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A New Love: Questlove @questlove Illadelph & Fi-Di NYC & 31Rock

my radioshow @QLS is my food venture is @QuestlovesFood & 4 ur kids follow @thepocketkit! i'm in the house!!

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Lot of us are fatigued. Most of us are weary and gave up. I heard it all before “system is rigged” “system don’t in…
#TribecaTVFestival is back September 12th to the 15th with @ForestWhitaker as the @GodfatherOfHarlem, @Questlove an…
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove#PutEmOnIce101----- 10 years to break out the Questo Gartrells DJ some great music friday night! @themelaniedione with the most #1 albums on the Billboard 200 this decade: @Drake 9 @1future 6 @justinbieber 6 @JColeNC 6…
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveDreams Are Coming True People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @phontigallo @rapperbigpooh @LittleBrotherNC @ North Carolina
Iowa Rep. Steve King credits rape and incest for the survival of the human race:
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove The Story Behind @LittleBrotherNC's Surprise Reunion via @YouTube
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@Dart_Adams #FuckCancerListen People!’m telling you. There will never ever be another @DaveNewYork. Damn this hurts. I know he is in the new reality, t…
Epstein Dead Or Nah?Almost forgot to acknowledge HipHop’s birthday Aug 11th 1983 officialdjkoolherc 46 years of hip hop @ 1520 Sedgwick…
You may not know her but damn if #KatreeseBarnes didn’t effect us w her music in some way shape or form. Rnb/Boogie…“I wish I would’ve known what I was getting into before I did this....” NIGGA THE SHOW IS CALLED NAKED AND AFRAID.
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@sherylk_ Decent paying jobs like cleaning rooms and picking fruit? That’s the decent paying jobs you talkin bout?So much for that suicide watch huh? #whodunnit
2155158031....text a bro. Imma bout to take this communication jawn to the NEXT LEVEL (note: already put this on IG…
Nia Long, Angela Bassett & Regina King in BOYZ N THE HOOD - This Saturday at #Cinespia with @questlove & @djpooh. V…
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveDog. i got up out of bed 4am to find that jawn. @rosariodawson cut to: Me & Mos counting per diem ($947 total) in the bathroom The DiCaprio posse come in, we count… speakers at the conference include @Questlove and Darryl McDaniels of @TheKingDMC of @OfficialRunDMC...
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveIS ANYBODY WATCHING SHERMANS SHOWCASE?!?!?! Goddamn. For @soultrainfans like myself, this is EXACTLY what we needed…
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove @NICKFRESH @soultrainfans @diallo @ShermansShow i shed a tear. someone in hollywood pays attention this is way bett… 🙏🏾 you #GreenShirtGuy. @MonicaLewinsky @laurenduca @RLukeDuBois The winner
@Dre__843 my personal preference is 87-97 Criminal Minded 87 @@@@@ By All Means Necessary 88 @@@@ Ghetto Music The… @Dre__843 ushering in James Brown samples & a young energy. also Kris stressed intelligence & education. so Nerds &… @Dre__843 Marley's drum sounds being left behind (Magic dissed them leaving Marley alone w the jilted crew--he wise… @Dre__843 production wise it gets tricky. BDP started off real real Cosby Show preppy (peep them early demos)---tha… @Dre__843 bullet points: *considered first true Gangsta lp (Schooly was "street" the Beasties were "bratty") *intro… @Dre__843 of course 32 yrs later w limited character space it's hard to explain how revolut… @murphdogg29 @Dre__843 NAH no no no---lets not flex!!!! just enlight & explain (never tryna son you---) i wanna do… gave us a cd back in 2000 of gems. Maaaaaaaaaaan lissen: CHILLS Toni. Toni. bullseye level of hilarious musical accuracy that is shermansshowcase never fails to astound me—- but then agai… to see the backpedaling in this particular scenario
Who Comin Wit Me?! we gettin to the real conversation was ONE SECOND OLD when I realized that the #TourDeFrance I recalled pop lockin/breakin to (& in Breakin...too!*)… @IvankaTrump 😐
Question: What kind of a f*cking moron posts a photo of his opponent’s tombstone the day after two mass murders?…
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove1) Self Care 2) Alignment 3) JJDHHTOOSHETLILLIPOO (?!) @diallo @phontigallo good work! @dbrauer @hastens is my jam. Worth the $acrifice (also aware this might be a 1% answer) @FeministaJones currently dealing with season 2 and all the obstacles that come with doing a series of this nature.… @FeministaJones you are incorrect. we have 6 episodes completed...SO FAR @FeministaJones wha?lemme add i squared into Tariq's entry & ignored everyone else BEFORE i posteddamn ....women....we failed you hard.'ll take this. yup.
