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@OfficiaIDevour fortnite @AydenWrld yeah bro im bored. @TwitterSupport my account @88quick was FALSELY suspended, I literally do nothing and didnt get an email saying w… @LUXlFY millionaire
why has my school just turned the library into an e-sports arena 😭 ffs @mscharwie happy birthday mirthe @ilyval_ only OGs remember when u were hard stuck gold 2 @cIeeoh become a convict for $1k? nah @MitcheIl oh fr? @MitcheIl yo whats mine? @fakeifys @MitcheIl make it a reality 👀
@jojiFN nah bruh a year ago this wasnt crazy @Nerovz we gotta play sometime bro @Sn1pzy u @cykeological 🔥
@BreadSilence @FaZeSway double edits? 😂 @kaykookiedough I would drink anyones piss for 2Mill, never said how much I gotta drink so ima sip @AydenWrld it doesn't look delayed @wtfsaucy 13 @arfuh why does one of ur vids have 1k views 😂🤷‍♂️ @Ino_VAL u tried 1440x1080?
@cxnt3nts @FaZeSway forgot the cntl key @NotRyft me I got suspended @Xansmind didnt want to work a 9-5 and have a boring life. Also wanted to help people when I started because I made… @BH_Fragile gk61 with custom silent yellow switches @hhaleylol how'd you go 1-13 😭 @fakeifys gtr will get u all the bitches @27kashy 90, idk ur real name @Roohanwtf lmaooo i didnt know what to name my phone lol @jdrtalks this feels so illegal to look at @Roohanwtf
@nxv15xo @kaykookiedough get a grip bruh @vezvals making friends @arfuh @TeamYouTube L @NorthSideJLK only good season was 1 @baylenlevine love u bro
@wtfsaucy no @ilyVal_ hi val
@AydenWrld my ears 😭 @wtfsaucy nuggetim too cracked
Retweeted by ًim too cracked @APO7LO right, assault is dead now
@Dasgasdom3 the "all white forces" outfit but without the forces @arfuh no @arfuh no
damn I remember being so excited for a new fortnite season, me and my homies would open fortnite mobile and scroll… @yuhcxl welcome to the clubits crazy how many people macro but nobody says nun 🤣 @fakeifys are you really though? 🤣 its fortnite
fortnite players are gonna be so bored for the next 13 hours lmao
Retweeted by ًfortnite players are gonna be so bored for the next 13 hours lmao @FleaYT 0 @baylenlevine go to stores and try to buy alcohol with this ID, banger youtube video idea @cxnt3nts I relate, tweeting now is like speaking to myself @kiylaye no ones tryna pay for nudes lol, people who leak onlyfans are goats and deserve the money, not you lolnearly got 40 kills, shame my team wasnt the best but oh well
@hollow18_ sorry @nxrthi @sinvna can I hit you with a car
@tybotval immortal/radiantI GOT THAT SNAPPY AIM ❌🧢 (retweet) @Ohbrendo @Roohanwtf @sabpie_ roohan he called u a pussy 😱😱 @Ohbrendo @Roohanwtf @sabpie_ I think he was being sarcastic instead of switching up @qtalexiaa i love the hair @rayyansidd @overtimemegan is your thumb OK?
@BHBreezy_ 1 and 5central cee dropping obsessed with you today at midnight W @Xansmind thats why I prefer having a small group with like 1-4 real friends 🤷‍♂️new Valorant battle pass a W @Xansmind sorry to hear bro, dont blame you though people fr fake nowadays 😪 @yuhcxl 2smokeyy better @StableRonaldo no, pretty much everyone has had the vaccine in the UK @ilyVal_ bruhhh does valorant still not have cross region, fuck is this shit @Flypton can you DM me rq? got a question @ilyVal_ play with me, I got back into valorant👍 @ilyVal_ goated gameplay val 🥶🥶 @swazlol @LaFamiliaNY is that a chrome hearts hoodie
@arfuh @nxrthi @fakeifys get a job bro yuor 23!!11!!!1! @baylenlevine honestly ive never had chipotle, its pretty rare in the UK and the closest one is like 50 miles from… days nearly went up by 1 million 😳
Retweeted by ً @cxnt3nts videos2 days nearly went up by 1 million 😳 @nickmgmt @Xansmind @HyperX theres not even a big difference, u chillin @ItsEvanTube quivck @nxrthi @mscharwie idk af1's all white run £90 so im just guessing these were like £100-£150 @mscharwie I dont get how people spend $100 on new shoes and not take care of themWhat’s better than the ocean
Retweeted by ً @MitcheIl fuck yeah @wtfsaucy @bluwtff £350
@Average_Jonas @KSI @LoganPaul @bluwtff yeah thought so, they look so good @bluwtff are those the 1st or 2nd court purples? @bluwtff sheeeeesh been enjoying playing Valorant so much recently, the game is amazing. Might start posting montages on alt account @nxrthi good shit + those thumbnails do really good, so keep them consistent and youll blow up on altSummer Jam🎶- OG Throwback • • • RETWEET! • • • Full video on 2nd channel:
Retweeted by ً @_lilpeej them jordan 3's clean @arfuh @nxrthi 😂😂 im jokin bruh relax it was a joke dont take it personally, although id rather be verified than have a girlfriend 🤫 @arfuh @nxrthi rememeber, youre not just lying to me; youre also lying to Jesus when u say that >:( god will not be happy with u @MoeWick @arfuh @nxrthi init I think he got offended lol