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Carrie? You there?
Retweeted by Queue StackIn a ballot count today, we learned that our staff voted 46 to 37 in favor of a union. Kickstarter’s leadership sup…
Retweeted by Queue Stackno matter how many times i see this pic i’ll always see fried chicken first
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These pictures are deeply satanic
Retweeted by Queue StackLowry out here drawing charges in the All-Star game 😂
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Hello @PeteButtigieg I am a young, enthused Korean-American supporter. Was wondering if you could let me into your campaign slack.
Retweeted by Queue Stackan exchange for the ages
Retweeted by Queue Stack @Josh_Skaar @grandmajulie603 @ZoeysPlaylist @nbc Yep he,s locked into his old ways..Dose ben berke like “dead flowers” cover by townes van Zandt? These are the thing i wonder...
Prepare to be amazed by, and possibly addicted to, — an incredibly well designed geometric-…
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Some of y’all are still practicing the freestyle verse you wrote for your queen instead of buying her a vday gift a…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @NathanForYouOoC Yay. It's me.
Retweeted by Queue StackI got punched by thst guy lolI always recline my seat when on an airplane. If someone punches my seat because of it I'll turn around and punch them in the face.
Retweeted by Queue Stack @hannibalburess Will you be sporting full fedora in gameBloomberg staff answering press calls
Retweeted by Queue StackThis guy got Mike Bloomberg to pose and say “stop and frisk” for a picture. I’m dying
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my gf broke up with me because of “capitalism” @amirrustam @firefox @MicrosoftEdge @Cypress_io not urgent for me but excited to see the progress! @amirrustam @firefox @MicrosoftEdge @Cypress_io Full network layer stubbing will be great for SPAs. XHR-only can be super frustratingTrump confirms Barr intervened in Stone case >>
Retweeted by Queue StackJoe Biden has never finished higher than 4th in any primary or caucus in 32 years of running for president
Retweeted by Queue StackGonna get a lot of hot takes soon about how Bernie is as much of a threat to liberal democracy as Trump, and it's g…
Retweeted by Queue StackI can just tell this is going to be a huge night for Michael Bennett.
Retweeted by Queue Stack @micahcohen Steyer surge!!!!!! @adamrpearce @micahcohen @Nate_Cohn @amandacox Youd wish you could just throw in a map here lol
there is an apple in my lyft car. do i eat it or bake it in my portable instapot and give it to my driver, free of…
@GifZelda R1 R2 L1 L2 left down right up left down down leftI’m equally bad at painting and imagining, which is kind of cool because it means I can paint exactly what I imagin…
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@photowhitehouse @realDonaldTrump Who wore it better? #Wilson #Trump
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Virginia to eliminate a state holiday honoring Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It'll make Election Day a day o…
Retweeted by Queue StackThis is suposed to be a message to gabeMan i got lou dobbs confused with rush limbaugh.
@daviddelarre @anaismitchell do you eat with pencil or eraser side thoughNope, the needle is perfect and it only fails when we fail it, as we did tonight
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@WhiteHouse If anything she killed Trees. Still very fucked ip in my opinion @CaliforniaTips @WhiteHouse Not......insane to me that every democrat didn't boycott this shit
Retweeted by Queue Stack @TheCandlemanCT @imisbarackobama @AOC I,’m m sorry, i respect the “dig”, bu t you are responding to someone who “just said it” @warren_bass @chrislhayes Fits in with Walt Disney lol
@max_read @chrislhayes
Retweeted by Queue StackYou kind of just have to laugh at this point.
Retweeted by Queue StackAt one Des Moines precinct tonight, an attendee brought in a concealed bottle of wine, dropped it, and it shattered…
Retweeted by Queue StackMSNBC airing a fight over whether Michael Bloomberg is an "oligarch."
Retweeted by Queue Stack @eugeohio @ryrob97 @Ow_My_Back_ @chrislhayes Lmfao
Steyer & Bloomberg have spent a collective ~$400M of their own money on their campaigns so far. Can you imagine the…
Retweeted by Queue StackBy banning people from the most populous black nation in the world from traveling to the U.S.? Happy Black History…
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@JuliettePretot Good concert view too!
