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TUF Season 18. 2x NXT Women’s Champion. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Shooter, worker, I break bodies. #4HW #UWFxUSA #LoyaltyIsEverything

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.@QoSBaszler is READY! #WWERaw
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @Lockster92 @WWE Ever tried to defend a sleeper without the use of your arms, genius?#Reality is not only a win for @QoSBaszler, but momentum heading into the #RoyalRumble. Well, not if @NiaJaxWWE has an…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerDESTRUCTIVA @QoSBaszler! #WWERaw #WWExFOX
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerShe supposed to STAY IN HER CORNER AM @WWE’s #Reality are all just trying to learn every day. We are all just trying to live and survive. Know where to feed your…
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TAKE COVER! @austincreedwins and @JessamynDuke are getting a reality check in Medal of Honor Above and Beyond for…
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@EdBattes Looking at the comments, I’m not surprised it had to be explained, lolSmackdown bokeh!It's time for some COUCH CO-OP with #BREStart! @MiaYim, @jessamynduke, @DakotaKai_WWE and @QoSBaszler play Lovers…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerThere’s no such thing as the perfect vid- THERE IS WHEN ALL OF #BREStart ARE TOGETHER PLAYING A COUCH CO-OP WITH TH…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerNoble steed. #dogsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #isyspuppy to everyone sharing their @twitch stats! It’s cool to see what everyone has been up to... so cool......
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @UpUpDwnDwn @MiaYim @jessamynduke @DakotaKai_WWE @QoSBaszler If puppy tells you to keep it tight not once but twice…
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After declaring their entry for the 2021 #RoyalRumble Match, @WWE_MandyRose & @DanaBrookeWWE looked to continue to…
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Me. finally made my Top 5 2020 twitch clips compilation for @char1ie_gir1 (@DakotaKai_WWE) 5. COLIN 4. @QoSBaszler's…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerThe 'schoolboy' is a legitimate takedown.
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerThis is why @QoSBaszler is the Submission Magician. Check it out:
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2021 wrestling for MMA: High Elbow Front Choke (guillotine). Marcelo-time. More variations on the YouTube. are excited to announce we are working with @LucasfilmGames to develop a brand-new, story-driven, open world Sta…
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*collusion @QoSBaszler tonight on #Raw a hard dose of #Reality. #SubmissionMagician #TeamBaszler.
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@Allthingsmagic2 @jessamynduke 1. You have ZERO idea how much or how hard I work. 2. This is not the 1st time I’ve…
A very special episode of #NewDayPod, dedicated to the life of Jon “Luke Harper” Huber, arrives tomorrow.…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @ReneePaquette @JRsBBQ @Postmates @OmahaSteaks I want in on this steak party, pleaseICYMI! Check out the latest episode of #BREStart! We play #Left4Dead2 and @QoSBaszler is taking it very seriously.…
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Now THIS is the kind of chaotic energy I want to start my day off right with!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BRESTART #BRE
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @UpUpDwnDwn @QoSBaszler @DakotaKai_WWE @jessamynduke @MiaYim I always look forward to new #BREStart episodes. Not o…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @IamCapitalK77 Deck of cards workouts. Assign an exercise for each suit (♦️=pushups, ♣️=sit ups, ♥️=lunges, ♠️=burp… @podcast_uf Been on the closed alpha and it’s already SOOOOO GOODDecided that from now on all regular non commission highlights will be Patreon exclusive for a month after I make t…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerJoin fans from around the world live on TV! Register now for your virtual seat in the #WWEThunderDome on #WWERaw!…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerSTOP. RUNNING. INTO. MY LINE. OF FIRE. @dav1dalanwalker Doesn’t mean you can’t get off your phone and moving around @CaptainChromium I didn’t assume anything. YOU jumped on MY timeline. (You don’t need any of that to work out) @MichaelMJr You don’t need a gym to get off your phone and move aroundWhat’s the difference between sitting sedentary at home on your phone, or getting moving and out of social media?… @CaptainChromium Never made any mention of anyone going anywhere, but go off with your excuse!
