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❤️my Husband (as of 14/08/19). Im into #Pokemon. I play #PokemonGo (#TeamMystic) & #PTCGO (MrQuent4891). Im QuentsCard on Youtube.

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@Jay_A28 🤩🤩
@PokeTaj I shall delete and repost it properly. I was just in a hurry when posting it, and didn’t get round to reading it properly. @PokeTaj Oh my bad. The image is abit misleading for sure. @LeechSeedTV I’ve been back for 2 years now, or whenever this set was 1st released. Was fun and has now grown, but… @LeechSeedTV My very first full art pull from this set and my toe back into the collecting worldShop everything from this NEW set that has just been announced even before you’ve all fully experienced Darkness Ab… Sword & Shield 4 has been confirmed to be called Vivid Voltage! Are you as hyped as us for Gigantamax Pikac…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈QuentsCards🏳️‍🌈 @Jay_A28 Thank you, I’ve sent a DMStill only 1 true dragon spawning! Dratini, Trapinch, Bidoof & a Diglett! Amazing Dragon Week ⁦@NianticHelp⁩/⁦… @Charliepops1982 Don’t go giving them ideas. 😂 @ThruMeSheShines Oh lucky! Still after 1 myself 👏 @Jay_A28 How many is that now? Wanna play that small account you gave me and try hunting for me? I really want a shiny @Master0Catcher @PoGoShinyTrade @PoGoLiveTrading @pokemongojio N longer needed thanks @Master0Catcher @PoGoShinyTrade @PoGoLiveTrading @pokemongojio No longer needed thanks @brad21397 Oh man! Lucky! I’m still looking fon my first
@Jay_A28 Still to have found 5 since it’s release of something. @Jay_A28 Number 5! Someone has been hunting me one for 6-7 hours and nothing. Lucky
@KingsPlayszz Oh man! Lucky duck! Wanna find me one? 😂 @OzRlate1 As with everything, we are promised ALOT from Niantic, and yet, they hide everything decent behind the paywall @ThruMeSheShines @IceColdMystic I respect spoofers, as a former spoofer, I know the struggles of finding shinies. I… @ThruMeSheShines So far all I’ve hatched is Trapinch, a Gible and a Dratini, and I’m sick of the sight of them. If…⁦@NianticHelp⁩ where’s the dragons then? #Pokemon #PokemonGO
@IceColdMystic I never thought it would be easy, as it is a rare spawn. Just annoying that they aren’t spawning lik… @ShinyHunter420 Snap @Agent_Saxon @brad21397 @blazingclub @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp And just so you know, They aren’t just locked in 7k… or stops! Don’t think about yourselves or money, think about US, the players! OK, rant over! #Pokemon @NianticLabs/@NianticHelp you are just conning is out of what could be a very amazing event! Please don’t fuck week… with the spawn rates being mainly Dratini & Trapinch, it’s like their C-Days all over again! I’m sick off seein… when they give us a shit event, it seems the only thing to do! Deino is also in 7K eggs, which you then have to…, it seems that the dragon week event is a HUGE con! Deino is hardly spawning for those who play legit (nothing… know I maybe complaining, but, from my twitter feed, I’m not the only one! @NianticLabs/@NianticHelp promised us… @brad21397 @blazingclub @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp I wouldn’t mind too much If it were JUST dragons spawning, but t… @brad21397 @blazingclub @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp I’ve also used 2 incense, NOT A SINGLE DEINO spawned off that.… @brad21397 @blazingclub @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Exactly. I like you, have only seen the 2 from the research rewa… @brad21397 @blazingclub @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp SnapI’m not a huge football fan, or sports fan, but, I have supported @Arsenal since I was young, and today, they won a… spoofers wanna play a shitty alternate account of mine and hunt me a Deino? #Pokemon #PokemonGO I know they are… @OzRlate1 I play legit, and I’m seeing more Gible during this dragon event than I am Deino, and I’ve never seen a Deino in the wild anyway.
