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Special thank you to my 129 new followers from India, and more last week. disclaimer first: I do not understand Economics, even though I do follow @kaul_vivek @dugalira @IlaPatnaik will be on @ETNOWlive at 5pm with @MubinaKapasi talking about Investing in International MarketsWill be on ETNOW TODAY at 5pm talking International Investing with @MubinaKapasiOnce upon a time, Hdfc bank had less market cap than SBI. Now it looks like the market cap of the Hdfc group is mor… to be a top employee in a big Finance. Profits belong to you, fines are paid by the shareholders when you go b… 80% of world bonds are at sub 2% yield, why are we afraid to invest in leveraged companies? can there be a bet… least they paid US $ 2 bn. Nse made a profit of Rs. 2200 crores and pad Rs. 1 crore as fine. @MoneylifeIndia much will Virat Kohli score in a match on 20-10-2021? Same as asking where will the nifty be on 20th Oct, 2021.… Media makes one crave for 'likes' and 'RT' from strangers. Damn addicting. If you don't care about 'praise',… large cap funds would have outperformed because they had Reliance and/or Hdfc in their portfolio. If you anywa… closest this family came to a superstar was Saif's mother acted with Rajesh Khanna, Shammi, Amitabh, .... Biden get the Nobel Peace prize? Or the Presidency? Or both?So many books!!! "Women take care of Money!" on YouTube Women and FINANCIAL ABUSE!
Tata Group without Shapoorji Pallonji - a new beginning! via @YouTube Shapoorji Pallonji… find 3 top fund managers taking a positive view on PSU shares. Personally i have all 3 schemes. Luckily in my own… needs - 'A' amount, some return 'r' and a long n. Most people forget that n means continuous 'n'. Inter… Freedom is when you have so much money that you can afford to keep it in a savings account and not worry… you are good in meditating, have enough money for your expenses in low volatility assets, then do not bother abo… Press byte by Dr @sambitswaraj at BJP headquarters in New Delhi.
Retweeted by Subramoney.comMust be very difficult working for fund houses whose Ownership sale is announced every week, and it turns out to be… a big fan of @arunshourie .did not like him attacking @Namo - however the Namo Gov filing a case and troubling… Kerala, Maha, Punjab not doing well in Corona handling?? how can that be? BJP is not in power in all the 3 state… few months I have been buying my veggies and fruits from @kisan_connect - now the amendment to the Apmc market… @Raminations vigilant NSE? has something new happened in the world?do people understand the role of an analyst, a journalist, a blogger, a fund manager, a financial adviser, an inves…நெய் மற்றும் செல்வ மேலாண்மை via @YouTube for my Tamil speaking audience!the best thing that happened to me was I did "research" into corruption in Indian cricket. Stopped watching cricket… you do not know where to invest and you decide to ask ME, it is clear that you need an adviser. You have the r… - somebody came and spoke to me about a person I know. I told her to re-check her info. THAT is the repu… managers do some random activities. When they do well some Journalist writes about "great strategy". FM sees a… from Equity? via @YouTube are you expecting returns based on past experience… you be a DIY? via @YouTubeFinancial offences? Pay a Small Change, and Carry On via @YouTube I wish i ran a VC...hap… KPS Gill's book. VP Singh was the worst PM we had in terms of internal security, and PVN Rao the best.
Higher growth may get a few votes, but the votes at the bottom of the country depend on other things. Hence no sens… the gov afraid of a big stimulus? A stimulus MAY lead to growth, but it will SURELY lead to inflation - say in 2… is watching IPL different from watching WWF? Indians vs Americans - is that the only difference?How to help your parents? via @YouTube @nagappanv @NaanayamVikatan @pvsubramanyam @SRKoti மற்றும் ராவ் சார் ,குரு சார் ,நாகப்பன் சார் ,சுப்ரமணியன் சார் ம…
Retweeted by @nagappanv @NaanayamVikatan @pvsubramanyam @SRKoti இன்றைய முதலீட்டு திருவிழா நிகழ்ச்சி ஒரு அறிவார்ந்த திருவிழா மா…
Retweeted by @IamRajii Made VK today!!the only way to eliminate crime is to ARREST the powerful player - the user of drugs, the customer of the prostitut… selling when a share comes down is easy - loss aversion helps you. Can you sit tight without buying when the m… Investors and Overconfidence! via @YouTube OVERCONFIDENCE IS ONE OF THE WORST THING… greatest missed opportunity? Well, we used to own a garage, I did not do a start up and take it to Unicorn level!!!!
