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Licensed Esthetician || Published Makeup Artist || don’t take me serious #onhere 🌻🌻

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😪, Myself, & I Broken-hearted Girl I Care Be With You Flaws & All, Myself and I when I sing all the parts at the end
Retweeted by naw @BrianEdmondsxo You wanna fight? @kmichelle ‘s second album isn’t a album it’s a body of fucking work hand crafted by a broken hearted black girl .…
Retweeted by nawA #Taurus can sleep all day & all night & STILL be tired 😅♉️
Retweeted by naw @BrianEdmondsxo Back up off my manI choose not to respond @843KT I was laughing for a good 5 minutes👑 @843KT Franklin & Donny Hathaway
Retweeted by nawI haven’t saved #HeauxTales to my library yet because I want @jsullivanmusic to get every stream possibly @eddie_deux Thank youuuuu @iLostMySanity True. But you still speak from certain POVs of the talesThis blunt hit the spot @iLostMySanity Lmao why would you lie?I really wanna have a table talk about #HeauxTales with my favorite Haeuxs @Slumbella @VivrantMiss @_asiahmae @negro_suave GoalsI just wanna be taken care of way she’s about to be booked and busy for the rest of her career. We absolutely LOVE to see it lol🥺❤️💕💕
Retweeted by naw @DrixtonAiko @Nicosaesthetics FactsTrump pardoning Black people that are actually guilty of crimes like sexual assault, etc. Is not something I’m celebrating.
Retweeted by naw @_shortyb Thank you!I’m loving my new job so far. @__saintcharles ❤️❤️ @RichhRumors Def in my top 3my favorite off this album.
Retweeted by nawFine niggas with little ducks get away with a lotPretty Privilege is real.🕊 @eddie_deux 🤗🤗 @eddie_deux You will be and even if you don’t, it’ll eventually be ok, but don’t force “being ok” to happen so quickly @eddie_deux Well I’m here if you need a listening ear. Something I always do is write my frustrations out on a pape… career change low key has me plotting @eddie_deux Chile same. Today was a dragi look so tired in the face right now. because i am.
Retweeted by naw!!!!!!
THESE ARE RESPONSES!!! @_Inyo_ My family and a few do. I call my grandma sisters my grand aunts and they call my nephew their great nephew @_Inyo_ *not all
Retweeted by nawMy gas tank on:
Retweeted by nawTaurus: "Yeah. I'm okay with this" Also Taurus the whole time:
Retweeted by nawIt's an honor to be your Vice President.
Retweeted by nawHi. inauguration calls for a nice pot of okra soupThis ain’t just a fist bump. This is a “biiiiitch” moment and black women & little black girls FELT this one, honey…
Retweeted by nawThere is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face. That's why today, I am heading to the Oval…
Retweeted by naw @WKing_jr @PrinceCharmingP 😭😭😭I just know this picture about to be hanging up at my grandma’s house
Retweeted by nawMADAM VICE PRESIDENT. I’m in awe #InaugurationDayDaddy Joe look goodIt’s the classiness for me. ✨
Retweeted by nawmichelle obama with husband
Retweeted by naw @GODISMlKEY Once I know I’m out and they get that notice! I apply bare minimum pressure. @itssoloboyy It’s horrible man lolKamala getting Melania the fuck out. #Inauguration2021 morning. @antzinyopants SMH. I can only imagine who you’re talking about. Please put the jack down and go to bed @antzinyopants Jskxjxxhzhsi 😭 overwhelmedThe same mistake twice is a decision.I remember the day after Election Day 2016 I said, “this is gonna be a longgggg four years.” And Bixch I was right…
Retweeted by naw @durrellyrell @CashApp @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ follow him so you can be where the money reside!!! $quethebeat @itssoloboyy That place is too racist sexist and homophobic. Food ain’t all that lol @itssoloboyy EewThe love I have for this song is unbelievable @muh_tay_ohh @muh_tay_ohh Thank youuuui *kisses cheek*Your cologne. Your hands. Your smile. Your intelligence @_POOHETTE Middle school Memories!!!! @Rodiculous Ok. When them knees crack and you get sleepy at 10, think of me🤗Pick a photo in your phone that isn’t of you but best describes you @Rodiculous That body going downhill once you hit 25He ignores me for cocomelon. 🙄 meaning, but same feeling 🕊, all it takes is for you to get tired of your own shitSomeone said “happiness is a mood, not a destination, it comes and goes. It’s like being tired or hungry” and I hav…
Retweeted by nawthis actually aged well
Retweeted by nawJskskxjdjdbwb 😭😭😭😭 @_shortyb It’s so goodOr Salmon with sautéed spinach and mushrooms from bonefishI’ve been craving a pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, & spinach for a good week now @antzinyopants 😂😂 nope. I’m still hurt they deleted my old account & no one likes me enough to follow the new oneI have a bottom type and a top type 🥴😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by naw @antzinyopants Lmao fine. You post them. IG always flagging me when I post ass pics even if it’s tasteful @antzinyopants They’ll see the appropriate ones. They can’t see the ass ones lmao @nickystizzy Both.What good do your words do, if they can’t understand you?One thing about a Pisces, their love is genuine. So when you hurt them, it’s WWIIIStop thinking everyone is for you. Everyone don’t have the same heart as you
@_SaluteKev Green or red?