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This is beautiful😍 @QPR
Retweeted by QPR FCThings you absolutely love to see 😍@QPR
Retweeted by QPR FC @QPR 😍😍😍
Retweeted by QPR FC⁦@QPR⁩ It just has to be done, doesn’t it? #QPR
Retweeted by QPR FC @QPR This is quality @andywa7kins
Retweeted by QPR FC😍 #QPRWallpapers you love to see. #WednesdayWallpapers🙌 #QPR have exercised the option to extend the deals of @ryanmanning4 & @Bright_097 to the summer of 2021.🌍 Flying the R's flag all over the globe! International Fan Group #QPR Sierra Leone were recently sent a Rangers… worth a lot of money those 4 players in today’s market. Great players back in the day and more importantly good…
Retweeted by QPR FCA great night at the Rs #StarsOfThe90s @W12Studios #ForeverRs #ChildhoodHeroes #QPR #W12 A fab insight and night…
Retweeted by QPR FC🇮🇪 #QPR have put together a special match package for Irish R’s supporters ahead of our upcoming #QPRBAR home fixture.Great night with the #RStarsOfThe90s congrats to the club for putting together a great night! #QPR @philbargent
Retweeted by QPR FCA fantastic evening with @LeeMcCarthy11. Some great stories from the players. #RStarsOfThe90s
Retweeted by QPR FC😆 There were laughs aplenty with #RStarsOfThe90s last night!🔛 sale now. Tickets for #PNEQPR 👇Great night reminiscing with this lot 😀 Thanks to @zoomenterprises and everyone @QPR who made it happen.…
Retweeted by QPR FC⏰ Time is nearly up in our 2️⃣4️⃣ hour Flash Sale! The offer ends at 10am 👇🎂 Happy Birthday Junior Hoops! Henry Forster Edward Grayson Elzia Millar
A great evening had by all at the @QPR "Forever R's" "Stars of the 90s" evening. Some fantastic stories from…
Retweeted by QPR FC2 hours flashed by listening to the wonderful stories & memories from #Rstarsofthe90s how lucky are we that we get…
Retweeted by QPR FCAbsolutely fantastic event tonight at @W12Studios, It was fun and insightful as well. Events like this and the comm…
Retweeted by QPR FCWith a #QPR legend tonight - Les Ferdinand #Rstarsofthe90s - well done to my Club @QPR for continuing to involve th…
Retweeted by QPR FC @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises @kevingallen10 🎬 That’s a wrap from W12! Thanks to @zoomenterprises and everyone w… @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises @kevingallen10 🙇 Heroes growing up? 'Sir' Les wanted to be a goalkeeper thanks to… @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises @kevingallen10 😆 'Very good, Willo!' Clive Wilson chips in at the end on… @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises @kevingallen10 😂 'Macca was relentless!' The guys relive some of Alan McDonald's i… to these @QPR legends is such a joy @W12Studios
Retweeted by QPR FC @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises @kevingallen10 😅 'They soon put me in my place' Willo regretted wearing his best… @AndySintonQPR @zoomenterprises ⭐️ @AndySintonQPR ⭐️ Les Ferdinand ⭐️ @kevingallen10 ⭐️ Clive Wilson…🗣 Here’s one man who’s looking forward to tonight, @AndySintonQPR! #RStarsOfThe90s ⭐️ @zoomenterprises's #ScrewfixTicketTuesday the chance for you to win tickets to your chosen @EFL game EVERY TUESDAY! To apply for…
Retweeted by QPR FC👋 @QPR first team players visited our @QPRSoccerSchool this afternoon. 🖥
Retweeted by QPR FC👋 Evening from W12 Studios! Thanks to @zoomenterprises, we’re with #RStarsOfThe90s from 7pm.️⃣4️⃣ hours 2️⃣4️⃣ pounds Get kitted out with a replica #QPR shirt in our latest Flash Sale 👇
Retweeted by QPR FC🙏 @QPR @ryanmanning4 & Joe Lumley joined our participants @PFShepBush @QPRSoccerSchool this afternoon
Retweeted by QPR FC🤳 Time to see what our Junior Hoops vloggers made of #QPRSTO!✋ Debut for @DeshaneDalling ⚽️ Goal for @remy_shiloh @Jack99K Hi. No, it's being played at our Harlington training ground.🤔 What's your Reason? #MyReasonA cracking night down the bush this evening proudly sponsored by Zoom Occasions The 90s was a great era when the…
Retweeted by QPR FC2️⃣4️⃣ hours 2️⃣4️⃣ pounds Get kitted out with a replica #QPR shirt in our latest Flash Sale 👇 @QPR #QPR 4 Stoke 2. What a great day for for me and my grandson! He is a 4th generation QPR fan. My grandad…
Retweeted by QPR FC⭐️ Who's joining #RStarsOfThe90s tonight? Tickets go off sale at midday!🎂 Happy Birthday Junior Hoops! Charlotte Allwright Luke Brennan Tilly Callieu McCarthy Mia Flanagan Harry Garson F…