Retweeted by Queue Stack(PARASITE WAS GREAT BTW)
Retweeted by Queue Stack @owillis "we're excited to continue working with them"really good
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Pro tip ! ! !
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@jmillstein Hello Jon. You dont remember this but we met on Thayer street in 2013. If i had known about The Inner C…’s team sure is having fun in Iowa.
Retweeted by Queue StackBeen thinking about making a Big Announcement ,,, wow
Retweeted by Queue Stack @AndrewDesiderio @chrislhayes This is still going on? lol
all six of them
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@ObsoleteDogma @chrislhayes Thought one of them is dead
isnt a televised character defense of rudy giuliani one of the signs of the apocalypse?still can't comprehend that this really happened at an ad agency in the last few weeks
Retweeted by Queue StackIt’s really hard to see what the justification could be for the suspension here.
Retweeted by Queue Stack @AdamSerwer as long as you come back for pesach“We may also suppose, without trespassing upon the bounds of probability, that this man may not have the means of s…
Retweeted by Queue Stack“...It will cost a man many struggles to resign such eminent powers, and ere long, we shall find some one who will…
Retweeted by Queue Stackthese folks invest a whole lot of trust and good faith in an administration that would lie to them without a moment…
Retweeted by Queue StackTry to wake up every morning with the confidence of a pundit absolutely certain, after 2016, that a potential major…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @OsitaNwanevu @AsteadWesley very strong argument though and Gigi courtside breaking down the game 📋
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in a twilight zone twist, you choose brunch and right as jay opens his mouth to give you his advice the cl*ss war b…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @sovietvisuals How muchEven after realizing dont f*** with cats is real i think it could double as an ironic comedy
@elle_hunt @manymanywords @sputnikhaslande @round When i was a kid you had to smoke an obscene amount of weed to see this @jodyavirgan cc @pcalcadoIf you add it here it’ll build a Spotify playlist
Retweeted by Queue Stack @jodyavirgan Or try the 8 bit version :)
@davidgura @NPRKelly @SecPompeo Whys he whisperingThe editor of the American Historical Review weighs in on the 1619 project flap. It’s not good for the historians w…
Retweeted by Queue StackHave not been watching that Impeachment ,,, just-in-case they are allowed to present Evidence or Witness’s ,, this…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @galendruke Thats why I see STOMP every tuesday and thursday when the express train is busyTIL <input ... autocomplete=one-time-code> activates Mobile Safari's SMS code entering feature
Retweeted by Queue StackCNN said the world is $217 trillion dollars in debt... who tf we owe? The Decepticons?
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New York’s ban on cashless business operations is an important protection against discrimination for people who are…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @joliekerr @manymanywords @Dana_Hamilton_ Waiting for gif to load
@JuliettePretot @dan_abramov Pr approval comments are a rare opportunity for dev spontaneity#Maybe it was a bad idea to build an economy that works by having bt obscenely rich people buy businesses, drive the…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @ethan_harwood @Slicknickshady @ForecasterEnten Anyone know whe re my friend “gabe” is @stutteringjohnm @walterowensgrpa @mavisr @DonaldJTrumpJr Walter is Owens Grandpa and a better man than you.
Retweeted by Queue StackMan on the television set is quite Angry ,,, I am also Angry now
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@ThePlumLineGS NiceSen. Warren, what is Black Twitter? "Good!"
Retweeted by Queue Stack“Dr. Manhattan” is of course named for the 1979 film Manhattan, about a man who waxes philosophically about time an…
Retweeted by Queue Stack @BrennaSpencer Please put some clothe’s on ,, the Bible was very clear about this as Jesus often could be found at…
Retweeted by Queue StackBeen telling the liberal’s this but they do not listen and instead try to force healthy “vegetable” food and the…
Retweeted by Queue StackI think this might’ve been where Bernie lost their endorsement
Retweeted by Queue StackThis is one of the better examples of how he actually spoke. You get the language of the pulpit but also the coolne…
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