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In 1835 Thomas Carlyle lent John Stuart Mill his manuscript of 'The French Revolution: A History' but, according to…‘Jingle Bells’ wasn't originally a Christmas song - it was probably written for Thanksgiving.Mr Bean has more Facebook fans (86m) than Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Harry Potter or Manchester United. (Image: Gerhar… are the sweatiest mammals – an adult can produce 14 litres of sweat a day. (Image: MingHong) Simia is also known as the monkey orchid. (Image: Dick Culbert) explaining science seems to me perverse. When you're in love, you want to tell the world. CARL SAGANWord of the Day: GLOTTOPHOBIA - to discriminate against someone because of their accent.
@greg_jenner Eep. Brought down and we'll have a full interrogation of the source tomorrowSome bats use pitcher plants as toilets. Inca built a road system covering 25,000 miles, slightly more than that of modern-day Bulgaria.In France, it is legal to marry a dead person, so long as they had the intention to marry you while they were alive.Ever wondered what a drum cover of the QI theme sounds like? Wonder no more. 🥁 Thanks so much to @CWhyteMusic for m… time, the word ‘shambles’ has meant ‘a stool’, ‘a money changer’s table’, ‘a slaughterhouse’ and ‘a state of t… QI Elves are going on tour... from our living rooms! We'll be taking part in a number of online quizzes and eve… ability to taste sweet and salty foods reduces by 30% while flying, but savoury, umami flavours aren’t affecte…'t miss the QI Elves book tour, coming to @CWBookshop @drakebookshop @blackwellbooks and four @Indies_Alliance b…
Retweeted by Quite InterestingAfter her husband’s death, it is thought that Mary Shelley kept his heart in her desk. However, in 1885 the New Yor… Peter Cullen voices both Optimus Prime and Eeyore.The stress levels caused by Nomophobia, the fear of being without your mobile phone or phone signal, are comparable to a trip to the dentistBonus Fact: Just reading about itchiness can make you itch. Sorry!Word of the Day: FORMICATION - the feeling that small insects are crawling on your skin, even though there isn’t anything there.Czech police are on the look out for a deer after it stole a hunter's rifle and ran off into the forest.Giving older children experiences as gifts, rather than material things, makes them happier. (Study:… the comments on Facebook articles makes your behaviour more toxic. (Study:
The UK consumes 11.5 billion sandwiches a year, or 172 per person.The winter of 1962-63 was so cold in the UK that Norwich City Football Club tried to defrost their pitch with flamethrowers.How medieval is Iron Maiden? Watch the clip to find out, and don't forget to subscribe! you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want. MIGNON MCLAUGHLINA survey in 1958 found that only one in ten paper clips was used to hold papers together. Three out of ten were los… German expression ‘die Schere im Kopf haben’, literally ‘to have scissors in one’s head’ means ‘to engage in self-censorship’.FACT ROULETTE Click the GIF to stop it... and win a fact!
Retweeted by Quite InterestingEarlier this month, a cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia called ‘Zoom Сafe’ was shut down by the police after it receiv…‘Dark patterns’ are tricks used by websites and apps to make you do something you don’t want to. One of them is ‘co…‘Success is never final and failure never fatal. It’s courage that counts’ is not a Winston Churchill quote, as som… Bex is talking to QI Elves @miller_anne and @Schreiberland all about the new QI book, Funny You Should Ask!…
Retweeted by Quite InterestingThe most common, and therefore the worst 200 passwords of 2020 include ‘password’, ‘default’, and ‘trustno1’.All facts taken from Funny You Should Ask: Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves, out now in hardback, e-book and… ROULETTE Click the GIF to stop it... and win a fact! of the Day: DOUP-SCUD (Scots, rare) — a heavy fall on the buttocks.In August, 2010, there was a 100km long traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway that lasted for 10 days. It was… Theorem Day is a holiday that is celebrated when the sum of the squares of the first two parts of the d… saxophone became so popular in America in the early 1900s that several cities banned them being played on the s…
Jefferson Davis, American Secretary of War in the 1850s, imported camels to try and provide the army with a Camel Corps.🚨 QI XS IN 10 MINUTES 🚨 This is your official 10 minute warning. Turn over to BBC Two now to catch QI XS at 9pm! are more likely to be able to roll their tongues than men. @alexbell Is this the "new and reinvigorated approach to research" we discussed in your annual review Alex?Between 1877 and 1890, Tchaikovsky exchanged over 1,200 personal letters with a wealthy widow. She sent him money r… longest anyone is recorded to have stayed awake is 264 hours (11 days). Guinness no longer accepts attempts to… at 9pm on @BBCTwo we'll be getting Quite Insubordinate in QI XS with japes, experiments and wall-to-wall ch… sugar glider's scientific name, Petaurus breviceps, means ‘short-headed rope dancer’. (Image: Jonathan Hornung) 1534, Anne Boleyn’s pet dog Purkoy fell from a window and died. Fearing her reaction, one courtier wrote, ‘there… 1930 and 1947 the National Trust received anonymous donations hidden inside a metal pineapple, gin bottles,… coat of arms of Hensbroek in the Netherlands features a chicken wearing trousers. of the Day: ARCTOPHILE - a person who loves or collects teddy bears.'s Nipple butte is a geographical feature in Hurricane Valley Heritage Park, Utah.Fritillaria delavayi, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, has evolved to become less visible to humans.Two of the standard classifications for mountains in the UK are Marilyns (peaks with a prominence of 150 metres) an… writer M.F.K. Fisher believed the way to make the perfect sandwich involved sitting on it for an hour.
