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Social Justice Cleric. Listens to Black Metal, tweets about Muppets.

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@spadearcherjake Thank you! @ZebrasPod Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing the episode! It was an honor to discuss Bond with Mr. @TheLastMachine. @MonsieurMarlowe @moosematson @JerAtTheMovies Awwww, thank you!*bows to @moosematson * does it better: @QuasarSniffer returns with host @TheLastMachine to discuss the film of James Bond in the 70…
Retweeted by John Arminio @moosematson @MattRSays @spadearcherjake @WilliamScurry @colebrax @jratm23 @SkyeMovies @WelshBluesman of the better #Patreon episodes we've done I think:
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There was only ever one Sam Peckinpah, but that didn't stop other filmmakers from trying. On this @WrongReel, the b… might be as accurate a representation of submarine warfare as Star Wars is accurate to real space travel, but TH… there's one thing I DO get, it's jokes inserted into fake historical woodcuts of supernatural slaughter.…
2020 Me explaining 2020 to 2010 Me... 2020 Me: "In ten years, you will shudder like the onset of devastating diarr… DAY OF THE DEAD watch party, organized by @80sHorrorDoc and hosted by the inimitable @mrandrewhawkins,… Ferrara has been an inimitable voice in independent film for decades. On this outstanding @thepinksmoke,… started writing a couple of queer incarcerated people this month! You can too - this link will get you started! Y…
Retweeted by John Arminio @BradleyjKornish I like all three, but I think Aronofsky works best on a small scale with a minuscule budget. The g… know this song wasn't composed with political messaging in mind, but I'll take my Pig Rage where I can get it. Ha… @LindzRiot Well, there's Vampire...
@ZebrasPod If I can bring any lesson from heavy metal, it's that genre debates bring out opinions from untold legions of people.On this @ZebrasPod, @Scott_Thorough and @PINNLAND_EMPIRE discuss the nebulous definition of mumblecore,… this message is colored by his success, but Arnold is one of my heroes, and America should be a place whe… the national anthem with Sharon Jones & The Dap-King's and Woodie Guthrie @Stevoo7 @colebrax @jratm23 @moosematson @skipbolden @WilliamScurry @billteck @moshafeek Hail Britannia! @Elana_Brooklyn @Nadia_Shammas_ @graphicpolicy My pleasure! Thank you for the kind words (and the wonderful comic book discussion)!English civil servant blocks attempts by Silicon Valley magnate to monopolize tech industry. college professor and his dad, using a diary as a guide, travel to Germany and the Middle East to prove the histo… my 4th of July playlist.... @rustedshakles @Nadia_Shammas_ joins @graphicpolicy and @Elana_Brooklyn for a discussion on representation of the bo… this point, I would BEG to be swallowed whole by a gigantic sea beast. @bobfreelander With the amount of work you guys put into these episodes, and the engaging analysis that comes out o… is a BIG ONE. If anyone could coalesce the work of Paul Thomas Anderson in one podcast, it's @PureCinemaPod!…
In a time when we are exposed to the worst aspects of America, celebrate the life of an artist who captured the bea… @neil_gaskin @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @AdamRackoff @Fcsnva @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @AdamRackoff @hwoodminotaur @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @Stevoo7 @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @CinemaVsDave @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @Elana_Brooklyn @TheLastMachine @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @DionBaia @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @CinemaVsDave @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @dimestorecaesar @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @CinemaVsDave @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @dimestorecaesar @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @CinemaVsDave @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @CinemaVsDave @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @bobfreelander @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @AdamRackoff @TheLastMachine @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @CFunderburg @jratm23 @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @CFunderburg @26MFHPOD My favorite good cop... @BradleyjKornish @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @BitchesonComics @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @AdamRackoff @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @lianemarieK @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts It is incredibly frustrating that heavy metal is not taken as "seriously" as other forms of music, as if it is… @WelshBluesman @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @Richard_Roberts @AdamRackoff @WilliamScurry @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @CinemaVsDave @billteck @PureCinemaPod @Elrickane @bobfreelander @moosematson @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @MovieKessler @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @HaydnSpurrell @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @AdamRackoff @danpullenbooks @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @e_f_bartlam @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @thepinksmoke @TheLastMachine @CFunderburg @studiotstella @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies @neil_gaskin @WelshBluesman @Richard_Roberts @theCameron_H I'm barely a Boy Wonder, but I'll embrace you gladly!'s @26MFHPOD, you fucking nonce!#FF "Everything is Stupid Except Twitter Buds" edition @80sscifidoc @mrandrewhawkins @WilliamScurry @CinemaVsDave "Everything is Stupid Except Twitter Buds" edition @filmnvinyl @Film89UK @HaydnSpurrell @SkyeMovies "Everything is Stupid Except Twitter Buds" edition @colebrax @WrongReel @hellbenthorror @jratm23 @e_f_bartlam time I see this scene in WILD STRAWBERRIES, I think Doctor McCoy must have been an Ingmar Bergman fan.