3️⃣ Goals 🙌 Undefeated in 2020 📈 Form continues Read our take on this evenings 3-2 win away at Premier League side Watford. #QPRU23💪 Keep doing what you're doing, @ben_wells2000! @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 ⏱The full-time whistle blows! Despite a nervy end to the game, Rangers se… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 90' We are into added time here. (2-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 87' Rangers are holding on! The hornets are pushing for an equaliser, but… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 85' Five left! We have a nervy end to the game in store here. (2-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 84' Goal. Watford pull a second back, with Pedro's strike beating Barnes. (2-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 83' Good run from Kakay! A overlapping run from the full-back picks out S… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 76' Goal for the hosts. Watford pull one back through Success. (1-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 75' No penalty! This time it's Rangers who have a shout for a penalty, wi… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 72' Good work from Clarke! After hassling defender Green, winger Clarke h… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 66' Shodipo fires wide! After some good work from Bansal-McNulty and Clar… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC @JackClarke09 61' Rangers change: ⬅️ Ramkilde ➡️ Duke-McKenna (0-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 📸 R's winger @JackClarke09 is in action tonight! #QPRU23 Photo: Alan Cozzi/Watford FC @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 53' Audacious from Bettace! Midfielder Bettache tries his luck from distance with a che… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 50' No penalty! Success drives at the R's defence and falls to the ground, but the refe… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 47' GOOALL!! A fine finish from Oteh makes it three to the R's. (0-3) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC ⚽ The R's get us underway for the second half! (0-2) #QPRU23When you forget the media boys are filming you on the gantry 😳😂
Retweeted by QPR FC @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC ⏱ Half time here! Rangers go in the break leading, following a dominant first half disp… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 41' GOOOAALLL!!! It's two, Ramkilde and Shodipo chase down keeper Roberts, who passes t… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 36' Gubbins to the rescue! Watford counter attack through Success, but defender Gubbins… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 33' Good move! A great one touch attacking move from Rangers, ends with Shodipo being b… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 📸 R's gaffer Mark Warburton is in attendance tonight. #QPRU23 Photo: Alan Cozzi/Watford… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 23' Close again! Oteh produces some tricky down the right hand side and picks out Shodi… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 18' Good work from Clarke! Winger Jack Clarke drives at the hosts' defence and picks ou… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 17' Another Rangers chance! This time Kakay forces Roberts in the Hornets net into a fi… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 15' Close! Ramkilde finds space on the edge of the box and is inches away from doubling… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 8' GOOAALL!!! Rangers take the lead as Carlyle heads home Bansal-McNulty's corner kick. (0-1) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 6' Yellow for Rangers! Domi receives a caution for his somewhat tactical foul on Quina. (0-0) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 2' Early possession for the R's! Some calm passing from Barnes, Gubbins and Bansal-McNu… @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 1' Tonights hosts get us underway. (0-0) #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC ⚽️ The teams are out ahead of tonights game. #QPRU23 @stalbanscityfc @WatfordFC 📝 #QPRU23 manager Paul Hall names his starting XI for this evening: Barnes, Kakay, Domi… little man was definitely my man of the match on Saturday. 🙋‍♂️ Who agrees? #JuniorHoopsTakeover
Retweeted by QPR FC📍 We have arrived @stalbanscityfc for this evenings kick-off with @WatfordFC #QPRU23🔜⚡️🛁 @Bright_097 sending defenders for an early Batth. #QPRSTO🙌 A great win for #QPRU18 on Saturday! They've now picked up 7️⃣ points from their last 3️⃣ matches.📺 Live on Sky ⏰ Lunchtime kick-off #QPR's home game with Fulham in March will be live on Sky Sports. #QPRFUL @Paul1882Mason It was our pleasure. He did a brilliant job! 👏 #JuniorHoopsTakeover📸 Check out photos from our first #JuniorHoopsTakeover day on Saturday!🙌 @AndySintonQPR loves to see it! #QPRSTO
Retweeted by QPR FC🕖 7pm 🆚 @WatfordFC 📍 @stalbanscityfc There's Monday night football for #QPRU23's tonight!🌧 Overcome the elements 🙌 Battle back to win #QPRSTO 💪 @arangelz loved #QPR's fighting spirit on Saturday!⭐️ Don't miss #RStarsOfThe90s! Tickets go off sale at midday on Tuesday.⏩ All the action from Saturday. #QPRSTO4️⃣ goals to get your week going! #QPRSTO #MondayMotivation🎂 Happy Birthday Junior Hoops! Harry Allen Adam Bella Dylan Povey
🔙 to winning ways! #QPRSTO🗣 Hear from the man who started #QPR's storming comeback. Enjoy that one, @JordanHugill? 😅 #QPRSTO👏 @ryanmanning4 #QPRSTO🙌 Ilias Chair Mopping up all three points 🧹 #QPRSTO💫 @Bright_097 Comeback complete ✅ #QPRSTO