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lezbro 🌿 @queer_veg Santa Cruz, CA

queer as a 3 dollar bill • they/them • vegan •

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Retweeted by lezbro 🌿hey i made one
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @cowboy_tears He’s suspicious of the garage but other than that he’s like “cool where’s the food”THE LESBIAN CHRISTMAS MOVIE CAME OUT AND I MISSED IT BC I WAS MOVING@Forest already let me know he’s ready to go outside so we’ll see if he comes backGet phoebe a Grammy so we can have the Lucy Dacus/Hayley Williams duet we deserve
@Does_Clemence We’ve moved together a lot and he always comes back quickly so I’m not too worried but still ya know :-(Gay men really took Positions and ran w itWoke up two hours before my alarm bc it’s MOVING DAYDo you think cats get sad about moving ? Forest loves it here and we’re just gonna leave and he’s not gonna know what’s going on @sbhngllglls @cowboy_tears you can stay in the CRAFT ROOMGEY HAUS
Gave my dog this broccoli toy yesterday and she must now take it everywhere with her and protect her baby
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @tastefullytayy I will now think of this image when people say pitties are dangerous (assuming she’s a pit mix ?)Seeing a lot of turning 23/ 12th house content. The timeline is incredibly on point folksIt’s the holidays which means it is time to watch all the holiday episodes of Friends @sbhngllglls It’s the best !! Made me wanna dance around naked and love the fuck outa myself. Also made me very H Word and best O of my life @cowboy_tears House rules: # 1: be gay # 2: do crimes @cowboy_tears Ugh we’re so closeYo moving is stressful af I have way too much shit
If my children are straight I will simply not know what to doall the homies get a composting bin 2020
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿I love that we’ve made they/them a whole ass gender like we’re all just so confusedthey/thems coming home for thanksgiving
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿I can’t wait for my Super Tuesday memories to pop up on social OOF that’ll be funI feel so masculine w my moth and my rose tattoosI have one ( 1 ) straight friend and he’s not even straight he just doesn’t understand his chaotic bisexual energy yet
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿Sending my professor emails at 2 am so maybe he will show empathy when grading my assignment, doubtful but hopeful
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @kelsifer_ GARLIC ONION AHAHAForest would be a cinnamon raisin bagel people wake up everyday and choose sexiness
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿People really sleep on Capricorn’s. If we like you, we know how to SHOW that shit.masks are control devices for obedient sheep, it's as simple as that. now if you'll excuse me, i need to pledge allegiance to this flag
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿So hungry but there’s about 4 strangers in my kitchen so I guess I’ll starve @Brandons_Laced I can taste the random purple soda they had
Those of us born between 97-99 are just deeply lost and confused in this whole generational divide.
I felt empathy for my nemesis today. Isolation is making me soft.
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿what Marx failed to consider was dudes using his life's work for some pussy
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿Just realized it’s my golden birthday this year HAThe answers in my cigarette buttsI still don’t understand how COVID is worse than ever after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened
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Retweeted by lezbro 🌿yo realist friends gone be a pisces , libra , scorpio , or aquarius . honorable mention capricorn .
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @bongxdylan It me @jamesh21cv The bestI am nick miller“If we were supposed to talk about feelings, they would be called talkings”
“Let’s meet for a coffee”. I’m 22 I only drink hot chocolate
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @cocainesnorter We may be manic but we’re also probably RIGHTde Luca’s bipolar breakdown is a mood honestly @callmefathead @tastefullytayy Incredibly on brand. @LukeMcCallinCatching up on Greys now that y’all have RUINED IT
@LoveNivia Yess omg im gonna do itThe fact that I don’t own a onesie is upsetting to me @chiefsoza77 @sbhngllglls I would be NOTHING without that coffee shop @sbhngllglls @chiefsoza77 I feel like Aptos is where we go to bottom out. Time of my life foreal tho
@old__dana Ants smell like windex @emo2thextremo Bubbly water all DAYIt amazes me how many customers are coming in to get lattes w full blown coughs.Glee of NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages to serve your recovering friends and family:
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @chiefsoza77 Working in a coffee shop w 0 coworker solidarity is so upsetting to me
Carl Marx. Communist manifesto. Wikipedia.
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿does anyone actually know what all the pirates of the caribbean films are about
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿Hands up if you never knew you were a techno fan 🙋🏻‍♀️
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Starting 2020 by Having Biden endorsing Bernie as president
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @cowboy_tears Omg can I come 🥺
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿I don’t love talking about my military service. And I usually keep that in closet like a bad sin. But I will say I…
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @thorjoy Doing my best to ~keep it real~Kamala Harris is a nonfat iced cappuccino
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿Someone said Dolly Parton is FTF trans AHAHAHAHHAyesthoHAHAShould I make a playlist of songs I like to regress to ? Why haven’t I done this ?
Capricorn Cancer
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @gordovegan That’s a FIGHTER @patootle_ I mean...yeah. We didn’t think there just wasn’t gonna be a coup @cozydumpster I have a story for youMy hair looks incredible today
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿 @sbhngllglls LET ME LIVE MY DOUBLE STRAIGHT LIFE @sbhngllglls This is my only purposeAnyways I’m catching up on the bachelorette bc I’m secretly straight I guessSomeone on the family Netflix account is watching vampire diaries. Y’all okay?If all I ever do in life is make my friends laugh that I will have succeeded in life
All my ex girlfriends are hot af it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me @Kaylablu22 Stats (again) :-(Why is shopping at the zero waste store so satisfying?!Sure I failed my math exam but at least it was recorded so my professor can watch me cry and pull my hair out @femaledreamboat 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 it took me forEVER to get on a mood stabilizer. Stoked for you!! @cocainesnorter I NEED @kelsifer_ AND WE’RE GLAD TO HAVE YOU @kelsifer_ Welcome to the club. We have Christmas cookies and hot cider @kelsifer_ Big mood
This is about to be me for the next 4 years.
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿My heart can’t handle this.
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿
Watching non sex work friends celebrate Kamala is like..... a punch in the gut considering her part in SESTA/FOSTA.…
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Retweeted by lezbro 🌿anyway any cis person who's gonna praise K*mala for having pronouns in bio or whatever has to donate at least $100 to a trans person
Retweeted by lezbro 🌿The first time I knew I wasn’t cis was when some kid told me I couldn’t be a dude bc I wasn’t a boy I might not b…