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Percussionist in the UMD GSO, sprite editor, aspiring game dev and music producer.

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Retweeted by QuarkMy 15M4 mood in main story is like this
Retweeted by Quarkskd rkgk #明日方舟 #Arknights
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Guda having a Shirou moment #fgo
Retweeted by Quark @Taytori YET?????I’m calling it: she’s gonna stab me with a gun knifeJazz this is all your fault I’m in this current state right now but not really because I don’t even know what I’m b… @code_col Lllllladies!!!I legit remember taking meds for ADHD as a kid, didn’t take them for so long and now I don’t actually know if I’ve… to get tested to remember if I have ADHD."findom kirei" bitch it's called a tithe
Retweeted by QuarkMona after Scaramouche tells her the stars are fake #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by QuarkAK-12ちゃん #ドルフロ
Retweeted by QuarkArknights #47 and #48 Visit my pixiv for caption~
Retweeted by QuarkAsk just draws the eyes really really well and I feel like I’m looking at a really clean neon/pastel color illustra… and Pako really made an impact on me somehow @code_col I am (mostly) always here to scream about Maou and Nobu and anything relating to her @ArachneOenomel Active meditation! I like it. Also I like that mindset lmao. Me when doing assignments “if it’s gon…
Retweeted by QuarkFinally finished this "Draw Your Friends' OC in Your Styles"!! It was a lot of fun!😊 . From Top left to bottom righ…
Retweeted by Quark @CherrySpotArt Ur tablet has feelings too ;~; maybe u can let it join u in the tub with some bath salts every once… @phizez Thank u for the meal I have tipped with like and retweet :) @phizez Damn I’m... simping?????????? Hello??? Ma’am????Please consider... Short hair Texas...
Retweeted by Quark @_bantiarna Oh dear @phizez We all feed each other the content we crave... @talonfrye 😔 I’m so sorry @kaicubemain 🎉Physical Exercise 😍 and self love 🅱️🥰 @LockingEye Good good! Always keep trying. Because that’s when you know that you’ve done your best. @LockingEye Oh hey what’s up! Hope you’ve been doing well!Everybody give Cliffy your money. 😍Do it.😍 🎉Now 🎉 @LockingEye Kagerou Daze and the time loop scenario lmaoArtists of Twitter. How do you do it? @zer0_irl I should never have picked up Fate Grand OrderTamamo but as a Peach. Call that Tamamo PeachSorry I’m doing a terrible job of being on Hiatus but if you’ve known me for this long it’s just another way of say… Impact I’m begging you please release more sexy male/female/cryptid operators that I can dummy link and pla…いいニーハイの日 🌸
Retweeted by Quark @_AtelierBlanc Just a showpiece...
[ooc🐻‍❄️🐻] Rosa accidentally caught Zima checking those mannequin ass on camera
Retweeted by Quark @Taytori Hold on it’s just for today I.e. thanksgiving 😔DAMN THEY FUCKING PRANKED ME AAAAAAAAA Ina'nis ❤️ #inART #いなート
Retweeted by Quarkグラベル #アークナイツ #明日方舟
Retweeted by Quark(ceylon voice) i'm a healer, but...
Retweeted by Quark취기
Retweeted by QuarkOn this day 2 years ago, we lost a legend of our time RIP to Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for it all Ocean Man.
Retweeted by QuarkNo Matter what you believe in. Spartacus makes a clear point.
Retweeted by Quarkボルチモアお前そんな衣装で俺を誘惑できるとでもウッッッ #アズレン
Retweeted by Quarkhey fuckers new fucking xenogender - fuckgender! for when you say fuck in every single fucking sentence to express…
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Retweeted by Quark"there was only one bed" trope ★★★★★ "there was only one bed" trope where they go to sleep at opposite ends of the…
Retweeted by QuarkTrans rights
Retweeted by Quark帝ノブ沖 進捗
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Retweeted by QuarkDid I ever just devote an entire thread to short horse girlDid I ever brainrot over graniThere’s working fast & focused, and then there’s working fast & focused as the final lap of rainbow road plays in t…
Retweeted by Quarkグラニ rkgk #明日方舟 #アークナイツ #ArknightsFanArt Grani
Retweeted by Quarkthe northland bank day guard and the night guard exchanging letters to each other despite never meeting in person i…
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Retweeted by Quarkthey actually made her british i cant believe this
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Retweeted by QuarkRosmontis giving u a kiss on the forehead is the most adorable thing ever
Retweeted by Quarkbeidou is how tall
Retweeted by QuarkDo you have any comfort items? — these nuts
Retweeted by QuarkHelp I’m being forced to face the music
Retweeted by Quark @ExtremeSManpig What a statement
Retweeted by QuarkTwitter has turned into Instagram and I’m screaming wtf happenedNingguang and Beidou...#マジカルミライ2020 OSAKA開幕✨
Retweeted by QuarkI stan to Alpha Woman(s) #原神 #原神イラスト #GenshinImpact #北斗 #凝光
Retweeted by Quark @s1eepoBeepo Rope her inWork illustration for Arknights~! 🐧 #アークナイツ #明日方舟 #Arknights
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Retweeted by QuarkThank u all for being here :)asserting dominance (zhongli is unfazed)
Retweeted by QuarkTwitter the election is over give us retweet functionality backマミさんのポーズのノ
Retweeted by QuarkHmmm... Player Genshin is brutal
I feel like they’d work well togetherChen + Keqing = Kach’enTexas peek @AvgOrcaEnjoyer so: know those wallets that are stuffed thicc? Yeah that’s me with Zhongli if we’re going with this analogy your girl plays genshin impact that's not your girl anymore, that's zhongli's wallet
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Retweeted by QuarkManpig is physically unable to die until he finishes reading every single VN in existence that’s a fact
Retweeted by QuarkMmmmmm~ day you can retweet this
Retweeted by QuarkЗатерянная глава сбр выглядит отлично
Retweeted by Quark @hilichuri Do it