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P*R*G*N @PxraFPSx3 Tryna Be A Legend ☔︎

✧ Advanced PC Tweaker ✧ State Certified IT Professional ✧ Worked With @Bugha @FaZeBizzle @DeyyFN @G2LeTsHe @Arkhram1x @Avery_FN and More ✧ DM For 35$ Servicing

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@SpaydeOT Yerrrrrr, I’m your guy @PhysicBtw @maxwyddd Sheeeeesh @HajieFN :/ @breadfn_ @fnleo_ @ChuckyWFN Are chucky and Zucky related?? @Gaannzo Rip bro @iigio_ @emmmakor They don’t want you 😭 @flamingbtw Yo @PaperclipXCII ???
@Jarekor_ @vohlii Let your mother know that you shouldn’t have internet privileges @MiddiFPS @MooseGGsFN going to have some fire clips @bIockzer Network reset in search bar @Gaannzo @Furiouss Vibes are low for Gaannzo rn @Eclipsae @ryswtf XPRT Eclipsaenegative input delay ty so much @PxraFPSx3 HARD VOUCH
Retweeted by P*R*G*NVouch @PxraFPSx3 God Tweaks Vouch 100% Legit
Retweeted by P*R*G*NAlso @MythicalVFX Is the GOD EDITOR. Can literally do anything @wtfsight Lmk how it worksSent out around 20 links. Going to do it again later this week. Also if I see you regularly interacting with my twe… @MitcheIl7 yes @TwitchAv Check display Cables and make sure monitor is hooked in correctlyGO GO GO GO GO. Twitter @ and ill dm 5-10 PPL 🕵️ @MiddiFPS This song go hard tho cant lie @zdrmhs @magycgg 😂 😂 😂 @Frystsama Post the SS of the convo @Elitey7K @breadfn_ Your selling so bad. The delay is awful @breadfn_ Went from 144hz to 280hz and it’s the worst idea ever. 144-165hz is the best option cuz when endgame lag… @Cented7 Dude lay on your back. Hold you breath but keep opening your mouth and moving air down your throat without… @Gaannzo BROOO I WAS JUST WATCHING HIS SUPER OLD ONES
@CrmznFN @2dTiki @dylannxFN @Mechton Check discshoutout @PxraFPSx3 bro just got my pc feeling crispy ong
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @dylannxFN @Mechton Bruh @igdropz Bro did them takis like this out @PxraFPSx3 for the pc optimization, my game feels really smooth and my fps is more consistent, also lower…
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @CynixSZN LMFAO WOW @LurkinAB @faisal4dirisu @1PBrady Thats not true. Stock windows Values on a Fresh Windows Reinstall is worse @Laiys_ @Tundvra Sumn else @J1ngfn Hard carried @DrumDaBeat @Faded_ he needs to dm @TheTulantro Hes got the god fix @favsfn Whats up Daddy Favs. I can help :) @PaperclipXCII I been commenting under all your posts for months for a fb smh2,000 FOLLOWERS IN 1 MONTH 🤩 YOU GUYS ARE LEGIT CRAZYYYYYY. I IVE GOTTEN BACK 10X WHAT I THOUGHT I LOST. BEST FOLL… @12amCurons @bhronosFN ❤️ @bhronosFN @Dety0 @hntrrfishy @Cented7 @CatGamerOP Yo @judi1x @asidevfx Her @judi1x @asidevfx You don’t 😂 it’s just your turn @judi1x @asidevfx Dude you GET NONE @soIitxa @ZitoFN_ ZITO IN THEM CHEEKS LIKE: @cooper_fnbr Why you laughing 😂 bro was hurt @clarityg_ @RogueShark @HazThaGreat Quick bag @Cloudeddddd Bro what the heck were you on. Dude just flicked and teleported up a layer
@Excvsess @OpalFN_ @TheTulantro Dang bro. Ily ♥️ one of my few close friends in the comYou guys r the best bro. My service is actually one of the best and safest out right now. I literally lost my accou… @inferno1x Lol, with my paid services I could easy get you 1000 @inferno1x what were u at before?FOR FREE?!?!?!?!?!!? w/ no delay @PxraFPSx3
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @scrapzfn LMFAOOO BRO WASNT KIDDING @scrapzfn WHat was his "Thing: @Tundvra Worked Good?bro @PxraFPSx3 really just let me get 7 ping and 500 fps in creative for free
Retweeted by P*R*G*Nily @PxraFPSx3 god pack (only 4 files btw)
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @PxraFPSx3 biggest vouch. gettin less in the ss cuz i took a ss lol but Im getting 10-0 ping and 220 fps
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @PxraFPSx3 the best in the game no cap mf is insane
Retweeted by P*R*G*NBIG VOUCH @PxraFPSx3 Used to have 20+ input delay
Retweeted by P*R*G*Nbro @PxraFPSx3 is the best posted a free pc tweak and madem y game so much better biiiig vouch
Retweeted by P*R*G*N @Edgeyy EDGEY BRO WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOINNN @Pulsyz_ Lets hope people arent weird lol @spiritzszn @DeyyFN Ikr, He sleeping on it @G2pyth Yo shoot me a DM. I can help with all FPS Issues :) @PxlarizedFN @HajieFN Charge Creeper with Lightning enchant on the bow and Fishing hook that boy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @PxlarizedFN @HajieFN Mfs are a pain, But idiots never watered there floors so we usually just tunneled and reverse… @PxlarizedFN @HajieFN Mf prolly used Schematica and Printer @VasFNBR @HajieFN jartexnetwork CosmicPVP @PxlarizedFN @HajieFN Mums I could build a Lein Archer in 15 mins flat and split a base @HajieFN Dude I used to play Factions Competitively. Most mental taxing game lol my sleep schedule was cruced. but… @spyqt_ @0Balty @codiwyd YOUR SUS @codiwyd Dude is getting that NECK @DeyyFN ENDLESSS DEYYSTRUCTION @Gaannzo @Vexzcy ♥️ @ShiinaBR @FNinformation INFANTRY RIFLEEEEE @Mongraal TAP INNNNN @jojiFN gz joji @yslgxge Ong @clarityg_ Dude go to sleep 😂 @StrockCSGO @x1lly @FreeCloak @AdamxYouTube @FreeCloak @x1lly @AdamxYouTube Dety0 is the best @kyrhha @Sparebow Bro I just got on a schedule and meal prepped for the week. Got my protein powder. I’m going in t… @kyrhha @Sparebow Ok I might sound crazy. But I ordered some joint support vitamins the other week for knuckles and… @kyrhha @Sparebow Bro I swear I play so much better if I skip a day of playing @Grmlnn @x1lly @afhos999 @BrimzyFN Simply the best @excelvfx @LiquefyFN @ballerfnbr @WolfyFN_ @Tahifn @Porouslol BRO ITS SO CRINGE 😂 @x1lly 🤣 @ZitoFN_ @code_abe Pause @clarityg_ @RogueShark We running it or what 😩😩🥵😈 ?? @_gianfn LOL
@Ved_fn You wish @urielrdgzz @bhronosFN 18 @bhronosFN And I graduated culinary and IT school so I can bring you breakfast in bed if you want @bhronosFN I’m down bhronos. I can put 6-7k a month to rent find us a spot