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Qamir Hussain @qhussain Dublin, Ireland

Software engineer. #travel #science #code

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Extremely grateful for the promotion and endorsement of my YouTube channel in this Reddit Thread! The Machine Learn…
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Sent this tweet this morning on the back of a friend sharing the link Archive currently being downloaded.…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainMy new hero is Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars as a PhD student but was uncredited when the Nobel Priz…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @jesskellynt They’re really good.
Looks about right. Maiden’s first two albums are their best.
Your inability to grasp SCIENCE is not a valid argument against it!
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Looking forward to building a fast and reliable website? 👀 We can highly recommend giving @nuxt_js a try. Might be…
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Let’s do this. #SF Frandisco
@martharotter Leave them up. You’re allowed a few extra days if you’ve been away.
@midhir & @bfitzsimons. I’ve a few other fence sitting friends that might go. @midhir Yep @PhilzCoffee cupertino Google AI mammogram paper is FLAWED. Want to learn why? AND why cancer screening is the LAST thing you should…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @bfitzsimons Love bubble tea, there’s a great one on Aungier St too.Vue Dashboard Tutorial Using Cube.js ☞ #vuejs #javascript
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @stevebiscuit Happy Birthday!Lovely primer on HTTP/2, but it misses the biggest advantage: Breaking up a big, sequential request into smaller, c…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainShanghai using drones instead of fireworks for New Year’s Eve..brilliant Completely animal friendly #Fireworks
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Good News Zero-carbon electricity outstrips #fossilfuels in Britain “As we enter a new decade, this truly is a hi…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainEuroPython 2020: Venue and location selected: Dublin, Ireland, July 20 - 26 2020 ...
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @debs_obrien Exactly the same.My decade in review: I was alive for it. #thankfulIsaac Asimov would have been 100 today. He published in every category of the Dewey Decimal system. After reading h…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainI want to give some perspective for people not from Australia. More Aussie land is currently burning than exists in…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainBelfast, Cork, Kilkenny, Galway and Dublin 🇮🇪 ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ tickets on sale soon 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 #upjoshpraycomedytour
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain of my decade (2010-2019): ✨🌈💕 - 77.76% in jail - 11.05% in solitary confinement - 51.23% fighting for gen…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainA painter painting in Los Gatos. the new year as I mean to go on with plenty of coffee and cake. startups that hire REMOTELY: If you're looking for a remote job, could be worth check…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIt's time to do an annual backup of your data from online accounts. Here are the links you need: - Google:…
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@Kenneth_Maher Happy New Year!
The eye of Moonie.
⚡️⚡️🖤🖤⚡️⚡️ #legend
Retweeted by Qamir HussainWe're brainstorming what to read for next Philosophy Book Club choice. Any suggestions?
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @AuthorViviana Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-PhilosophicusLos Gatos.
On this day in 1831: the Great Christmas Uprising, or the Baptist War, took place in Jamaica. Historians estimate…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainI've decided to go vegan upon reading the research on how the meat and diary industry destroys our planet and its s…
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@iamreddave @aschinchon I’d love one done in all the colours of the rainbow.Good Morning avec Déjà Vu.
@csswizardry Did he mean Santa?The structure of scientific revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn was my favourite read of the year. What was yours?
We at @storyblok have something new and would love to invite 25 of you to test it before our launch early next year…
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.@TiVo to Merge With Entertainment-Tech Firm Xperi in $3 Billion Deal
Retweeted by Qamir HussainWow wonder so many startups are toxic shitshows. More founders sleep 6 hours or less than do 8 hours or more. And mo…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @bfitzsimons Wow
^The Luddite.Loving Corrorion of Conformity’s latest tune Luddite @coccabal. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Vegans, I'm interested to know what the final wake-up call was in your decision to become vegan. What triggered tha…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainA beautiful 1938 @Bugatti I could sit and look at it all day. Oh, hang on, I just did. @warrenmca
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIt's finally done! Our #TinyML book has been sent for printing 🥳🍾 @petewarden and I can't wait to see what you thin…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @bfitzsimons Did he have caviar on his roll?
A+ trolling from National Geographic HT @NatGeo
Retweeted by Qamir HussainInterstellar eat your heart out
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This is insanely brilliant. celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the London Calling LP, here's the Clash performing the iconic title track o…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIllusion of The Year 2019 Winner It's based on a simple Lissajous curve, but uses clever shading/highlighting to…
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I journeyed through the world of #HisDarkMaterials and discovered my daemon is a red squirrel! You can find out wha…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @KehlanK @genemurphy Lol @genemurphy That would explain why he’s so angry.Meeting friends for dinner later, he meant to type Leixlip and not prick. I think his phone is set to auto-tourret… @martharotter I ❤️ infomercials. @martharotter But wait! Does that come with a handy set of steak knives?
Rupert Murdoch has got his winner again. He has every election since 1974.
Retweeted by Qamir HussainConservative vote increased by 1% which led to this ‘landslide’ Lib Dem vote increased by 4% and they came out one…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainNVIDIA is releasing QuartzNet, a new end-to-end neural ASR model architecture based on Jasper that is smaller than…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainOne of the bleakest results from the British election was the Tory victory in Kensington. To vote Tory in the con…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainThis cheers me up so much. #SilverLining #UKelection2019 striking..: Conservatives only a little higher than 2017. reminder that May failed not because she failed in…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain88% of Tory ads contained lies. They lied re Brexit, 50k nurses, 40 hospitals. They faked a video and fact check si…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainColeThe Ruins of Taormina, 1842
Retweeted by Qamir HussainBritain is not a democracy. Even if you refuse to see the massive propaganda and socioeconomic coercion at play, yo…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainI will be teaching a new painting on canvas 8 week course for kids ages 5-11 ringsend/Irishtown community centre, s…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainThis remains the best profile yet of @BorisJohnson, which I recommend to everyone, regardless of how they voted yes…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainThe Custom House earlier today.
@jkeyes Well said. @WillKnott Cheeses!
Interested in a @nuxt_js beginner workshop? 🙊💚 Then don't miss the opportunity the day after the fantastic…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussaintesting good
@StudiosTweetal @nintenmau5 11 to look at a photo will not help our NHS. Inventing fake stories to distract people will not help our NHS…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIf you don’t call it out things won’t change. Have the tories even one positive story in the lead up to the electio… @DudeWhoCode If you fuck up the ‘right way’ then have you truly fucked up?Boris Johnson said fellow EU citizens should stop “treating Britain as their own”. Is he going to say that to the…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIf you don’t speak up things won’t change. Your friends, lovers, family, pets, taxi drivers, teachers, baristas w…, that’s the Plebisauron. A Peloton is a long running football match as gaelige.
TIL the Bluetooth logo is the runic initials of the Danish king it was named after, Harald "Bluetooth" 🤯
Retweeted by Qamir HussainA tree at night.’re now at the stage that: if LibDem voters in 17 constituencies voted Labour.. & ...Labour voters in 12 constit…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain"The greater the knowledge, the greater the doubt”—Goethe #zenmonday
Retweeted by Qamir HussainProfiling a Go Service in Production: (A 25 minute talk from GopherConAU 2019 on instrument…
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