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@dysflexiaa And the worst music @IngramWRLD @JUICEMANx2 😭😭😭😭 @IngramWRLD @JUICEMANx2 He tweeted 30 mins ago @poodigy @perkiesss This a lob chat sub @JUICEMANx2 😫🥰 @poodigy 😭😭life too hard man @IngramWRLD Onganimals be 15 minutes old and already know what to do
pennywise ain’t shit I swallow kids too @liImamba @masturbvtor @JUICEMANx2 Lol. @masturbvtor @liImamba @JUICEMANx2 is why i truly cant stand when i see niggas on the tl calling america the greatest country or defending it. th…
Retweeted by Pyrex🦉 @kadenysl U got 300 followers u goodgirls will call you childish for playing video games then sit in front of a mirror and paint their face like a 2 year old @kingamzz Lmfaoooooooo @kingchxppa_ @UziUber @k2spritebeans @fbgwayne @poodigy @gilbertcartier @fxvviii #delete @bobbychace03 @sIimesonIy Oh Lmfaooo that’s how I got the meme lol @bobbychace03 @sIimesonIy ? @DiorMoveMilly Why you got so many masks? @itssskittyyy My fault @killdremo 💀💀💀 @overtimemary Cbm @v8nti @hoodoperator ?what @hoodoperator Nicki Minaj twerk @v8nti @hoodoperator This cap @9fearz U threatening someone @9fearz You’ll get suspended @caxncelled @BarbzCPS @sIimesonIy Lol. @NICKISWOO @MainRapGirl @tlicevans Yesif a bad bitch follows me i tweet some gay shit so she knows how i’m rocking @flawlessjazlyn You used to call me on my cell phone ? @nixkohlus Eat your cat @flackoyee @flawlessjazlyn I need a one dance got a Hennessy in my hand @yougayasf @UziUber @poodigy @k2spritebeans @fbgwayne That dude too funny @sIimesonIy This might blow up, follow me for more bangers 💯 @UziUber @poodigy @k2spritebeans @yougayasf @fbgwayne @flackoyee After lobbing your meat in da gc? @fbgwayne Fr metro under appreciated idc, we need a statue of that nigga in every school @drippybebop @yougayasf Relacks bro @yougayasf Lol. @yougayasf LMFAOOOOOOOO I feel you @caxncelled @sIimesonIy Come back with a better joke fr😭💀take a pic of a nigga wearing a Vlone tee from the front and he gonna be turned to the back in the picture @yougayasf Fr @soIdoutdates Nicki was that bitch back in da day @soIdoutdates Bro I just watched it in awe @arrogantjake @poodigy Yes @poodigy Ong @arrogantjake @poodigy @kingchxppa_ Mid asl and it was too long @sIimesonIy @jozuintern Ong I need new Twitter honeys I’ve been seeing the same ones @poodigy @UziUber @k2spritebeans @gilbertcartier ❤️💅 @PainAndPoverty I watch mainstream porn so I can’t relateNICKI MINAJ AS AMONG US CHARACTERS A thread:
Retweeted by Pyrex🦉 @snootid This the real corn? @spritept1 @JdcKingz15 @PDE_Glo Lmfaoooooooo @JdcKingz15 @PDE_Glo @PDE_Glo Reminder that youngboy still trash tho @lisandraacrn @Drake 😏 @SpinYoBlock My gee❤️ @gwuapperr @SpinYoBlock U Nigerian? @yougayasf I acc like British accents @gwuapperr Shit was published in 2017 @gwuapperr Ight bro @gwuapperr Those are old white guy shoes @SippingOnRed @yougayasf U right @gwuapperr Take a pic of the jet then @overtimemary Nah @yougayasf Dude was wrong twice @fbgwayne Lmfaoooooooo @gwuapperr Lying ass @BrownNuisance I know the females ate that tweet up, that’s what they like to hear @BrownNuisance Dude weird @SpinYoBlock Tf is wrong with you niqqas? @k2spritebeans @Jforbest2 Big L frturn on notifications for later ✅
Retweeted by Pyrex🦉 @soIdoutdates you been beating your meat from a young age? @ItsNotJobeyy Cause I was angry @ItsNotJobeyy Why you have that in your phone? @ItsNotJobeyy Y’all be easy @ItsNotJobeyy God doesn’t know you niqqa @BrokeBoyFitz Lmfaoooooooo @WannaBeReeceSr Aren’t you the great googly moogly niqqa? @liImamba Yessir @raychaseyt Fr @JUICEMANx2 I knew she was a tranny off rip @JUICEMANx2 Just say u gay bro @cloutdadddy Bruh @brysontiller This is how you do a deluxe @sammichsucks Just kick it @JUICEMANx2 In naruto I would ex every niqqa that beat me in his sleep fr @ItsNotJobeyy I knew they would, so I said fuck it @joshxheavenly_ had a threesome i just needed two more niggas @JUICEMANx2 My bad bro