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@implushys maybe we can play games .... together 👁👄👁 @Natsumiii YES YES YES X100000 @MasonBasbas HAHAHA I was hoping no one would notice my expressions lol @peterparkTV LMFAO now this is true support 🥺 @Valkyrae ... blood sister here reporting for duty 😳 @Natsumiii i only want to get better to impress you >///< @Jack_Septic_Eye I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! if you ever wanna play lmk 👀
@peterparkTV @Sydeon @pokimanelol I bought 10 and now have an ass like Nicki Minaj thank you poki <3 @dignitas @starsmitten_ NOW THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE EEEEEPPPclutch :> @Corpse_Husband Ɛ> @fuslie hope your move goes smoothly! onto the next chapter!! :’D 🤍 @KarlJacobs_ karl u have too much drip, save some for the rest of us @syanne77 yes 🥺👉👈the rejection... it hurts u__u @bela_guimas OH MY IM SO FLATTERED 🥺 thank you for drawing me!!hi @QuarterJade 🥺 im a big fan of yours streams 💗 btw,, pink hair looks sooo gorgeous on you hope u liked,, 💖
Retweeted by QuarterJade @syanne77 name a time/date and i’ll be there faster than you can say owa owa @syanne77 this is insane!!! 😳 @Valkyrae OWA OWA WIKEKDKABSJA
among us jester mod w/ friends 😳 @mxmtoon these are my fav pics of you, you’re glowing 🥰 @Valkyrae brunette rae hit diff 🤤 @marktuan thank you!! :’Dtoday we’re playin a co-op game with @ItzMasayoshi ☺️ @ayo_dom hard agree
@marktuan “with no videos” i- LOL CONGRATS!!!! @PlayVALORANT im so impressed by these split changes :o @RaePokiJodi ? hmm I was experimenting w my makeup at the time but u do be kinda ✨rude✨ @mandydarIing @pokimanelol @fuslie @LilyPichu @Valkyrae @TeanaKitten HAPPY BDAY 🤍🤍🤍
@bretmanrock @YouTube i want to be you when i grow up @peterparkTV you REALLY deserve it, hope your break is stress free <3 @peenerpark yes @khellsiexd @JonnyBriggs13 jacket is from aelfric eden :D @RiftAwaken @Sydeon OKAY I LOVE THIS????!!!!okay i just had to, how could i not princess bubblejade & sydeon the vampire queen ! enjoy @QuarterJade & @Sydeon
Retweeted by QuarterJade @HealthyGamerGG @TheRealRyanHiga @Valkyrae @DisguisedToast @Ottomated_ @AmongUsGame crouch @MissGinaDarling 🤍___🤍 @syanne77 IT SHOULDNT BE LEGAL TO LOOK THIS GOOD SHEEEESH @REALMizkif pog @twulytenzin I have so much love for you the amount of times that there’s a group of us sitting around and someone… @edisonparklive @fuslie you know what, i wholeheartedly agree 🥰
@CouRageJD oh my 😳 @macawcaw123 says you SHEEEEESH thank you 🥺 @5uppps he’s livin his best life stream today, random photo dump instead @fuslie well if this isn’t the cutest thing ever @peterparkTV LMFAO “1 HOUR” @brookeab gnight <3 @fuslie 🥺 thank you leslie, you will forever be my inspiration ;—; <3continuing raft w/ friends 🌊
2020 ☺️🤍 @starsmitten_ I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN AHHHHH GO CELINE!!!!!!!
@pokimanelol @starsmitten_ isjdjaiauw HAHHAHAHAok what the heck thank you everyone for the love ;—-; 🤍 if you’re looking for a sign to dye your hair.... THIS IS IT HEHEHEHE @starsmitten_ tell me who @WARDELL416 the “AHHHHH” is always my favorite part @HyperSeanic nice play QuarterJade!!!!!!!!!! @starsmitten_ you are cracked out of your goddamn mind
little me would think big me is really cool change in the industry and dealing with intrusive thoughts 🧠💭 with Jodi @QuarterJade Happening rn…
Retweeted by QuarterJademe right click me win @RiftAwaken @QuarterJaded I CANT TALK RN!!!!had to do a quick lil somethin somethin for the new hair @QuarterJade killin it ong 🙏
Retweeted by QuarterJadehair reveal then rust after :o
@starsmitten_ HAHHAHAHA CELINE jfofknehsuskme to john: look at how long my leg hair is john: oh wow also john: it’s not as long as it was when you were grinding to gold in league @Sydeon your face is so nice!!! yeah!!!!! @BoxBox BAHAHAHHAHAKFLWOSHWW
@syanne77 omg goalsmy mom commissioned this for me, jaime, and syd for xmas 🥺 art by @midilune_ 🤍
@iGumdrop you are the human embodiment of a piece of candy 🥺 @peterparkTV this makes me so happy 🥺 @Kkatamina i lub 🥺 @iGumdrop nvm i’m staying far far away @iGumdrop im boutta confiscate your phone wya
an accurate representation of me and jodi’s relationship
Retweeted by QuarterJade @ItzMasayoshi ???? HAHAAHA WHAT u can make me waffles any day 🥰 @brodinplett u crazy son of a bitch @brodinplett actually i’ll take 1 matcha green tea latte while ur at it pls @brodinplett you’re good to go :’Dthank you n__n @Jae_Day6 here, 👓 I got these glasses for youcan you do me a favor and like this tweet @pokimanelol my favorite little miss lacroix @MoNsTcR 👏
@itshafu hafu im so sorry for your loss :( sending lots of love your way"NET LOSER" hehe raft video is up: @Jae_Day6 lmfaooo pew pew k? coffee i want biscuit @HarrisHeller @HarrisHeller valorant? @plooful queen of valorant 😩🤍 @TeanaKitten tina you’re so pretty >/////< @marktuan 💞 @Sydeon well golly miss sydney I feel exactly the same way @KittyPlays p3! @sonii p3! @jakenbakeLIVE p3
@mxmtoon @pokimanelol LMFAO they are photos I will never delete @twulytenzin not me getting horny with you @pokimanelol