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gods gift to counterstrike. @teamliquid fan. I have the best friends.

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Been struggling with depression and a lack of motivation to do the things i want to do, im taking a break from twit… shit knows me too well @MrMooseMann MOOSE MAKING MONEY MOVES @MrMooseMann 🙏 @MrMooseMann GOATED BAAAAAAH @Fraqzy_ I love you bro, keep going.
@RyanAtRBM @Nefos_tweets @ennpeecs and while a few idiots got very rich off of this, many dipshits who maxed out th… @vanitycsgo saving this one for when you win a major 🙏You won't be able to follow the road ahead of you're too busy mapping the track behind. @leaf_cs XITER XITER JAJAJAJALMFAOOOOOOo 10 MINUTES MY ASS
@mac1_val @SeekerValorant THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT, WORTH UR MONEY TBH @JhbTeam @pokimanelol
@vanitycsgo TIME TO COME BACK Q FACEIT WITH ME BIG HOSSwhen pros go sicko mode (oSee insane flicks) OMG S1MPLE DID WHAT!
Retweeted by Pyreonsoon is really a funny concept cause i have 4 hours of recordings to go through apparently so maybe soon is like a… video hopefully soon, this one is gonna be the same quality but 10 minutes long @priusOBS @launders if he puts you on there i better be up there first @bristollawyer @launders might i suggest @SeriousFunCamps , they work closely with @NewmansOwnFdn to provide life c… @DonHaci If you read the article they're saying that 3:2 and 16:10 is better 🤮The news about Larry King really got to me, I was hoping at least to have a conversation with him at some point in… @MrMooseMann @Fraqzy_ oshawott had my back till i picked up a ridiculous beartic who carried my teamWHY ARE THEY TAKING ALL OF THE FUNNY PEOPLE OFF OF TWITTER WTF @1kami__ @ariessqc couldnt be me i dont talk to women @ariessqc stop subtweeting me jesus christ
STARTING GAMING ON THE @ESEA PLATFORM COME WATCH @vanitycsgo announce the team already weebGuess you're a boomer now loser happy birthday @ariessqcI fucking hate the metagaming poopsocking analytical trying to squeeze 1% more out of something type of people. Jus…
@FJXSU thoughts? were single digits till end of second half btwwhats up with me dropping 40 in pugs @R1FTT_ 11 cause id get a 3k and we'd majestically lose the round @TurnzCS NICE ONE IMAGINE WINNING KEKWGot 1 follower, rigged system bullshit game @god FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO
STARTING MY FIVE HOUR STREAM FOR 5 FOLLOWERS. ITS A FAIR DEAL I THINK. @KaleiRenay @Nadeshot i buy merch if you sign Kalei @marshmellow735 @jamesbardolph @discord then they probably sent the message then left the server automatically. Als… @MrMooseMann put me in coach @jamesbardolph @discord check your mutual servers and alert the mods, its probably either the ESEA or ESL server as… @ariessqc My b @hotelious FINALLY PLAYABLE AND LIQUID WINNING ON THE SAME DAY? HOLY FUCK ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE @CurtisJanzen ???? @JoshNissan still havent voted for my team using my link huh? fake friends all around i guess @Fraqzy_ stop chasing hoes chase some dubsI will now tweet something that will irreparably damage my reputation for years to comesomethin broke huh @jack rn, can confidently say that this video might go up within our lifetimes. @alexismarieNY cant be stopped huh
@SPUNJ @priusOBS calls me a "fucking nerd" for using them in 1v1s and im guessing thats the general consensusBeen really enjoying the streams recently. I'm gonna be live on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20TH Streaming for 5 hours st…
@priusOBS @launders prius googling honda ironic @jxy_cs BM @jxy_cs @vanitycsgo @launders Jack of all trades master of none @launders @aizyesque I wouldnt criticize the dieting method, only tell you that you have to be extremely careful when reintro… @vanitycsgo Monkey. Monkey? Monkey. @nickhaldenTV wanna q esea @PowerTaleCSGO just got in 1 sadlyBACK GAMING MORE PROBABLY TILL MIDNIGHT???
Tired of pretending to be someone who im not. Im pyreon. I'm less than okay at videogames, but im putting in the wo… @jxy_cs yeah those pugs are fun @KamiRetard @awhnutss keepin it pg for the kids involved 🙏 @awhnutss If you don't shut the duck up 😸 I'm not gon have nice things to say 🖕😼 @vanitycsgo Im not there all the time but when i am its entertaining as fuck. top 1 na soon??? @Asunaa you're fucking crazy bro
@CurtisJanzen if only i had the willpower @GizzleCS @_AKASOR @CanskyCS holy shit these are awful @jxy_cs @wtfhails nbgee12: why are you lauhging nbgee12: im a demonFuck midterms. Will be back soon. @ramuelcs @jxy_cs @ESLCS RAMUELLLLLL carry my dumbass @Fraqzy_ @nbgee12 this guy is stewie2k i think! @Fraqzy_ This just bumped you up a tier on the list.#mogulmoves am i right @LudwigAhgreni have a problem
@jxy_cs dm me. lets build a LEVIATHAN. @jxy_cs WOULDNT KNOW 🤣 @ariessqc love u quinn @RyanAtRBM time is an illusion october is tomorrow @abelinasabrina im the biggest fucking weeb on this earth then
the good thing about there being a major is that astralis are most likely gonna throw events left and right until o… @smooyacs 5'9" AND 145 POUNDS LETS GO @KamiRetard make me bitch @ariessqc WE LOVE TO SEE IT QUINNIFERok hear me out, nitr0 for gr1m and twistzz for fallen dont sound like good moves at all, but nitr0 for fallen and… @DevinNash @REALMizkif @pokelawls @hasanthehun This is my favorite photo on the internetDay "11": GAMER MOMENTS 10: fuck yeah bro!!! you 5 stack in valorant ranked im NOT saying i want a boulder to fucking crush you im just saying maybe look up every once in a while.
@GizzleCS didnt someone call in a bomb threat and they just kept playing anyways