The highest and lowest points of the contiguous USA are in the same county in California.Who was the Harry Styles of the 1800s? Watch the clip to find out, and don't forget to subscribe! 🍉 of the day: GLISK (Shetlandic) - a glimpse of sun through the cloud; metaphorically, a ray of hope in dark tim… to a 2013 survey, Britain's least friendly accent is Scouse.In 1997, Kleberg County, Texas designed "heavon-o" the county's official greeting because "hello" contained the word "hell".Until 1995, European highway E6 ran through Hell, Norway. @ZoeTheBall Happy Birthday Zoe! Lots of love from all the QI Elves x half of Dutch people always wash their hands after using the toilet.An asteroid came within 400 km of hitting Earth on this Friday the 13th. (Image: NASA.) best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep. E. J. COSSMANDogs are more likely to steal food in the dark as they take advantage of their night vision being superior to ours.Hermit crabs form gangs to steal other hermit crabs’ shells.
In 2018, robbers in Belgium were told by a shop owner that he might have more cash for them to steal if they came b… you have all noticed, there is a typo here - we meant that 8 miles is about 13 km. The elf responsible has had… is the world's most civilised conflict? Watch the clip to find out, and don't forget to subscribe! can use the Fibonacci sequence to convert (roughly) from miles to km. If one number in the sequence is the num… 2014, an Arizona town was terrorized by a pack of wild chihuahuas. experience anxiety, but like humans, taking benzodiazepines helps them to calm down. caterpillars get hangry. to the law that added Texas to the United States, Texas is allowed to split itself into up to five states.Word of the day: HORTI (Northern Sami) - a dog with long hanging ears (Image: Bruce.) 1961, a woman from Cheshire went missing, but the case soon went cold. 22 years later, a body was pulled from a… @MaraWilson @Julia_SCI We approve this message.The city of Washington DC is twinned with the ancestral home of George Washington: Sunderland.Surgical blades made from obsidian (volcanic glass) are around four times sharper than those made of steel and leave smaller scars.
In 2019, a two-headed rattlesnake called ‘Double Dave’ was born in New Jersey. The name was coined because it was d… at 8:45pm our brand new QI XL RADIOACTIVE episode goes out on BBC Two. Starring Sandi, Alan, Joe Lycett, Sh… that is injured, and then heals, only regains 80% of its original strength.If you get acid reflux in bed, you're better off laying on your left-hand side.Marie Curie’s notebooks from 100 years ago are still too radioactive to handle. (Photo: Wellcome Images) Tonight a… Island, between France and Spain, is French for half the year (1 August – 31 January) and Spanish for the… Swaney wanted to be an Olympic half-pipe skier. Without training, her goal was to enter dozens of qualify… of the Day: KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA–an intense fear of failure.The total cost of rescuing a stranded Matt Damon in all of his films (including Saving Private Ryan, Interstellar a… 2015, the Hibernia Express transatlantic cable was completed at a cost of £200 million to shave 6 milliseconds o… ‘Thousand Islands’ archipelago is made up of 1,864 islands.
The 1981 British Rail Directory lists the most senior female rail official as Prue Leith.For more QI facts, follow us on Instagram at most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. ALICE WALKERSticklebacks have complex personalities, showing a strong capacity for leadership and sophisticated social awarenes… the 11th century, the Native American city of Cahokia (in what is now Illinois) is estimated to have had up to 2… cats get goosebumps? Why don't clouds freeze? Find out the unexpected answers to some very unusual questions at…
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