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Diego Armando Maradona has passed away. Terrible news. No words. Unbelievable. RIP, Dios 💙🙏🏻
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @bayikiamat @firza__ yg ini udh paling gg Wrld’s posthumous album Legends Never Die is currently the fifth biggest 2020 album of any genre in terms of…
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#AMAs Favorite Male Artist - Rap/Hip Hop goes to... @JuiceWorlddd ❤️
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @sageof6pathh emng gini cara makan pisang goreng cuknikah bawa rezeki karena zaman dulu banyak anak berarti banyak manpower untuk di ladang, membantu jualan, nimba air… male energy 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." ― Michelangelo
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@alashhhka @bayikiamat Masih bisa beralasan lu 07
@syifamahalaa mesin cuci. lmao @sageof6pathh slow bgt wo asli, gw 2 episode aja effort bgt ngabisin @alashhhka ongirl next to my table is so fine, I instantly open bumble hoping to find her there lmao @bayikiamat @alashhhka HAHAHHA susah jir nyari posisi malphite nya sakit beudyea you cool and hot af but do you know the difference between wanprestasi and perbuatan melawan hukum? 🤨🤨🤨WHY? people think I'm listening when I nailed those deadlifts: VS What I'm really listening to: thread breaks my heart. I don't wanna blame the mother. Year 2020 is really crushing down on common people & w…
Retweeted by Qiya IslamKasta terendah stories tetap Whatsapp stories.
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Retweeted by Qiya IslamMisal agamamu beda dgn aku. Lalu aku bilang, "Di agamaku, kalo ada orang hina agama atau nabi atau tokoh agamaku, k…
Retweeted by Qiya IslamCowo itu jiwanya anak kecil, yg cuma tumbuh dengan logika Ketika finance dah cukup. Segala mimpinya pas kecil dibe…
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @vincentrcrd Mau didengerin gimana pun, speech nya HRS ni beda sama direct call to action nya maheer yg mau ngepung rumahnya nikita mirzani @vincentrcrd Can't agree, this is exactly what suppression of speech sounds like lol
@fathurrpp hahaha pasti jir but he's not that powerful now, it's better to stop him asap before it's too late. @syifamahalaa BREAKING: After Rizieq and hundreds of his followers being taken to Wisma Atlet for quarantine, IQ le…, please bless all good simp with a popped veins, amen. notice how it's seems like he's having difficulty breathing? He should do a SWAB test ASAP're welcomeImma bless every girl in my zoom class by always turning my cam on
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @Agamajinasi belum pernah denger konsep “The majority is always wrong” mereka hahahaha
Retweeted by Qiya IslamEven if I translate the text into Indonesian it's still doesn't make any sense.I just purchased a journal about Contemporary Islam because I found the abstract engaging. And It turns out I can't…
HAHAHAHHAHA @azaslegalitas @dwikiaprinaldi @oikiraad_ HAHA 😭😭😭😭
Wasn’t expecting this while playing the PS5. 😳
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Retweeted by Qiya Islam
mendengar pernyataan paling absurd pagi ini: "oh gw emang suka gitu, ngetes reaksi pacar, mancing gitu buat liat d…
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @makizushimi source? @azaslegalitas yea there's a clear difference between ”si A itu bodoh saya benci dia” dan “Saya benci si A ayo bunuh dia” @azaslegalitas yang aku garisbawahi ada perbadaan antara opini (this includes insults) and call to action kayak yg… @azaslegalitas ofc. liat dong I clearly said that I believe insults too shall be protected by law.UUPA
Retweeted by Qiya Islamaku adalah pengidap disleksia
Retweeted by Qiya Islamhahahaha danggg @alashhhka @fathasyaaa wildrift @jauhnyata jamin bro, sinyal gapernah mati dimana2 wkkwkw @fathurrpp WKWKWK klo lg gowes nyeker itu. cleat nya disangkutin di jempol @fathasyaaa klo gw prefer Hindia masuk ke indie apa nih kira2there's a clear distinction between giving out opinions, criticism, or even just plain insults (which I believe sho…
*between @aprilianaGun gw gabisa mas gunz ga ngurusin hidup luHappy Father's Day
Retweeted by Qiya Islamkenapa gw bilang gitu? karena isinya bullshit. Pengusul UU alkohol ini PPP sama PKS udah ketauan kenapa UU ini di u… stance is always the same. I believe that the gov. should be involved in our lives as little as possible and I w… alkohol adalah manifestasi dari tendensi masyarakat Indonesia yang emang hidupnya ga tenang kalo ga ngurusin idup orang.hahaahaha that to company interviewers 👁👄👁
Retweeted by Qiya IslamHaahahaha I love this guy @alashhhka ditempat yang jauh punit aint your gf job to fix your inferiority complex lmaoall boyfriends these days gotta man up and stop being insecure afwhats up Shay?? Whats up Lynn??NOOO HAHAA
@syifamahalaa get well soon om 😊 @bayikiamat @sageof6pathh ayoxixixixixi @PramOctavy Mike Pompeo dismissed Biden’s victory and claimed there will be a “smooth transition” to a second Trump… always wonder what would I feel if my greatest nightmare comes true. Now that it's happening, the only word comes… post seperti ini dari kampus biru tercinta @itsrosyad langsung nonton better call saul syadCan you believe that people still get executed because of his speech in 2020? This is sickening. Kudos to the Islam… @h4ngloos3 hahahah enakan disini juga abisnya
pacar @stonedwell now that i hear this song again, its actually really good gasih HAHAHHAwoi gw difollow sama mba crush gmn nih ashfjakakalskdjja
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @higenting meanwhile trump withdrawn most of US troops from middle east dan berhasil mediasiin perdamaian israel sama negara2 arabmana meme rizieq nya guys
@lysecarlate @_geraldgerald_ Nice thread kak @azaslegalitas @lucixxn_ Perantara dagangTelevangelist Kenneth Copeland laughs at the media for declaring that Joe Biden has won the election and will becom…
Retweeted by Qiya Islamlet me be the first to say it
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10/10 I dont know what to say. a. fucking. masterpiece. not allow politics to consume your time, energy and life. Leaders come and go. Four years or eight years, they w…
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @sageof6pathh KWKWKW ANJING bentar 10 menit gw udh midgame @sageof6pathh dm id wo @sageof6pathh ayo wo @jauzaahong yeah, the least that you should do is to be more specific with those terms. If you are just saying fanc… don't like the use of simple terms to explain complicated things.kEhEnDAk SePihAk PenGuaSAher statement is clearly oversimplified and manipulative. ada yg salah dengan peraturan yg orthodox? Elitist dala…ついに銅像がお披露目されました! 諫山創さんも「感無量です」と語っています。 #進撃の巨人 #進撃の日田 #日田
Retweeted by Qiya Islam @almachesyaa alma peelrnah coba bubur mangga besar?? 1000x lebih enak dr kwangtung imo