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Qamir Hussain @qhussain Dublin, Ireland

#software #travel #science #code #food. My current coding stack is Ruby, Python, VueJS, and Swift.

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The front page of tomorrow’s Irish Times. A rare honour indeed.
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain👏👏 a government so insecure they’re afraid of few guitar riffs, pathetic.“They put the sign up again, didn’t they?”"The large increase in numbers of SUVs in the UK and around the world is the second-largest contributor to the incr…
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Trump never released his tax returns. He didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare. Mexico didn’t pay for the wall. He…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainDigital marketing firm @frontpor is looking for a remote Vue / Nuxt developer to help them develop web apps!
Retweeted by Qamir HussainWe would love to know what games you are currently playing?
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Twitter hive mind: What are the best references you have come across on attempts to genetically engineer trees so t…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @PaulsPrattle was drumming to this yesterday, was so much fun. Put your best headphones on then turn on, tune in, a… in perceived speed If you move at speed 𝒗 and your field of view is 𝜃, the apparent speed of objects a…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @PaulsPrattle @roisinmurphy #RapitBuzzNike know how to tell a story, great work on this.👀
New track. A bit disco, a bit house, a bit funky... 'A Thursday Night' by LA FASCINATION on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Qamir Hussaincan we talk about the editing in this Nike commercial holy crap
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain30th March Covid-19 killed my father. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance.
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @genemurphy The free coffee.
@jhegarty @genemurphy Thanks!Really enjoyed catching up with @genemurphy earlier today over coffee in Merrion Square. Does anyone know the sto…
"We can rediscover our American tradition of controlling corporate power and promoting fair competition"…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @IndieHackers That drum solo.Covid-19 news: • Europe is starting to see signs of a second wave, says UK prime minister • Slow translation of U…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainDay x #100DaysOfDrumming @_comicbuzz ever ends...Congratulations to the cast and crew of #Watchmen on 26 #Emmy nominations, the most of any prog…
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Holy shit.
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @ananelson Lol1, 2 or 3? 1: Two Old Angels Skipped Over Heaven Carrying A Harp 2: Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hi… @AlSweigart Maybe
Tens of millions of Americans think the person on the left is the violent aggressor.
Retweeted by Qamir HussainIncredible image: John Lewis crossing the bridge in Selma, where he nearly died marching for voting rights 55 years…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainHi, I am Kris. I have been working with computers since I am 14 years old, and I am over 50 now. I have been coding…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainBe quite happy if I could paint like James McNaught tbqhwy
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It costs an estimated $790 to fully dress a police officer in riot gear. It costs an estimated $11 to dress a med…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @jhegarty Whose limericks stopped at line X @qhussain There once was a woman from Crewe Whose limericks stopped at line two
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @jhegarty 😅Still on the best albums *of all time*.“What is free market economics?” have an incomplete joke but ... @_chenson__ @CardColm I did that for the first half of PhD studies in computational neuroscience - if I was to do… photo of two Dublin legends together
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain"80% of home workers keen to avoid return to the office" I can't imagine why
Retweeted by Qamir HussainPedestrians galore today. Our pedestrisation of the Grafton Street area is underway. Plenty of space to have a wand…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @walter I’ve taken up drumming - album coming soon.
BREAKING: A federal court just issued a restraining order on the federal agents in Portland, Oregon. We said we wo…
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@_comicbuzz @basche42 @PaulSweeney Power chowers lols @PaulSweeney @basche42 That looks really good, Alex Garland’s Ex Machina is one of my favourite films of all time.
@genemurphy 👀 @lyda @msleedy I can you see you in stilettos especially socksy ones. @lyda @msleedy Is this part of your new workwear?I am talking tonight, in about 2 hours time, online about quick and cheap NLP with open source Python libraries and…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @FrancisShanahan Create GPT-4 - Ok done.Sounds like 2020 alright. “Under the right conditions, they can survive solely on electricity.” @sepulturacombr’s cover of @U2’s Bullet the blue sky 7. @Slayer’s version of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vid… Hallowed be thy name, Machine Head’s Iron Maiden cover 2. Message in a bottle - Machine Head’s cover of The Pol…
👍 @bioniclaura Very nice!Poultry is the most common cause of serious food-poisoning outbreaks, followed by fish, then beef. But wait, aren’t…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @TheJokersThief LolWhat a great bundle! $25 gets you a lot of good material and a 2 month subscription to PyCharm. Partial proceeds go…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainCarlow and its twin city London. Howth pictured below. chitty bang bang.🚀 I created another #TypeScript guide. This time it's an overview of all my blog articles on advanced typing concep…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainPuts on list.
@jhegarty #PoshFlowers
That’s ducking great years old and speaking to 250,000+ people. Chills. RIP Sir.
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain"I have been beaten, my skull fractured & arrested more than 40 times so that each & every person has the right to…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @gtcarlos_ It’s still around, it was moved to Croppies Memorial Park near Heuston station.
@brendantierney It’s a tasty whiskey @debs_obrien @nuxt_js @IamNuxt @Atinux That’s some viewAfter a bit of a hiatus due to illness and injury I’m actively looking for a new opportunity! If you need someone w…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainHappy Birthday to German physical chemist and chancellor Angela Merkel. Here's a paper from her early research on a…
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Retweeted by Qamir HussainVue Formulate from @wearebraid allows painless form orchestration using JSON Schemas, make sure to check it out!
Retweeted by Qamir HussainUighurs sitting, bound and blindfolded, waiting to be loaded onto train cars and taken — somewhere. Drone footage…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainThere's two days left to submit a talk to the 2020 virtual @ElixirConf – Beginner or expert, we'd love to hear from…
Retweeted by Qamir Hussain @dessie_martin The pub😲 to not proceed to Phase 4 of roadmap on basis of public health advice is the right one. It’s time to all r…
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“In our interconnected world, we are not only bystanders if we fail to recognize the genocide as we see it. We are… doing her thing. Brits, my hunger strike has a target of 100K signatures, which forces a debate in the UK Parliament on CCP genoc…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainA walk with April in July.'s recommendations today have been really good. What a tune.'s cover. discovered Sepultura covered this 🤘 Note to self, listen to New Model Army. sponsor @now4realHQ has just officially launched. Please help them raise awareness by checking out the de…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainPolish-born artist Arthur Szyk depicted Hitler and the Axis powers as global menaces, and he drew sympathetic portr…
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Moderna's Phase 1 data are out. Their #Covid19 vaccine, which is expected to go into Phase 3 late this month, gener…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainDon't the French know about clapping?
Retweeted by Qamir HussainPeople are protesting for #BlueLivesMatters all around the world. But no body knows about the pain and discriminati…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainThis is a nice short description of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. If you want more detail I highly recommend the…
Retweeted by Qamir HussainI don't remember seeing this on the side of a bus 🤔
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