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As we unlock 5G, we’re transforming industries, creating jobs, and enriching lives. | Posting guidelines:

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Where there’s #5G, the #Snapdragon 765G-powered Nokia 8.3 5G from @nokiamobile delivers. more than ever, there’s a critical need for connectivity. Hear from President @cristianoamon about how we’re ke… listen to the podcast I did today w/@alicetornquist of @Qualcomm & @seankinneyRCR on the emergency need for…
Retweeted by QualcommAt a time when we’re all spending more time on social media than usual, the #Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform’s #AI e…
Streaming high-speed data with #5G consumes power, which is why the #Snapdragon #5G Modem-RF System was designed wi… @bloombergtv, CEO @SteveMollenkopf shared that our main priority is the safety of our employees, and that as a c… @evankirstel We’re looking forward to our customer’s products based on these SoCs in the second half of the year.
Here’s our statement from @Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf on today’s exciting @FCC announcement on allocating new 6…
Retweeted by QualcommYour headphones should be immersive, but also let you hear the world around you. That’s why our latest #Bluetooth a…
With our #Snapdragon 865 #5G mobile platform, the @oneplus 8 series delivers extreme 5G speeds, FastConnect 6800 an… more about @zoom_us, the groundbreaking company @QualcommVenture invested in that’s helping us communicate pe…
In this uncharted time, there’s a critical need for wireless technology innovation. We’re hiring to support it, and…
Congratulations to @Xiaomi on the global launch of the #Mi10 Series. After 10 years of collaboration, it’s clear th… beating heart of the #Mi10 Series is the incredible @Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 865. This amazing processor makes th…
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1. Taking a moment to truly thank our @Qualcomm employees. Our business, product, operations, engineering and suppo…
Retweeted by QualcommQualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chips could bring ANC to lower-cost earbuds
Retweeted by QualcommThat’s a lot of ways we outperform the others. In case you need it, here’s a handy checklist., the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform is globally commercialized, while other mobile platforms are availa… you won’t find super wideband 32 KHz aptX #Bluetooth voice features on other platforms, either.Other mobile platforms don’t deliver #WiFi 6 Dual Band Simultaneous (2x2 + 2x2) connectivity for improved speed and low-latency.Our #Snapdragon Elite Gaming features deliver desktop-level gameplay, from HDR10 rendering and 144hz refresh rates… #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform’s Adreno GPU enables rich and smooth graphics that withstand long periods o… #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform comes equipped with our 5th generation #AI engine, pumping 15 trillion oper… #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform features a turbo-boosted ISP capable of 2 Gigapixels per second, making for… offer a comprehensive #5G modem-to-antenna solution for superior performance, coverage, and all-day battery life. #Snapdragon 865 #5G offers Sub-6 200MHz aggregation — so while others may offer 100MHz, that’s still only <2.5… are generations ahead, enabling multi-gigabit #5G mmWave in smartphones.We’re here to set the record straight about the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform.Our #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform is truly next-level, delivering what other platforms just can’t.
Retweeted by QualcommRight now, our phones are more crucial than ever for building connections. We’re working with Youdao on mobile and…
We aren’t the only ones who know the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform is better than the rest. says the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform is a beast. fact: there’s actually a whole list of things our #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform achieves that others…’s inside the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform that sets it apart from the others? The Snapdragon X55 5G Mod… the #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform is the world’s most advanced 5G platform. Exhibit A: can edit, adjust, upload, and share UHD+ video content in real-time from just about anywhere with a #5G connect… new Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring on our latest audio SoCs, if you remove the earbud that’s connected to you…
Here’s how the updateable GPU drivers coming to #Snapdragon platforms are set to improve your mobile gaming:…
In his interview with @CNBC, CEO @SteveMollenkopf discusses how @Qualcomm employees continue to work toward the fut…
Learn about our environmental, social, and ethical initiatives in our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report:
The just-announced, #Snapdragon 865 #5G-powered @oppo Find X2 Pro scored a 124 from @DxOMark for its camera — creat… do several flagship devices from @Xiaomi, Vivo, @oppo, and other industry leaders have in common? They feature… with our #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform, Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System, and Snapdragon Elite Gami…
Qualcomm is helping drive a home connectivity revolution through technology. Discover more on how RF sensing techno…
Retweeted by QualcommYou deserve real-time translation with on-device #AI and #5G speeds. That’s why your phone deserves #Snapdragon., signature craftsmanship, and high-tech features combine in the #Snapdragon Wear 3100-powered @TAGHeuer Co…
@KaiOStech Congratulations! 🎉 @JLabAudio Congrats! 😎We're one step closer to widespread adoption of #CV2X in Europe. #WhatsNextIn5G
So excited that our tech is a part of not one, but two amazing new devices from @Montblanc_world: the MB 01 wireles…“Thin, light, and just right.” Read @CNN’s glowing review of the #Snapdragon 8cx-powered @SamsungMobile to be #2 on this list of Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics. Thank you, @FastCompany.… it comes to speed, the Vivo NEX 3S 5G is the whole package. #Snapdragon 865 #5G Mobile Platform ✔️ Snapdragon…"The Galaxy Book S is one of the most compelling laptops we've ever used and tested" - Congrats @SamsungUS and…
Retweeted by QualcommTop speed and connectivity starts here. 👇 📶 @Qualcomm X55 Equipped 📡 mmWave & Sub-6 GHz 🌐 Wi-Fi 6 #OPPO5GCPE Omni
Retweeted by QualcommIndeed. Long and productive relationship between Qualcomm and OnePlus. But the best is yet to come! We can’t wait t…
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Qualcomm wouldn’t be where we are today without the brilliant, talented, and inspirational women who work here and…
Gorgeous. Lightning-fast. Three cameras. That’s the brand new @oppo Find X2 Pro, powered by the #Snapdragon 865 #5G the 5G Era we welcome futuristic speeds powered by the @Qualcomm #Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform! 🙌…
Retweeted by QualcommSports + life = the #Snapdragon Wear 3100-powered @Suunto 7, a @WearOSbyGoogle #smartwatch.