Vedanta - yesterday we saw the Board of directors - today do look at the list of shareholders - Lic, Icici, Hdfc, S… Vedanta (aka AA) sell its 61% stake in HZL at Rs. 160 per share? I might just be interested. The control prem… Wealth tips via @YouTube @shyamsek as of yesterday, it was still available only at Rs.700 - I had expected it to be lesserThis couple will reach Rs. 100 crores! via @YouTube Rs. 100 crores is not so difficult for this RICH couple!Horrible Saturday. Did 2 training sessions (that's good) but nobody sent me an invite for a music session in the evening!! Happy Weekend!!Market about to crash? via @YouTube IS THE MARKET ABOUT TO CRASH? What a question! this i… is being done to Arnab is nothing but a vicious assault on freedom of expression, free speech, and press freed…
Retweeted by Subramoney.comInflation is the next big threat in your portfolio......Nov, Dec, figures will be stunning. Debt funds will be giving you negative returns. @indian_stockss sold Mindtree, OFSS, sitting on cashthe big spenders on YT video ads are the 'discount' brokerage houses. We need to see a few big brokerage houses DIE… my YouTube videos of 10 min, YT puts almost 10 min of ads including long 5 min ads!! why will people watch? beats me.I love to see the Q on Q mood changes of CEOs of MF. At the launch of an index fund, at the success of a small-cap,… independent directors of Vedanta are doing a disservice to investors by allowing cash flow support to the holdi… Obituary printed in the London Times | Rotary Club of Nunawading true while investing… owners asking for more roads is like your daughter asking you for a new cupboard because YOU bought her too man… is it not hurting our ego that Sri Lanka is twice as rich as us on a per capita basis, has better infra, and to…"Har Ghar Jal" is a magnificent project. Do take in the details - it could be the single biggest achievement perfec… happened at @FTIIndia is not the failure of the FM alone. It is a dramatic failure of the Risk head, Complianc… people who are capable of tearing a balance sheet to shreds and deserve a place on Boards have never been offer… read @kaul_vivek's blog on B'desh vs India, but just think how much our ego was hurt by B getting ahead of us! Do… @Sandeepkhaitan at least the Judges have had a long "professional" life - and suffered the uncertaintiesDear Namo the contempt that the baboo(n)s have for businessmen/industrialists is so shocking that I think you shoul… long ago we used to feel comfortable with a good Board of Directors and a Reputed auditor. Personally, Late HK…
Forget bigger people - even I was offered Rs. X for mentioning a brokerage house and an AMC in my video. Wow, I did… our independent directors open their mouth to eat salted cashew, sandwich, and the lovely lunch we get from K… @bemoneyaware @FreeFinCal The most imp job of an astrologer and a weather analyst is to make the market ANALyst loo… at the number of frauds by brokers, is it not time that the Net Worth requirement for brokers increased to… @pvsubramanyam @kumarsamit The current Independent directors are Lalita Gupte, U K Sinha, K. Venkataraman and M K S…
Retweeted by Subramoney.comI love @hdfcsec - it makes me calm, reduces my expectations, and I realize how it is to deal with God. You need 'Sh… @kumarsamit HR is normally against Financial Literacy and financial independence! You worked in very good companies… must thank @WonderWoman991 ! yesterday she tweeted about Mindtree being at 1600, I sold at 1580. Didn't think it…, Naren, and @Anand_1969 have all built a PSU heavy portfolio. In fine, we have to wait for Namo to do something… minute you know you are in bliss- is the last minute in bliss. Now your mind takes over worrying that you should not come out of it!!by using @amazonIN @reliancejio etc we are sending more kids to unemployment - the kids of grocery store owners. Pa…'t get carried away by SM words like "Friend", "Influencer", "Follower". In real English, they have very differe… @abhijitmajumder I deleted my Facebook account 3 years back for exactly same reason. I was constantly thinking of posts, likes etc
Retweeted by Subramoney.comIn this great addictive game of likes and follows, we forgot to notice that SM has got colonised by Google, Insta,…
Retweeted by Subramoney.comYour Retirement Savings is NOT YOUR ATM!It is scary to see Rs. 40,000 crs withdrawn from Voluntary PF. I am sure 100% of the people did not seek/get respon… companies have a visiting doctor, but even Mutual funds do not have a visiting Investment adviser for their ow… mean CBI launched an attack on Arun Shourie and PMO did not know about that? and that LIC asked 320 for Vedanta…
@AroraPrayas @rvaidya2000 @narendramodi @AmitShah @sgurumurthy oh, so this is seeking revenge for having a different point of view?Why did Narendra Modi allow CBI to register a case against Arun Shourie for the hotel disinvestment approved by ABV… how people want Questionnaires of RIA - and ask me for it. Of course free. So I said go to an RIA, pay fees… amount of money that I have spent on any APPLE product is NIL. Is that shameful?We are growing at 3% over the past few years (Covid is -10%). We are turning more Protectionists. Oh! we are Right… @BUSlNESSBARISTA ok Brother!! Lol @sumit0409 sir koi hint de rahe ho kya? aap ka baap to baapon ka baap hai :-)How funny that people whose life depended on Regular plans (still does for some of them) are now swearing by Direct… thought they were too famous so did not tell you that this includes a Sebi Chairman, Ceo of LnT, Bossman at Tata… #Fundamentalanalysis is to look at the quality of the Board of directors. So here it is #Vedanta Board - U… all know that @nsitharamanoffc agreed to this borrowing of 1.1 L crores for on lending to the state gov BECAUSE…