@GoddessOfCats Yes.Everyone turn your phones off & go work out.Shoutout @QoSBaszler and Volk Han
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @WrestleHades She really should be back by now.....
you've been asking for it, and now it's here! @QoSBaszler finally explains how isys powers her scooter! (warning: a…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerIt was never about winning
Hard dose of #Reality #RAWTalk @withregram@upupdwndwn From the developers of #left4dead we are playing @back4blood! Watch as @qosbaszler the developers of #left4dead, we are playing @back4blood! Watch as @QoSBaszler coaches @AustinCreedWins! Here…
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The wait is over and my new @mizunonorthamerica collection is finally here and available to buy! Check the link bel…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerRookie of the Year
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @Soldier1Fortune @CatchWrestling Sure yes, all that is well known. I’m just saying, the blanket statement isn’t tru… @Soldier1Fortune @CatchWrestling I’ve trained with several good ones. @CatchWrestling A person in the submission grappling world shows their knowledge (lack of) of the history of the ar… this guy is being delusional online and is claiming he invented this side chancery / cravate choke be…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler#Reality Artist.
@theakiraway I like this testSometimes I think “I feel great, do I do one more extra round?” and the answer depends on 1 of 2 things: 1) How l… Sunday #Reality #SubmissionMagician #DoubleDamnWristlock @CuzICantStop Still?!?A liver shot even Bas Rutten would be proud of #GarciaCampbell
@askmetostay323 A game made for PC ported to console is always gonna run better on the Microsoft machineWatching the feet is the real beauty of the art of high lvl boxing. #GarciaCampbell @ShawnIrons3 Yes @askmetostay323 Runs perfectly fine on my PC and XSX bothMain event this early? Doesn’t interfere w/my #Cyberpunk2077 time. I can get down w/that. #GarciaCampbellHappy New Year people! As a way to start off the new year, here is the "debut" of @DakotaKai_WWE hit single "Scream…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @GreatLove91 #RealityIf you need a positive dose of #reality to shed some light as we come into the new year, check out @QoSBaszler’s ne…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @Michael8Pittman On any meat, honestly2020 was rough for a lot of people but at least it was a great year for puppy. 🥺 Just like riding in Shayna’s musta…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerMy pallet is too educated to have a cooking show with him & not go completely insane. if you can't wait
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @TJDeSantis I think it’s a difficult switch, at times. The threat of the pin & the rule set makes wrestling much mo…
3 years ago tonight, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Mia Yim, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox and Ruby Riott celebrated New Ye…
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler @stephdelander So crazyJust letting y’all know the best way to end the year is to watch @jessamynduke @OKAYGAM3R CHOPMANIA NYE STREAM 2017…
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😬😬😬 AH! #WWERaw @QoSBaszler @DanaBrookeWW
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerStreetkid, Corpo, Nomad. Legado Del Phantasma #WWENXT @raven1220 I’m a pro. Accept it.
In @QoSBaszler’s newest YouTube video she was enjoying Hazy Wonder by @lagunitasbeer. You can find out more about t…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerHow do you cook the perfect ribs? What exactly is a boat tent? Watch @QoSBaszler’s newest YouTube video to find out…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerBaddassery is in my bloodline is The Impostor?! 🧐 @AmongUsGame #WWEGaming @RondaRousey @FaZeAdapt @NickEh30 @AdamColePro @MmmGorgeous
Retweeted by Shayna Baszler#Reality
I'm entering the Holiday Sus-Fest w/ @rondarousey & @qosbaszler by my side to take on @FazeAdapt, @NickEh30,…
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerEvery Horsewoman for themselves! Can I trust @RondaRousey & @jessamynduke during the holiday Sus-Fest? Let’s see wh… #Reality #SubmissionMagician ready. #WWERaw @QoSBaszler
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerTEAM sent, courtesy of @QoSBaszler. #WWERaw
Retweeted by Shayna BaszlerDon't miss the 🎄Holiday Sus-Fest 🎄, going down TOMORROW in the Superstar Gaming Series, streaming on the free versi…
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These Superstars throw down in the Superstar Gaming Series TOMORROW, streaming on the free version of @WWENetwork &…
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