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ASU x 942 Crew c/o 2018. Artist formerly known as Shirtless Q. Big sports guy.

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The argument scene from Marriage story just hits different
Retweeted by QGo Navy Beat ArmyRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
Retweeted by QChristmas time dont hit like it used to @K_Dodd3
How to destroy an ant Hill.
Retweeted by Q @tjmoser55 Cuz they want me to make the championship in FantasyI love you no matter what but if you could run up the score tonight like usual that be great💜 @Lj_era8
Might as well nominate all those couples from high school that fought in the hallways•51 FGA, 51 FTA. •Winning ugly >> losing pretty. •Verge is a whole new player when he sees a 3 go in, gonna be the… I AM DEAD
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Retweeted by QEno Benjamin is 🔱 Words & Actions 📚 Scholar Baller 🙌 Captain 🎓 Graduated in 3 years
Retweeted by QDidnt know Gillette Stadium and Sun Devil Stadium were under the same management🤔 Golden Globes ignoring Zendaya and Euphoria is my villain origin story
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you’re in her DMs I bought a house in West Egg so that I could stare at the green light at the end of her dock we are not the same
Retweeted by Qwhy did the dog DO THAT LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by QCrazy how New England never has to travel to Kansas City during the regular season🤔 @NFL gets Norvell right? broadcaster said Lamar Jackson has advantage on fakes w/ his dark skin & a dark football. Lamar is wearing…
Retweeted by Q @SunDevilHockey Suggested headline for tomorrow’s @denverpost : Despite decades of preparation, @DU_Hockey still wi…
Retweeted by Q @Pizizzle 🤔
Got an extra ticket to @SunDevilHoops tonight in Z1 if anyone needs one! Lemme knowThe rivalry continues closer look at @luguentz’s game saving steal late in the game. Helped set the stage for the late comeback and a…
Retweeted by QS/o all the UArizona fans that probably bet on their team to cover just to lose the game and their bet with .8 seconds leftMistletoe by Bieber will forever go crazy to me lmaooo I DO NOT CARE!
Retweeted by QSources: #Memphis coach Mike Norvell is the leading candidate to become the next coach at Florida State. An officia…
Retweeted by QOregon with the middle finger to everyone who took the underChirping that loud only to get beat in a dump of a community rink against a team who’s only a toddler compared to y…
Retweeted by Q#UniformsWinGames trashing on a team for their unis and their community rink then losing 4-1.
@Berto_iii_ @VPCarlson What a cutieSee you in a couple weeks🧡 @ChicagoBears is the kind of unity we see in this city when the Bears are playing well Can’t wait for him to wake up tomorr…
Retweeted by Q @DCalhounDB @SotDPodcast It was
2019 @CollegeBarTempe !!
Retweeted by QI love all my @CollegeBarTempe family, too many to @. In its location on Veterans/College it was the go-to place fo… birthday to my big, my one-man hype machine, but most importantly my Founder @nickgranillo! Love you brother💛
Hope to see everyone out at @CollegeBarTempe tonight to watch the ASU basketball game! Let's send it out on a bang💛😭💔 @ASU, your best 5 vs my best 5 in a wing eating comp for @CollegeBarTempe. #KeepCollege ultimate troll 😂 @eno_benjamin5
Retweeted by QBack to back .2-pt wins baby!! (Pls dont stat correct @ESPNFantasy) hate fantasy football
there is nothing like hogwarts during christmas season
Retweeted by Q @georgeciveris If the party was the weekend of October 4th-6th, that was when Ellen was at the Cowboys game with Bush.
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Well, it’s officially December 1st...
Retweeted by QFormer ASU’s punter Matt Haack wit the no look TD pass
Retweeted by Q @jasonsegz I'm awareEno Benjamin takes hAte week to a whole new level
Retweeted by Q @jasonsegz That may be true, feel like what TK has been doing at Mater Dei he's proven himself more. @NorthernAZDevil Either one. Feel like what TK has been doing at Mater Dei, it's the logical next step in his coaching career.TK gonna be a great QB coach for Jayden, cant wait. of taking the time to worry about scuffing up a logo MAYBE y’all should you know uhhhhh.. GAME PLAN a littl…
Retweeted by Q"Folks really wanted that schmuck Sumlin instead of you" dont leave @eno_benjamin5💛RT if your team has won 3 straight Territorial Cup games 🏆🏆🏆
Retweeted by QIn JD5 WE TRUST.
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@JoeHealey42 @crafty_devils Cheers!
Retweeted by QOUR STATE‼️ 😈 #ForksUp
Retweeted by QQB1 @UofABarstool
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Thankful for all my dogs, especially the ASU family🥰 Bears move to 6-6 with Mitch Trubisky throwing for 338 yards and 3 TD.
Retweeted by Qthings that are back: - scrunchies - backstreet - the bears
Retweeted by Qrealizing that your mental illness is taking over your personality but you have no idea how to fix it
Retweeted by Q"Khalil Tate is a Heisman candidate"
2019 will be fluent in Spanish by next week
Retweeted by Q Idaho boys >>> THAT MAN @SunDevilHoops
i love being added to ppl’s private stories like aww im gang??
Retweeted by Q•Had glass bottles thrown at me my first time in Tucson •Been spit on by fans multiple times •Have had my appearanc…
If you win your conference you should have a shot at the national championship. 16-team playoff with 10 conference… time of year again #hAteweek'S THAT TIME AGAIN! Rivalry week is upon us! Everyone knows the rules at College when the game against that team…
Retweeted by QBears the only NFC North team who won today, you love to see it
Big weekend for Arizona State continues…
Retweeted by QFirst career TD for @NkealHarry15!
Retweeted by QName a more iconic duo than @BroncoSportsFB and The Statue of Liberty 🐴🗽
Retweeted by Q100x yes
Retweeted by QSon: Why is my sister's name Rose? Father: Your Mother loves Roses Son: Thanks Dad Father: You're welcome Jayden Da…
Retweeted by QThey played to win the game.
Retweeted by Qputting in work in Erie 😤 #2WayPlayer @1KingZ4 23 PTS | 16 REB | 4 AST | 7-10 FGM @SunDevilHoops ↗️…
Retweeted by Q @QBrown42 and I holding that front row! #PerUsual
Retweeted by QI finally went D1
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Imagine being #1 and still being afraid to wrestle someone and it (possibly) costs you @pennstateWRESTA little bit of home cooking 😈 Sun Devils get it done against No. 1 Penn State!!
Retweeted by Q @DCalhounDB @CollegeBarTempe Be there in 5 @1KingZ4 @ErieBayHawks @PelicansNBA a true #2WayPlayer 🖐️ @1KingZ4 @ErieBayHawks ↔️ @PelicansNBA
Retweeted by Qputback 🔨 #2WayPlayer @1KingZ4 @ErieBayHawks ↔️ @PelicansNBA
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@DiehardDevil42 @Witness_needed Chanticleer is also a cock#GoCocks friendship is allowing a certain level of ghosting to go unmentioned
Retweeted by QSalute to #Mizzou's Seniors Thank you DB @Deramus26 #MIZ | #ShowMe 🐯🏈
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