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Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time. TERRY PRATCHETT
In 1794, the unmarried Jane Stanley agreed to fund her town's new pavements so long as they were too narrow for arm-in-arm couples to use.People from Lesotho are called Mosotho (singular) or Basotho (plural) and the most common language is Sethoso.Scientists believe Jupiter’s giant Red Spot makes so much noise that it heats up the rest of the planet. (Image: NA… Egyptian watermelons looked the same as they do now but they tasted like cucumbers. 1,000 year old remedy, ‘Bald’s eye salve’, was applied to the eye at night with a feather. It contained garlic,…’s not necessary to have eyes to be able to see, some brittle stars can see with their entire body. have examined Vermeer’s View of Delft and have concluded that the image depicts the city at 8am on the… a fly takes off from the ceiling, it first turns its body and then its head in order to flip the right way up… average human would be able to outsprint a T. rex… unless it was a teenager.The Chief of Disguise is a real job title in the CIA.Word of the Day: GÖKOTTA (Swedish) - to wake up early in the morning in order to go outside and hear the first birds sing.Some Japanese beer cans have braille on them that says 'alcohol', so that blind people don't confuse them with soft drinks.
Word of the Day: BRAIGETOÍR (Irish, archaic) - an entertainer whose act involves farting in an amusing manner.Some Victorian urinals were decorated with bees since the latin word for a bee is ‘apis’.What was New York originally called? Watch the clip to find out, and don't forget to subscribe! is no official term for people that come from the Vatican City.Compound swears, like shitgibbon, work best when the second word is a two-syllable word where the first syllable is… @w122xs Aaron Burr, sir?Hermaphroditic flatworms fence each other with their penises. The winner stabs the loser with its penis, inseminat… taking office in Kentucky, all politicians must swear that they have never challenged anyone to a duel.Tired of getting mean comments on the internet? There is a combination bakery/detective agency in New York that wi…"This shirt is "dry-clean only"... Which means it's dirty." MITCH HEDBERGWomen's noses are more sensitive than men's noses.In 1956 an Australian university student fooled thousands of people into thinking he was the Olympic torch runner b… 60 million years after the fall of the dinosaurs, 17 species of giant bird roamed the Earth. They were up to th…
Belphegor's prime is 1,000,000,000,000,066,600,000,000,000,001: a palindromic prime number with 666 in the middle a… 2016, the United Arab Emirates has had a Minister of Happiness.According to IMDb, the best ever episode of QI is our REVOLUTIONS show from Series R, and it's available to stream… New York, burritos are legally sandwiches. (Image: RightCowLeftCoast) Australian hotel has recently been forced to ban emus from their property after they learned to climb stairs."Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." HENRY JAMESThe American state of New Hampshire has just legalised flying cars. wolves and dogs share 99.9% of their DNA, but dogs appear to be less intelligent than their cousins. (Image:… have the largest penises of all primates. Male gorillas, for instance, have penises that are just 5 cm long.The UK produces 17.5 billion pieces of junk mail every year.Sigmund Freud recommended using cocaine as a treatment for alcoholism.
Lightning heats the surrounding air to temperatures five times higher than the surface of the Sun.August 1st is the birthday of every thoroughbred horse in the southern hemisphere. Happy Birthday!For more QI facts follow up on Instagram at of the Day: SOMNAMBULISM–sleepwalking.Nano-scale pillars on the wings of cicadas and dragonflies can kill bacteria by rupturing their membranes: Iranian citadel of of Arg-e Bam is often said to resemble a giant sandcastle. blood of the horseshoe crab is bright blue, and costs around $60,000 a gallon. It is used in biomedical researc… is a place called 'Zzyzx' in California, pronounced 'Zye-Zix'.18th-century wig styles for men included the cauliflower, the comet, the stair case, the long bob, the short bob, a… construction, the Leaning Tower of Pisa leaned in the opposite direction, and attempts to fix it along the w… largest sundial in the world is the Large Samrat Yantra in Jaipur, India which stands at 27 metres tall and, in…
‘Musicogenic epilepsy’ is a condition whereby listening to specific music can cause seizures. One of the people liv… accepted plural of ‘colon’ is ‘cola’.'s a new QI compilation on our YouTube Channel! QI: Best Of Ancient Romans my disappointment I now realised that to know all is not to forgive all. It is to despise everybody. QUENTIN CRISPThe origin of the name ‘Idaho’ is a mystery. The politician George Willing first suggested it as a Native American… phrases: ‘shut up’, ‘dirt cheap’, ‘dog tired’, ‘dinner-party’, and ‘brace yourself’ were all first recorded in the works of Jane Austen.The first Daily Mail report on the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 claimed ‘no lives lost.’ Elves debated this at length. We concluded that 'Therein' does contain the word therein, but some still maintai… are very excited to announce that a new book by the QI Elves will be coming out this autumn! 📕 Funny You Should…‘Therein’ contains thirteen words spelled with consecutive letters: the, he, her, er, here, I, there, ere, rein, re… of the Day: CONVERSESJUKAN, a Swedish term for bad feet or posture caused by wearing trainers (literally ‘Converse disease’). @MikillPane bingo calling, ‘Doctors orders’ means ‘number nine’, the name of an infamous Word War II laxative pill dispensed by army doctors.Lapwings have more vernacular names than any other British bird including Chewit, Flopwing, Horneywink, Lipwingle,… is no international definition on how high a hill has to be before it can be called a mountain.The llama's scientific name is Lama glama. orcas live longer if their mum is still alive and part of their social group when they’re adults.
