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emi ☁️🐶 @pwuppygf ꒰ i: quiss_ ♡ b: tutsucha

chaotic cumfy dog vtuber! @twitch @streamelements partner ꒰˘⌣˘๑꒱♡ ꒰ママ / パパ꒱ @chiipaws @muffimuffy ꒰tags꒱ #emillust #emilewd ꒰contact꒱

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@zentreya yeahI'M SUPPOSED TO STREAM POKEMON BUT ALL I WANT TO DO IS MINECRAFT @zentreya hey 😏 @catboymech yeah. @Fugiman bangerwhen your vtuber parent gets into nfts
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶 @PTeshMate LMFAOSea Anemone || @pwuppygf #Vtubers #ENVtubers
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶 @mythicsights amazon, aliexpress, shein, anibiu @chibidokii WHAT @AmarisYuri me too its ok AHAHA @ShibaKore UR SO CUTEEEE OH YM GOSH @ShibaKore wait @AmarisYuri U ARE SO SMALL
I GOT SHADERS WORKING !!! today tho i'm streaming in 5 minutes LOLupdated schedule !!! sorry ! @awaisisstupid UR cozy and nice :)im having such a hard time sticking to my schedule cuz i'm hyperfixating on minecraft again 💀minecraft 1.18 has shaders now and i wanna stream it so badly TT what if i played pokemon tmrw... @BriAtCookiebox i get both... if u want to keep having dairy, get lactose free milk for everyday stuff, and lactai… @BriAtCookiebox how do u get sick stomach issues is intolerant sore throat is allergy
MMM MINECRAFT UPDATE stream at 3:30 instead of 6 bc mmm minecraftegg vtuber named tammy tammyagoegghelp all i want to do today is play minecwaf @zentreya love you zen ):STREAM LATER
@k4iley i think it depends on the driver, some do, some don'tWe've updated our careers page and always have new job openings, so if have the relevant skills and enjoy working r…
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶hopefully they actually help tho 💀helo friends just letting u all know that i just got prescribed new medication so if i seem a little off these next… FOR NOV 29 - DEC 5TH ☁️ 🐶 ☁️ made for @pwuppygf cute dog Vtuber <3 Sleepy doggy need a nap. Give pats ☁️🐶 Thank you! #emillust
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶 @IdealGothGF @Quiss_ ISN'T IT I'M LOSING MY MINDwhat do u mean u aren't going to give me crabs
doodled my doggie 🧡
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶 @Susu_jpg yeah, if i search ur @ it doesn't show up either @Susu_jpg @TwitterSupport most likely, you're shadow banned TT @PorcelainMaid hie @kamikokana hi 👉👈 @ironmouse i once streamed 18 times in a row (":alarms are a form of discrimination against girls who are so sleepy
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶nvm i canceled the 12pm stream but i'll stream the collab later morning..... i am sleeby stream in 2.5 hours and then collab at 8pm tonight![BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!] Ive decided to host a CRAB GAME COLLAB! And its happening TOMORROW THE 28TH AT 8pm MTN!! (10pm…
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶
@kureijiollie @verified VOUCH40 VTUBERS PLAY CRAB GAME
@Dannyvdheide no???????? @vipirius i feel u TT glad its worked out for u so far ! @hiyowori @hiyowori did u follow the new holoJP dog @vipirius i use custom BGM but i do miss when it was easy for everyone to just play whatever they wanted i've hear… enough this is the same reason i want a breast reduction IRLmy OG model's bust is realistic to me irl but then i got tired of all the mommy comments nd the over sexualization… we might be streaming crab game today instead of pokemon diamond but we'll see lol twitch did what tiktok does, it would be HUGE for the platform @GodessBot not really, some people have gotten DMCA'd live @Ayako_VT LMFAO"oh wow you listen to (artist) too??? they're my favourite (artist!)" miss those days (":i miss the 2018~ twitch era where everyone just listened to their favourite music on stream. i always felt like it… @vipirius banger @poorIighting ily!!!i slept so long i am v tiredhelO if u wanna help get christmas gifts for my family u can do so here !!! @poorIighting ur style inspires me sm ngl @DisguisedToast HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! u look my age and that's insane u aged like fine wine 💗 @UsVtuber cwimmischwismas
@annytf anny !!! this is so cute oh my gosh @imane i like any valorant streams :D just depends on if u want to talk to chat easier @chibidokii oh no D:happy thanksgiving something something stuff me something something turkey idk just give me the engagement im too tired @plantkuroba UR SO HOT??? SOMEONE NEEDS TO WIFE U UP @failb8 @chibidokii THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT @Gabriel03156841 food :D @domoariga2 to be fair, when i toggle pout, i also pout irl @chibidokii have u listened to head empty musichappy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it !!! i'm so thankful for you all, thank you so much for changing my life 💗my younger brothers unplugged the internet. rly angry gna take the night off ✌️ still no internet btw
pokemon :D @zentreya I'M SO EXCITED ZEN!!!!!!!stream in 1 hour ! it'll probably be on the shorter side, i'm really sleepy today ):i like keeping vtuber > irl separate but sometimes i wish i didn'ti like being vtuber but sometimes i wish i could do irl content too (": but now i'm too shyi just need to upload tiktoks before my stream TTi'm not able to make clips rn, is anyone else having issues? it takes me to about:blank (: @theGunrun u guys have gotten so much done so quickly, insanely impressed 🙏 can't wait to see what year 2 brings us @VShojoOfficial LETS GOOOOOOOOOO can't believe it's been a year already 💗🥳 Today officially marks the 1 Year Anniversary of VShojo! 🎉 We appreciate all of the support you've given to us a…
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶live2d creators who put out free tutorials / resources so others can learn, you're doing gods work 🙏 @chibidokii i love u sm 💕💕💕 @chibidokii i'm so glad i met you last year and told you to start streaming. seeing how successful u have become in… @hiyowori yeah. @AmarisYuri LETS GOOOO @AmarisYuri <333 @zentreya NEW MODEL?Come by and watch us play Crab Game!🔴Live now! @amarisyuri @pwuppygf @vanafrey @mirupii @ophan_alrien @cptcam_vt
Retweeted by emi ☁️🐶CRAB GAMING !!! come watch a bunch of vtubers become crabs!