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PyCon India @pyconindia Chennai, India

Oct 12-13: Conference 🎙️| Oct 14: Workshops 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 | Oct 14-15: Devsprints 👟 #PyConIndia2019

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That's so apt, I have been to numerous tech conferences but community run Pycon conferences have been among the bes…
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If you play the game of iterators you yield, or you raise StopIteration. @jakevdp & @dabeaz talking about... Idk…
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A little late to post this. Our talk @pyconindia is here. @anishaswain
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In my keynote at @PyConIndia, I talked about how "simple" UIs are often just leaky abstractions. Autocat by…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThe talk schedule is out, check it out here - #PyConfHyd #PyConfHyd cc @PyDelhi
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I have penned down my experience with @pyconindia at Pycon was my first ever conference as…
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Being a reviewer for @pyconindia this year and going through all these amazing proposals was quite an experience! T…
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Thank You, @Punitbatra6 for sharing your reflections on your @pyconindia 2019 in Chennai
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Delighted to share my talk on "Solving Industrial Problems with machine learning" at @pyconindia 2019. Thanking ev…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMy Tech talk at @pyconindia on ML models and Dataset versioning
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia Thank you all volunteers for your work post conference too, to make these available.
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThe video of my keynote on #womenintech at #PyConIndia2019 is now up at Thanks again, @pyconindia !
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThank you for the thank-you note @pyconindia ^_^ You guys spent a great deal more time doing all the heavy liftin…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHey @pyconindia thanks for the thank you note. It was great to be part of the review process. Also, gracias mi amig…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaI had such an amazing experience being a Reviewer for @pyconindia this year for the ML category. I was blown away b…
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My @pyconindia talk on @indic_nlp is live. Do share your feedbacks. @kamalkanakaraj @paarulakan
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThe @pyconindia talks are here!! My personal favorites that I insist you check out too - a) ML Bias - AbdulMajed…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHere's the video of my @PyConIndia keynote 🐍⚡ In "Let Them Write Code" I talk about our philosophy for building d…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHad a great time in Chennai for @PyConIndia – thanks for having me! I spoke about our ongoing spacy-transformers wo…
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So if you are trying to find my Lightening talk in @pyconindia videos it is not there. But worry not I have an h…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaVideo from @pyconindia has gone online. Catch my closing keynote in which I implement a simple WebAssembly interpre…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThis talk was the highlight for me from @pyconindia 2019! Using @blender_org to do "virtual surgery". Dr. Akilesh R…
Retweeted by PyCon India @shrayasr @stonecharioteer videos are available from #Python #PyConIndia2019
Credit: IshaanThank you for sharing your experience about @pyconindia 2019. You have put nicely what to expect from a conference…
We are glad to announce the list of selected workshops for #PyConfHyd2019, do check out the list here -…
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As you all know, @pyconfhyd is happening on 7th-8th December. Though to make event success we are still looking for…
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We are glad to announce our second Keynote Speaker of #PyConfHyd 2019 - Zainab Bawa @zainabbawa. She is the Founder…
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Thank you @pyconindia 😍❤️
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Penned down my experience yet again with @pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMy notes on #pyconindia2019
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Event report from @pyconindia 2019:
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Thank you to the volunteers that made #PyConIndia2019 a success! #Xapo was a proud sponsor of the event and the d…
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Our poster at @pyconindia '19 It was an amazing experience meeting various like minded people and spreading the wo…
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I wrote my first medium article on the Pycon19 event that i had attended recently at Chennai. Hope you guys like it…
Retweeted by PyCon Indiathis is a place you don't want to come, but when you come, you don't want to leave. Incurable !ndia, incurable…
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia Thank you for the opportunity at #PyCon2019 We have more in the stores until next iteration. #a11y
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Great experience doing both talk and workshop at PyCon.. PyCon India 2019 is one of the best conferences I have at…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHey PyLadies chapters in India, We've created a group for all the PyLadies chapter organizers after the recent mee…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaRepresented I-STEM at #PyConIndia2019 Catch the action at @pyconindia #a11y #overwhelming #pycon
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaI announced my first open source project at PyCon India 2019. (A web based conference mana…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaReally silent conf & wider inclusiveness made me feel superb to be part of @pyconindia community. 🐍
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThis was my first Pycon. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Thank you Pycon Team for making this happen. Most importantl…
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@pyconindia / mandatory picture :)
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It was a really great time at @pyconindia, here are some photos that I captured: See you all next year :)
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMet Keynote Speaker @_inesmontani Founder of @explosion_ai Keynote: Let Them Write Code Loved those glitchy title…
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia was a great Experience. From networking and goodies in the conference, meeting some great speakers…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaDevsprints @pyconindia were amazing! Good to know y'all.
