T… @GWANJEZ @HarryO1975 Love it!"When our women are not safe as men in our community we are called to stand up and protect the women in our communi…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneWhen kids are threats: the assessments unfairly targeting students with disabilities
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @guardian Bwahahaha! Answer is no unfortunetlyWill Congress finally fulfill a 200-year-old promise to the Cherokee people?
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneA majority of parents rarely, if ever, discuss ethnicity, gender, class or other identity categories with their kid…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne#BREAKING: 4 people killed, 6 others injured, including 2 in serious condition, after a chemical plant exploded on…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneRacist Bulgaria fans abuse England’s black stars with monkey chants and Nazi salutes
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneNever underestimate the power of intuition of a woman. They recognize the game before even playing. #Quote
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne"A lot of people get the word revolution mixed up and they think revolution is a bad word. Revolution is nothing bu…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneThese idiots cant even handle a call about a 10' snake 🤣🤣🤣 founder Assange probably tortured in UK detention, Lavrov says
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneDeadly shooting of black woman in home marks seventh time a Fort Worth, Texas officer shot a civilian since June
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneAirbnb says it is investigating after a black woman claimed her booking was rejected - only for her white friend's…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @DumetellaSuperb @NewsBreaking Don't start with the imaginary God, the book of fairy tales the bibleBREAKING: Earthquake felt in San Francisco
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneFort Worth Police Confirm Atatiana Jefferson's 8-Year-Old Nephew Was In the Room When an Officer Fired Fatal Shot T…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneRussian, #US military chiefs discuss #Syria #Russia
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneNobel Prize for Physics winner says humans will NEVER migrate to a world outside of our solar system
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneBREAKING: @CNN Staffer admits racial bias... Part 1 #ExposeCNN
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneFormer Texas police officer Aaron Dean allegedly shot Atatiana Jefferson through her window as she played video gam…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneSyrian Army enters #Manbij to block Turkish military's expansion in northern #Syria #Aleppo
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @Qbites369 Don't tempt me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @revniggadaddy African Americans and us Native Americans have a lot in common..African Americans were even part of… @revniggadaddy @ajyoungruns As a Native American, I agree.. Chris Thief Come Rob us was nothing but a pillaging, ra… I STEAL sum shit on COLUMBUS DAY is that "Stealing" or is that DISCOVERING?
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Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne#Turkey’s Actions in #Syria Are Fully Aligned With #Syria (and #Russia, and #Trump) #Assad
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneFrom hated queen to 21st-century icon: Paris exhibition celebrates life of Marie-Antoinette
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOneKurds strike a deal with Putin and Assad in Syria: "We had to choose between compromises and the genocide of our pe…
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne2 members of all-female Islamic terrorist cell sentenced to 25+ years for botched Notre Dame bombing
Retweeted by PutinTheGreatOne @HarryO1975 @Qbites369 @NuBlackVision @angelaw676 @MangerRaymond @kingAle30068828 @Fresh_Flames1 @smaddoxsr @HarryO1975 @NuBlackVision @angelaw676 @MangerRaymond @kingAle30068828 @Fresh_Flames1 @smaddoxsr @Asim_the_Great
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