Today, we honored girls in tech, hosting an early #IWD2020 celebration with a campus walk and charitable gifts to… @Qualcomm, we recognize the powerful role technology plays in driving gender equality across the globe. To cel…
Retweeted by QualcommLooking forward to my conversation about advancing Inclusion and Diversity with @Roanne_Sones, Corporate VP, Operat…
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LE Audio, your new favorite #Bluetooth technology, is coming soon — and will help transform the way you experience… watching a @steveaoki show, at any angle, from any seat. With #Snapdragon #5G and mmWave technology, it’s…
✔️ Manufacturing ✔️ Automotive ✔️ Healthcare #5G is set to transform more than smartphones. Uncover the possibilit…
Retweeted by Qualcomm👀
After introducing the #Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform in December, over 70 865-based designs have either been an… #Snapdragon XR2 #5G Platform is the world’s first XR platform to unite 5G and #AI, enabling you to explore the…'ve said it all!
Giving you the mobile experiences you deserve is what we’re all about. With #Snapdragon platforms, real-time transl…
#ICYMI, take a look at some of the best moments from our #WhatsNextin5G Press Event. is collaborating with Microsoft and Qualcomm to integrate its new LPWA module BG95 with Microsoft's Azure D…
Retweeted by QualcommWe worked with @MicrosoftEDU to provide students from the Kwazamokuhle School with #Snapdragon-powered Always Conne…’ve never seen a @steveaoki show like this. With #Snapdragon #5G and mmWave, you can get the best view — no matt… #5G Rocks Dual Displays, @Snapdragon 865 And Killer Audio @LGUSAMobile
Retweeted by QualcommStay flexible while working on-the-go with the #Snapdragon 8cx-powered @Lenovo Yoga #5G, the world’s first #5GPC. 🧘✔️ FastConnect✔️ #Snapdragon Elite Gaming✔️ LG Dual Screen✔️ The new @LGUS V60 ThinQ 5G is loaded with premiu…
Much like another technology we’re passionate about (not-so-subtle hint: #5G), #WiFi 6E is creating a shift in conn…’s a wrap on #WhatsNextin5G. Thank you to everyone who joined us in person and via livestream. We’re excited to… @Qualcomm unveiled world’s first 5G-enabled #Snapdragon XR2 reference design which has Tobii’s #EyeTracking a…
Retweeted by QualcommAs just announced at #Qualcomm’s #WhatsNextin5G press event, we’ve collaborated with @Qualcomm and @NVIDIA to creat…
Retweeted by QualcommJust announced at #WhatsNextin5G: the world’s first #5G-enabled #Snapdragon XR2 reference design that delivers a co… 9: Is 2020 really the year my #5G goes mainstream? 8: How will commercial #5G improve this year? 7: What #5G experiences are you most excited about? 6: How will #5G affect industries outside of smartphones? 5: When will #5G be in my car? 4: What new byproducts are you expecting to surface once #5G becomes the new norm? 3: How can students get aboard the new wave of technology advancements 5G is bringing? 2: How can we take advantage of mmWave 5G while being able to maintain reliable coverage? 1: How do you expect mobile applications to change with the powers of low latency #5G? today's #WhatsNextin5G Press Event, President @cristianoamon took to our Instagram Story to answer some of yo…'re leading the world to 5G! So many exciting announcements at today's press event #Qualcomm #WhatsNextin5G
Retweeted by Qualcomm“You see us everywhere you see 5G” @cristianoamon #WhatsNextin5G @Qualcomm
Retweeted by Qualcomm.@CristianoAmon's Q&A begins now. Tune into our Instagram Story to have all your #WhatsNextin5G questions answered.… @stevemollenkopf @ericsson @GSMA @SamsungMobile @cristianoamon @durga_malladi @steveaoki @Facebook @oculus @stevemollenkopf @ericsson @GSMA @SamsungMobile @cristianoamon @durga_malladi @steveaoki @Facebook @oculus @stevemollenkopf @ericsson @GSMA @SamsungMobile @cristianoamon @durga_malladi @steveaoki @Facebook @oculus to hear @rakuten CTO discussing how much they have simplified telco macro base station cell deployment…
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