Shadows are darker on the Moon.If you missed tonight's twitically acclaimed episode of QI, it's now available to stream on iPlayer.… was the moment after tonight's show when Sandi almost got crushed by a giant model cow. Most presenters wouldn… minute left and it's 49.5% vs 50.5%...Is it more relaxing to be in a locked room or an unlocked room? 🔒Let's answer this for Alan #QI't forget - brand new QI, tonight at 9pm on BBC Two. See you then! we played this quiz with the audience before the recording of tonight's show Andy got every answer right and w… said True but it's actually False! It was illegal to grow blackcurrants though. finally... TRUE OR FALSE It was illegal to grow cranberries in New York until 2003.68.7% said True but it's False! It was actually 2015. OR FALSE Scotland’s first home-grown wine produced in 2014 was described as undrinkable by experts.85.6% said True and... it's True! OR FALSE Richard Nixon’s chair was 2 inches higher than everyone else’s in the cabinet room.87.4% said True and it is True! Congratulations to Max the alpaca on his victory. before then it's time for a recreational quiz... TRUE OR FALSE In 2016, the Minnesota state fair llama dressi… at 9pm on @BBCTwo there's a brand new episode of QI and it's all about REST & RECREATION! 📺 Starring Sandi… eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 caused blood-red sunsets around the world for months afterwards. Some people think… requires all new employees to wear multi-coloured propellor hats - called “Noogler Hats”. (Photo: Travis Wis… back, relax and enjoy an excerpt from our latest meditation video 'QUITE INTO RESTING' with Sandi Toksvig. Avai… costs $40,000 to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and you also have to guarantee that the nominated cel… German, Murder, She Wrote is called Mord ist ihr Hobby ('Murder Is Her Hobby'). Speaking of pastimes, tonight a… want to become a slime influencer RIGHT NOW. #QI
Retweeted by Quite InterestingArtist Prudence Staite created a playable record made entirely out of chocolate, which plays 'You Sexy Thing' by th…, water isn’t wet - wetness is the ability of a liquid to stick to the surface of a solid.Tonight's the night for a brand new #QI episode! Tune in at 9pm on @BBCTwo, for some 'Rest & Recreation.'…
Retweeted by Quite InterestingThe idea of the world being carried on the back of a giant turtle exists in Hindu, Chinese and Native American mythology.Tonight for Rest and Recreation tune into #Qi 9pm #BBC2 I join @SusanCalman @LouSanders @alandavies1 and the brilli…
Retweeted by Quite InterestingFor anyone who wants to read more on the slippery subject of eel reproduction, and what has and hasn't been observe… at fire may have improved our ancestors’ imagination and planning skills. University has found that consumers only think rationally about what they are purchasing for the first 23 minutes of their shop.Despite almost a century of study, nobody has yet discovered how eels reproduce.In 1999, MTV Movie Awards featured a ‘Best Dramatic Pause’ category. No winner was announced because Lisa Kudrow, w… stunning images from the inaugural Potato Photographer Of The Year.
Guarana seeds contain twice as much caffeine as coffee, and their name translates as “fruit like the eyes of the pe…