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I like TOXIC ANIMALS and ANIMATION. Someone took the username "Putuk", but I'm the one and only Putuk.

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@DoodleDox Honestly what I was going for with Pickles too, but hers are much smaller. @DoodleDox Even the shoulders? They're awfully bulky, whats inside there? They're also awfully cute. :S @DoodleDox Hey also this makes me wonder, what's EB made of? The gloves are clearly some sorta flexible material, b… @DoodleDox YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @NeoP27th what
@davegorack Bad idea, those spikes are laced with tranquilizers. Also if she's ordered to attack, she cannot refuse… being the person who sees this face and thinks "what an ugly monster, I hope the good guy smashes it to bit… @m00handoh That is fine, I love hearing peoples thoughts on my story!An awesome treehopper from Colombia. (Photo: David Guzman)
Retweeted by Putuk (Commissions Open!) @DoodleDox That tells me very little about this man. Gimme a proper description of him! @The5oul I'm more partial to Solar Man myself, but you do you. @The5oul There's no reason you can't make a different clown robot. I mean there's COUNTLESS ice and fire guys. You… @chatterju You think I'm joking, but where I grew up that was tradition, so teens would dress up with plastic masks… @The5oul Do it, it's a fun challenge to design a character for a pre-estabished setting! You can't just do what you… @The5oul I wouldn't go that far, since I'm hard pressed to find a Robot Master I dislike. There's some who aestheti… @The5oul I tried to do an Air Man body type on a lanky body. I'm kinda happy with the result.Got bored, so I designed a Mega Man fan character. His name is Leech Man, he can fire the hook on his head to drain… @chatterju @caitsplace That's happened to me once before, it really wasn't that bad. @chatterju Found this in my reference folder, is this okay? not both? @hanazumii_ So does this basically mean that once I restart the computer it'll work? @chatterju I could listen forever uwu @chatterju wow please talk more about mutilating monkeys 😍Also since I struggled with the website so much this update, please DM me if there's anything wrong with the site.This is the second time I'm updating my webcomic. I hope by the time it's the third this will feel normal.… the problem seems to only happen on my regular browser, because when I do the same in an incognito window it w…
they don't redirect correctly FUCK YOU TWITTER FOR HAVING A CHARACTER LIMIT THIS WEBSITE SUCKS COCKI just can't figure this one out! When I go to "view page" from the index' code editor it works fine. When I type i… know shit about html? This SHOULD redirect to the latest page, but it always goes to ch1pg6.html instead. @vatterju This is why you need to make the robot aware that they're a robot. :SI'll have this weeks comic update up soon, I'm just fighting the the index.html redirecting to the wrong page right now.bugs arent that scary theyre just little guys. look shes having her spa day, relaxing, enjoying a back massage. sho…
Retweeted by Putuk (Commissions Open!) @chatterju IT'S A FUCKING SHITTY THING TO DO TO SOMEONE It makes him a TRUE Bastard Man, as remote from a Himbo as can be! @chatterju He's still scrawny and a jerk who sticks his thumb into wounds. Those are inherently un-himbo-esque features!! @chatterju In what world does Seven come anywhere CLOSE to being a himbo?? He's like... the ANTI-himbo! @DoodleDox Usually still the head, but I tend to just scribble in an area I want the character to occupy before any… @dimetrodont 5 bucks say the curse is just making them really clumsy. @dimetrodont Aw, they're in their get along shirt. @galacticcoffee @WhatsernameXDXP @ciarajokay @Pinbrin I already did this a bit ago:
Writing several pages ahead of my drawn comic pages is making me realize just how much of a long-term project this… @DoodleDox I like art.
@vatterju @caitsplace But she's already real and lives rent-free inside your skull. @Mossworm1 It's kinda distressing, especially considering how much biomass arthropods make up. I wrote a thread abo… @vatterju What's the FUCKING point if you don't make CHARACTERS that ARN'T HUMAN, but filled with HUMANITY????? @vatterju I love the sharp SHAPES and how you implement proper animal anatomy into your creatures/characters. The s… @vatterju My secret is I have NO idea what I'm doing. I am terrified of people thinking I have any control over my… @chatterju Saving these in my reference folder... :S @BadluckcrowA I feel I've still got a ways to go to properly figure that out, but I appreciate your words nonetheless. @BadluckcrowA I really dunno about the textures thing, I'm horrible at doing more 3-dimensional coloring. @BridgeOfFaust I was gonna be like "wait which bridge, do they guard a bridge or something", then I remembered YOU'RE bridge. @chatterju I've read 90+ pages of them trying to kill each other, I CHERISH it!! @PembrokeWKorgi Can't QUITE put my finger on it, but I think it's how you design outfits. Whenever you design a new…
HEYHEY I'd still like to know this! @chatterju I like a lot when they are nice. @splendidland Ah, don't we all wish? I'd love to race as a piranha plant or Birdo or K. Rool. Also appreciate how miserable Rosalina looks.How the fuck did I waste the entire day one just doing the lines of a single comic page. ...I am so slow. @AtroxChobatsu Salazzle.Hey fuckin' tell me.
Commission for @ZGustaff of an enemy from Kirby Robobutt. @chatterju Beaten up by HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!Robot (sad) @fluffysheepfla1 I love pink lemonade Flash Man. @chatterju Before we started talking the first option. Now the last one. @BurntBeebs Finally someone to put those meanies in their place! @JacobLenstar Ask them about those 250 hand-picked cursors they've promised. @chatterju
@chatterju So sorry to disappoint you every single time I post something. @m0nsterfan32 She runs off of a wind-up mechanism. The pistil sticking out of the flower is her key. @m0nsterfan32 Gardening and being your friend if you let her. @m0nsterfan32 No, it is a fake cactus.What's up, bitch. was the first drawing ever made of her, on November 22nd, 2019.'S ORCHIDS BIRTHDAY!! @DesertPogona X9 is going to be the same as X1, but Zero is playable and there are different Mavericks. :) @balanwworld Why bully her, entomology is a wonderful science. :( @chatterju I look forward to your escape from the depths of hell. @chatterju God I hate the term "waifu" so much. That word going mainstream is one of the worst things. @chatterju Vatt I am interested in both those things. @chatterju You mean like whales? @chatterju It is an affront to boner culture!
@TheGoddamnOwl I was REALLY worried that noone would get it.I am surprised how many people liked/retweeted this at all. Thank you so much! @BridgeOfFaust This has gotta be one of the most lovely Doc Robots I've ever seen!Why tired? @MegaManMaker That is SO handy! Also the ladder clamps are a very welcome addition!I cried while cutting onions today, am I cringe?Thank goodness for that windows update that did nothing at all aside from make all my Adobe programs stop working. @DoodleDox Well I'm looking forward to see you fiddle with the design then. @DoodleDox I like the belt, but dunno about the lower section of her. Whats your line of thought? I'm interested. @kappablabber I don't know, I never use mobile Twatter.Oh I come back HOURS LATER and I see the website NOW decided NOT to crop the word "UPDATE" out, GOD I FUCKING HATE… commission for @Salakirby. @BridgeOfFaust If only Classic series Dust Man, otherwise draw Omega-Xis.Metal Sonichu
Also behind the scenes I finally got to Pickles' introduction and writing her has been fun. It's just nice to have… for cropping out the word "UPDATE".First comic update!! is the best game ever made. @BridgeOfFaust Are they friends? What's their relation?