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaI was live watching that talk, that furious, flawless and expert coding left me with an aftershock. Thanks for bei…
Retweeted by PyCon India @dabeaz It was an honour meeting you. The keynote and the workshop were rad. @pyconindia thanks for making this a great learning experience
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThanks to everyone at #PyConIndia2019 for an incredible conference - I was so impressed by the welcome & enthusiasm…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaBye bye chennai, it's been amazing 4 days here. Thanks @pyconindia team for being such energetic to welcome us as v…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAwesome organization by @pyconindia . Thank you very much for hosting this year at Chennai.
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAll good things must come to an end @pyconindia. Had a great time talking about @numba_jit, a surprise meeting with…
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia We complete pycon conference and 2 great news happen! 🐍🌟 pypi just crossed the…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaClosing Keynote, PyCon India 2019. Screencast.
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Housefull blockbuster workshop by the one and only @dabeaz ! @pyconindia #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon India9 months after the idea was sown, the execution ended. As the curtains are drawn on yet another edition of PyCon, w… last 24 hours, 13 Pull requests merged by 12 people 13 authors have pushed 16 commits to master There have been…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaGreat response on the second day of @indic_nlp Devsprint. @pyconindia #indicnlp
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaI swear Rahul chose the only photo I wasn't smiling in. Devsprints at @pyconindia were awesome! Thanks y'all for c…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaPeople are making amazing things with Python. Met lot of like minded people at @pyconindia. It was really a great e…
Retweeted by PyCon India#pythonpune at #PyConIndia2019 @100rabhdeshmukh @yudocaa @_bhavin192 @AkshayG196 @Amolkahat @pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAnd that's a wrap for the devsprints! Glad I could mentor a bunch of people and get them set up to contribute to Pa…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaI'm grateful for everyone who has been a part of PyCon India this year. Everyone has been amiable, welcoming, and j…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAgreed! @pyconindia was lit AF! Going to have a really bad conference hangover soon :(
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThanks @pyconindia we had a great time #Pyjamas from Pramati #ComfortCoding #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon Indiaa quick wrap-up of my time at @pyconindia!
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMe with @pradyunsg @pyconindia Thank you Pradyun for helping all of us lazy lads at the devsprints! #fanboy movem…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaWhen you feed is filled with @pyconindia tags and retweets, you just can't get over it. 😆 This year's @pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThanks @honnibal and @_inesmontani for the autograph. #PyConIndia2019 @pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon India @PydataPune poster presentation at @pyconindia #Chennai 😍🤟🤠🏍️
Retweeted by PyCon India @StalwartCoder on stage!! #pyconindia #pycon19
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaWhen like minded people get together it gets more interesting to work with and that's how the sponsorship efforts h…
Retweeted by PyCon India @gokul0369 👌 for masses gives satisfaction, that's exactly what I felt in @gokul0369's lightning talk on mapping Che…
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia re-live Pycon #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHere's my experience at my second Pycon: This is also a thank you note to whole of the…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaDay 2 dev sprint grateful to get the opportunity to present my poster on AI Bias at @pyconindia this year in Chennai!
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyladieschennai at @pyconindia #chennai 2019 contributing to pycon event.
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaLife is a series of building, testing, changing and iterating. So keep building, testing, changing and iterating…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMet a well-rounded developer and passionate programmer @_inesmontani who is a keynote speaker at @pyconindia 2019 a…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaGreat to meet such lovely Mentors at speed mentoring by @pyladies. @geeky_bhavani gave a good idea regarding commun…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaMy poster on Onion routing at @pyconindia 2019! #Tor #onionrouting #pycon #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon India. @skeptichacker presenting @configure__make. A NLP Twitter Bot which tweets news @pyconindia #OpenSpace
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaHere are the slides from my @PyConIndia keynote ✨🐍 (The talk was recorded, so there should be a video up sometime s…
Retweeted by PyCon India.@dabeaz live coding at @PyConIndia 🤓🤟
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaThe real python magic show is live at @pyconindia. @dabeaz is driving everyone crazy.
Retweeted by PyCon India @dabeaz How Python interacts with machine. #keynote @pyconindia #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaFull house for David Beazley's(@dabeaz) closing keynote @pyconindia I smell compilers 😍 #PyConIndia2019
Retweeted by PyCon India @dabeaz making a Rockstar entrance at @pyconindia ! 🥳🔥 #PyConIndia2019 #pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon India#pyladies @pyconindia
Retweeted by PyCon India @pyconindia was awesome.. Even keynote @dabeaz can’t refuse to take selfi.
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAbsolutely amazing. Great conference, learnt so much. Hope to see you folks again next year. @pyconindia ❤️
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaWhat a thrilling keynote by @dabeaz. This is how you do keynotes if you are a hard core. Long way to go for python.…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaAmazing experience co-presenting at @pyconindia 2019 with @ashisa_ & interacting with participants on how Microsof…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaWe had taken a slot to share with the people about the @PyData and its mission. It was an absolute honour being at…
Retweeted by PyCon IndiaSecond day for GUVI @pyconindia going energetic
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