@OzRlate1 @brad21397 Legit player here and yes, the spawns SUCK! Mainly Dratini & Trapinch, but the odd Gible or Bagon does appearAnyone want to invite me to a raid? #Pokemon #PokemonGO @IndraIncarnate @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp I knew that, just didn’t know if it was eggs or wild for the event @IndraIncarnate @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp Great! Have to clear my eggs and open giftsAny of my international friends want to invite me to a raid? #Pokemon #PokemonGOThere’s ALOT of Trapinch and hardly any Dragon types spawning here at my place #Pokemon #PokemonGOIs Deino in the wild or just 7k eggs? Can anyone @NianticHelp/@NianticLabs/@PokemonGoApp please confirm? #Pokemon #PokemonGOOK! I noticed a new bug (for me anyway) during the GO League. It didn’t affect my outcome, as I still won, but, it’… blimey! It’s nearly 9am, I’ve just stepped out the door in my dressing gown to take dog for his toilet, and I’m… @gamingfamily_YT @BPost222 @IceColdMystic @jenghom @ExpasshunterID @RaidChance @Ganjasaur_R1 @GaganGulati333 14.500 POKECOINS GIVEAWAY (rules in video description) Retweet please 😌 @BPost222
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈QuentsCards🏳️‍🌈I mean, like, how the F**K are people still being allowed to get away with ridiculous requests! I thought it had be… @JoeMerrick Urgh! 6000 gems and nothing but Blue & Guzma (but all that did is level them)
@SadikPokmnGO @skyuvic @GaganGulati333 @StardustPokmnGO I’m still after my 2nd. @brad21397 @AbhiPrinc3 @PokemonGoApp It’s only fire, water and friendship, no Unown or Durant available during the… @i_arceus I don’t know. Perhaps it is, I’d be happy if I could actually recieve libre and reach that rank, but I’m crap at PvP @PokeTrainerElla I was happy with the one, which I then used as a lucky trade with friend, not to shabby @PokeTrainerElla After all the hard battles and not reaching the rank so many time’s, took me ages to get there, an… new expansion for the Sword & Shield era of #PokemonTCG coming soon! Head over to a… @jenghom @Reclaimer_9 @OzRlate1 @Hcouto91 @Santosmarco17 @MarcusjlewisMl @TheRealGopack45 @Quent48911092
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈QuentsCards🏳️‍🌈 @OBEY_Me69 For the hidden fates ones that is. @OBEY_Me69 OMG, if I could afford it, YES! @islint0n Nor me until go fest when I got this fella. Koffings the 2nd have my cat for this one. Waking me up at 1:30am #Pokemon #PokemonGO @PokeTaj The fees seem ridiculous. The hubby and I had to pay £30 for customs for a Plush toy. We won 3 prizes on t…
@PikachuWeeb I loved this set. I never managed to pull a mewtube myself, but I was secretly sent one by an amazing… @PokeTrainerElla Im not complaining per-say, but, magikarp is a wild shiny already, so they could’ve given it to an…! Yes! I’ve binged watched every series at least twice over lockdown waiting for this new series, and I can’t wa… can have 200 friends, yet we can only open so many of them! Why can’t we just open EVERY gift we receive!OMG! This is so FUCKING ANNOYING ⁦@NianticHelp⁩/⁦@NianticLabs⁩! It’s just gone 10am here in the UK and I’ve already… @BeckyNerd I think I preordered mine when the price was around £35, glad I got that in straight away
@TobyToymaster @BrainstormLtd I think my niece would love this. It’s her birthday next month and I need a gift for her.🌈COMPETITION TIME🌈This week you could WIN a My Very Own Rainbow! Courtesy of @BrainstormLtd For your chance to WIN:…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈QuentsCards🏳️‍🌈 @poke__collector I have Asthma, but I haven’t yet got an exemption card to say I don’t have to wear. I wear it anyw… @brad21397 @NianticLabs @NianticHelp I haven’t had that problem. But I know higher charged attack power takes prefe… tins! Amazing promos! Grab these tins before it’s too late! Head over to and use ‘… see there are still a few problems with #GOLeague. Only the fact that I had to continuously press my charged move… up with last nights @CelebsGoDating and, even though its somewhat different, NOTHING has changed.… @Charliepops1982 Snap!
@Logan777Z @NianticLabs @NianticHelp Yeah, i asked for an invite to a raid earlier in my raid group, yet, he didn’t… everyone got access to the #NianticSocial? I don’t seem to have access to it, yet, 3 old accounts of mine, that… @i_arceus If you got an egg from GO Fest then I suppose all the Pokemon spawning at GO Fest will be in eggs. Otherw… @BoymanJoshua No longer needed nowAnyone know this player? I became lucky friends with them today and no clue where I added or where they added me fr… @OzRlate1 No longer need Illumise @Total_Cards 👍 no worries. I will check the site tomorrow to avoid any issues. @OzRlate1 And I am looking for these: @OzRlate1 LEGIT PLAYER HERE: I have these to trade: @Total_Cards is there a problem? I can access the site? @walo0204 Been claimed @er_akshitjain If after Unown or Heatmor, they’ve been claimed @mayank9313 Been claimed sorry @Dheeraj9920 Been claimed sorry @Raghav9026 Been claimed sorry @Valor1394 It’s been claimed sorryGoFest Shiny Giveaway 6 winners 3 Qwilfish and 3 Squirtle 1 Each, Like, Share and Retweet I choose 6 winners, rem…
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The Unown have been traded @PokeTrainerElla @PokeTrainerElla I’ll think you’ll find I did, 😂 @mreeves1610 I am, but it has already been claimedWith an hour to go, I thought I’d share my 2 days worth of #GOFest2020 shinies. Compared to previous years, the shi…