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A blog for drinks lovers, particularly Gin. Get in touch for gin swaps (if we're on familiar terms of course!)

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I'm about to re-organise my gin shelves. Pray for me. @gin_and_beer @theginshelf @richspence306 @Junipalooza @GinFoundry @katiebhughes @ginterestingX @juniperchick @gin_and_beer @richspence306 @Junipalooza @GinFoundry @katiebhughes @theginshelf @ginterestingX @juniperchick @gin_and_beer @richspence306 @Junipalooza @GinFoundry @katiebhughes @theginshelf @ginterestingX @juniperchick @richspence306 @theginshelf @gin_and_beer @Junipalooza @GinFoundry @katiebhughes @ginterestingX @juniperchick @kirstycouch't let storm Dennis get you down! Start your Sunday morning off with a gander at my latest #gin review! @HaymanJames @wildfreespirit @PothecaryGin I thought the sticking point was that previously, to get a distilling li…
@Mowgli_Gurl Ale... 😜 took the sensible option and stopped the booze! @scottish_gin @MakarGlasgowGin @SugarsnapChoc Yas pls! @gin_and_beer @PothecaryGin Yeah, I misread the 'headline' at first, but having read it this is a massive case of '… I'm in that dangerous state where I'm tipsy and feelin' fine... but I wanna drink more... but I'm not too tipsy… @gin_and_beer For what (kind of thing I think) you do have quaffed!My latest #GinReview! GŴYR - Rhamanta is a special edition @craftginclub offering that's full of wonderful, interes… @ChristineTeanby @pickeringsgin Tell me more!Time to get quaffing! @manylittlewords Worth noting the cost of said medication is the same whatever you have, and set very low!
Valentine's done right here once again with an Indian takeaway (breaking from the traditional chinese as we're havi… forward to reviewing the latest @craftginclub gin tomorrow! @TheGinLordUK Congrats!
My latest Tonic Review! Schweppes - Signature Collection Light Tonic is a naturally flavoured premium mixer from th… @LoneWolfGin Lone Island Iced TeaGonna review another tonic this evening methinks. @gin_and_beer @PothecaryGin Ah, yeah I've heard about this blog! @PothecaryGin Mrs Raven absolutely LOVES Trinity so she's chuffed to bits! Will do a review in the next couple of w…
@scottish_gin @glenwyvis Would love to try this. I tested hawthorn berries as a botanical and thought they were gre… @gin_and_beer @PothecaryGin Trinity is as good as I remember from the sip I had at Junipalooza! 😍Duuuuh I meant to post this pic, not a gif!, today was the best postie day ever! Was looking forward to getting a 'sample' of the beautiful Trinity, and… choice would be Hayman's Royal Dock Gin! I'd love to try the Gently Rested, but as I'm not a fan of S… my gin buying embargo yesterday, but for good reason! It was a bottle of Beefeater (which I'm low on and have… @laratheaussie
Genuinely think they might be confusing it with salted caramel or something?! I mean... CHUNKS OF SALT?!'ve seen more than 1 person in the CGC Facebook group complain that the 'smooth dark with pink himalayan salt' cho…
😱😍 Anyone fancy getting me a bottle of this?! @renegadegin @doghousedistill @BallerVodka Yaaas @under_glass_sky @BrimAndTonicValentines Giveaway - WIN a years supply of GIN + VODKA!🍸❤️ TO ENTER.. - FOLLOW @doghousedistill @renegadegin +…
Retweeted by Adam McD#WIN a bottle of Scottish Isle of Bute Small Batch Heather #GIN & case of 4 Franklin & Sons Tonics! Celebrate…
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The exciting thing about this batch is that, assuming it's not a disaster, this will make up the third of the batch… have a go at Batch #29 this afternoon!Oh gosh, it's #FreebieFriday! The weekend starts here! Would you #love to win a bottle of Bollinger #Champagne, Ic…
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@gin_and_beer I say: I have quaffed!My latest #GinReview! It's a year since my first review, so now that the blog has aged a little, I thought I'd revi…'s a year to the day since my first gin review! Quaffing something a little different for you all right now! @jennifermclaren Me: @theginshelf Happy belated! Hope you had a good one!
