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casual coser. makes jewelry💍 sometimes i RT nsfw so please follow ONLY if 20⬆️

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rip thea white you legend x
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @organic_song skkfjfjs omg literally how can she not?!? btw did u ever see the really bad chirstmas spock thats on…
@organic_song yea omg 😭 it was so janky but iconic and the same time 🥲 rip an era @mczub IM YELLINGsometimes you miss the old, free days #原神 #GenshinImpact #xiaoven
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)catching up with one piece on the jump app, and these are some of my fav things that are happening rn 🥺 (especially… @JWNTjwnt wait omg i just realized its more that shirts 👀✨ im gonna get a hoodie💖💖💖 @JWNTjwnt omg i want the pink one 😳💖 @tunaberru uwu !!!! luna so cute蛍綾
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Casual/modern venti ❤️‍🔥 I had to keep reminding myself to smile for these 😮‍💨 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @hakukaze_ OHHH MY GODDDD OH!!!! MY!!!! GOD!!! haku as venti 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖🥺✨✨🥺✨🥺💖💖💖💖 yellinggggg🦊🦝
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @cobysoftco merch and a kofi !its up?
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @mickeyrikus omg howd it go 👁👁✨august patreon wallpaper 🍈 available here:
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)仕事しよ。 #天然害虫バスターズ
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Ramen capybaras🍜
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)what is a pochita
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @belbelahbui 😮 omg 😳i will highly consider 👀thinking about her again
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @belbelahbui holy shit 😳😳😳 @rottenmei please😭 id die if he was 😳😳😳 @peachfrosty im hopping on genshin rn, come for the weed if u need skkfkfkf @hyp_e to be fair i also have not seen it yet shfkfksjdh😭 but im glad u are enjoying lucy liu 🥺💖 shes an icon
growing my hair out not in a feminine way but in a victorian vampire 18th century noble elf king forlorn son of fea…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @hetchrome i have not logged in for so long dhfkkdks but here is my little meow meow :3 @hetchrome i love ur meow meow 🥺😘💖 @kiwimemer what is it? it looks good ^q^ @pixlotl happy bday bestie !!! hahaha :3 💖 @peachfrosty ill dm u when im on too!doordash workers are going on strike today (july 31st, 2021). they’re demanding tip transparency and a base pay of…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)what if u had kazunya nyalbedo and nyao waiting for u when u go home
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @peachfrosty yea come take them!
@maruti_bitamin these are super cute! please tell me the filling is the mochi mochi soft kind cause they would be absolutely perfect 🥺love this gay as hell straw that came with my drink 🥺 another round of recruitment for my dissertation study so please circulate widely! We're examining mental hea…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)🎀🥳안산 선수 금메달 삼관왕🥇🥇🥇
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)these beetles are on a date asked my friend if I should post more Maki and she said “feed the people” so here you go 😫😌 #JujutsuKaisen
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)aether and his lil kitsune mask and him humming a lil tune 🥺💖 my little aether meow meow 😭😭😭💖 kamisato….i know we r friends but walk any slower and we will miss the rest of the festival 😭😫 saw a man so beautiful he cried #albether
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)안산 선수 너무 응원합니다.
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Again for NSFW commission announcement, I will also be taking 3 slots on my Patreon this Sunday 😊 Only doing sketch…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)\@LunarCon2021/ I'm going to be a part of the artist alley this weekend! I'll be selling merch and taking limited…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)OMFG @han_tani2 i know blue flavored things usually taste like tropical chaos garbage but id still want to try just cause the color 😭😭😭🍰
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)🥂 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @somecasualtees how is this even real 😭😫 please say its fakeThis webpage dispels some appropriation & myths Donate to help their current project of mov…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)since twilight is hot again remember the Quileute tribe received $0 from the franchise -even though their culture i…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @bokchoysimp oh gross wtf 😫💦
@bokchoysimp ah can i ask what this person did 😰a little of happiness in my lap 🥺 i love my doggies first u.s. tour thrilled to share the stage with @bobdylansmells and @likerealproper two bands we fucking adore…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)“The first non-binary they/them pronoun in Mandarin: This is a combination of the character 无 (none) 他 (he) and 她 (…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @PLAYGROUND1997 oh gosh i have been out of the lolita loop for so long, hmmm maybe its classic ? i used to be reall… @JWNTjwnt love u jwen !!! have the bestest of times once its safe😘✨🎂🎂🎂this is sour cream!!! 😖🧅🍃
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @norimin16 i would give them everything 🥺 @PLAYGROUND1997 i bet youll look amazing! share with us your fit pics if u do~ 😳✨ @JWNTjwnt jwen! happy birthday 💖💖✨💖✨💖🥳🥳🥳🥳🎂🎂🎂✨ i hope u have a wonderful day today~ eat all you favorite foods and s…’s the new barista??? #genshinimpact #aebedo #原神
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @bigandchewy omgggg i got u! i just started up playing hades again too, ill dm u any hot fanart i see 😌👍🏼If you are feeling low today here is Guillermo del Toro meeting his favorite Ultraman monster
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Hi! I'm looking for people to participate in a photo series I'm doing next week. We would love to get more submissi…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Inazuma the land of girlbosses and malewives
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @pelicantpark this is a wonderful color combo 👌🏼✨
@somecasualtees ehehe :3shouldve gotten more starbread 🥲🔥NEW 💥DEMON SLAYER💥 & updated ❤️P5💛 merch now up on our store!!!💫 and to celebrate our revamp, for this week only…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @bubblebrow your rengoku standee has the best vibes 🥺✨ @somecasualtees yes absolutely u are 😌✨ (other johnny can be too) @rituaIist omg u got him!!!! congrats 🥺👌🏼✨ @mickeyrikus yay for older idols 😭👌🏼✨ @mickeyrikus WHOMST 😳 shes so cutethe airplant has a flower 🥺💖 @mangopoodingg omg ur lalafel is so cute 🥺💖as someone with ADHD who has been struggling huge without adderall here in Japan to a point where it does affect my…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)two puppies fighting that is all
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)#ActiBlizzWalkout -- don't cross the picket line!
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @sarakipin hell yea 🥺👌🏼✨Little pochitas
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @JWNTjwnt i LOVE them 🥺Part of Kaleidoscope (2021), dir. Zhou Fang Yuan, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts Rich, lush student animation that…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @olivyanora powerful looks 😳🥺✨💖
This is a sad website with a lot of sad people on it. The Shonen Jump app lets you read all of chainsaw man, and it…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)6周年おめでとうございます😆🌸🍀🧚‍♂️💐💐🌟 オベロンを描かせていただけてとても嬉しかったです😆🧚‍♂️🦋🌲🎄🌲🎄🍀🌸 #FGO6周年
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Retweeted by LEON (they/them)Need 2 more people to reach the second milestone so I'm here to advertise it again! 🥰 Please.......sub to my patreo…
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)子犬のブンブン尻尾だいすきクラブ
Retweeted by LEON (they/them)お前が捕まるんかいって思って描いてた トマ空/thomaethe
Retweeted by LEON (they/them) @mczub maybe! kfkgkdkd this sign has been here for since before the pandemic but idk @segksu wow 😳✨ @han_tani2 @trekmatthews fursuit fruit sounds like something from one piece lolol i think we need @devin_vallco input on flavor ideasINU-OH We just released the first trailer and new details about INU-OH, directed by Masaaki Yuasa. The film will c…
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