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Would me growing a mustache be more masochistic or sadistic? Masochistic because it would be a conscious choice to…"Describe your mood for the past 4 months in a single picture." to @26MFHPOD We have lots of great things planned for 2020, including several scheduled group watches of…
Retweeted by John Arminio @ColleenDoran Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!*NEW* PINNLAND EMPIRE: LIBERTÉ #albertserra #liberté #helmutberger @FilmLinc #movies
Retweeted by John Arminio @WilliamScurry @WelshBluesman @AmbassadorShow Wow, I would love to introduce myself to one of his films via a theatrical experience. @WelshBluesman @AmbassadorShow I liked it a lot. Very different from most silent films which are about big performa… could go for a sojourn at sea as the wife of a tattooed South Seas warrior. @BradleyjKornish @danpullenbooks @tristanlofting @spadearcherjake @robopulp That could be a death metal album cover, certainly.#NowWatching A STORY OF FLOATING WEEDS (1934, dir. Ozu) thanks to the hospitality and excellent Criterion collectio…
F/X is like a movie series tailor made for film freaks like me: fascinated by how movies are made, obsessed with ta… 1982, Carl Reiner and Steven Martin made 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid,' a comedy that was as unabashedly silly as… @saracentury Did you frequent gay bars after that? I'm just... not a bar person in general, so if I was gay and THA… "dark and gritty" is NEW to #StarTrek? Well THINK AGAIN! @pilotpilots takes a fresh look at the rather grim S…
@sacaitlin Honestly, Conan the Barbarian is an all time favorite for me, so it's hard to compete against that with… @Alistair_Pitts @Amoryarty @MonsieurMarlowe @rustedshakles That's why so much of the meta-humor works for me. It fu… @Alistair_Pitts @Amoryarty @MonsieurMarlowe @rustedshakles I think you are right. But even without that context, th… @Amoryarty @MonsieurMarlowe @rustedshakles "...not to be." @dimestorecaesar @rustedshakles "I kill a lot of people. I don't remember half of them." @mrandrewhawkins @rustedshakles "How'd you know there was a guy in there?" "There's always a guy in there. It cost… Hot Take: LAST ACTION HERO is a really good movie. It's not my favorite Schwarzenegger, certainly, and it'…
Like @NoahTarnow and @WilliamScurry, I am completely over hearing the president, even in the context of parody or m… @moosematson @MattRSays @WilliamScurry @colebrax @billteck @Film89UK @GidgitVonLaRue @spadearcherjake @jratm23 @HaydnSpurrell @kylekizu I gotta agree with you, Haydn. The whole movie hinges on the strength of that performance… that the Aurora, Colorado police have shown they will break up even the most touching and peaceful vigil, the… know MOONRAKER gets a lot of flack for being silly (it is), but when the villain tells 007 the only good thing En…
Isn't it interesting that Trump has never 'mistakenly' retweeted anyone advocating for equal rights?
Retweeted by John Arminio @mrandrewhawkins @80sscifidoc @OllieH82 IT was great! Really looking forward to Day of the Dead and Dune coming up in the next couple weeks. @MotherOfMittenz @mrandrewhawkins @80sscifidoc @OllieH82 It's something I didn't come to until I was in my 30s, but… @Fcsnva YES! #DialHForHero is so great! Such a fun exploration of the concept of the Multiverse in comics.… KRULL, with the masterful host and stentorian-voiced @mrandrewhawkins conducting the watch party on th… pumping your mom's gas to Ken Russell, @4brains1movie covers just about everything! @gimetzco and… 1940s bowling alleys to the Australian Outback, coming-of-age movies can come in all shapes and genres. Leave… @Fcsnva @RanesHook @colebrax @MarsPlastic @stagescreen60 @TadeOKuuMushi @baker_johnnie @moosematson @WilliamScurry
@ZippyLevin @jratm23 @MovieKessler My pleasure! I was actually talking about how much I liked this movie just the o… Show! Dan and I had a wonderful meandering conversation with our friends Andrew and Elbee from Grumpire. We t…
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