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Quager @quagerdoodle New Jersey, USA

I play Valorant for 6-8 hours a day and stream it. Don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do... Twitch partner 🙃 | My everything @StarRustGod

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My predictions for tomorrow... Team 1 will take it HOME! Have fun @dbartdog, you have the ultimate Goldfish/Star du… has been posted... Tournament begins @ 11AM EST tomorrow! 8 teams battle it off for a total prize pool of $300!! Cya's then 🔥50 MINUTES TILL SIGN UP IS CLOSED!! $300 Viewer Tournament (no requirements!) Signup Here:… but today I can just TASTE radiant in the air!! LIVE: #FaZeUp @NormalWaffles @StarRustGod Just testing the waters2nd night of Escape from Tarkov with @StarRustGod. I expected her to team kill but definitely NOT this early. Liter… we shave our head on stream? 🤨
I heard if you click this link, you will be lucky for a month straight #FaZeUpLive soon. Radiant vibes todayExactly a month ago I met this random girl playing Valorant. We clicked together right then and there and haven’t b… she likes the same games you like 😍 (Escape from tarkov)
@SantasGoldfish You should light it on fire and stream itOn 3 everyone say "ooooo!!!!" #PistolFreak to where we belong :) Live tomorrow, thanks for the support today. Views were POPPIN @og_feel 🔥 @og_feel @StarRustGod we are officially LIVE for the DAY! Bout to hit Immortal 3 no 🧢
Signed up for @quagerdoodle community tournament. I'll be streaming it this Saturday (10/24) Big hype POG
Retweeted by QuagerWe out here... Immortal 2 Sova Main going for Radiant #FaZeUp’s stream I’ll be the most positive towards my teammates. Even if they lose a 1v4 I’ll still support them! Live soon 🙃🔫 @sWestlich It’s a game bug. Gotta wait for riot to patch @DoomisGod That might be even more pog @DoomisGod Open up OBS and hit that live button!!! Don't think, just do!
RTs+ likes appreciated!The time has come once again... My 2nd Valorant Viewer Tournament! This Saturday @ 11AM EST teams will be put toget… stream today, thanks all for tuning in! We'll be live early tomorrow again for a nice long stream!! <3 grind day yuh @StarRustGod 😘😘
We live boys Let's grind and win today... Positivity Quager is hereMY 2nd HARDEST FLEX OF 2020 HOLYYYYYYYYYYY
@StarRustGod @tommymuri04 @FaZeClan MUCH harder then it looksIn 7th grade I was in GT Art 🤷‍♂️ #FaZeUp @FaZeClan @Ninja You need serious help bro smhMe n baby girl @StarRustGod doing a bonus hunt, $100 tota,l $50 each and just hit this nasty base game hit on Ankh.… @JeffThrow @LiveTCK Kinda have to go back live after that one... @dbartdog Bro same. Like I played solid for a sova main. It was my insta lock jetts, reynas, Phoenixes who dropped… thought playing more Valorant would help tonight... I continued to get horrible teammates. We are now immortal 2!…
Hit this funny 3k clutch yesterday... This random dude always says "Quager where's @Teeqo" every time we queue in t… content rn. Go watch if in need of a laugh dear @PlayVALORANT, FIX YOUR GAME... It is unplayable with the amount of micro stutters!!!Today was the worse day in Valorant yet for solo queue... I am telling you EVERY game I had atleast 2 "teammates" w… grind continues... We ain't giving up on it #FaZeUp @ROGdep Sounds litDo you ever have those dreams where you wake up and like what the fuck was that? Yeah I just had one lol
Sweaty ass games today. Sadly no radiant yet but had a blast playing. Thanks all for the support lately, means the… AND NINJA ON MY TEAM! IM GOING PRO CHAT in the chat’m versing legit all pros right now're here and ready to grind some Valorant! Come chill out and watch TOP TIER PROFESSIONAL Gameplay! Yup profess…
I'm doing an experiment... Everyone who sees this tweet, click this link and keep the tab open! Thanks!! #FaZeUpLive shortly. It’s a radiant type day 🤝 @StarRustGod I don’t throw. Sorry not sorry ❤️ @TunaFPS It’s going to feel so good inside. All the grind and hard work paying off. Can’t wait @RiseGuard I can listen to him all day everyday and never get tired of it... he truly is a legendJuice Wrld just hits different @JeffThrow tomorrow? I'll cry @dbartdog We both radiant bound huh
They thought they could take my B site 😂 ✅ Immortal 3 😴 for placements decided to drop ranked right when we got off so we are back live!! LETS GOOOOO Valorant map is... interesting...ACT III WAITING ROOM!! NEW MAP, BETTER RANKING SYSTEM, AND NEW SKINS!!! Let's make this season be the 1! LIVE:… @bobbyisawsome24 Indeed... Wish I knew who it was to give credit to of the day, clean 4k to win the round... Gotta love teammates that ACTUALLY use microphones
Bangin ass stream today!! Sadly we did not hit Radiant but we played very well. Thanks all for the support, follows… NINJA taking dubs out here... +27 up arrows, LETS HIT RADIANT!! GGs @Ninja LIVE: ON MY TEAM!! OMG OMG OMG CHATTT IM GOING PRO Gfuel is kickin and we almost @ 40 viewers... Come show some love <3 We're live! #FaZeUp #FaZe5Live shortly. Last day for Act II!Roasted pumpkin seeds are fire... if you disagree you’re weirdI tried holding her back... It was inevitable
@SantasGoldfish Throw in a wax sticker and deal @JaekCreates @DoomisGod cuties... We're live for the day! Let's game and vibe. Come thru and !lurk or say what's goooodd @HeyImGalaxy Or how about another pair of these @JeffThrow I’m buying more wax as we speak #stonksCleaning my room. Should I give it away or sell it? I heard it’s highly collectible! Thoughts?? @bobbyisawsome24 Mmmmmm no but I will! @StarRustGod Would you like to come clean my room?Live in an hour or so... got some stuff to do first @DoomisGod Gunna need to see some dancing as well. I can teach you if you want! @DoomisGod When’s the drinking stream @StarRustGod Yay yay yay and yay
@theninja982 @NotGrizzlyCS @J0nezyyy @notrealKTFlaSh @scaify_ @BisCu_ @ohnePixel TF LMFAO.... That shit's huge, congrats! @StarRustGod sangriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😋No radiant today :( Solid stream overall, back tomorrow!! AINT GIVIN UP🦾 Up Arrows on Immortal 3... Will this be the game we rankup to RADIANT?!? Please Riot devs, let it happen RANKUP GAME!! 9-5 RN VERSING RADIANTS! JOINNNN up arrows on Immortal 3... Will we hit the top rank in Valorant today? LETS GET ITTTTTT… shortly. Today’s the day we hit radiant. Come witness history+18 up arrows on Immortal 3... The grind continues tomorrow. Hitting Radiant will be such an accomplishment for me!…
I shaved my head bald #FaZeUp #RadiantBound @bobbyisawsome24 @StarRustGod @ROGdep 3-1. It’s a done deal 🤝 @StarRustGod @bobbyisawsome24 I kinda look nice bald O.o @sWestlich That’s why rust is betterHaircut then live :)