Aug 3 83 the legendary Purple Rain recordings took place (also of note @wendyandlisa’s first show as a member of… not allow yourself to become desensitized. Do not let our nation’s leaders convince you that this is inevitabl…
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove2019 mass shootings: 🇦🇹 0 🇩🇰 0 🇫🇮 0 🇩🇪 0 🇮🇹 0 🇮🇪 0 🇱🇺 0 🇨🇭 0 🇬🇧 0 🇭🇺 0 🇪🇸 0 🇵🇹 0 🇸🇬 0 🇸🇦 0 🇧🇪 0 🇸🇪 0 🇦🇺 0 🇫🇷 0 🇳🇿…
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False Credit & Bad Puns Friday @MarkRonson what exactly are we checkin out? Perhaps info on the next @GuildHall conversation series? #Repost Philadelphia come see a screening of our new docuseries songsthatshook! Tonight!!! We will have Q/A after! See…
@DeePhunk yeah...pretty much been me the last 3 weeks..... @mistamonotone @craigspoplife he did. with character voices.Dear Philadelphia....... McGrady is so disrespectful for this move. (2006)
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove @murphdogg29 @PalmolivePush i live for hip hop arguments @murphdogg29 @PalmolivePush @craigspoplife The audiobook is SUPER CRUCIAL.As a resident & eyewitness to the 85 #MOVEBoming the temptation to NOT rework the chorus as I’ve sung for the last… years on this show and the Magic ain’t never stopped. Playing #ElectricAvenue w #EddyGrant was such a bucket lis…
@stout_87 @DeePhunk dude. why did y'all do this to Nas?The real reason Nixon started the war on drugs. The man should have done so much time.
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove @iamTROX true. @silverblackjack Lol I consider that QT’s “After Hours”—-when all is said and done he will have a hell of a cannonLast time I was this excited for a release with major high expectations that were met was the May 88 release of Pub… design see-saws for U.S.-Mexico border to allow children to play together.
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove @CRWNMaVericK @Dart_Adams I need to know what the search was for this gif—-I’m dyingI can think of nothing that speaks as poorly of American art museumdom as this: Betye Saar's work has never been…
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveWater wet y’all 🙄 video perfectly describes how it feels to make stuff and put it online.
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My chemo is kicking my ass so if you see this please comment a picture of your animals, thx
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35 years ago....the kid became a star. July 27th 1984 #PurpleRain movie released. @ Lake Minnetonka lost an LA legend. Ras G was the beat scene’s answer to Sun Ra. His music was an attempt to commune with the con…
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveCan't Be Stopped. @fwmj Nas lost?
@seandammit Oh no @mistamonotone OuchWho is the Cambridge Analyitica of the music industry?
Retweeted by A New Love: QuestloveWHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE WALL? Mexico Mexic Mexi Mex Me
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlovemercury is in escrow
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Man.... out of line yo. You ain’t been in enemy territory since the Phrenology takedown of 2002 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Death Penalty is racist, error prone, & inhumane. Data from @NAACP_LDF & charts by @DPInfoCtr More data…
Retweeted by A New Love: Questlove😑 Goals Met. @ Philadelphia Flyers mo gin you’re in #vegas this weekend before you peep the Janet show, come to jemaalv im spinning the pool party in the…