@GowerGinCompany @kirstycouch @jennifermclaren @craftginclub Thanks! I feel it's underrated if I do say so myself,… @GowerGinCompany @kirstycouch @jennifermclaren @craftginclub I have to agree based on the couple of sips I've had s… just like that, I've managed to polish off a bottle of bourbon with a couple of boulevardiers. #professional - #Win a stunning bottle of @DarnleysGin Spiced Navy Strength Edition worth £37! Simply retweet and fo…
Retweeted by Adam McD @PothecaryGin Haha! Throw in what you like! 😉 @PothecaryGin Hah no worries! As I said, I just didn't want you to have sent anything and think I was rude for not… @PothecaryGin Sooooooooo y'know that sample of Trinity we discussed... 😉 On a serious note though, did you get my… @PothecaryGin you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary What a year of quaffing it's been! @OnTheSauceAgain @PinksterGin @under_glass_skyValentine’s Day with Pinkster Gin (+ #WIN A #GIN HAMPER). 🍸🌹 To enter: 1. Follow @PinksterGin and…
Retweeted by Adam McD @TheGinasium Haha, it's just been one drink each for us to finish those three off, but my next targets will take a little longer!
Been culling the old and infirm over the past few days. One vodka and two gins so far. @curryspcworld Netflix, Firefox, and Wordpress @gin_and_beer @brentingby *Rakki @gin_and_beer @brentingby Argh! You're killing me! I need to find a way around my gin buying ban for the Raki!
🤞#Competition 🙏 Win a 70cl Bottle of Sunshine Gin 😍 😍 We are celebrating our Cuckoo Bird 🐥 & the Bees 🐝 that prod…
Retweeted by Adam McDValentine’s Day with Pinkster Gin (+ #WIN A #GIN HAMPER). This year we are feeling rather generous and instead of a…
Retweeted by Adam McD @TheGinasium @GinMonkeyUK Honestly, I'm surprised it's not happened sooner. I've seen some of these whilst trawling…
@LorimerPam Thanks! @ChristineTeanby @ChapelDownWines It is that!While you're eating breakfast and listening to Love Songs, why not read my latest review? Love is definitely in the…
Also, @wordpressdotcom I now have to disconnect and reconnect Twitter to my blog EVERY TIME I post, in order for wh… have quaffed!My latest #GinReview! Chapel Down - Bacchus is a grape based gin from wine makers @ChapelDownWines and is a beautif… @LorimerPam @kirstycouch I'm going to review that next weekend as the Club will be on embargo for a few days yet so… @LorimerPam An Inspector Calls at the Bradford Alhambra. Excellent production!Back from the theatre, and now it's time for a 'proper' quaffing 😉!
@foxholespirits 2 strong 1 sweet 1 sour @LorimerPam @SilentPoolGin Great gin! Didn't know anything about the history and not noticed the extra little bits…
@TheGinfluence Any particular genre?My latest review! Fever-Tree Indian Tonic is the classic gin mixer from @FeverTreeMixers who have gone from strengt… @PothecaryGin @R_Signals Amazing! 👍 @claregarry6 @FeverTreeMixers I didn't find it had a funny aftertaste at all. If anything it doesn't have an aftert… @WithersGin Thanks!
I have quaffed! 😉My first mixer review! Fever-Tree Light Indian Tonic is a low calorie drink from @FeverTreeMixers who have the mark…'s a quaffing, folks, but not as you know it! Stay tuned! @richspence306 @gin_a_ding_ding It's one thing to have then behind the bar... it's quite another to have them at an affordable price! @gin_a_ding_ding Though I also wouldn't be surprised if they were about a sixty quid a measure @gin_a_ding_ding Oh my gracious there are some TO DIE FOR bourbons on those shelves!!! 😱😱😱😍Can't decide whether to quaff this evening, or do something a little different...
@Spittoon2013 Hey Martin, I just wanted to check whether you got my email? Thought I'd check just in case you'd got… wanna try this. I wanna I wanna I wanna! Also, how good does that bottle look! 😍 @theginshelf @Junipalooza Nice, that through the trainline? Or somewhere else? @theginshelf @Junipalooza I thought you could only buy train tickets 12 weeks in advance?!
@wordpressdotcom I think it's sorted now, thank you. I disconnected twitter then re-connected and tried again and it seemed to work.Huzzah! Disconnected and re-connected Twitter and that's fixed it!My latest #GinReview! South Bank is a budget London dry that has some interesting flavours I've not experienced bef… @wordpressdotcom And would you look at that, @wordpressdotcom , re-publishing the blog has resulted in no tweet whatsoever. Great stuff...Can anyone see the tweet??