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@LilyPichu @Ekitaiiiii oh my gosh SO CUTE @tinakittenalt GARLIC BREAD @starsmitten_ @valkybea @Valkyrae @pokimanelol @xChocoBars @brookeab @TeanaKitten @Sydeon @iGumdrop @plushyslol @iGumdrop AHH JAIME I hope everything goes smoothly 🥺🤍 wuv you
@peterparkTV @brodinplett @scarra HAHAHAHAHAGA @Sykkuno STUDKKUNO @jodisfaerie @QuarterJaded 😳 @jacksondahl this slightly terrifies me but also #4 is so hot omg??? @flexinja LMFAO @jessicahkim how I feel bout u 🥺 @LudwigAhgren legend congrats ludwig!!!! @peenerpark “arias entire zoo” HAHAHAHA @xChocoBars @FanjoyCo omg JANET THEYRE SO STINKIN CUTE @pokimanelol he was spreading such negativity for what??? 🤢 poki supremacy now, poki supremacy forever. proud of you imane 🥺🤍
@BeccaTILTS LOOOLLL HIS FACE AND STANCE @itshafu @dogdog CONGRATS HAFU 🥺🤍my favorite duo🥺🤍
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going live now! today, chat gets to decide what i buy from @AmazonFashion @madisonobvrlin ok but my girlfriends are SO FKIN HOT @joshizzlle JOMAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! @brookeab @DutchBros PLS PLS PLS IM BEGGING YOUok but i am, by no means, a sage main LMFAO I HAD JUST RELOADED EARLIER!!!! MY 6K D: @iGumdrop WATCHING U ON THE BIG SCREEN BC I MISS YOU SM also is ur dad just a professional chef or wat @TeanaKitten he has so much teenage angst!!!!!! @cheermole @Sydeon I LOVE THIS
GUESS WHAT we’re back to valorant 8) @sykotapes @annoyingaria omg so precious 🥺 @Natsumiii I WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU RELEASE ON REPEAT TYVM @Natsumiii wendy oH MY GOD you sound so good more pls more 🥺 @xChocoBars OMG JANET CARRY ME 🥺 @squidsonstrike yes @acesu :o
@starsmitten_ jfksjfoeie SO MYCH HAHAHAH @twulytenzin @pokimanelol tenzin @cennaha I WOULD BUT I CANT FIND THE DRESS ANYWHERE LOL @ItzMasayoshi OKKAAYYYYY @ItzMasayoshi i’ll trade u for ur I <3 boobies! bracelet @bnans I am LIVING for this era of bnans LOL @fuslie your turn to post a photo of you when you were 11 heueheueheh @joshizzlle you’re INSANE @DistortBot @septicmoons HAHAHAHAHAH WTF @floaromaa I lub
finally taking the necessary steps to find the right therapist for me and it feels good 🥺 i’ve felt really meh fo… @peenerpark I wish I could watch ATLA for the first time again @_Zaayd ✨social anxiety✨ @FNoorwala sorry never tweet on this acc anymore and idk why???? imma just start tweeting here instead of on my alt so wussup 8)… @peterparkTV @yvonnie peepo looks absolutely tired of your shit LMFAOZ
playing The Outriders today with @ItzMasayoshi and @peterparkTV to celebrate its full release! live now at… @peterparkTV!!! MORE ART MORE ART !!! @QuarterJade's Breach is kinda insane ngl 💜🌟 Here's some Valo art for you! :))
Retweeted by QuarterJadequeen of valo and my heart 🥺 @QuarterJade #quarterjadefanart #jodifanart
Retweeted by QuarterJadeI sold my soul for this @QuarterJade @QuarterJaded #quarterjadefanart
Retweeted by QuarterJadeThis is my first time doing pixel art! I’m super proud of how it came it out! (I obviously couldn’t figure out what…
Retweeted by QuarterJade @LilyPichu I love him @itsraechill this is the type of energy I LOVE TO SEE MWUAHAHAHAHHAAi betrayed my IRL boyfriend for my in-game lover oops ♥️
attempting to play csgo today lmfao @pokimanelol LETS FKING GO❕❕❕ @Valkyrae @100Thieves EEEEEP GO RAE! congrats <33
@fuslie O^O @fooozley omg SAME I can’t lift anything LMFAO 🥺
@notneekolul fuck me up pls @CrazySlick_ who dislikes crazy slick >:( ain’t nothing to dislikeday 1 of learning apex was full of chaotic and absurd moments like this LOL full video here:… VACCINATED LETS GO❕❕ @brookeab omg you playing this game will be gold @Natsumiii WENDY omg it looks SO GOOD @HyperSeanic @ItzMasayoshi @TwitchSupport YEAH HES INNOCENT! (P-_-)P @ItzMasayoshi @TwitchSupport false strikes >< twitch halp @QuarterJade @QuarterJaded JODI IS TOO PRETTY i had to draw her 🌸 even tho im trash 🌷💕 Hail the fairy queen 🧚🏼‍♀️🍑
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modded new map among us today :o @iiTzTimmy SHEEEEESHHHHHH HOLY SHIT @DiagnosedMatt 🥺🥺🥺 my community is my pride and joy i’m so happy to hear they welcomed you so warmly!! <3shoutout to my editor @zeaskovy for this one @peenerpark hard agree
@TeanaKitten I AM ENGAGING TO SAID TWEET @jodisfaerie @QuarterJaded 🥺 you make me feel so confident wat da hek THANK U @annoyingaria O w O @joey_tuan OOOOOO I LOVE IT
@JustSeum you’re so beautiful 🥺ijoaiwdjaoidjoawi i cant make this up :(((( @xChocoBars sending u my credit card and social security as i type this
@TeanaKitten TINA POP TF OFF you literally deserve it all 2021 IS YOUR YEAR @fuslie YA he didn’t even have a CHANCE if he wasn’t on my team!!!!! >:( @brookeab @TeanaKitten I would love nothing more 🥺 @brookeab @TeanaKitten D’AWWWWW 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @jessicahkim wjkdkxizjajw PAIN!!!! LOL @itsraechill but i’m pregnant rae :( @AriaSaki @starsmitten_ LMFAOin case you’re wondering how learning apex is going i made @QuarterJade using @scrimsart's amazing pixel art website! go check her out! thread of me making otv&f in…
Retweeted by QuarterJade @starsmitten_ exactly :’) @peterparkTV gnight 🥰 @pokimanelol @scarra @fuslie @peterparkTV @Sydeon @xChocoBars @ItzMasayoshi @Natsumiii @brodinplett no printer, just fax 😌